Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted by Helen Nellis October 1, 2012

d-died or date of death
d/o-daughter of
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative
SG-single grave
s/o-son of


Gobel, Donald br-5/27/1932
Gobler, Julius E br-10/21/1892
Gockemeyer, Infant br-11/22/1900
Godby, Dorothy Jane d-4/12/1955; br-4/15/1955; age 3/6/1896; married; born England; LO-Samuel Cooper-husband; NR-Marcil Godby
Goddard, Margaret br-1/31/1931
Godfrey, Harvey br-3/9/1934
Godwin, Roy d-4/18/1974; br-4/20/1974; age 68; married; LO & NR-Mae Godwin-wife 
Goebel, Catherine br-3/3/1921
Goebel, Flora br-1/4/1893
Goebel, Infant br-9/26/1910
Goebel, Jacob br-2/7/1908
Goebel, John Jacob d-8/7/1962; br-8/10/1962; age 54; married; parents William Goebel & Anna Kuhlman; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Violet Goebel-wife
Goebel, Katie br-10/18/1903
Goebel, Otto Frank br-2/16/1946; d-2/12/1946; age 56; single place of death Inverness Fla.
Goebel, Wm. br-2/16/1941; age 8/16/1878; married; born Cinti Ohio; parent Jacob Goebel; Remove Anna Goebel
Goeble, Annie br-4/7/1890
Goeble, I (child) br-12/5/1882
Goehler, Harry A. br-2/8/1929; LO-Emma Brown
Goeh???, Olive B. d-1963; age 84; widowed; parents John Brown & Emma; born Missouri; LO-Emma Brown-daughter; NR-Mr. Lorimer ? ?c?tt (?tt'Y.) can not read all of the card
Goehring, John br-3/1/1923
Goekemeyer, August br-5/1/1915
Goeknmeyer, Clara br-6/8/1938; age 9/25/1868; Widowed; parents Wm & Elizabeth Clarke; born Newport Ky
Goekmeyer, Mrs. br-4/13/1892
Goeltz, Augusta br-3/27/1923
Goeltz, Infant br-9/11/1884
Goeltz, Jacob br-3/28/1918
Goempler, Eliz. br-11/12/1884
Goempler, Heinrich br-10/16/1884
Goempler, Lizzie E. br-4/16/1884
Goempler, Maggie br-8/21/1890
Goempler, Margaret br-5/23/1912
Goens, Fredric Carter d-9/27/1953; br-9/30/1953; age 6/11/1910; married; parents Ray Goens & Florence Holland; born Indianapolis Ind. NR-Jeanette Goens-wife
Goens, Rheuben Raymond d-4/20/1956; br-4/23/1956; age 12/4/1885; married; parents Robert Carter & Mary Alice (Williams) born Greenville Ohio; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Dorothy Baker friend
Goepp, Helen br-7/1/1897
Goepper, Charles d-3/31/1958; br-4/3/1958; age 6/22/1877; single; parents Williams & Mary; born Newport Ky. LO-Mary Goepper-mother; NR-Kate Goepper sister in law
Goepper, Katherine d-3/2/1963; br-3/6/1963; age 76; widowed; born Ky. LO-Marty Goepper; NR-Elmer Goepper (son)
Goepper, Mary br-7/10/1922
Goepper, William br-2/20/1907
Goepper, Wm John br-5/22/1926
Goerke, Lillian W d-9/23/1972; br-9/27/1972; age 3/24/1885; parents Fred Zopf; born Indiana; LO & NR-Frances Barnett-daughter 
Goeritz, Elfrieda d-3/3/1959; br-3/6/1959; age 6/4/1877; widowed; nee Burkwitz; born Germany; LO-self; NR-Emma Tuerpe-daughter
Goeritz, Fredrick br-8/3/1936; d-8/1/1936; age 7/21/1874; married; born Germany; parents Julius Goeritz; LO-Ella Goeritz
Goerner, Amelia d-2/4/1936; 2/1/1936; age 3/25/1870; widowed; born Ky. parents John Halm & ?
Goerner, Charles br-3/14/1911
Goerner, Wayne L. br-4/16/1924
Goettler, Philip br-1/3/1885
Goetz, Lawrence d-5/6/1970; br-5/9/1970; age 64; widowed; parents Joseph & Ann (Knohelman) born Cincinnati O. LO-Louis Yutze; NR-Betty Jane Webster (daughter)
Goetz Lina Y. d-12/22/1965; br-12/24/1965; age 15; d/o Irvin Goetz & Yvonne Tarvin; born Cold Spring Ky. LO & NR-Irvin Goetz-father 
Goetz, Marie Christine d-7/4/1963; br-7/8/1963; age 70; married; parents Louis ??ise -- & Caroline Claar; born Ky. Nr-Lawrence Goetz (husband)
Goetz, Alice Lee d-11/21/1960; br-11/2/1960; age 95; widowed; parents Thomas Haggard & Anna McArthur; born Winchester Ky. LO-Sophia Goetz-daughter in law; NR-Stella Wamsley daughter
Goetz, August br-12/17/1899
Goetz, Carl H  br-7/17/1908
Goetz, Harman br-9/4/1903
Goetz, Sophia br-11/19/1904
Goforth, Lillian br-9/20/1926
Gogg, Catherine br-6/11/1888
Goiens, Cornelius (colored) br-5/5/1911
Goines, James br-1/1?/1941; d-1/19/1941; Age 3/2/1896; married; born Lancaster Ky. parents Ash & Hannah; remove Ambrose Goines
Goines, Josephine d-11/13/1960; br-11/15/1960; age 48; divorce; parents Ruben Oben & Rose Bauer; born Ky. NR-Chas B Goines- son
Goines, William Kenneth Jr. d-7/7/1965; br-7/9/1965; age 12 months; parents William & Ruth; born Dayton Ky. LO & NR-William Gloines-father
Goins, Ambrose d-1/23/1966 in Ft Thomas; br-1/26/1966; age 45; married; parents James & Hannah (Killion) born Lancaster Ky. LO & NR-Jewel Goins-wife
Goins, Brooksie Udsle br-6/29/1929
Goins, Cecil br-10/29/1948; d-9/15/1948; age 6/16/1923; born Lancaster Ky. parents James & Hannah (Killion) remove Hannah Goins
Goins, Ison d-5/21/1975; br-5/23/1975; age 10/12/1891; born Williamsburg Ky. NR-Bonnie Clemons-daughter
Goins, Nancy Carol br-9/24/1940; d-9/22/1940; age 8/17/1940; born Ky. parents James & Hannah (Killion) remove Hannah & James Goins
Goins, Otto br-8/4/1928
Goins, Shawn F (infant) d-2/13/1971; br-2/16/1971 at foot of Richard O Hauenstin (grandfather) age 2/9/1971; parents Larry Powell & Jeanenne Goins; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Richard O. Hauenstin-NR-Cecelia Bush Grandmother
Goins, Fannie Irene d-7/4/1974; br-7/9/1974; age 6/29/1930; parents James Goins & Hannah Killion; born Covington Ky. NR-Lula Jacobs sister
Goins, Louis Edward br-11/15/1926
Gokemeyer, Albert br-9/10/1891
Elizabeth br-2/28/1936; d-2/24/1936; age 41; divorced; born Covington Ky; parents Chas Miller &Margaret
Golatzki, Harry Louis br-10/21/1944; d-10/19/1944; age 2/12/1882; married; born Newport Ky. parents Lewis & Lydia; LO-Mary & Lydia Rostlger; removed Florence Golatski
Golatzki, Lydia br-9/1/1920
Golby, Caroline Clement br-5/23/1935; d-5/20/1935; married; parents Thomas P Caruthers; LO-Caruthers
Infant br-10/20/1904
Gold, Infant br-2/13/1917
Gold, Lillian br-12/10/1920
Gold, Margaret br-7/26/1943; d-7/22/1943; age 7/29/1869; widowed; born Germany; parents Adam & Elizabeth Hahn; LO-Elmer J Gold; removed Elmer J. Gold
Gold, Margaret L  br-4/19/1916
Gold, Wm (infant) br-1/12/1918
Golden, Alma G  d-4/29/1969; br-5/2/1969; age 90; widowed; parents Amos Tucker & Sophia Taylor; born Jericho Ky. NR-Mrs. George W. Potts-daughter
Golden, Infant br-12/19/1924
Golden, John br-4/10/1893
Golden, Margerrite E  d-4/6/1958; br-4/30/1958; age 2/8/1908; married; parents George T Stough & Emma Fromm; born Bellevue Ky. LO-single grave this permit signed by daughter; see book; NR-Richard Golden-husband; Removed to Spring Grove Cemetery 8/26/1958
Golden, Stephen A (ashes) br-2/1/1932; LO-N. R. Tucker
Goldenberg, Florence Evelyn d-8/12/1957; br-8/14/1957; age 6/1/1896; married; parents Fredrick & Lillian Stahl; born Newport; LO-Reuben Glodenberg-husband
Goldenberg, Reuben d-9/4/1961; br-9/7/1961; age 10/27/1895; widowed; parents Abraham Goldenberg & Merriam; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Reuben Goldenberg; NR-Edith Lindentaum-Daughter
Goldrick, Melvin Danile d-4/25/1970; br-4/29/1970; age 63; parents Thomas Goldrick & Kathryn Evers; born Middletown Ohio; NR-Mrs. Earl Bowie
Goldsmith, Lloyd C. d-1/7/1962; br-1/12/1962; age 3/12/1913; married; parents John & Lucille; born Kentucky; NR-Charlotte Hill Goldsmith-wife
Goller, Edna Olive d-12/5/1956; br-12/7/1956; age 77; widowed; parents Alfred Brunson & Lusina Hill; born Cincinnati Oh; disease Coronary occlusion; LO-self; NR-May Burunson-sister
Goller, Rev. Edward D. d-6/29/1954; br-7/2/1954; age 6/33/1873; (as on card) married; parents Mary Goller; born Defiance Oh; disease Uremic Poisoning; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Edward Goller
Golsch, Infant br-4/8/1887
Goltz, Mary Weber br-1/26/1911
Goltz, Wm br-12/5/1893

