Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted by Helen Nellis March 1, 2012

d-died or date of death
d/o-daughter of
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative
removed-physically moved to another section or another cemetery (according to Evergreen Cemetery director)
SG-single grave
s/o-son of


Gebhardt, Mohma br-7/18/1927
Gebhardt, Chas A  br-3/23/1949; age 58; married parents Chas & Bernadine Gabhardt; LO-Edna Gebardt
Gebhardt, Edward  d-1/29/1942; br-2/2/1942; age 4/12/1890; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents Frederick & Rosina Gebhardt
Gebhart, Ernest br-8/20/1906
Gebhart, George d-4/9/1950; br-4/12/1950; age 10/6/1884; married; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents Geo Gebhart & Katherine Nicholson; Disease Ruptured Gastric Ulcer; LO-Mayme Gebhart-wife; NR-George Gebhart-son
Gebhart, Margaret br-3/22/1901
Gebhart, Mayme d-7/18/1959; br-7/21/1959; age 69; widowed; parents Herman Vonhandorf; born Ky. LO-Mayme Gebhart; NR- Geo Gebhart-son
Gebig. Elizabeth d-11/21/1955; br-11/23/1955; age 76; widowed; parents Jacob & Anela Nuhn; born Germany; NR-Matilda Weitkamp
Gecks, Infant br-4/2/1927
Gee, Glenn br-2/27/1912
Gee, Ida L  br-8/11/1949; age 70; widowed; parents George ? ? Washington
Gee, Infant br-4/15/1913
Gee, Mamie d-1/29/1952; br-2/1/1952; age 8/5/1894; married; colored; born Atlanta Ga; NR-William Gee Sr.
Gee, Thomas d-3/30/1959; br-4/3/1959; age 64; married; colored; parents William Gee & Ida Washington; born Newport Ky. NR- Mrs. Lillian Gee-wife
Gee, William d-10/25/1973; br-10/29/1973; age 63; parents Willie Gee & Mamine Walker; born Newport Ky. NR-Catherine Barnes
Gee, Williams A br-6/17/1902; infant
Gee, Willie Horace  d-3/16/1963; br-3/19/1963; age 70; widowed; colored; parents; William & Ida Washington; Born Virginia; NR- Marie Keene
Gee, Wm br-5/29/1922
Gee, Elmira br-7/7/1921
Gegner, George Edward d-12/4/1969; br-12/9/1969; age 12/29/1904; married; parents George & Margaret; born Cinn. Ohio; LO & NR-Emily Davis Gegner-wife 
Gegner, Ida L br-4/16/1917; removed Mrs. G Gegner
Gehler, Joseph Sr. d-5/6/1970; br-5/9/1970; age 83; married; parents John Gehler--? born Austria Hungary; LO & NR-Theresa Gehler  (wife)
Gehring, Alonzo br-12/28/1884
Gehring, Fred br-1/31/1933
Gehring, Harry br-8/29/1924
Gehring, Joseph br-8/18/1943; d-8/15/1943; age 3/21/1869; married; born Newport Ky. parents John & Anna; removed Lena Gehring
Gehring, Lillian br-4/14/1930
Gehring, Magdalena br-2/16/1944; d-2/12/1944; age 11/17/1868; widowed; born Covington Ky. parents Fred & Mary Hoeffler; LO- Haas & Gehring
Gehring, Margaret M br-3/13/1915
Gehringar, John br-6/11/1894
Gehrlein, Infant b&d 11/28/1946; br-11/29/1946; Richard Gehrlein & Alice Brown; LO-Brown remove Richard Gehrlein
Gehrum, Wm br-4/9/1917
Geiger, Anna Sarah d-1/6/1961; br-1/10/1961; age 1/6/1875; married; parents ? Martin; born Ohio; LO-Anna Geiger; NR-George John Geiger Sr. husband
Geiger, Daisy B  d-9/6/1967; br-9/9/1967; age 78; widowed; parents John T Dance & Alice Tanner; born Cinn Ohio; LO-self; NR-Miss Alice Geiger Daughter
Geiger, Esther d-6/26/1942; br-6/29/1942; age 11/21/1901; married; born Dayton Ky. Parents Robt & Hester Lamb; LO-Harry Geiger
Geiger, George br-4/5/1938; d-4/3/1938; age 72; married; parents John Geiger & Mary Flick; remove Alma Geiger
Geiger, George J. d-5/15/1953; br-4/8/1953; (as on card) age 66; married; parents John & Clara; born Cinn. Ohio; LO-self: NR- Daisy Geiger
Geiger, Gro John br-12/1/1923
Geiger, Harry d-5/2/1973; br-5/4/73; age 2/17/1897; widowed; parents George & Anna; born Cinn. Ohio; LO-self; NR-Mrs. George Parker daughter
Geiger, Minnie br-11/27/1929
Geike, Henry br-12/13/1894
Geis, Edward Geo br-12/20/1929
Geis, Joseph C br-1/17/1944; d-1/14/1944; age 7/7/1860; married; born Maysville Ky; parents John C & Eliza; remove Mayme Dowd Geis
Geis, Priscilla br-6/30/1931; LO-Walter Geis
Geis, Stella br-7/5/1907
Geis, Wilson  br-2/15/1894
Geiser, Blanche d-4/12/1962; br-4/16/1962; age 81; married; parents Meredith Walker & Harriett Ca?el; born Ohio; LO & NR-Joseph Geider Jr. (husband)
Geiser, Elizabeth br-8/5/1940; d-8/2/1940; age 8/20/1860; widowed; born Ohio; parents Martin Stattler; LO-John Downton & ???