Good, Elizabeth br-4/27/1933
Good, Infant br-10/25/1883
Good, Infant br-9/20/1901
Good, Joseph Smith br-5/21/1932; LO-Florence Rheinhardt
Good, Roy E. br-9/6/1929
Goodall, Irwin T. br-9/27/1919
Goodall, Naomi d-8/19/1959; br-8/22/1959; age 82; widowed; parents Charles Burton & Louise Holmes; born Greenburg, Ind. LO-Thomas Goodall-son; NR-Ethel Macht
Goodall, Thomas br-8/23/1922
Goodall Thomas B (Tom) d-10/11/1962; br-10/15/1962; age 43; married; parents Thomas Goodall & Naoma Burton; born Ky. LO-Thos Goodall-son NR-Martha Davis Goodall-wife
Goodfriend, Calvin G. br-11/23/1926
Goodfriend, George br-12/21/1904
Goodfriend, Infant br-5/23/1901
Goodfriend, Le Roy Chas. br-8 July 1944; d-6 July 1944; age 36; single; born Newport Ky. parents George Goodfriend & Katherine Hauger; LO-Wm. Petri; removed Katherine Petri
Goodfriend, Margaret d-9/3/1956; br-9/8/1956; age 4/4/1893; married; parents Daniel & Wilhelmina Fausz; born Newport Ky. disease Coronary Thrombosis; LO-C Buhrmester; LO-Frank Googfriend
Goodin, Martha E. (adult) br-8/16/1891
Gooding, Louisa br-5/15/1922
Gooding, M. C. br-6/21/1904
Googing, Theodore br-3/27/1922
Goodlander, Geraldine br-8/27/1949; age 10 mo; parents Sam'l & Luapa Goodlander
Goodloe, Jennie R br-2/10/1931
Goodnight, Infant br-10/19/1890
Goodrich, Donald ???  d-8/12/1972; br-8/14/1972; age 51; married; parents Frank C. Goodrich; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Margaret Goodrich-wife
Goodrick, Frank O d-8/11/1974; br-8/14/1974; age 9/27/1896; parents Joseph Goodrick & Clara Senn; born Birmingham Alabama; NR-Jack Goodrick-son
Goodson, Logan L br-12/2/1932
Goodson, Lottie br-4/10/1929; LO-Logan L. Goodson
Goodson, Minnie d-9/29/1957; br-10/2/1957; age 88; widowed; parents Joseph & Mary Goodson; born Covington Ky. Residence Kenton Co. Infirmary; LO-Logan L. Goodson-son; NR-Gertrude Behrens-cousin
Goodpaster, Josephine br-2/14/1924
Goodrich, Jack L br-4/6/1929
Goodswiller, Elizabeth br-12/21/1888
Goodwin, George A d-7/5/1964; br-7/9/1964; age 87; widowed; parents John Alonze Goodwin & Irene Simpson; born Zanesville Ohio; LO-George Goodwin-self; NR-Irma Smock-niece
Goodwin, Irene Jane d-3/9/1954; br-3/12/1954; age 11/23/1885; married; parents Sylvester Simpson & Elizabeth Freeman; born Branch Hill Oh; LO & NR-Geo A Goodwin-husband 
Goodwin, Lawrence E d-8/7/1971; br-8/11/1971; age 64; parents James Goodwin & Edith Speers; born Bellevue Ky. LO & NR-Elizabeth Goodwin-wife 
Goodwin, Margaret E d-10/31/1974; br-11/2/1974; age 8/13/1917; parents Robert Shay & Henrietta Fausz; born Newport Ky. NR-Robert Welbers
Goold, Katherine M. br-3/15/1913
Goold, A. Lincoln br-10/5/1909

Goranflo, Bruno br-10/18/1940; d-10/15/1940; age 10/18/1869; widowed; born Elizabethtown Ky. parents Jacob & Dora Goranflo; removed Edith Goranflo
Goranflo, Edith L. Miss d-5/23/1972; br-5/25/1972; age 76; parents Bruno Goranflo & Minnie Ratmaker; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Bruno Goranflo-father; NR-Edward Kersting-brother in law
Goranflo, Ida Mae d-12/11/1953; br-12/15/1954; age 77; parents Phillip & ? Pipp; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-B Goranlo NR-Walter Goranflo
Goranflo, Minnie B. br-9/5/1939; age 1/16/1872; married born Voleane W. Va. LO-Bruno Goranflo
Goranflo, Nelson B. br-5/ 6/ 1902
Goranflo, Walter d-3/21/1958; br-3/25/1958; age 84; widowed; parents Jacob & Dora Goranflo; born Elizabethtown Ky. LO-B. Goranflo; NR-Dorothy Griesinger-daughter
Gordon, Albert Q. br-11/13/1947; d-11/11/1947; age 1/4/1879; married; born Flemmings Ky. parents Louis & Lucy Gordon; LO-Nell Gordon; Remove Lucy Gordon
Gordon, Clifford br-2/2/1945; d-1/31/1955 (as on card) age 7/11/1877; married born Fayette Co Ky; LO-M Taylor; remove Mary Gordon
Gordon, Emma d-6/3/1955; br-6/7/1955; age 2/20/1882; widowed; parents John Burt & Elizabeth Wade; born Cincinnati Oh; NR-Annabelle Sanning
Gordon, Estella Lee br-6/25/1943; d-6/23/1943; age 6/4/1864; DIV. born Ft. Thomas Ky. parents Wm. R. Taliaferro & Cassandra Spaulding; LO-W H Taliaferro; remove E K Taliaferro
Gordon, Eva br-10/16/1930
Gordon, Frederick H. d-1/18/1956; br-10/24/1957; (as on card ) age 12/11/1868; widowed; parents William F Gordon & Mary Carlyle; LO-Long & W Taliaferro; NR-Mrs. Richard I Gordon
Gordon, Jeanette d-7/5/1969; br-7/8/1969; age 76; widowed; parents Jeanette Gordon & ?; born Newport Ky; place of death Detroit Michigan; LO-Nell Gordon; NR-Mrs. Betty Martin daughter
Gordon, John M. d-7/10/1965 br-7/15/1965; age 59; Div. parents Thomas Gordon & Emma Burt; born Cincinnati Oh; NR-Mrs. Annabelle Sanning (sister)
Gordon, Mabel d-12/28/1962; br-1/3/1963; age 80; widowed; parents Joseph LaBoiteaux & Hannah Ludlow; born Florence Indiana; NR-Hazel Smith-sister
Gordon, Mark Edward d-8/18/1957; br-8/19/1957; age 3 mo; parents Wm. Gordon & Edith L. Hobbs; LO-John W Hobbs-grandson; NR-William Gordon-father
Gordon, Mary d-12/27/1956; br-12/31/1956; age 92; widowed; born Ky. LO-Mary Hise; NR-Harrison Ball grandson
Gordon, Permelia Anna br-3/27/1916
Gordon, Shirley Ann br-4/6/1943; d-4/2/1943; age 7 years; born Newport Ky. parents Orvall & Gladys Gordon; remove Gordon
Gordon, W. R. br-5/31/1904
Gordon, William Graham br-10/1/1936; d-9/28/1936; age 58; married; born Scotland
Gordon, William R. br-10/28/1911
Gore, Bessie Louise d-10/25/1974; br-10/29/1974; age 77; parents Thomas ? & Fannie Pelling; born Covington Ky; NR-Rodger Gore
Gore, George H d-9/4/1964; br-9/9/1964; age 10/7/1891; married; born Cincinnati Oh; LO & NR-Hattie B Wescott Gore-wife 
Gore, Rodger d-11/29/1975; br-12/2/1975; age 82; parents Thomas & Fannie Peeling; born Covington Ky; LO-Rose Marie Day-Administrator; NR-Mrs. Rose Day

Gore, Vera F d-2/25/1960; br-2/29/1960; age 68; parents Thomas Gore & Fanny Pelling; born Covington Ky; NR- Roger Gore-brother
Gorkemeyer, Wm. Chas d-4/18/1938; br-4/21/1938; age 52; married; Parents August; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-August Gorkemeyer
Gorrell, Manson S See Garvell Manson
Gory, Arthur br-3/11/1908
Gory, Emanuel br-1/12/1914
Gory, Mary E  br-5/14/1912
Gory, Mildred (infant) br-1/31/1912

Gose, Richard d-6/5/1969; br-6/7/1969; age 89; married; parents Andrew & Amanda (Fipps) born Morgan County Ky. LO & NR-Inez Kelch-daughter 
Goshen, Marcus A  d-12/22/1975; br-12/24/1975; age 75; parents Horace Goshen & Clara Rudolph; born Cincinnati Ohio; NR-Mrs. Dorothy Schumacher-daughter
Goshorn, Bertha d-11/9/1972; br-11/13/1972; age 6/26/1910; married; parents Frank Rider SR; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Homer Goshorn-husband
Goshorn, Dorman M d-5/9/1967; br-5/12/1967; age 57; married; parents Matthew Goshorn & Oma Spitler; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Dollie Goshorn-wife
Goshorn, Elizabeth br-9/6/1898
Goshorn, Grace br-6/13/1918
Goshorn, Homer d-12/26/1974; br-12/28/1974; age 67; widowed; parents Mathew & Oma Goshorn; LO-self; NR-Delores Shouse-daughter
Goshorn, Ida May br-9/27/1903
Goshorn, Infant br-2/13/1892
Goshorn, Infant br-4/14/1901
Goshorn, Louis br-1/26/1906
Goshorn, Mary br-11/23/1940; d-11/19/1940; age 68; married; born New York State; parents John Ward; removed Mrs. Reese Smith
Goshorn, Mathew br-6/27/1907
Goshorn, Matthew br-12/26/1939; 12/22/1939; age 4/30/1876; married; born Wabash Indiana; parents Matthew & Eliz Goshorn; remove Oma Goshorn
Goshorn, N M (child) br-8/3/1900
Goshorn, Oma d-5/27/1954; br-6/1/1954; age 9/25/1882; widowed; parents Ben Spitler; NR-Homer Goshorn son
Goshorn, Selemen br-10/15/1924
Goskins, Andrew C  br-4/6/1897
Gosney, Anna d-8/12/1955; br-8/15/1955; age 80; widowed; parents George & Mary Schweier; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Hamilton Gosney-husband; NR-Virginia Kuenhener
Gosney, Anna Walker br-12/17/1945; d-12/13/1945; age 12/28/1868; married; born Campbell Co Ky. parents Grayden & Mary Gosney; LO-Edw H. Gosney
Gosney, Benjamin br-1/18/1896
Gosney, Beulah br-1/28/1924
Gosney, Boone br-3/16/1932; LO-F M Gosney
Gosney, Catherine br-1/17/1913
Gosney, Charles br-8/20/1913
Gosney, Chester Arthur d-1/20/1973; br-1/23/1973; age 82; married; parents Edward Gosney & Anna Walker; born Newport Ky. LO-Edward H Gosney; NR-Mrs. Katherine Gosney-wife
Gosney, Claude A d-12/18/1967; br-12/21/1967; age 83; married; parents Milton Gosney & Fannie Hopkins; born Alexandria Ky; LO-Rebecca Clingman; NR-Mrs. Lillian Gosney-wife
Gosney, Daniel br-9/6/1922
Gosney, Edward H. Direct heirs and persons entitled to burial on this lot Katherine Gosney wife of Chester Gosney Howard Gosney and wife Helen Robert Gosney and wife Barbara John Gosney and wife Nancy Carol Topchik and husband Jack section 55 lot #9 deed book I page #251
Gosney, Edward Huddleston d-8/22/1959; br-8/26/1959; age 91; widowed; parents Francis M. Gosney & Sarah Yelton; born Campbell Ky; LO-Edward H Gosney-self; NR-Howard Gosney-son
Gosney, F M br-1/10/1904
Gosney, George br-3/18/1906
Gosney, George br-4/18/1905
Gosney, Hamilton br-4/7/1947; 4/10/1947; age 74; married; born Cleveland Oh; Parents Hamilton Gosney; LO-his
Gosney, Harry d-11/30/1957; br-12/4/1957; age 12/10/1878; single; parents Chas. Bennett Gosney & Mary Fitzsimmons; born Ky. LO-Chas. B. Gosney-son; NR-Phillip Gosney-cousin
Gosney, Infant br-10/19/1896
Gosney Infant br-12/23/1914
Gosney, Lillian d-6/10/1968; br-6/12/1968; age 88; parents ? Beck & Anna Gladery; born Newport Ky. LO-Rebecca Clingman; NR-Mrs. Mary Coleman-Daughter
Gosney, Lucy br-11/26/1947; d-11/24/1947; age 78; widowed; born Grants Lick Ky. parents Sam & Mary Taylor; LO-F M Gosney
Gosney, Lucy E br-5/5/1949; widowed; parents Robert & Mary M. Grizzel; LO-hers
Gosney, M (could not read this card)
Gosney, Mary A. br-6/15/1936; d-6/12/1936; age 3/4/1851; widowed; born Ky. parents Patrick Fitzsimmons & Catherine Riley; LO-Chas Bennett Gosney
Gosney, May br-7/12/1919
Gosney, Milton br-10/20/1913
Gosney, Myrtle M. d-9/5/1959; br-9/9/1959; age 68; parents Val J. Kaufman & Grace McCarty; born Ky; LO-Henriette Williams; MR-Wilson H. Gosney
Gosney, Nancy Jane br-4/4/1945; 4/1/1945; age 5/4/1945; born Kentucky; parents Thomas L. Crawford & Mary Huddleston; LO-hers; remove Naoma Gosney
Gosney, Nancy Jane br-2/17/1903
Gosney, Napoleon br-9/28/1921
Gosney, N (can not read this card)
Gosney, Nora br-7/8/1899
Gosney, Phillip Paul br-2/8/1947; d-2/6/1947; age 62; single; born Newport Ky. parents Charles B. Gosney & Mary A. Fitzsimmons; LO-Chas. B. Gosney; remove Harry Gosney
Gosney, R C Mrs. br-10/15/1884
Gosney, Rachel br-5/3/1943; d-4/29/1943; age 8/5/1893; married born Dayton Ky parents Abner First & Leah Kessler; LO-Thos Wylie
Gosney, J. L. br-1/10/1892
Gosney, Sarah M. br-1/3/1901
Gosney, Susan H. br-11/20/1915
Gosney, Thomas br-4/2?/1923
Gosney, Wm J br-3/18/1885

Gossett, Albert d-12/19/1962; br-12/24/1962; age 58; married; parents William Gossett & Alice Heglebrook; born Newport; LO & NR-Eleanora Gossett-wife 
Gossett, Alice H. d-7/8/1951; br-7/10/1951; widowed; parents Wm Hengelbrok; born Newport Ky. LO-self; NR-Mrs. Alice Jones
Gossett, Charlean Ann d-4/26/1950; br-5/1/1950; age 8/13/1937; born Newport Ky. parents Albert & Eleanor Gossett NR-Albert Gossett
Gossett, Clara br-3/31/1921
Gossett, Ida br-9/9/1918
Gossett, Infant b&d 7/28/1953; br-7/29/1953; parents Charles Gossett & Dorothy Northcutt; born Dayton Ky; NR-Chas. Gossett-father
Gossett, ----- br-10/4/1888
Gossett, Lindsey br-12/12/1918
Gossett, William G d-11/6/1959; br-11/9/1959; age 3/15/1901; married; parents William Gossett & Alice Henglebrook; born Newport Ky. LI & NR-Aline Cossett-wife

Gothard, Valorie d-10/13/1967; br-10/16/1967; age 1 day; parents Sidney Gothard & Darlene Brewer; born Covington Ky. NR-Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Gothard parents
Gothard, Reba Lorain d-12/8/1971; nr-12/9/1971; parents Sidney Gothard & Darlene Brewer; born Covington Ky. NR-parents
Gotthardt, C br-4/18/1895
Gotthardt, Conrad br-2/19/1916
Gotthardt, Harold br-12/3/1900
Gotthardt, Infant br-5/31/1928
Gotthardt, Louisa d-8/14/1935; br-8/16/1935; age 76; widowed born U.S.A. parents Christopher Reichery; LO- Conrad Gotthardt (husband)
Gotthardt, Jane br-3/19/1891
Gotthart, Welhelmia br-3/6/1911
Gotthardt, Henry br-6/7/1928
Gotthardt, Josephine d-11/5/1964; br-11/9/1964; age 8/22/1871; widowed; parents Joseph Hoffman & Mary; born Hamilton Ohio

Gould, Ada d-6/5/1960; br-6/9/1960; age 59; widowed; born Dayton Ky. LO-Ada Gould; NR-Louis Gould-son
Gould, Brith br-7/28/1887
Gould, Cora br-8/25/1907
Gould, Dora A d-3/17/1943; br-3/19/1945; age 94; married; born Ky.  parents ? Martin; LO-I Gould; remove Mrs. J. Gould
Gould, Edith N & Eliz (twins)  (children ) br-4/20/1885
Gould, Elenora d-5/4/1946; br-5/7/1946; age 70; widowed; born Ohio; parents Louis & Kate Walker; LO-Ada Gould
Gould, Infant br-3/25/1893
Gould, J P br-3/10/1895
Gould, John H br-11/14/1919
Gould, John L d-1/2/1943; br-1/6/1943; age 67; married; born Ky. LO-Eleanor R Gould; removed Nora Gould
Gould, L B (child) br-7/20/1897
Gould, Lee br-6/3/1949; age 57; married; parents Andrew & Carolina Goos; LO-Andrew & Gould
Gould, Louis d-5/29/1944; br-6/1/1944; age 46; married; LO-Gould
Gould, Minnie d-6/29/1941; br-7/3/1941; age 6/10/1864; widowed; born Covington Ky. parents ? Etler; removed Edward Bayer
Gould, Nina M br-6/13/1905; removed from 3 sec 28 grave 145
Gould, Sina J br-12/18/1906
Gould, Wm br-1/10/1949; widowed; parents Isaac & Dora Gould; LO-Isaac Gould
Goulger, Infant br-2/2/1884
Goulette, Ida d-5/7/1957; br-5/10/1957; age 77; widowed; parents McGinnia Wellman & Nannie Caldwell; born Nashville Tenn; LO-Nannie Wellman-daughter; NR-Mrs. Amos
Goulette, Louis br-7/2/1942; age 70; married; parents Louis & Selina Gouletta
Goulette, Louis Sr. br-2/9/1934  
Goundheefer, Martha br-6/9/1925  
Gowling, Alfred br-1/19/1924