Geiser, Infant br-3/13/1928
Geiser, Joseph Jr. d-8/7/1963; br-8/10/1963; age 5/10/1882; widowed; parents Joseph Geiser and Elizabeth Sattler; born Milwaukee Wis; LO-Joseph Geiser-self; NR-Joseph Geiser (son)
Geiser, Louis br-2/24/1913
Geiser, Robert F d-8/11/1959; br-8/14/1959; age 47; married; parents Charles and Minnie Kraus Geiser; Born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-L Geiser & H. Adamson; NR-Lenora Geiser (wife)
Geisler, Amanda br-2/8/1936; d-2/5/1936; age 69; married; parents Johnson
Geisler, Gottlieb E (city order) child br-2/1/1899
Geisler, L. L. (child) br-9/28/1897
Geisler, Lillian br-12/1/1938; d-11/30/1938; age 12/22/1893; married; born Covington Ky. parents George Cherrington and Alice Hood; LO-G A Hood; remove George R. Geisler
Geisler. Peter br-4/3/1926
Geisman, Ada br-12/31/1932
Geiss, Alice Magdalena br-3/17/1939; 3/14/1939; age 11/26/1863; single; born Cinti. Ohio; parents Michael & Magdalene Geiss; LO-Carrie Sivera & M. Geiss
Geiss, Clara Belle d-1/11/1964; br-1/14/1964; age 2/6/1873; parents Eliaha Washburn and Eugenie Bevan; born Bellevue Ky. LO- Eugenia Washburn-daughter; NR-Eugene Geiss-son
Geiss, Ida Edith Mae d-11/28/1956; br-11/30/1966; age 9/28/1893; married; parents Wilhelm Kuckuk and Bertha Hamman; born Farlville Ill; LO-Mrs. E Washburn lot-permission given relation daughter in law; NR-Eugene W Geiss husband
Geiss, Magdalena br-7/12/1910
Geiss, Matilda d-5/5/1954; br-5/8/1954; age 90; widowed; parents Michael and Barbara Wise; born Newport Ky. LO-Sivera & Geiss; NR-Mrs. L R Goldsmith
Geiss, Michael br-3/2/1926
Geiss Wm Henry d-9/28/1941; br-10/1/1941; age 9/20/1869; married; parents Michael Geiss; born Cinti Ohio; Disease Blood Poisoning; LO-Eugenia Washburn-mother in law; NR-Clara Geiss
Gelbke, Gilbert Alfred d-3/1/1968; br-3/4/1968; age 60; widowed; parents Curt Gelbke & Amelia Runck; born Newport Ky. LO-self Nr-Gilbert M Gelbke-son
Gelke, Eddie d-9/8/1971; br-9/11/1971; age 74; married; parents Cusav Gelke and Olga Zeitchel; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Arthur Tuttle & Ed & Clara Gelke; NR-Mrs. Clara Gelka
Gelbke, Hazel d-3/12/1962; br-3/15/1962; age 58; married; parents John C Maxwell & Anna Perkins; born Dayton Ky. LO & NR-Gilbert A Gelbke-husband
Gellenbeck, Alleen d-6/22/1953; br-6/25/1953; age 9/28/1898; married; parents Lester Tindal and Rosa Lee Webb; born Louisville Ky. disease Cancer; LO-J V Webb-relation Stepdaughter; NR-Lee W Gellenback
Gellenback, Edward br-6/ 9/ 1911
Gellenback, Fred W d-9/3/1954; br-9/7/1954; age 62; widowed; parents William & Lilly Gellenback; born Bellevue Ky. LO-Wm Gellenback-son; NR-Albert Gellenback
Gellenback, John br-3/26/1932; LO-Wm Gellenback
Gellenback, Lee W d-6/6/1975; br-6/9/1975; age 50; LO-John Webb; NR-June M Gellenback-wife
Gellenback, Lillian br-11/6/1916
Gellenback, Wm br-9/10/1929; LO-self
Gellenback, Lillian J br-3/6/1906
Gelvin, Charles R d-2/25/1975; br-2/28/1975; age 73; parents Clifford Gelvin & Henrietta Knowles; born Clermont Co. O. NR- Lorena Gelvin
Gemmer, Elizabeth D.o.I. 1/ 14/ 1926
Gemmer Eva Lorraine d-7/3/1969; br-7/7/1969; age 62; married; parents Edward Strub & Bessie Hurd; born Newport Ky; LO-Loraine Germmer; NR-Homer Gemmer-son
Gemmer, Glenn d-12/1/1965; br-12/4/1965; age 7/32/1932 ( as on card ) married; parents Henry Gemmer & Dessie Gee; born Ohio; LO & NR-Betty J Gemmer-wife
Gemmer, Henry br-1/6/1908
Gemmer, Henry br-July 18, 1944; d-7/15/1944; age 5/22/1896; married; born Newport Ky. John & Laura Gemmer; removed Mrs. Henry Gemmer
Gemmer, Henry br-3/20/1898
Gemmer, Homer O d-12/22/1959; br-12/24/1959; age 58; married; parents John Gemmer & Laura Moore; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Loraine Gemmer-wife 
Gemmer, Vera Bella d-7/13/1973; br-7/16/1973; age 8/8/1926; (46) married; parents Wes Hall & Mary E. Pierce; born Bellevue Ky; LO & NR-Gene Gemmer-husband
Gemmer, Laura br-3/9/1936; d-3/6/1936; age 69; married; born Penn. parents Rebecca Whitehead M?dre & Ellis Moor; remove Mrs John Gemmer
Gennett, Lee d-12/10/1967; br-12/13/67; age 67; married; parents Edward Gennett & Ella Abernathy; born Brown Co. Ohio; LO & NR-Helen Gennett-wife
Genner, ----- br-5/28/1921
Genoway, Charlotte br-3/21/1900
Genoway, Elizabeth br-12/27/1939; d-12/24/1939; age 80; married born Cinti. Ohio; parents ? Krais; LO-Mary Genoway; remove Mrs. Ben Pugh
Genoway, Mary Jane br-11/8/1915
Genoway, Peter R br-7/11/1896
Genoway, Peter F br-2/9/1902
Genson, Eva Sanz br-12/30/1931; LO-John Sanz
Gentrup, Andrew br-8/3/1904
Gentrup, Carrie br-7/21/1942; d-7/18/1942; age 79; married; born Germany; parents Huhn; LO-Frederick Gentrup; removed Mrs. Sam Trotter
Gentrup, Clyde br-10/3/1917