Grabhorn, Henry Arthur br-1/11/1899
Grabow, Mary br-4/8/1908  
Grace, Winter (child) br-6/27/1890
Gracely, William Nast Sr. d-4/23/1955; br-June 1955; age 75; married; parents David Graessle & Caroline Fishback; born Hannibal/Hamilton Oh; Disease cardio vascular; LO-David Graessle (son) Ashes In foundation; NR-Grace Gracely
Gracey, Loraseda br-9/29/1892
Gracey, Margaret E d-1/2/1964; br-1/4/1964; age 1/15/1903; divorced; parents George Ehrlich & Amelia Farmer; born Missouri; LO-Amelia Ehrlich (daughter) NR-Jes. Martin Atty
Grady, Bessie br-6/13/1972
Grady, Richard Grant d-3/25/1944; br-3/27/1944; age 1/18/1885; married; born Newport R.I. parents Michael Grady & Anna Marion; removed Bessie Grady
Graef, Adolph br-11/19/1929; LO-Chas Grau; removed from Linden Grove Cov. Ky.
Graef, Fredrick br-11/19/1929; LO-Chas Grau; removed from Linden Grove Cemetery Cov. Ky.
Graef, Johanna br-11/19/1929; LO-Chas Grau; removed from Linden Grove Cov. KY.
Graef, Paul d-10/12/1946; br-10/16/1946; age 12/4/1865; born Germany; parents Frederick & Johannah Graef; LO-Grau; removed Mrs. Chas Grau 
Graeff, Frank A d-12/3/1955; br-12/5/1944; age 73; married; born Newport Ky. parents Henry Graeff & ? LO-Ruth Taylor; removed Saran A Graeff
Graeff, Infant br-6/16/1885
Graeff, Sarah A d-7/2/1945; br-7/5/1945; age 80; widowed; born Ky. parents John A. Taylor; removed Mrs. Harvey Crawford
Graessle, Stella d-11/13/1953; br-11/20/1958; age 69; single; parents David Graessle & Veronica Fishback; born Toledo Oh; Disease abdominal carcinoma; LO-David Graessle-father; NR-Lillian Spaulding-niece
Graessle, Carl (ashes) br-12/5/1928
Graessle, Caroline L br-11/7/1925
Graessle, David d-8/20/1936; br-8/24/1936; age 85; married; born Marion Oh; parents Jacob Graessle; Disease Myocardice Insufficiency
Graeter, Mary B br-9/30/1891  
Graf, Amelia br-6/16/1945; age 1/12/1858; born Cincinnati Oh; parents John & Margaret Sopenzeller; LO-Melbourne F Ling
Graf, Gertrude E d-7/8/1966; br-7/12/1966; age 70; single; parents Joseph Graf & Josephine Shields; LO-Querenue Graf; NR-Miss Mabel Graf
Graf, Gertrude br-9/20/1896
Graf, Harry d-1/1/1950; br-1/21/1950; age 2/1/1880; married; born Cincinnati Oh; parents Henry & Amelia; LO-Villa Ling relation-brother; ashes in Concrete; NR-Anna Mueller Graf
Graf, Joseph br-12/19/1921
Graf, Josephine d-12/13/1940; br-12/16/1940; age 82; born Ohio; widowed
Graf, Mabell d-10/2/1970; br-10/5/1970; age 68; single; parents Joseph Graf & Josephine Shields; born Dayton Ky; NR-Joseph Graf-brother
Graff, Robt W. Jr. d-9/6/1948; br-9/9/1948; 30 hours; infant; parents Robert Wm  Graff & Violet Warr; removed Robert  W Graff
Graft, Margaret br-7/2/1917  
Graham, Anna L  br-11/23/1949; married; parents Joseph & Elizabeth Sutter; LO-Jos. Graham
Graham, Benj. C br-2/25/1919
Graham, Caroline br-1/14/1910
Graham, Chas. Sr. br-7/21/1932
Graham, Clara B  d-4/13/1964; br-4/17/1964; widowed; parents Frank T Groll and Amelia Schumacker; born Bellevue Ky. LO-Isabella & J R Graham; relation wife of John Graham
Graham, Clark E III d-9/5/1975; br-9/10/1975; age 23; parents Clark E Graham Jr. & Anna Soard; born Dayton Ky. NR-Pamelia Graham-wife
Graham, Elizabeth br-5/10/1906
Graham, Elizabeth Suter br-4/26/1916
Graham, Glenn Arthur d-1/7/1953; br-1/10/1953; age 48; married; born Middletown Oh; parents Leonard & Mary LO-McCracken-Teegaeden-relation son-in-law; LO-Mrs. Ruth Graham
Graham, Ida Mae d-3/3/1940; br-3/6/1940; age 72; born Oh; parents Chas. Boories and ? Penn
Graham, Infant br-Nov 1887
Graham, Irwin br-7/7/1902
Graham, Isabelle d-2/26/1947; br-3/1/1947; age 76; married; born Louisiana; parents Alexander and Mary Lawton; LO-John and Isabella Graham
Graham, John br-12/7/1925
Graham, John R br-11/12/1949; married; age 54; parents J R & Isabelle (Lawton) LO-Graham
Graham, John  & Joseph (Twins) d-7/16/1958; br-7/17/1958; age 7/15/1958; parents Clark Graham Jr. and Anna Louise Scard; born Dayton Ky; NR-Clark Graham Jr. (father)
Graham, Joseph E d-5/25/1958; br-5/27/1958; age 87; married; parents Joseph & Elizabeth Graham; born Portsmouth Oh; LO-Jos. Graham; NR-Caroline Graham (wife)
Graham, Joseph Lawton d-6/25/1954; br-6/28/1954; age 11/21/1899; married; parents John & Isabelle (Lawton) born Bellevue Ky; LO-Graham; NR-Helen Graham
Graham, John  br-11/23/1921
Graham, Laura Dd-3/16/1945; br-3/20/1945; age 3/17/1875; widowed; born Newport Ky; parents Henry & Elizabeth Irvin; remove Mrs. Chas Racy
Graham, Leslie br-2/26/1931; married; removed C. L. Graham
Graham, Lillian (nee Miller) d-8/14/1941; br-8/16/1941; age 60; married; born Cinti Oh; LO-Paul Graham; removed Paul Graham
Graham, M D br-7/14/1886
Graham, Marie br-11/3/1905
Graham, Mary br-5/15/1922
Mary (Infant)  br-6/21/1922
Graham, Nancy (colored adult) br-12/16/1887
Graham, Paul C d-2/10/1943; br-2/13/1945; age 66; widowed; born Cincinnati Oh; parents Campbell & Lena Graham Graham, Ruth d-2/12/1970; br-2/16/1970; age 60; widowed; parents Clarence Teegarden & Mae Yaezel; born Ft. Thomas Ky. LO-Teegarden and McCracken; NR-Mrs. Virginia Frederick  
Graham, Sarah E br-5/23/1904
Graham, Susan d-7/3/1964; br-7/6/1964; age 8hr; parents Roy & Janet (Lloyd) born Covington Ky; LO-J Strabe & J Graham-grandparents; NR-Roy Graham-father
Graham, Wm G (colored adult) br-1/6/1886  
Grainger, Charles J d-4/26/1960; br-4/28/1960; age 60; married; parents Charles & Elizabeth (Nederschmidt) born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Jacob & Anna Bucher & Ruby & Chas. Grainger; NR-wife Ruby Grainger
Grandin, Minerva br-12/29/1949; widowed; age 62; parents William & Lily Tait; LO-Tait place of death County Infirmary
Grant, Arthur br-12/21/1929
Grant, Moses V br-12/11/1883
Grant, Sue d-4/17/1940; br-4/20/1940; age 11/22/1850; single; born Maysville Ky; parents John & Elizabeth Grant; LO-Dr. ?r. J. Lock??
Grapes, Elizabeth br-12/23/1900
Grapes, George Albert d-11/19/1951; br-11/21/1951; age 78; married; parents William & Elizabeth; born Newport Ky; LO-Geo Albert Grapes; NR-Maratha M. Grapes
Grapes, Infant br-4/28/1902
Grapes, Martha? b-July 1972; widowed; parents ? ?  and ? Emma Grabow; born Cincinnati Oh; NR-Mrs. Paul E Gardner daughter
Grapes, William J br-10/28/1905
Grapevine, Absalom br-2/10/1915
Grapevine, Amelia d-3/19/1939; br-3/21/1939; age 3/15/1871; single; born Newport Ky. parents A P & Louise Grapevine; LO-Absalom Grapevine; removed David Grapevine
Grapevine, Anna br-8/3/1915
Grapevine, David d-8/17/1939; br-8/19/1939; age 71; single; born New Jersey; LO-A Grapevine; removed May Hoop
Grapevine, George br-1/8/1925
Grapevine, Katherine d-7/13/1930; br-7/15/1930
Grapevine, Louisa br-11/18/1899
Grapevine, Nehemiah d-12/13/1943; br-12/15/1943; age 8/27/1866; widowed; born Newport Ky; parents Absalom & Louisa; LO-F Grapevine; remove Mrs. Mae Hoop
Grasen, Chas br-5/17/1891
Grasfoeder, Anna Marie d-9/12/1961; br-9/15/1961; age 9/6/1870; single; parents Fred Grasfoeder & Anna Hartke; born Ohio; LO-Anna Grasfoeder-daughter; NR-Elizabeth Gradfoeder-sister
Grasfoerder, Anna Marie br-1/6/1927
Grasfoeder, Elizabeth d-1/28/1965; br-1/30/1965; age 1/29/1873; single; parents Fred Grasfoeder & Anna Hartke; born Newport; LO-Anna Grasfoeder-daughter; NR-Lee Grasfoeder-nephew
Grasfoeder, Frederick br-4/4/1914
Grasfoeder, Mamie d-3/21/1965; br-3/23/1965; age 92; widowed; parents Wm F Grasfoeder & Anna Marie; born Columbus Oh; LO-Wm F Grasfoeder-husband; NR-Lee W Grasfoeder-son
Grasfoeder, Marie d-9/14/1935; br-9/17/1935; age 7/9/1898; single; born Newport Ky. parents William & Marie Grasfoeder; LO-Wm F Grasforder
Grasfoeder, William Fred d-1/2/1951; br-1/4/1941; age 6/8/1868; married; born Cinti Oh; parents Frederick & Marie Grasfoeder; LO-William Fred Grasfoeder
Grasmick, Anna br-2/13/1924
Grasmick, Carrie br-10/18/1889
Grasmick, Chas. (adult) br-12/27/1886
Grasmick, Earl br-6/30/1920
Grasmick, Edward d-6/12/1957; br-6/15/1957; age 2/6/1877; widowed; parents Conrad & Margaret (Matz) born Newport Ky. LO-Edward Grasmick-self; NR-Mrs. Lester Woolum
Grasmick, Geo. br-7/7/1920
Grasmick Infant br-4/14/1906
Grasmick, Infant br-4/14/1906
Infant br-12/11/1907
Grasmick, Jacob br-12/6/1912
Grasmick, Jacob d-2/1/1965; br-2/4/1965; age 11/5/1875; married; parents Jacob and Anna; born Newport Ky. Jacob Grasmick-son; NR-Mrs. Lillie Grasmick-wife
Grasmick, Katherine d-8/22/1943; br-8/25/1943; age 2/2/1891; married; born Addiston Oh; parents Joseph & Elizabeth Koenig; LO-Ethel Grasmick; Removed from section 56 lot 34 S1/2
Grasmick, Lillie Mae d-4/28/1973; br-5/1/1973; age 7/19/1890; single; parents Charles Simon & Louisa Desch; born Ft. Thomas Ky. NR-Mrs. Martin Hemker
Grasmick, Margaret br-10/30/1926
Grasmick, Nellie br-8/5/1932; LO-Jacob Grasmick
Grason, Albert br-6/20/1915
Grason, Belle br-5/15/1924
Grason, C E br-3/21/1888
Grason, Arthur F d-1/25/1960; br-1/28/1960; age 69; married; parents Belle Grason; born Dayton; LO-Belle Grason; mother; NR-Stella Grason-wife
Grason, Francis br-3/8/1927
Grason, Helen d-7/25/1934; LO-Grason
Grason, Howard J d-1/11/1943; br-1/14/1943; age 48; married born Ky. removed Edna Grason
Grason, John Woods d-8/30/1941; br-9/1/1941; age 77; married; born Ky; LO-Grason; removed Howard Grason
Grason, Nettie br-11/5/1893
Grason Stella d-2/1/1964; br-2/4/1964; age 65; widowed; parents William Ritter & Carrie Dehner; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Belle Grason-daughter-in law; NR-Amanda Power sister
Gratingy, Helen br-12/28/1922
Gratsch, A br-10/2/1893
Gratsch, Blanch (child) br-6/18/1890
Gratsch, Carrie d-11/27/1955; br-11/30/1955; age 10/12/1873; widowed; parents William Lory & Mary Follmer; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Mary Lory-daughter; NR-Nolene Lang
Gratsch, Clayton br-10/31/1899
Gratsch Elizabeth d-10/12/1935; br-10/16/1935; age 4/2/1863; widowed; born Cincinnati Oh; parents Louis Droege; LO-John G. Gratsch
Gratsch, F (child) br-6/22/1893
Gratsch, John George d-12/20/1951; br-12/24/1951; age 58; married; parents John G & Eugenie; born Dayton Ky; disease coronary; LO & NR-Eva H Gratsch-wife
Gratsch, John G br-8/5/1911
Gratsch, John G br-6/12/1928
Gratsch, Mary (child) br-6/15/1889
Gratsch, Samuel C br-12/2/1914
Gratsch, Walter (child) br-8/10/1893
Gratzer, Kate (adult) br-4/12/1894

Grau, Addie br-4/17/1922
Grau, Albert R d-9/16/1939; br-9/20/1930; widowed; parents Michael & Louise; LO-Frederica Reed
Grau, Aloysius br-11/17/1889
Grau, Charles A d-2/7/1959; br-2/11/1959; age 80; widowed; parents Aloysius & Susan; born Newport Ky. LO- Chas Grau-self; NR-Mrs. Harry R. Pepper-daughter
Grau, Chas br-10/21/1921
Grau, Clifford d-3/25/1950; br-3/28/1950; age 2/24/1883; married; born Newport Ky. parents Aloysius & Susan; LO-Susan Grau-mother; NR-Kathryn Grau
Grau, Clyde E br-2/9/1912
Grau, Elizabeth Smith d-7/24/1941; br-7/28/1941; age 66; married; born Newport Ky. parents Valentine Smith; LO-Walter Grau; remove Walter Grau
Grau, Fannie d-9/6/1957; br-9/9/1957; age 10/13/1870; single; parents Michael Frau & Louisa Weber; born Newport Ky. LO-Weber & Kenthan; NR-Harry G. Harris
Grau, George C br-3/13/1897
Grau, Harry br-11/5/1934
Grau, Isabelle br-5/28/1934; LO-Susan Grau
Grau, Johanna d-5/30/1958; br-6/3/1958; age 79; married; parents Frederick & Johanna Graeg; born Covington Ky; LO & NR-Charles Grau-husband
Grau, John d-6/28/1870; br-6/30/1870; age 56; born Germany; disease paralysis; LO-Public Ground; NR-Aloysius Grau
Grau, John F br-7/11/1927
Grau, Julia d-5/15/1962; br-5/17/1962; age 70; married; parents Frederick Bauerle & Sophia Laker; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Arnold Motz-son; NR-Aloysius Grau-husband
Grau, Louisa br-6/4/1917
Grau, Mary E br-3/13/1918
Grau, Michael br-2/14/1923
Grau, Norma Ann d-2/28/1947; br-3/3/1947; age 5/11/1866; single; born Ironton Oh; parents George C & Mary Grau LO-Grau
Grau, Oneida Barbara br-3/31/1934; LO-Mary Grau
Grau, Susan br-11/2/1925
Grau, Walter d-3/6/1953; br-3/10/1953; age 10/22/1873; married; parents Aloysius & Susan; born Newport Ky. LO-Walter Grau-self; NR-Gertrude
Grauel, Gottlieb br-6/13/1910
Graus, Helen br-1/9/1905
Graus, Maggie d-8/17/1950; br-8/21/1950; age 6/12/1858; widowed; born Terra Haute Ind. parents Atlantis & Madge O'Donnell; disease Broken Hip; NR-Mr. Leo Graus
Graus, Myrtle br-11/14/1904
Grause, Arthur (infant) br-1/24/1911
Grauthwell, Irene Julia br-12/6/1930