Gentrup, Frederick br-12/16/1906
Gentrup, Frederic W d-1/7/1963; br-1/10/1963; age 51; married; parents William F. Gentrup & Saraca Johnston; Born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Eleanor Gentrup-wife
Gentrup, Grace d-12/6/1956; br-12/10/1956; age 66; widowed; parents ? J?hnston; born S. Lebanon Oh; LO-self; NR-William L Gentrup-son
Gentrup, Henry d-10/31/1953; br-11/3/1953; age 8/28/1862; widowed; born Madison Indiana; LO-self; NR-Susan Lape
Gentrup, Rachael d-7/17/1952; br-7/21/1952; age 4/25/1869; married; born Virginia; LO & NR-Henry Gentrup-husband
Gentrup, Wilford br-7/15/1910
Gentrup, William F d-10/20/1951; br-10/23/1951; age 64; married; parents ? & Caroline; born Cincinnati: LO & NR-Grace Gentrup-wfie
Gentrup, William H  br-3/21/1914
George, Calvin S br-10/12/1896
George, Chas L br-10/16/1911
George, Eliz br-11/13/1883
George, Fred V br-11/26/1926
George, John B d-6/7/1974; br-6/11/1974; age 84; parents Edward George & Jenney Rae Tolls; born Lexington Ky. NR-Mrs. Arthur Birkett-sister
George, L C br-4/24/1884
George, Laura d-10/3/1962; br-10/6/1962; age 3/7/1863; widowed; parents David S. Carrick & Jane Baker; born Cincinnati Oh; LO- Mrs. L. C. George; NR-Ethel George-sister
George, Lucy M br-2/25/1910
George, Marie Corrine d-5/31/1960; br-6/6/1960; age 59; married; parents August Rumpf & Mary Jo Otis; born Cincinnati Oh; LO- Ames Mary Cox (as on card) mother written permission; NR-George H George-husband
George, Melinda Kay d-11/18/1965; br-11/20/1965; age 11/18/1865; single; parents Randolph George & Orpha Dixon; born Ft. Thomas Ky. NR-Rudolph George-father
George, Minnie single grave 603 sec 45
George, W. B. Jr. br-7/31/1894
George, Stanley H. br-6/25/1903
George, William Byrd br-11/25/1936; d-11/23/1936; age 12/16/1860; married; born Buffalo W. Va. parents Lewis George & Lucy M. Jones; LO-Mrs. L.C. George (mother)
Georgi, Charles E. d-6/6/1964; br-6/10/1964; age 52; married; parents Theodore George & Ellen Scott; born Dayton Ohio; LO & NR-Virginia Georgi-wife
Gerber, Lulu br-12/16/1948; d-12/13/1948; age 2/12/1885; married; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents Mahlon Jones & Mary Ingals; LO- Mary R. Jones; removed Mector L. Gerber
Gerber, Ralph Marius d-11/18/1955; br-11/22/1955; age 6/7/1886; married; parents August Gerber & Eugene Dingler; NR-Hector Gerber
Gerbig, Barbara Jean d-5/26/1956; br-5/28/1956; age 5/2/1956; single; parents Raymond Clarence Gerbig & Jeanette Gibson; born Dayton Ky. NR-Raymond Gerbig-father
Gerbig, Raymond Michael d-5/4/1956; br-5/7/1956; age 5/2/1956; single; parents Raymond Clarence Gerbig & Jeanette Gibson; born Dayton Ky. NR-Raymond Gerbig-father
Gerdes, Sephia br-8/12/1924
Gerding, Caroline br-11/27/1939; d-11/25/1939; age 10/14/1860; married; born Newport Ky. parents Jacob & Caroline Glick; LO-J Glick & C Smith; remarks Irwin Gerding
Gerbing, Mayme d-1/8/1956; br-1/11/1956; age 81; married; parents Martin & Rodabell Dowd; born Newport; LO-Dowd & Phafler NR-Glen P Gerding
Gerding, Mayme br-10/18/1954
Gerhardt, Emil br-3/17/1943; d-3/14/1943; age 3/13/1870; widowed; born Cinti Ohio; parents Joseph & Amelia Gerhardt; LO-same
Gerhardt, Hannah br-10/18/1939; d-10/15/1939; age 6/5/1869; married; born Newport Ky. parents Wm. & Johanna Naber; LO-Emil Gerhardt
Gerhardt, Joseph F d-2/13/1968; br-2/16/1968; age 62; married; parents Ernst Gerhardt & Emma Miller; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO- Mary Ellen Gerhardt-wife; NR-Mrs. Joseph F. Gerhardt wife
Gerhart, Margaret br-5/3/1928; married; parents Wm & Virginia Hall
Gerhling, William  br-5/29/1937; d-5/27/1937; age 2/9/1884; born Ohio; parents John & Catherine Gerhling; LO-John Bottleberger removed Lillian Mysmheimer; signed permission by John Bottleberger
Gering, Anna Pauline  br-1/7/1941; d-1/4/1941; age 2/13/1894; married; born Dayton Ky. parents Herman & Carrie Augsback; LO- John Gering; removed John H. Gering
Gerkin, Ruth Lillian br-9/27/1919
Gerland, William br-5/4/1940; d-5/2/1940; age 74; single; born Cinti Ohio; parents Herman Gerland
German, Etta d-12/12/1961; br-12/15/1961; age 86; parents Thomas Underwood & ?Laufersiek; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Etta German-self; NR-Ruth German-daughter
German, Fannie br-7/9/1934
German, James br-6/14/1933
German, Lillian (colored) br-6/10/1940; d-6/7/1940; age 12 days; born Newport Ky. parents Isaac & Lucy German; remove Isaac German king of grave City of Newport
German, Orland d-12/22/1957; br-10/25/1957; age 84; married; parents George Greman & Melissa Armstrong; born Kenton Co. Ky. LO & NR-Etta German-widow
Germiner, William H  br-10/28/1907