Graves, Benjamin br-5/9/1899
Graves, Florence br-8/7/1892
Graves, Hobart B br-4/23/1907
Graves, Lottie Mae d-1/7/1947; br-1/10/1947; age 50; married; Born Garrard Co. Ky. parents Sampson Archer & Susan Smith; LO-Woods Graves; remove Wood Graves
Graves, Robert d-2/21/1943; br-2/24/1943; born Montrae Ky; parents ? & Mary Graves; removed Mary Messmer
Graves, Woods d-7/17/1955; br-7/20/1955; age 7/8/1890; married; parents Charles Graves; Born Garrard Co Ky; LO-Woods Graves-self; NR-Mary Catherine Graves
Gravitt, Amber Isabella d-1/30/1953; br-2/2/1953; age 1/09/1894: married; parents Edward Calvin Hynes & Daisy Maud Smith; born New Albany Ind; LO& NR-Harry K Gravitt-husband
Gravitt, Harry Kaufman d-3/8/1955; br-3/11/1955; age 2/17/1893; married; parents Alvin & Mary Gravitt; born Moscow Oh; LO-Harry Gravitt-self; NR-Anna Gravitt
Gray, Wm. C. (child) br-12/4/1895
Gray, Raymond d-1/23/1951; br-1/27/1951; age 2/14/1892; married; born Holton Ind. parents William & Mary; LO-owner Wm. Bissell-son-in-law; NR-Mrs. Norma Gray
Grayson Annie br-7/23/1915
Grayson, Charles D d-11/3/1963; br-11/6/1963; age 2/25/1884; divorced; s/o Chas. M & Josephine (Dreese) born Newport Ky. LO-Alvin McReynolds-son; NR-Charles M Grayson
Grayson, Chas. M Sr. br-4/7/1931; LO-McReynolds
Grayson, Harry br-1/29/1883
Grayson, Josephine br-12/10/1930; LO-McReynolds
Grayson, Marie Elizabeth d-5/11/1959; br-5/14/1959; age 4/30/1907; married; parents August Dieringer & Mary Cosgrove; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Mary Dieringer-daughter; NR-Charles A Grayson-husband
Grayson, Wm. A br-5/26/1949; age 78; widowed; parents William K & Mollie; LO-his  
Graziani, Ann br-5/11/1912
Graziani, Benjamin br-1/17/1923
Graziani, C. J br-12/7/1891
Graziani, Clarence Thomas d-7/31/1954; br-8/3/1954; age 7/9/1890; divorced; parents Joseph & Josephine; born Cold Spring Ky. NR-Chas Graziani
Graziani, Eliza York br-8/8/1933; LO-Ben F. Graziani
Graziani, Elnora br-3/17/1885
Graziani, Emma br-12/7/1891
Graziani, John B. br-9/24/1926
Graziani, Jos. O. br-4/13/1927
Graziani, Joseph br-3/25/1919
Graziani, Josephine K br-10/27/1927

Grear, Charles d-5/28/1959; br-6/1/1959; age 58; married; parents Chas & Mary (Peacock) born Cincinnati Oh; LO & NR-Lauretta Grear-wife
Greatsch, Wm C (child) br-7/4/1885  
Grebe, Harry d-5/10/1952; br-5/13/1952; age 8/31/1874; married; parents Frederick Grebe & Louise Louieday; born Indiana Ind. LO-Kate Grebe-wife
Grebe, Kate d-12/25/1953; br-12/29/1953; age 5/? /1866; 87; widowed; born London England; LO-Kate Grebe; NR-Alice Reynolds  
Grebenstein, A br-4/23/1890
Grebenstein, Gertrude  br-3/25/1927  
Grebe, Katherine br-11/17/1913  
Grebner, Jack F d-3/11/1944; br-6/ 23/1948; age 20; single; born Southgate Ky; parents John A & Virginia (Martin) LO-Martin & Michaels; place of death New Guinea; removed Virginia Michael  
Green, Alex K br-2/27/1904
Green, Alice br-11/16/1934; LO-Newton
Green, Carrie (colored child) br-5/24/1892
Green, Carrie K d-9/16/1951; br-9/19/1951; age 2/2/1872; single; parents Alexander Green & Harriet Stewart; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Harriet Green-mother; NR-Mrs. Lucile Kramer
Green, D (colored child) br-3/7/1883
Green, D L (child) br-8/18/1890
Green, Elisha br-1/28/1931
Green, Elizabeth br-4/29/1918; removed from section 41 grave 299 to sec 34 lot 40 SW 1/4
Green, Ella (child) br-3/14/1883
Green, Elsie b-10/27/1935; br-10/29/1935; age 7/29/1931; single; born Campbell Co Ky; parents John & Elsie (Bradford)
Green, Fannie Wright d-5/28/1942; br-6/1/1942; age 7/17/1855; single; born Newport Ky; parents Jerry & Martha Green; LO- Jonathan Cline
Green, Harriet br-2/12/1924
Green, Frederick br-10/17/1949; age 71; married; parents Fredrick & Jane (Campbell) LO-S. Green
Green, Henry M. br-9/18/1904
Green, Infant (colored) br-6/29/1890
Green, J. Infant br-8/19/1903
Green, Jannie br-6/1/1928
Green, Jassie br-3/15/1926
Green, John (city of Newport ) br-11/17/1936; born Georgia; age ? parents on record; death by fractured neck at 328 Chestnut St. Newport Ky.
Green, John A. br-2/22/1896
Green, John Cline br-6/25/1917
Green, John W. br-12/26/1933
Green, John Sr. d-7/25/1975; br-7/29/1975; age 72; married; parents Jim & Mary E (Stull) born Persimmon Grove Ky. LO & NR-Elsie Green-wife 
Green, Josephine P. br-1/13/1907
Green, Laura (child) br-1/13/1895
Green, Louise br-4/26/1905
Green, Martha br-3/13/1915
Green, Mary (colored child) br-1/25/1893
Green, Nathanial (colored) br-9/29/1917
Green, Orry br-8/10/1923
Green, Penn br-4/15/1910
Green, Rance d-10/8/1959; br-10/12/1959; age 5/18/1897; married; parents Chas Green & Adeline Collins; born Boyd Co. Ky. LO & NR-Nora Green-wife
Green, Sally d-6/2/1962; br-6/5/1962; age 78; widowed; parents George Persinger & Mary Milam; born Charleston W. Va. LO-owner Sally (Sarah) Green-self; NR-Garnet Green-daughter
Green, Vacie V d-8/15/1970; br-8/15/1970; age 89; married; parents -- Chisam & Eve Adcock; born Tennessee; LO-Mrs. Geo (Eva) Sipes-mother
Green, Willis Ell d-10/23/1964; br-10/27/1964; age 66; married; parents John D & Mary Elizabeth (Peel) born Anderson Co. Ky. LO & NR-Cleo Green-wife 
Green, Valerie d-7/23/1967; br-7/26/1967; age 55; single; parents Joseph Green & Vacie Chisam; born Smithville Tenn. LO & NR-Mr.& Mrs. George (Eva) Sipe-sister
Greenbaum, Blanche L br-4/8/1912
Greenbarger, Albert br-5/4/1927
Greenberger, Emma (nee Speitz) d-6/5/1939; br-6/8/1939; age 72; married; born Cinti Oh; LO-Flora F Cooper; removed Albert Greenberger   
Greene, C Shafer (child) br-3/8/1895
Greene, Ella Gertrude  d-11/18/1935; br-11/21/1935; age 58; born Ft. Mitchell Ky. parents Joseph La Boiteux and Hannah Ludlow; LO-John Greene
Greene, John D d-6/1/1961; br-6/3/1961; age 83; widowed; parents John W & Rose (Riley) born Cincinnati Oh; LO-self; NR- Howard Greene-son
Greene, Michael William b-1/27/1959; br-1/30/1959; age 1/27/1959; parents Wm & Floy A (Russell) born Dayton Ky. NR-W Greene-father
Greene, Thomas Martin d-10/23/1938; br-10/25/1938; age 10/23/1938; born Dayton Ky. parents Paul & Edith (Jones) removed Paul Greene  
Greenholz, Alma K br-11/26/1932; LO-Helena Klingner
Greenholz, Arthur Edw. br-2/7/1916
Greenholz, C br-7/8/1887
Greenholz, Catherine br-6/26/1928
Greenholz, Dora br-3/21/1902
Greenholz, Frank E br-10/13/1902
Greenholz, Fred J br-4/2/1923
Greenholz, Fredericka br-6/4/1897
, George C. d-2/20/1929; br-2/22/1938; age 1/28/1880; born Newport Ky. parents Geo C & Katherine (Rheinfelder) removed J Henry Greenholz  
Greenholz, George C. br-4/6/1908
Greenholz, Henry br-7/22/1888
Greenholz, Irma Single 403 Sec 48
Greenholz, John  br-12/5/1899
Greenholz, Katherine  d-3/11/1946; br-3/13/1946; age ?/ ?/1858; married; born Germany; parents Phillip & Dora Bastian; LO-Peye Greenholz
Greenholz, Louise Margaret d-5/14/1942; br-5/16/19/1942/ age 9/13/1895; single; born Newport Ky. parents George & Katherine (Reinfelder)  removed Erma Greenholz
Greenholz, Margaret br-12/11/188? 
Greenholz, Margaret br-5/11/1904
Greenholz Peter br-3/4/1894
Greenlee, Claude d-4/9/1971; br-4/16/1971; age 3/5/1907; married; parents Eli & Josephine (Perston) born Maysville Ky. LO-Claude Greenlee-self; NR-Imogene Greenlee-wife
Greenlee, Eli M d-6/9/1956; br-6/12/1956; age 7/25/1874; Divorced; born Maysville Ky. Disease arteriosclerosis; NR-Claude Greenlee
Greenlee, Florence  d-2/28/1956; br-3/2/1956; age 53; married; parents Joseph & Margaret Dussourd; born Dayton  Ky. LO-Clyde Greenlee-husband
Greenlee, Harry Conrad d-1/27/1944; br-1/31/1944; age 12/31/1868; divorced born Adam Co Oh; parents Eli & Jane Greenlee
Greenlee, Hattie G d-9/17/1938; br-9/19/1938; age 71; married; born Louisville Ky. parents Christopher and Catherine Smith
Greenlee, Lucy P br-12/10/1909  
Greenwade, Fanny br-1/25/1905  
Greenwald, Richard br-9/23/1920
Greenwald, Thelma (infant) br-8/21/1916  
Greenwode, Lauren br-12/29/1925  
Greenwood, Elizabeth ( city order) br-3/20/1909
Greenwood, Jacob d-5/24/1958; br-5/28/1958; age 95; widowed; parents John and Fredericke; born Newport Ky. lot owner John Greenwood-father; NR-Florence Greenwood-daughter
Greenwood, Jane A?pey br-8/21/1931; lot owner Jacob Greenwood
Greer, Albert C d-5/5/1941; br-5/8/1941; age 11/20/1883; married; born Rothwell Ky. parents Chas. W. and Adaline Greer removed Callie Greer
Greer, Callie
Greer, Chas W br-7/21/1934
, Dartha M d-11/15/1967; br-11/18/1967; age 68; single; parents Charles Greer & Adeline Collier; born Kentucky; LO & NR-Hattie Greer-sister
Greer, George (city Newport) d-12/31/19312; br-1/3/1938; age 4/10/1871; married; born Newport  KY. parents Wm. Greer and ?
Greer, Jennie br-3/29/1883
Greer, Margaret br-4/5/1934
Greer, Margeret d-11/12/1944; br-11/14/1944; age 6/6/1879; widowed; born Brown Co. Ohio; parents John Hunt and ?; removed Eleanor Halbaut
Greer, Mary br-11/28/1945; age 3/17/1876; widowed; born Frenchburg Ky. LO-her; removed Dorothy Greer
Greer, Rosetta br-7/28/1900
Greer Rosie  br-1/12/1901
Greer, Sadie br-12/24/1886
Greer, Thomas A d-5/5/1966; br-5/6/1966; age 3 days; parents Thomas & Hartley (Kisten) born FT. Thomas Ky. NR-Thomas Greer-father
Greer Thos. br-5/7/1926
Greer, William br-5/23/1912
Gregg, Albert (infant ) br-8/8/1916
Gregg, David ?eri?n d-10/31/1940; br-11/?/1940; age 1/7/1932; single; born Dayton Ky; parents Roy and Katherine; place of death Withamsville Ohio; removed Katherine Gregory
Gregg, Edgar br-6/20/1918
Gregg, Ervine d-1/13/1944; br-1/17/1944; age 5/19/1886; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents Daniel Hetsch & Emma Schwertman; LO-Dan'l Hetsch; removed L. D. Hetsch
Gregg, Glenn d-9/9/1959; br-9/12/1959; age 70; married; parents Joseph & (mother's name unknown) born Indiana; LO-self; NR-Anna Gregg  
Greggston, Mary br-12/10/1928; removed Woodrow Evans
Gregor, Infant br-2/7/1913  
Gregory, Henry (colored) (city order) br-2/26/1913
Gregory, Vera L d-4/20/1970; br-4/24/1974; age ?/?/1923; parents Ira Langley & Beatrice Lee McCauley; born Kandas Oklahoma; NR-Willie Gregory-husband
Gregory, Willie d-9/1/1974; br-9/12/1974; age 4/16/1927; parents Hobart & Josephine (Ponder) born Manchester Ky; NR-Betty Gregory-wife  
Gregson, Harriet d-22 Oct 1943; br-10/26/1943; age 81; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents Bruce R & Fannie E Morton; LO-John F Gregson; removed A V Slegeman
Gregson, John (adult) br-6/24/1890
Gregson, John F br-3/17/1932
Gregson, Sarah br-4/5/1926  
Greife, Ada d-6/6/1965; br-6/9/1965; age 2/24/1885; married; parents Henry E Dolle & Jennie Berninghaun; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-John & H W Greife; relation wife of Harry Greife; NR-Harry W Greife
Greife, Chas. br-11/12/1923
Greife, Georgianna br-8/3/1931; LO-Robt P. Greife
Greife, ---- (can not read this card)
Greife, John br-3/12/1919
Greife, Mary Elizabeth d-6/9/1952; br-6/11/1952; widowed; parents Thomas & Emily Wilson; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-John & W.W. Griefe; NR-Harry W. Griefe-son  
Greifenkamp, Ann Laura d-4/1/1968; br-4/4/1968; age 67; widowed; parents Edward Stein; born Ohio; LO-self; NR-Maurice Greifenkamp-son
Greifenkamp, Anna T br-3/9/1928
Greifenkamp, Dorothy d-12/4/1935; br-12/7/1935; age 3/22/1907; single; born Dayton; parents Louis & Eva (Pherson) LO- Pherson; removed Signed Permission by Bess Pherson
Greifenkamp, Mary Evaldna br-10/31/1929; LO-Pherson
Greifenkamp, Maurice d-11/22/1950; br-11/24/1950; age 52; married; born Covington Ky. parents Fred & Anna; LO & NR-Anna Griefenkamp-wife  
Greiner, John br-7/29/1919
Greiner, Maggie L br-5/21/1898
Greiner, Margaret d-23 Mar 1938; br-3/23/1938; age 80; widowed; born Dayton Ky. parents Henry & Margaret Havlin; LO-E Schuler
Greisinger, Andrew br-2/6/1924
Greisinger, Infant br-2/6/1922
Greisner, Infant br-10/6/1909
Gresham, George A d-12/17/1962; br-12/20/1962; age 62; married; parents George J & Emma (King) LO-Robert A Lederer-half brother; NR-Ann Gresham-wife
Gressle, Albert J d-9/4/1952; br-9/8/1952; age 72; married; parents Louis & Susan; born Columbus Oh; NR-Minnie Gressle
Gressle, Minnie d-8/22/1961; br-8/25/1961; age 79; widowed; nee Everson; born Cincinnati Oh; NR-John Kuhlman-son 
Greuble, Caroline br-11/1/1895  
Greule, Albert M d-8/30/1944; br-1 Sept 1944; age 9/25/1859; widowed; born Cincinnati Oh; parents Lawrence & Threasia; LO-Albert Greule
Greule, Gertrude br-10/11/1904
Greule, Odelia br-1/18/1926  
Greunholz, Mrs. Peter br-10/19/1894 