Gerould, Laura br-4/4/1938; d-4/1/1938; age 67; married; parents Fred & Philomena Perkine
Gerrein, Dixie Lee d-10/ ?/1968; br-10/17/1968; age 33; married; parents; born Appold Penn; LO & NR-Gerald Gerrein-husband
Gerrien, Jacob br-1/30/1920
Gerrien, Minnie  br-9/24/1929
Gerrish, Clara  d-7/19/1970; br-7/22/1970; age 89; widowed; parents Wm. Brookbank & Emma (unknown) born Bellevue Ky. NR-Geo W Gerrish-son
Gerrish, George br-3/31/1924
Gerrish, John  br-2/4/1945; d-2/1/1943; age 61; married; born Covington Ky. LO-Clara Gerrish; removed Mrs. Clara Gerrish
Gerrish, Susannah br-7/26/1907
Gesser, Benjamin br-2/3/1895
Gest, Sylvia O'Keefe d-8/17/1967; br-8/21/1967; single; parents William Gest & Abbie O'Keefe; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Blanche Utter-sister
Getchell, Jane d-1/1/1968 in Cincinnati; br-1/8/1968; age 48; married; parents George Petty & Catherine Zint; Born Ft. Thomas Ky.  LO-George Petty-father; NR-Jeffery Getchell-son
Getts, Raymond Ellis d-4/8/1966; br-4/12/1966; widowed; parents William Getts & Margaret Morr; born Waterloo Ind; LO & NR- Barbara Getts-daughter
Getts, Robert Eugene br-Feb 3, 1944; d-1/31/1943; age 11/5/1943;born Dayton Ky. parents Raymond E Getts & Elizabeth Tuemler; removed Raymond E, Getts
Getty, Mae br-9/23/1947; married; born Little Rock Ark. parents Sarah Montague; LO-Samuel S. Getty
Getty, Samuel S d-4/24/1969; br-4/28/1969; age 95; widowed; parents ? Getty & Molly Backerville; born Covington Ky. LO-self NR-Stewart Getty-son
Gets, Sylvia d-2/17/1970; br-2/20/1970; age 82; widowed; parents August Fister & Ellanore Ryan; born Ky. NR-Judd Lusk-nephew
Gets, Vernon C  D-8/19/1945; br-8/21/1945; age 7/19/1890; married; born Newport Ky. parents Jake & Fannie Gets; LO-Foster; removed Syvilla Gets
Geule, Harry d-8/22/1947; br-8/25/1947; age 2/7/1883; married; born Hamilton Ohio; parents John Geule & Josephine Hucksefort; removed Frances Geule
Geverts, Nancy Kenned br-7/31/1943; d-7/25/1943; age 9/15/1880; widowed; born Gallipolis Ohio; parents Henry Martin & Ada ?; removed Elanere Lucas
Geyer, Albert br-2/15/1947; d-2/11/1947; age 9/18/1887; married born Newport Ky. parents Albert & Dora Geyer; LO-Stratman
Geyer, Albert F d-3/31/1968; br-4/3/1968; age 2/23/1911; married; parents Otto Geyer & Amelia Bittlinger; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Mrs. Laverne Geyer-wife
Geyer, Albert H F br-6/1/1931
Geyer, Amelia E br-9/29/1947; d-9/25/1947; age 3/6/1884; widowed; born Covington; parents Peter Bittlinger; LO-Otto Geyer removed Arthur Geyer
Geyer, Anna br-9/14/1915; removed from section 42 grave 42
Geyer, Arthur br-1/25/1903
Geyer, Arthur O d-11/10/1951; br-11/13/1951; age 2/20/1909; single; parents Otto Geyer & Amelia Bittinger; born Newport Ky. LO- Otto Geyer-son; NR-Albert F Geyer
Geyer, Clarence br-10/17/1905
Geyer, Cora br-8/19/1901
Geyer, Cornelia br-8/8/1916
Geyer, Eliz br-12/30/1899
Geyer, Ellanora M d-8/23/1974; br-8/27/1974; age 54; parents Lawrence Geyer & Lena Meyers; born Dayton Ky. NR-Lawrence Geyer-husband
Geyer, Emma M d-4/24/1962; br-4/27/1962; age 84; widowed; parents Leonard Schnabel & Minnie Hoemeister; born Newport Ky. LO-Emma Geyer-self; NR-Wesley Geyer-son
Geyer, Mrs. Flora d-12/19/1973 in Lindale Texas; br-12/21/1973; age 85; parents; Charles Hudwig & Carrie Stratman; born Newport Ky. NR-A E Geyer-son
Geyer, Francis br-12/17/1921
Geyer, Henry d-1/5/1951; br-1/8/1951; age 8/20/1859; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents A & Philip Geyer; LO-Phillip John Geyer-son; NR-Mrs. Luella Wagner
Geyer, Howard A br-1/22/1907
Geyer, Infant br-7/30/1906
Geyer, Iva br-3/27/1887
Geyer, James br-10/15/1915
Geyer, Jas. C br-7/16/1917
Geyer Lucy br-11/26/1930
Geyer, Mary br-6/10/1939; d-6/8/1939; age 91; widowed; born Campbell co. Ky. parents John Kiefer; LO-Mary Ulrich Geyer; removed Mrs. Walter Orcutt (perpetual care)
Geyer, Mary br-5/7/1943; d-5/5/1943; age 7/2/1854; single; born Portsmouth Ohio; parents Henry Geyer & Catherine Parlor; LO-S T Cochran; remove Myrtle E Gibson
Geyer, Matilda br-6/14/1933
Geyer, Mildred br-3/16/1918
Geyer, Otto br-1/17/1925
Geyer, Peter br-1/24/1936; d-1/21/1936; age 5/19/1873; married; born Newport Ky. parents Jacob Geyer & ? LO-Louisa Michaels
Geyer, Philip J br-4/13/1901
Geyer, Rosa (adult) br-9/15/1890
Geyer, Wm br-Sec 2 Lot 44; LO-Philip John Geyer
Geyer Wm P d-__/26/1947; br-__/29/1947; Sec. 30 Lot 29 S.1/2; age 5/22/1889; widowed; born Campbell Co. Ky; removed Edith Ziegler
Geyer, Zachery br-3/6/1919 in Sec. 24 Lot 77 E. 1/2
Geyler, Kate br-12/24/1893 in Sec. 15 Lot 109 N 1/2
Ghode, Frank d-3/17/1937; br-3/20/1937 in Sec 33 Lot 42 W 1/2; age 7/5/1882; married; born Cinti. Ohio; parents Frank & Rose Ghode; LO-Angeline Ernst
Giani, Annabell br-1/27/1927 in Sec. 34 Lot 15
Giani, Harry O br-5/13/1926 in Sec 34 Lot 15 
Giancola, Elsie Elizabeth d-10/17/1973; br-10/20/1973 in Sec. 5 Lot 112; age 64; married; parents John Thomas Kennett & Mary F. Mathis; born Covington Ky. LO-Elsie Giancola; NR-Julius Giancola-husband
Wm O br-4/28/1934 in Sec. 34 Lot 15; LO-Gianin
Giar, Emma d-1/30/1937; br-2/3/1937 in Sec 50 Lot 69 E 1/2; age 2/4/1877; widowed; born Germany; parents William Gildehaus & no record; LO-Emma Giar
Giar, Infant b&d 10/3/1941; br-10/4/1941 in Sec. 50 Lot 60 2 1/2; born Melbourne Ky. parents Ralph Giar & Mary Rort; LO-Emma Giar; remove Ralph Giar
Giar, John  br-1/3/1928 in Sec 50 Lot 69 E 1/2
Gibb, M. (adult) br-5/6/1883 in SG 29 sec 1883
Gibbens, Ann br-9/9/1907 in SG 514 sec 28 
Gibbons, Daisy Mae d-7/30/1936; br-8/1/1936 in Sec. 24 Lot 24 E 1/2; age 11/21/1870; widowed; born Wapakoneta Ohio; parents Theo. Millard & Frances Schaefer; LO-Francois McKee
Gibbons, Elmer d-12/5/1944; br-12/8.1944 in Sec.59 Lot 156 W 1/2; age ? widowed; born New York N Y; parents no record; LO- Jessie White
Gibbons, Sarah A d-7/17/1957; br-7/20/1957 in Sec.59 Lot 156 W 1/2; age 7/29/1870; widowed; parents John & Elizabeth Scott; born Philadelphia Pa; LO-Sarah Gibbons-self; NR-daughter Mrs. Jessie White
Gibbons, Thos H br-8/5/1932 in Sec 24 Lot 24 E 1/2; LO-Gibbons
Gibbs, Susan F br-7/30/1901 in Sec. 10 Lot 37 
Gibbs, _____ br-4/23/1893 in Sec.10 Lot 37 
Gibson, Abram E. br-8/24/1926 in Sec15 Lot 116 
Gibson, Ada L br-8/25/1899 in Sec. 15 Lot 116 
Gibson, Aileen Mae br-6/23/1949 in Sec. Lot 50; age 55; single; parents C J & Edan Mae Gibson; LO-Gibson
Gibson, Amanda J br-9/9/1919 in Sec.15 Lot 116 
Gibson, Ben H d-6/14/1945; br-6/16/1945 in Sec 69 SG 40; age 10/7/1887; married; born Ky. parents George& Elizabeth Gibson
Gibson, Bessie Lee br-9/8/1915 in SG 533 Sec 43 
Gibson Bettie d-9/25/1953; br-9/28/1953 in Sec. 54 Lot 82 SE 1/2; age 73; married; parents Wm. Pfirman & Ellen Rich; born Newport Ky. LO-Wm Zink; NR-Ambrose Gibson-husband
Gibson, Carlson d-11/28/1935; br-11/30/1935 in sec 55 lot 50-c; age 67; married; Born Ky. parents no record
Gibson, Charles br-1/27/1912 in Sec. 32 lot 47 W 1/2 
Gibson, Chas L  br-8/5/1918 in Sec. lot 47 E 1/2 
Gibson, Christian  br-5/15/1907 in Sec 15 lot 116 
Gibson, Danny Lee  d-4/12/1946; br-4/16/1946 in SG 443 sec 70; age 5 hrs; born Dayton Ky. parents John W. Gibson & Katherine O'Keefe; remove John W. Gibson
Gibson, Edna M d-8/12/1964; br-8/15/1946 in Sec. 55 lot 50 c; age 90; widowed; born Bellevue Ky. LO-?arlton J Gibson-husband; NR-Gibson & Youngblood nephews
Gibson, Elle d-4/15/1944; br-4/19/1944 in SG 347 E sec 72; age 8/10/1859; widowed; born Marietta Ohio; parents Samuel Anderson & Sarah Hitchcock; remove Ida Nortsel
Gibson, Everett d-4/24/1968; br-4/27/1968 in sec 5 lot 110F; age 64; married; parents James Gibson & Lula Masaingale; born Stearns Ky. LO-Mrs. Lillie Gibson-wife 
Gibson, Garnet A d-4/28/1970; br-4/28/1970 in sec.14 lot 23 & 26; age 77; widowed; parents Henry Mathews & Sarah Coleman; NR-Mrs. Elizabeth B Hill-daughter
Gibson, Harry br-3/25/1907 in sec 27 lot 22 N 1/2 
Gibson, Harry Lee br-sec 15 lot 114 SE 1/2
Gibson, Huling br-8/28/1895 in sec 9 lot 38 
Gibson, Infant br-9/24/1897 in SG 55 sec 1897 
Gibson, Infant br-9/19/1898 in SG 42 sec 1891 
Gibson, Isaac (adult) SG 2 sec 1895
Gibson, Infant br-5/1/1924 in SG 245 sec 47 
Gibson, Isaac M (child) br-4/21/1889 in SG 24 sec 1889 
Gibson, J C br-5/2/1887 in sec 17 lot 71 
Gibson, James S d-8/11/1944; br-8/14/1944 in sec 14 lot 26; age 65; married; born Dayton Ky. LO-H L Matthew; remove Garnet Gibson
Gibson, James T br-9/17/1915 in sec 17 lot 77 
Gibson, Jennie Gertrude d-1/27/1957; br-1/31/1957 in sec 32 lot 47 W 1/2; age 80; single; parents Charles Lyons & Jane Gibson; born Dayton Ky. LO-Chas L Gibson-father; NR-Gibson Yungblut-nephew
Gibson, Jennie S br-5/23/1911 in sec 32 Lot 47 W 1/2 
Gibson, Jerry d-8/18/1960; br-8/19/1960 in SG 59 sec 53; age 7/5/1960; single; parents Herschel & Helen Asbury Gibson; NR-Herschel Gibson-father
Gibson, Jesse (Infant) br-6/28/1904 in sec 15 Lot 116 S 1/2 
Gibson, John A br-9/22/1916 in sec 27 lot 63 N 1/2 
Gibson, Lottie Lee d-11/16/1943; br-11/18/1943 in sec. 17 lot 77 N 1/2; age 86; single; born Ky. parents John & Mary L. Gibson; LO-hers
Gibson, Mable (child) br-5/18/1889 in SG 26 sec 1886 
Gibson, Margaret br-3/21/1929
Gibson, Margaret E. d-2/7/1971; br-2/11/1971; age 3/6/1894; married; born Kentucky; Place of Death St. Luke; LO-Katherine Dunn- daughter; NR-Leroy Gibson-son
Gibson, Mary Louise T  br-9/12/1931; LO-Lottie Gibson
Gibson, Milton R br-10/11/1933; LO-same