Grey, Amelia Katherine d-3/12/1958; br-3/15/1958; age 3/19/1893; married; parents Henry Kramer & Mary Sticklen; born Newport Ky. LO-Henry Becker; NR-Frank Grey-Husband
Grey, Ella d-2/6/1938; br-2/9/1938; age 8/1/1859; widowed; born Cincinnati Oh parents Patrick Leahy; LO-Thos. Reay  permission signed by Van Mater Slab; removed Frank Grey
Grey, Frank b-4/6/1881; d-6/10/1958; br-6/12/1958; widowed; parents no record; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Henry Becker; NR-Daniel W Grey-son
Grey, Harry d-3/16/1958; br-3/19/1958; age 72; married; parents Walter & Ellen (Lehey) born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Thos Grey; NR-Barbara Grey-wife
Grey, Infant br-7/19/1888
Grey, Joe br-1/?/????; removed Maysville Ky.
Greyson, Maude G d-5/1/1973; br-9/7/1973; LO & NR-Mrs. Lella Ralius-niece  
Gribbin, Infant (child) br-11/18/1896
Gribble, Bessie b-9/25/1889; d-5/8/1950; br-5/11/1950; married; born Ironton Oh; parents Lilburn & Mathilda Rickman; disease Cerebral Hemorrhage; LO & NR-Clarence Gribble-husband 
Gribble, Blanche Wasser d-8/10/1964; br-8/13/1964; age 78; married; parents William Eru?e * Mamie Hannahanna; born Newport; LO-self; NR-?aren Gribble-husband
Gribble, Clarence b-11/3/1887; d-6/22/1967; br-6/24/1967; married; parents William & Mary (Arney) born Newport Ky. LO-self; NR-Marie Gribble- wife
Gribble, Elizabeth P b-3/12/1881; d-10/31/1947; br-11/3/1947; married; born Dover Ky; parents Frank Perrce & Nancy Thomas; LO-Meyer  
Grice, Mary Ann br-3/7/1912
Grider, Dena b-5/12/1861; d-3/31/1940; br-4/2/1940; married; born Newport Ky; note above was paid 8/19/1938 in ad-
Grider, Melissa br-7/28/1922
Griebel, Amelia Hobson br-1/2/1930; LO-H Worcester
Griefe, John d-3/28/1945; br-3/30/1945; born Newport Ky. age 86; married; parents William Griefe; LO-self; removed Mary Elizabeth Griefe
Grienfenkamp, Louis B  d-4/10/1947; br-4/12/1947; age 74; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents Bernard & Agnes (Kressing) LO-Pherson; removed Agnes Griefenkamp
Grierson, Francis (adult) br-?/12/1885
Grierson, Ruth b-9/27/1898; d-9/23/1947; br-9/27/1947; single; removed Sarah Stock
Griesenbroker, Celia b-6/3/1870; d-2/26/1953; br-3/2/1953; married; parents Thomas & Harriett Hartman; born West Virginia; LO-Phillip & Wm Griesenbroker; NR-Wm Griesenbroker-husband
Griesenbroker, Chas d-11/6/1947; br-11/10/1947; age 74; widowed; born Cincinnati Oh; parents Phillip & Louise; LO-Griesenbroker
Griesenbroker, Fred b-8/19/1880 in Newport Ky. d-7/29/1954; br-8/2/1954; married; parents Phillip & Louise (Bogart) LO-Stella & Fred Griesenbroker; NR-Stella Griesenbroken-wife
Griesenbroker, Louisa br-2/25/1921; LO-Phillip &Wm Greisenbroker;  removed from section 2 lot 94------3/8/1923
Louise br-5/12/1928; age 51; married; parents Adam & Louisa Sprau; LO-Phillip Griesenborker
Griesenborker, Phillip br-3/6/1923
Griesenbocrker, Wm P d-8/19/1959; br-8/22/1959; age 90; widowed; parents Phillip & Louise Bogner; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Phillip Grienbrockerker-son; NR-Mrs. Maude Kautz-friend  
Grieser, A (adult) br-4/25/1892
Grieshaber Infant br-7/20/1889
Griesingar, Chas br-11/10/1932
Griesinger, Melaine br-6/14/1916
Griesinger, Patricia b&d 10/11/1961; br-10/13/1961; parents Elwood & Mildred (Johnting) LO-Ora Johnting-grandmother; NR-Elwood Griesinger- father
Griess, Infant b&d 12/19/1946; br-12/23/1946; born Dayton Ky. parents Chas. Jackson Griess and Esther Pierce; Removed Chas Griess

Griffen, F A br-4/27/1895
Griffen, Gwen (city Order) Lot Adult; br-3/7/1902
Griffin, John br-1/27/1916
Griffin, Anna A b-12/9/1874; d-4/29/1964; br-5/1/1964; widowed; parents Henry Allington and Ann Bambrook; born E. St. Louis Ill. LO-T M Bamford- sister-in-law; NR-Robert Cordes-friend
Griffin, Darla May (Child ) b-6/30/1938; d-10/20/1938; br-10/22/1938; born Newport Ky. Parents Frank Williams and Charlotte Griffin; removed Mabel Griffin
Griffin, Elizabeth br-8/15/1903
Griffin, Helen br-9/14/1909
Griffin, Ida br-9/13/1932
Griffin, Infant b&d 6/28/1943; br-6/29/1943; born Newport Ky. parents William and Carrie Griffin  removed William Griffin
Griffin, Jane  br-2/19/1932
Griffin, Jammie d-6/25/1964; br-6/29/1964; age 28; married; parents Chester Griffin and Stella ?atson; born ?avenna Ky. LO & NR-Deanna Griffin-wife
Griffin, Louise br-8/27/1887
Griffin, Margurite d-1/31/1963; br-2/4/1963; age 65; married; parents John Cook & Maggie Triaddel; born Ky. LO & NR-Charles Griffin-husband
Griffin, Mildred br-5/12/1890
Griffin, Ralph A  br-4/29/1914
Griffin, Rebecca F d-12/19/1935; br-12/20/1935; age 1 yr. 1 mo. 22 d. born Newport Ky. parents William & Carrie Griffin
Griffin, Ward William d-10/10/1953; br-10/13/1953; age 71; married; parents Benjamin Griffin; born Portsmouth Oh; NR-Chas Griffin-son
Griffin, William b-2/25/1898; d-9/14/1952; br-9/17/1952; married; parents James & Missouri Griffin; born Covington Ky. disease-heart; LO & NR-Carrie Griffin-wife
Griffin, Wm O br-9/10/1927
Griffith, Brown M?hard b-8/28/1905; d-8/23/1931; br-8/28/1950; married; born Mercer Pa. parents Churchill & Mary (Brown??hard) disease-death by accident; LO-L H Taliaferro-daughter; ashes in concrete; NR-Mary Kline Taliaferro
Griffith, Eine Flanagan  br-5/23/1949; widowed; parents John & Ada Flanagan; LO-hers
Griffith, Elizabeth d-8/9/1966; br-8/11/1966; age 84; parents Joseph & Bernadina Werley Hersog; born Covington Ky. LO-John & Mayme Crowley
Griffith, Elizabeth br-2/25/1901
Griffith, France br-1/10/1922
Griffith, Gwendolyn b-8/1/1882; d-7/8/1958; br-7/10/1958; single; parents Edwin Griffith and Mary Davies; born Covington Ky. LO-John P & Mayme Crowley
Griffith, Harold J b-8/21/1904; d-9/8/1946; br-9/11/1946; married; born Chicago Ill. parents Thomas Griffith and Matilda Kost; LO-Edna F Griffith; removed Edna Flanagan Griffith
Griffith, Harry Hartsel d-11/18/1966; br-11/21/1966; age 74; married; parents Alexander Griffith and Sally Scott; born Brown County Oh; LO & NR-Margaret Griffith-wife
Griffith, Joseph d-5/26/1966; br-6/10/1966; age 80; widowed; born Shelbyville Ind. LO-self; NR-Bernard J. Blau Adm.
Griffith, Leslie d-10/25/1966; br-10/26/1966; age 72; widowed; parents Thomas J. Griffith & Miranda Insko; born Bracken Co. Ky NR-Mrs. Jane Dwyer-daughter
Griffith, Lydia d-4/4/1946; br-4/9/1946; age 78; widowed; born Ky. parents Samuel and Mary Maxwell; LO-J Winston; removed Samuel  Maxwell
Griffith, Martha that is all that was on card
Griffith, Martha W d-11/20/1973; br-11/23/1973; age 90; parents Joe Parker & Mary Jane Wade; born Ft. Thomas Ky. NR-Rennick C Miller-son
Griffith, Ray d-2/23/1938; br-2/25/1938; age 69; married; born Covington Ky. parents Edward & Mary (Davies) LO-Crowley
Griffith, Thomas d-4/30/1961; br-5/2/1961; age 3 hrs. parents ? & Patricia Griffith; born Ft. Thomas Ky. NR-William Miller
Griffith, William M d-1/28/1961; br-2/2/1961; age 77; married; parents Thomas & Eva (Hamilton) born Bracken Co. Ky. NR-Martha Griffith-wife
Griggs, Blanche M d-1/7/1954; br-1/11/1954; age 54; married; parents William & Sarah Davidson; born Covington Ky. LO & NR-Dr. S O Griggs-husband
Frank d-1/10/1951; br-1/15/1951; age 75; widowed; LO-Margaret Griggs; NR-Aubrey Griggs
Griggs, Frank br-3/5/1923
Griggs, Infant br-11/5/1910
Griggs, Leonard W br-4/27/1897
Griggs, Margaret br-12/3/192?
Griggs, Mayme d-5/9/1940; br-9/ 9/ 1940; age 63; married; born Cinti O. parents ? Bohanon; LO-Margaret Griggs; Removed Frank Griggs
Griggs, Griville br-8/20/1906
Griggs, Dr. Samuel Otis d-4/1/1955; br-4/5/1955; age 82; widowed; parents Leonard W & Margaret; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Dr. Griggs-self; NR- Donald Griggs-son
Willis br-11/29/1904
Grigsby, Carrie (child) br-1/28/1885
Grigsby Catherine b-2/15/1850; d-10/15/1937; br-10/14/1937; widowed; born Cold Spring Ky. parents Fred Stever & Mary A McHatton; LO-Ruth E Syks; removed Wm. H. Grigsby
Grigsby, Infant br-5/6/1886
Grigsby, Minnie F br-8/26/1902
Grigsby, Stephen b-4/22/1881; d-2/9/1946; br-2/12/1946; married; born Dayton Ky. parents John & Catherine; LO-Ruth E Syke; removed Mary Catherine Grigsby
Grigsby, William br-10/16/1904
Grills, Margaret J d-2/9/1971; br-2/12/1971; born Ky. LO & NR-Mrs. Clara Williams-daughter
Grills, Mary L br-4/ 9/ 1918