Gibson, William (Infant) br-3/22/1909
Gibson, William G br-3/25/1906
Gibson, William Henry br-4/21/1900
Gibson, Zelina E br-4/2/1926
Gideon T. W. br-9/9/1903
Giebel Albert d-4/8/1958; br-4/5/1958; age 78; married; parents Conrad & Caroline Giebel; born Newport Ky. LO-Conrad Giebel-son; NR-Stella Giebel-widow
Giebel, Conrad br-8/2/1917
Giebel, Lena br-7/19/1926
Giebel, Stella Louise br-3/24/1967; age 78; widowed; parents Peter Kesel & unknown; born Ft. Thomas Ky. place of death Garrard Nursing home in Covington Ky. LO-Conrad Giebel; NR-Mrs. Paul Kiefer-daughter
Geszentaner, Chas. br-8/26/1926
Giffin, Charles F d-10/2/1938; br-10/5/1938; age 82; widowed; born Covington Ky. parents William Giffin & Cynthia Reddick
Giffin, Anna br-1/17/1929; LO-C F Giffin
Giffin, Sarah E. d-7/15/1938; br-7/18/1938; age 9/25/1911; married; born Newport Ky. parents Albert W. Graig & Leonie Petty; LO- Albert Graig; remove Glifford T. Giffin
Gifford, Raymond Barnard br-6/6/1921
Gifford, William C  remove from sec.24 lot 15 E 1/2 6/27/1936 to sec. 68 SG 756; d-8/2/1910; br-8/4/1910; age 39; parents George & Elizabeth Gifford; born Newport Ky. place of death Speers Hospital; LO-James Payne-step son
Gifford, William C  br-8/4/1910; Removed from sec. 24 lot 15 to sec.68 SG 756
Gilb, Anna M  d-5/26/1945; br-5/31/1945; age 63; married; born Newport Ky. parents Joseph Jurgens & Minnie Mulsbeck; LO-A Finch; place of death Booth Hosp. removed Edward Gilb
Gilb, August d-2/9/1944; br-2/12/1944; age 3/21/1876; married born Campbell Co. Ky. parents Daniel Gilb & Charlotte Dierling
Gilb, August E. br-6/23/1913
Gilb, Charles P. d-11/24/1952; br-11/28/1952; age 7/3/1914; single; born Dayton Ky. parents Valentine Gilb & Lula Mae Freeman;
place of death Speers Hosp. LO & NR-Valentine Gilb
Gilb, Charlotta br-2/6/1915
Gilb, Chas F. d-4/15/1950; br-4/19/1950; age 6/30/1877; married; born Ohio; parents Daniel Gilb; LO-Chas. Gilb; NR-Effie Gilb
Gilb, Chas Fred br-1/24/1916
Gilb, Edward M d-8/17/1965; br-8/20/1965; age 80; widowed; parents Dan Gilb & Charletta ? born Newport KY. death St Luke Hosp; LO-Anna Finck-wife; NR-Billie Florence Einhern-daughter
Gilb, Effie d-11/23/1967; br-11/27/1967; age 85; widowed; parents James Walker & not known; born Campbell Co. Ky. death Speers Hosp. LO-Charles Gilb; MR-Donald R. Gilb-son
Gilb, Elizabeth br-7/28/1919
Gilb, Elsie br-10/24/1949; age 65; widowed parent Peter Herveh
Gilb, Frances d-12/10/1962; br-12/13/1962; age 76; widowed; parents Fredrick Rothe & Frances Bauer; born Newport Ky. LO-Henry Gilb-husband; NR-Esther Martin daughter
Gilb, Henry d-7/24/1950; br-7/27/1950; age 68; married; born Newport Ky. parents Daniel & Charlotte Gilb; death Speers Hosp. LO-Self; NR-Frances Gilb
Gilb, Infant br-10/6/1911
Gilb, Irvin br-7/24/1930
Gilb, Irwin br-8/2/1920
Gilb, John William d-4/20/1944; br-1/28/1950; age 11/11/1914; single; born Newport Ky. parents Chas. & Effie Gilb; place of death Rabaul South Pacific; LO & NR-Chas Gilb-father 
Gilb, Lula May d-2/26/1948; br-3/1/1948; age 9/5/1881; married; parents John Ereeman & ?linina Blackburn; LO-single; removed Valentine Gilb
Gilb, Richard br-10/5/1923
Gilb, Valentine d-5/29/1961; br-6/1/1951; age 83; widowed; born Germany; LO-single; NR-Sarah E Lacey-daughter
Gilb, Walter Edward br-8/9/1907
Gilbert, Charles br-9/16/1909
Gilbert, Gus d-7/7/1957; br-7/9/1957; age 7/19/1887; single; parents John Gilbert & Edmonia Gilbert; born Lexington Ky. died at Longview Hosp. LO & NR-Edmonia Gilbert-mother
Gilbert, Henry Gray br-May 10, 1944; age 3/22/1861; married; born Dayton Ohio; parents Jacob Gilbert & Isabella Graves; LO-A C Patterson; place of death Biloxi Miss. removed Virginia Belle Gilbert
Gilbert, Hilda E Simms  d-6/21/1962; br-6/25/1962; age 61; married; parents Arnold Barhorat & Caroline Grefer; born Covington Ky. LO-Hilda Simms; NR-John Gilbert husband
Gilbert, Infant b&d 9/21/1971; br-9/22/1971; parents James Gilbert & Ona Mae Farmer; born Covington; place of death St. Elizabeth Hosp. Covington Ky. LO-Martha Farmer-grandmother; NR-Mr. & Mrs. James Gilbert-parents
Gilbert, John Russell d-9/2/1962; br-9/6/1962; age 69; widowed; born Lexington Ky. LO-Hilda Simms-wife; NR-Russel Gilbert-Son
Gilbert, Kate br-6/1/1892
Gilbert, Mary d-8/27/1937; br-8/30/1937; age 80; born Indiana; LO-C H Gilbert-husband; place of death Little Sister Of the Poor removed Nettie Ward-daughter
Gilbert, Mary Jane br-9/17/1917
Gilbert, Nannie d-10/6/1950; br-10/10/1950; age 3/14/1912; married; born Lee County Ky. parents John & Louise Cole Pegg; NR- Chas Gilbert
Gilbert, Virginia Bell d-12/14/1951; br-12/28/1951; age ? place of death New Orleans La. ashes in Concrete; NR-Whitney Nat ' l Bank Ect.
Gilbert, Wm Allen b&d 7/12/1968; br-7/13/1968; parents Wm. Allen Gilbert & Barbara Sue Anderson; born St Elizabeth Hosp. LO & NR-Wm Allen Gilbert-father
Gilbett, Infant br-1/26/1904
Gilcher, Catherine & Henry interment No 1879 SG 6 sec 1878; NR-Emil Ritz We1-0748 (THIS WAS ALL THAT WAS ON THE CARD)
Gilchrist, Peter (city of Newport) d-12/21/1936; br-12/26/1936; age ? single; Born Scettlin Co. S.C. place of death Newport of nephritis
Gilkey, Carrie d-7/9/1947; br-7/12/1947; age 2/15/1861; born Ironton Ohio; LO-hers; removed Howard Gilkey
Gilkey, Frank br-12/9/1900
Gilkison, Wilbur Lee d-6/1/1962; br-6/5/1962; age 46; married; born Vanceburg Ky. place of death Chicago Ill. LO & NR-Martha Walton Gilkison-wife 
Gill, Albert Joseph d-9/10/1936; br-9/14/1936; age 2/8/1917; single; born Newport Ky. parents Albert & Lula Gill
Gill, Ann br-8/25/1893
Gill, Barbara br-3/7/1912
Gill, Belle br-1/27/1919
Gill, Casper d-3/18/1938; br-3/21/1938; age 2/15/1874; widowed born Newport Ky. Parents Christ Gill
Gill, Christ (adult) br-12/7/1888
Gill, Fred br-6/28/1916
Gill, Henry br-8/28/1933; LO-Gill
Gill, Infant br-5/21/1900
Gill, John d-4/28/1955; br-5/2/1955; age 3/15/1889; widowed; parents John Nagel and Barbara Ann Beck; born Newport Ky. death accident fall down stairs; NR-Irene Beck
Gill, Leonard (adult) br-9/23/1894
Gill, Louis br-2/25/1913
Gill, Lulu E. d-12/15/1953; br-12/17/1953; age 60; parents John and Julia Smith; born Owenton Ky. LO-Smith & Wolford; NR-Charles Gill
Gill, Lulu Viola br-1/7/1923
Gillen, Carl T. d-7/29/1967; br-8/1/1967; age 56; married; parents John T Gillen & Jane McMann; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Ruth Gillen-wife
Gillen, Catherine d-5/26/1943; br-5/29/1943; age 3/5/1917; married; born Portsmouth Ohio; parents Bert and Bartha Nelson; remove Miss Edna Nelson
Gillen, Jennie br-4/17/1930
Gillen, John Thomas d-1/31/1943; br-2/3/1943; age 65 yrs 8m 18ds; widowed born Ky.
Gillespie,  br-4/29/1913
Gillespie, Ernst d-2/7/1939; br-2/10/1939; age 4/20/1864; divorced; born Franklin Ohio; parents John Gillespie; LO-Gillespie
Gillespie, Ernest Jr. br-8/26/1931; LO-Ernest Gillespie Jr.
Gillespie, Louise Saunders d-10/11/1964; br-10/13/1964; age 95; widowed; parents Pembroke Saunders & Margaret Bruce; born Nassau Bahama Islands; LO-A J Gillespie-father-in-law; NR-H P Gillespie-son
Gillespie, Matilda br-2/10/1914
Gillespie, Dr. Paul br-12/17/1919
Gillespie, Paul R. br-12/26/1908
Gillespie, Sarah Frances br-11/9/1914
Gillespie, Thos (adult) br-10/27/1896
Gillie, John d-6/24/1966; br-6/29/1966; age 54; married; parents Floyd P Gillie & Barbara Stewart; born Ky. LO & NR-Delores Gillie-wife
Gillie, Melessia A. d-2/7/1965; br-2/9/1965; age 8 Mo. Parents Floyd Gillie & Diana Horstman; born Ky. died at St. Luke; NR- Floyd Gillie-father
Gillie, Ronald Ray d-?/15/1961; br-?/12/1961; age 3mo 9 days; parents Johnnie Gillie & Delores Grote; born Cincinnati Oh; NR- Johnnie Gillie-father
Gilliam, James br-3/13/1926
Gilliam, John Luther d-3/28/1950; br-3/30/1950; age 82; married; born Maysville Ky. parents Jas. Gilliam & Delilah Kidder Erschell; LO-self; MR-Dorothy Oatertag
Gillie, Floyd Paris d-10/11/1972; br-10/14/1972; age 73; divorced; parents Boone Gillie & Belle ?; born Wolf Cty Ky. LO & NR-Lola Moore-daughter
Gillispie, Minnie d-7/10/1957; br-7/12/1957; age 11/5/1899; married; parents Fred Watson & Etta Johnson; born Irvine Ky. LO & NR-Howard Gillispie-husband
Gilman, Clifford R  d-12/30/1950; br-1/3/1951; age 11/23/1884; married; born Leeda California; parents Edw. & Ida Gillman; LO & NR-Minnie Gillman-wife
Amelia d-5/27/1955; br-5/31/1955; age 4/27/1877; widowed; parents John Eberling & Maggie Lenhardt; born Newport Ky. LO-Len Mardt; NR-Joseph Gilman Jr.