Grim, J. Fred d-12/21/1936; br-12/23/1936; age 51; born Newport Ky. parents Robert & Sarah Grim LO-J Fred Grim
Grim, Geo. br-4/17/1922
Grim, Laura E b-4/20/1885; d-7/2/1953; br-7/6/1953; widowed; parents John H & Aurelia Eyer; born Ky. LO & NR-Fred Grim Jr. son
Grim, R. H. br-10/11/1929; LO-Fred Grim
Grim, Sarah br-11/29/1927 
Grimes, Earl Louis br-7/13/1911
Grimes Frank br-2/10/1934
Grimes Hattie J br-3/20/1918
Grimes Isaac br-8/18/1922
Grimes James br-6/20/1930
Grimes James G b-12/19/1886; d-2/14/1971; br-2/17/1971; widowed; born Springfield Oh; LO-Mary Hindmarch; NR-Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins-sister in law
Grimes, John br-7/14/1917
Grimes, Katherine Marie d-5/15/1955; br-5/18/1955; age 65; widowed; parents John & Katherine Martz; NR-Mrs. Elva Rothe
Grimes, Mary  b-6/14/1890; d-11/26/1958; br-12/1/1958; married; parents Fred Hindmarch & Margaret Schweitzer; born Newport Ky. LO-Mary Hindmarch-daughter; NR-Jas. G. Grimes
Grimes, May Eva br-10/27/1914
Grimes, Odie d-5/4/1936; br-4? 30/1936; age 55; married; born Clifton Tenn. parents Sarah Hardin & Isaac Grimes 
Grimes, Robert br-5/6/1929
Grimes, Thos br-3/24/1922
Grimm, Albert b-7/10/1940; d-12/3/1940; br-12/5/1940; born Newport KY parents Roy & Ruth; removed Roy Grimm
Grimm, Anna br-6/12/1925
Grimm, Charles ??? (city order) b-11/27/1942; d-12/14/1942; br-12/16/1942; born Newport Ky. parents Roy & Ruth Belton; removed Roy Grimm
Grimm, Chas br-8/18/1920
Grimm, Chas A  b-8/4/1886; d-10/17/1943; br-10/20/1943; married; born Germany; LO-Chas Grimm; removed Aolia Vogt
Grimm, Clarence (city of Newport) b-9/3/1938; d-9/3/1938; br-9/6/1938; born Newport Ky. parents Roy & Ruth (Bolton) removed Roy Grimm
Grimm, Clarence  (city order) br-4/10/1933
Grimm, Frances Marie b-April 1937; d-7/3/1937; br-7/6/1937; born Newport Ky. parents Leroy & Ruth (Bolton) removed Leroy Grimm-father
Grimm, Glenn F b-7/15/1904; d-11/13/1954; br-11/16/1954; married; parents Lawrence & Myrtle (Snyder) born Zanesville Oh; NR-Catherine Grimm
Grimm, Infant br-11/1/1918
Grimm, John b-7/27/1906; d-8/27/1936; br-8/29/1936; married; born Pa. parents Lawrence & Myrtle Grimm
Grimm, Lawrence b-2/2/1882; d-4/12/1957; br-4/16/1957; widowed; parents George Franklin & Amanda (Phi??) born Apalle Pa. daughter Mary Ellen Grimm
Grimm, Lena br-1/21/1919
Grimm, Lina (adult) br-5/1/1888
Grimm, Louisa (adult) br-6/23/1888
Grimm, Myrtle b-7/22/1884; d-11/14/1940; br-11/18/1940; married; born Pitts. Pa. parents John R Snyder & Mary Wikert; removed Lawrence Grimm
Grimm, Ralph d-1/19/1965; br-1/20/1956; age 1 day; parents Harry & Bonnie (Collins) born Dayton Ky. NR-Mr. & Mrs. Harry Grimm parents
Grimm, Roy b-5/1/1900; d-4/15/1948; br-4/7/1948; married; born Apollo Penn. parents Lawrence & Myrtle (Snyder) removed Ruth Grimm
Grimm, William F d-6/18/1971; br-6/??/1971; age 77; parents Charles & Lena (Nagle) born Newport Ky. LO-self; NR-Margaret Grimm-wife
Grimme, Bernard b-4/13/1872; d-10/30/1948; br-11/2/1948; born Dayton; parents Joseph & Elizabeth
Grimme, Bertha br-10/1/1934; LO-Jos Grimme
Grimme, Edward br-5/2/1930 LO-Henry Roell
Grimme, Joseph b-7/18/1879; b-6/11/1945; br-6/13/1945; single; born Campbell Co. KY. parents Joseph & Elizabeth; LO-se;f; removed Lillian Whiller
Grimme, Raymond Otto b-6/10/1905; d-3/8/1960; married; parents Frank & Ruth (Kennedy) born Newport KY. Disease Suicide; LO & NR-Ruth Grimme-wife
Grimme, Sheldon B  b-3/30/1916; d-6/7/1941; br-6/10/1941; married; born Dayton Ky; parents Ben & Bertha; removed Pauline Grimme
Grimsey, Frank James d-9/12/1971; br-9/15/1971; age 84; widowed; born Colchester England; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Louise Harshman-daughter
Grimsey, Ida May b-2/17/1884; d-6/1/1958; br-6/5/1958; married; parents Isaac King; born West Va. LO-Frank J. Grimsey-husband
Grimsley, Charlotte b-7/11/1879; d-1/20/1936; br-1/23/1936; married; born North Carolina; parents David DeMarcus & Ella; removed Henrietta Morgan
Grimsley, Clyde br-12/18/1900
Grimsley, Harry J d-1/14/1969; br-1/18/1969; age 76; married; parents Joseph & Amelia (Rouse) born Riverside Oh; LO & NR-Mrs. Eleanor Grimsley-wife
Infant br-11/26/1902
Grimsley, Jas. I br-4/11/1918
Grimsley, Lesley br-2/18/1920
Grimsley, Walter b-7/11/1876; d-1/30/1936; br-2/3/1936; widowed; parents Weibal & Marie (Dunn)
Grimsley, Walter J d-4/3/1970; br-4/7/1970; age 66; married; parents Walter & Sally (McCann) born Newport Ky. NR-Mrs. Frances Grimsley
Grimsley, Lynn Franklin br-6/3/1918

Grinder, Magdalinn (adult) br-11/15/1894
Grindstaff, Infant br-1/28/1931
Grindstaff, Junior br-3/20/1934
Grindstaff, William b-7/?/1903; d-1/16/1972; married; born Penn? LO & NR-Mattie Grindstaff-wife
Grinninger, Anthony H d-12/5/1951; br-12/7/1951; age 84; married; born Cincinnati Oh; LO & NR-Louisa Grinninger-wife
Grinninger, Louisa d-12/5/1951; br-12/7/1951; age 78; widowed; parents Mathias ? & Theresa Welti; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Louisa Grinninger-self; NR-Miss Luella  T. Grinninger
Grinninger, Luella d-10/25/1964; br-10/29/1964; age 68; single; parents Anthony Grinninger & Louisa Welti; born Dayton Ky. LO & NR-Clifford A Grinninger-brother
Grischy, Alma br-8/21/1908
Grischy, Bernice Miller b-4/10/1896; d-1/11/1967; br-1/13/1967; married; parents John Miller & Emma Stanley; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-C R Storch; permission given by Thelma Grischy lot heir; MR-Oscar P Grischy-husband
Grischy, George P d-10/4/1955; br-10/6/1955; age 75; parents Henry & Lenora; born Cinti O; LO & NR-George P Grischy-self
Grischy, Geo. H b-4/27/1856; d-3/25/1921; br-3/23/1921; married; born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Grischy
Grischy, Harry J d-1/10/1968; br-1/13/1968; age 84; divorced; parents George & Lenora (Schildknecht) born Cincinnati Oh; LO-George H Grischy; NR-Mrs. Kenneth Baker-daughter
Grischy, Irene b-12/15/1895; d-3/14/1946; br-3/11/1946; married; born Cincinnati Oh; parents Charles Cohan & Mathilda Dorna; LO-Clarence Grischy; removed Clarence Grischy
Grischy, Katherine b-6/19/1880; d-11/7/1945; br-11/12/1945; married; born Germany; parents John Mutz & ?; LO-Geo P. Grischy; removed George P. Grischy
Grischy, Lenora d-9/23/1938; br-9/26/1938; age 75; born New York; LO-C H Grischy; removed Harry Grischy
Grischy, Oscar P b-9/24/1885; d-5/1/1967; br-5/3/1967; widowed; parents George & Leanore (Schilknecht) born Cincinnati Oh; LO-Thelma Grischy Baker permission given; NR-Clarence A Grischy-brother  
Grissmore, Sarah Jane br-5/12/1924
Griswold, Mrs. H C br-11/18/1903; sec 26 lot 27
Grizzel, Alice Kate br-12/12/1927
Grizzel, Alma br-9/16/1927
Grizzel, Edwin T  b-4/29/1880; d-3/10/1940; br-3/13/1940; married; born Campbell Co. Ky. parents Elam & Sarah (Randall) LO-Sarah Grizzle; remove Emma Grizzle
Grizzle, Elam br-10/14/1915
Grizzle, Emma b-3/10/1883; d-4/10/1973; br-4/12/1973; widowed; born Ohio; LO-Sarah Grizzle; NR-Miss Beatrice Bell-friend
Grizzle, Meggie d-1/5/1950; br-1/9/1950; age 79; widowed; born Middleport Oh; parents Chas. & Sarah Anderson; LO-Grizzle
Grizzle, Robert d-4/15/1942; br-4/18/1942; age 75; married born Ky. LO-Robert Grizzle; removed Maggie Grizzle
Grizzale, Sarah M  br-2/17/1927  
Grizzell, Chas. W br-5/29/1933
Grizzell, ? br-2/16/1922
Grizzell, Stella M br-8/31/1899
Grizzell, Wynema b-6/3/1888; d-6/28/1969; br-7/1/1969; single; parents Elam Grizzell & Sarah Randall; born Kentucky; LO-Sarah Grizzell; NR-Mrs. Russell Warren-niece
Groat, Christian br-1/6/1899
Groat, George b-9/9/1873; d-12/21/1940; br-12/24/1940; single; born Ky. parents John & Catherine (Thompson) LO-John Groat; removed Mrs. James F. Chase
Groat, John br-8/7/1900
Groat, Loraine br-3/26/1926
Groat, William b-12/26/1871; d-4/27/1936; br-4/29/1936; married; born Bellevue Ky. parents John & --- (Thompson)
Groendyke, Ruth Carolyn d-12/2/1973; br-12/5/1973; age 49; married; parents James Donnelly & Carrie Weidinger; born Newport; LO & NR-Homer Groendyke-husband
Groene, Emily d-11/5/1962; br-11/21/1962; age 71; parents; Wm. Groene & Emma Blesch; born Bellevue Ky. LO-Brandt & Schraffenberger-relation sister in law to Chas Brandt; NR-Elizabeth Hauck-sister
Groene, Emma (ashes) b-11/30/1853 in Newport Ky. d/o Philip & Sarah Blesch; d-1/8/1944; br-9/22/1944; married; LO-Thole & Smith; removed Frieda Brandt
Groene, Wm Ernst (ashes) b-7/16/1853 in Cincinnati; s/o Ernst & Fredericka (Blesch) d-9/21/1933; br-9/22/1944; married; removed Frieda Brandt Groeschen,  Hernard b-7/20/1889 in Newport Ky. s/o Jacob & Mary (Drux) d-2/20/1952; br-2/23/1952; widowed; LO-John Walters-brother in law; NR-Anna Walters
Groeschen, Hattie b-3/-/1879 in Parkersburg W Va. d/o John & Mary E Smith; d-1/17/1950; br-1/20/1950; Disease Vavular heart lesion; NR-Bernard Groeschen
Groeschen, Jeanette S br-4/11/1912
Groff, Corlindar br-2/28/1906
Groff, John br-1/23/1922
Grogan, Charles (infant) br-12/5/1910
Grogan Willus br-5/8/1899
Groll, Amelia b-Cincinnati; 73y; d-6/15/1940; br-6/18/1940; married; removed Garnette Groll
Groll, Florence br-2/13/1905
Groll, Frank T br-3/18/1932
Groll, Infant  br-2/17/1901
Groll, Infant br-3/28/1918
Gromack, Glifford br-6/29/1896
Gronauer, August br-7/23/1905
Gronberg, C Eugene d-12/2/1972; br-12/5/1972; age 73; married; s/o John & Jo Anna; born Quincy Mass; LO-self & Martha E Gronberg; NR-Martha Gronberg-wife
Groneck, Chas b-Newport Ky. 46y; s/o Frank & Anna (Hunkemoeler) d-12/16/1944; br-12/20/1944; married; LO-E B Groneck; removed E. Bertram Lewis
Groeweg, Harry br-3/10/1885
Groninger, Buelah F br-12 3/1918;  removed from section 8 grave 489-A
Groniingar, Jacob br-10/8/1934; LO-Jacob & Mary Groninger
Gronlb, Anna A br-8/19/1910
Gropp, August br-2/18/1919

Grosche, Roberta Brown b-3/23/1879 in Cincinnati; d/o Samuel S Brown & Sarah Schardt; d-10/18/1961; br-10/20/1961; married; LO- Samuel Brown-father; NR-Henry J Grosche-husband 
Grosheim, Anna Mary br-4/16/1916
Grosheim, George br-11/3/1924
Grosklaus, Christian br-2/24/1897
Grosklaus, Kate (adult) br-1/14/1890
Gross, Adolph br-1/2/1886
Gross, Alfred K b-1/15/1924 in Cincinnati; s/o Karl & Maria; 6/9/1968; br-2/12/1968; LO & NR-Emily Gross-wife
Gross, Anna br-3/15/1926
Gross, Barbara br-2/24/1919
Gross, Chas br-4/21/1932; LO-Gross
Gross, Emmett (adult) br-10/5/1883
Gross, Gladys May  br-7/11/1917
Gross, Hannah br-8/7/1906
Gross, Harrison b-8/12/1914 in Jackson, Breathitt Co Ky. s/o Anderson & Margaret (Gilbert) d-3/29/1953 at Newport Steel Plant; br-4/1/1953; LO & NR-Sherley Gross-wife 
Gross, Henrietta b-Cincinnati; 68y; d/o Henry ?ermer; d-3/12/1938; br-3/14/1938; LO-Julius Gross
Gross, Herbert M  b-New York City NY; 65y; s/o Jacob; d-5/11/1955; br-5/14/1955; LO-Morris Gross; NR-Johanna Gross
Gross, Julius b-5/23/1869 in Plantville Conn. s/o Adolph & Barbara (Kern) d-6/1/1954; br-6/4/1954; widowed; Disease Heart; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Arthur A Dohme
Gross, Karl br-8/25/1932
Gross, Lida br-10/31/1916
Gross, Minnie br-12/14/1928
Gross, Nicholas br-5/2/1917
Gross, Pearl (colored) b-Kentucky; 57y; d/o Hurlie & Nina (Conners) d-2/25/1963; br-2/28/1963; married; NR-James Gross-husband
Grosse, Arthur T br-3/10/1903
Grossheim, Frank br-2/20/1924
Grossheim, Mattie Mary b-Covington Ky. 74y; d/o Frank Brooks & Maude West; d-4/1/1972; br-4/4/1972; married; LO-Shirley Grossheim & Helen Hadley; NR-Miss Shirley Grossheim-daughter
Grossklaus, Chas (child) br-2/4/1895
Crossklaus, Chas br-5/27/1916
Grossman, Chas P b-Cincinnati; 43y; s/o Phillip & Jeanette; d-4/1/1944; br-1/15/1944; LO-Clara Grossman
Grote, Emma  b-Bellevue Ky. 78y; d/o John & Eva Deck; d-12/21/1945; br-12/24/45; widowed; LO-Emma Grote
Grote, George br-9/19/1908
Grote, Jonas b-Ohio; 77y; d-4/21/1935; br-4/24/1935; LO-Emma Grote
Grous, Infant (over ?) br-7/2/1934
Grous, Jos H br-12/10/1919
Grout, William br-12/16/1909
Groutt, Ida br-8/29/1922
Groutt, Infant br-8/9/1924
Grove, Chas br-6/14/1925
Grove, Mary E br-3/16/1895
Grover, Cera Elizabeth br-12/12/1930; LO-Willard Grover
Grover, Jeanette b-Cincinnati; 47y; d/o Charles & Viola Pepper; d-12/27/1963; br-12/31/1963; married; LO & NR-Clifford Grover-husband
Grow, Blanche br-1/20/1895
Grow, Mary Elizabeth D  b-Newport Ky. 44y; d/o Harry & Lilly Bleichner; d-4/20/1947; br-4/22/1947 
Groze, P D (child) br-3/19/1885

Grub J (child) br-12/8/1882
Grubb Deborah Lynn b-Dayton Ky. 3 days old; d/o James Lee & Barbara Lee (Fausz) d-1/6/1964; br-1/14/1964; NR-parents
Grubb Infant b-Covington Ky. 14 hours old; child of Ralph & Doris Jean (Pille) d-4/5/1965; br-4/7/1965
Grubb, John Wright b-Glouster Oh; 84y; s/ William Wright & Mary (Miller) d-12/17/1960; br-12/20/1960; widowed; LO-Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Brown; NR-Dr. Thelma Brown-daughter
, Kathryn 73y; d/o John Shevlin & Mary E Richardson; d-7/5/1959; br-7/9/1959; married; LO-Ralph & Thelma Brown-daughter; NR-John Grubb-husband
, Loma b-7/28/1915 in Kentucky; d/o Charles Butler & Charity Mills; 2/22/1974; br-2/25/1974; NR-Frank Grubb
Grubb, Wayne Everett b-6/15/1953 in Kentucky; s/o Lewis & Juanita; d-12/14/1953; br-12/15/1953; NR-Lewis Grubb  
Grubbs, Ernie Lee b-10/17/1957 in Kentucky; s/o Lewis & Juanita (Lidster) d-6/25/1959; br-6/27/1959; NR-Lewis Grubbs-father
, James Edward b-Cincinnati; 87y; s/o Charles & Sarah (O'Neal) d-4/28/1972; br-5/2/1972; single; LO-Elizabeth Hoeffler; NR-Mrs. Warner Jaeggi-niece
Gruber, Sarah, Elizabeth b-Davenport Iowa; br-3/3/1951; widowed; NR-John Gruber
Gruber, Stella H b-12/9/1882; d/o Valentine Oliver & Laura Cole; d-4/20/1958; br-4/23/1958; married; LO-Elizabeth C Gruber
Gruber, William b-Cincinnati; 80y; s/o Charles & Sarah Jane (O'Neil) d-6/27/1962; br-6/20/1962; widowed; LO-Elizabeth Hoeffler; NR-Mrs Werner Jaeggi-daughter
Gruenberger, Chas br-2/28/1927
Gruenberger, Ida br-7/7/1930
Gruenberger, Kate br-9/8/1904
Gruenberger, William b-Cincinnati; 65y; d-10/15/1939 at Little Sister of the Poor in Cincinnati; br-10/17/1939; LO-Emma Armacost; removed Mrs. Armacost 
Gruenholz, Katherine b-Ft Thomas Ky. 86y; d/o Peter Lottes & Katherine Kaelin; d-9/6/1974; br-9/9/1974; widowed; NR-Mrs. Frieda Remke-sister Gruenholz, Peter b-Newport Ky. 79y; s/o Peter & Katherine (Bastian) d-11/26/1963; br-11/29/1963; married; LO-Peter Gruenholz-son; NR-Katherine Gruenholz-wife
Gruenholz, Peter b-9/24/1858 in Newport Ky. s/o Peter & Margaret; d-3/3/1953; br-3/6/1953; widowed; LO-self; NR-Jacob Gruenholz
Gruenholz, Infant br-11/26/1909  


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