Gilman, Joseph d-5/24/1936; br-5/27/1936; age 11/29/1875; married; born Conn. LO-Leohardt
Gilmore, Chas H  br-1/4/1929; LO-Mable Distel
Gilmore, George C d-5/12/1952; br-5/14/1952; age 11/30/1890; married; parents George C Gilmore & Anna Jack; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Anna Gilmore-wife 
Gilmore, Infant br-12/24/1905
Gilmore, Mrs. br-4/14/1891
Gilmore, Robert br-4/5/1888
Gilp, Annie br-6/10/1905
Gilson, ---- br-4/18/1901
Gilson, Jas. H  br-11/1/1916
Gilson, John W br-4/19/1909
Gilson, Margaret br-3/9/1918
Gilson, Sallie br-3/19/1917
Giltner, Enoch M d-5/26/1967; br-5/31/1967; age 78; married; parents not known & Harriette Mane; born Otto Ind. LO & NR- Margaret Giltner-wife 
Giltner, Margaret d-11/22/1974; br-11/25/1974; age 12/6/1891; parents William Campbell & Sally Estridge; born Clay County Ky. NR-Dorothy Zumstein-daughter
Giltner, Roy d-7/6/1963; br7/9/1963; age 46; married; parents Milton Giltner & Liza Burke; LO-Roy & Kathryn Giltner; NR-Kathy Gilner (wife)
Gilvin, Infant) d-3/2/1952; br-3/20/1952; age 3/2/1952; parents Richard Bennett & Jenny Gilvin; born Newport Ky. NR-Richard Bennett
Gimmel, Carl C  d-1/31/1948; br-2/3/1948; age 4/2/1880; married; parents Carl Kuntz & Ann Cimmel; born Newport Ky. LO-Elizabeth Gimmel; remove Elizabeth Cimmel
Gimmel, Elizabeth d-1/29/1963; br-2/1/1963; age 80; widowed; parents ? W?lde; NR-Julia Vann (daughter)
Gimmer, Elizabeth br-10/31/1903
Gindele, Agnes d-4/1/1944; br-4/7/1944; age 10/25/1860; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents John & Barbara Muhlman
Gindele, Albert Sr. br-May 31, 1932
Gindele, Edward br-10/8/1933
Gindele, Emma d-7/23/1946; br-7/26/1946; age 63; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents Chas. Griesinger & Catherine ?engelbrook; Removed Edna Biltz
Gindele, Julia d-12/10/1975; br-12/13/1975; age 84; parents Martin Cottingham & Elizabeth McMahon; born Newport Ky. NR-Richard Gindele
Gindele, Mark Allen d-8/2/1955; br-8/6/1955; age 2 days; parents Donald & Audrey Gindele; born Ft. Thomas Ky. LO-Elsie Duve grandmother; NR-Donald Gindele
Gindele, Norma C  d-12/16/1967; br-12/19/1967; age 75; parents Albert Gindele & Agnes Muehlman; born Newport Ky. LO-Albert Gindele; NR-Mrs. Edna Biltz-niece
Gindele, Oscar br-5/30/1920
Gindele, Otto d-4/11/1937; br-4/14/1937; age 12/26/1881; single; born Cinti Ohio; parents Albert & Agnes Gindele; LO-Gindele
Gindele, Walter d-4/4/1966; br-4/6/1966; age 76; married; born Ky. LO-Timothy Picket permission to us; NR-Julia Gindele wife
Gindell, John (child) br-5/14/1888
Gingras, ---- br-10/26/1929; LO-Martin Matting
Ginn, Alfred br-9/29/1917
Ginn, Jane br-11/1/1892
Ginn, Sarah E. br-5/26/1917
Ginn, William br-12/24/1906
Giradin, Annetta br-3/3/1905
Girend, Caroline E. d-4/11/1948; br-4/14/1948; age 1/24/1858; married; born Campbell Co. parents John Hogle & Racheal Kuehl; LO-her; removed Mrs. Freda Lauch
Girand, Emma br-10/19/1891
Girand, George br-4/9/1910
Girand, Infant br-12/14/1915
Girard, Alma B d-12/14/1975; br-12/16/1975; age 79; parents Harry S. Bolser & Sophia Huber; born Dayton KY; MR-Mrs. Clara Kraus-sister
Girardin, O. H. br-10/28/1911
Girkin, Cyrus M br-5/6/1927
Girkin, Ellen br-1/9/1932
Girty, Elizabeth br-2/5/1915
Girty, George br-5/12/1932; LO-Geo Girty
Girty, John T br-1/12/1897
Girty, Margaret br-9/5/1923
Girty, Martha J. br-12/24/1914
Girty, Mary C. br-8/27/1908
Girty, Menter br-11/16/1923
Girty, Wm. H. br-10/29/1885
Gish,? Gail d-10/31/1971; br-11/1/1971; age 23; Div. parents Carl Gish & Dorothy Neal; born Evansville Ind. LO & NR-Carl & Dorothy Gish-parents 
Givan, Bertha br-6/13/1892
Givan, Emma O. br-6/10/1924
Givan, H H  br-2/20/1895
Givan, Marion br-12/4/1884; Removed From Gr. 53 Sec 1884 to Sec. 14 lot 18
Givan, Philetus C br-2/7/1917
Givan, Sarah J br-6/15/1915
Given, George br-12/5/1912
Givens, ?jamin P d-11/25/1965; br-11/29/1965; age 81; married; parents ? Givens & Liza Bree?en; LO & NR-Nona P Givens-wife
Givens, Nona d-2/7/1968; br-2/10/1968; age 85; widowed; parents Goforth--? born Jessamine Co. Ky. LO-Nona Givens; NR-Robert Givens (son)
Gladstone, George br-4/13/1932; LO-U.S.
Glahn, Chris d-1/29/1946; br-2/1/1946; age 7/11/1872; widowed; born Germany; parents Paul & Kate Glahn
Glahn, Kate br-4/3/1922
Glahn, William Jacob d-1/17/1957; br-1/19/1957; age 6/11/1896; married; parents Paul Glahn & Emma Raske; born Campbell Co. Ky. LO& NR-Ursula Glahn-wife 
Glaine, Elizabeth br-6/7/1921; LO-Wm Stratemeyer
Glancey, Jerry br-2/18/1914
Glans, Charles Edward d-8/13/1974; br-8/15/1974; age 79; born Minnesota; NR-Mrs. Paul Kiel
Glans, Clara br-2/10/1930; LO-Kiel
Glarden, Celia br-4/26/1932; LO-Mellie Miller
Glardon, Chas F  br-6/14/1928
Glardon, Infant b&d 11/14/1958; br-11/17/1958; parents Dale Glardon & Betti Allen; Born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Glardon-great grandfather; NR-Dale Glardon-father
Glasbrenner, Edward d-5/9/1937; br-5/12/1937; age 11/11/1875; married; born Cinti Ohio; parents Louis & Lydia (Phillips) LO- Edward Glasbrenner; removed Minnie Glasbrenner
Glasbrenner, Howard E  br-4/23/1921
Glasbrenner, Infant  br-9/19/1911
Glasrenner, Lillian br-4/7/1911
Glasbrenner, Louis  br-9/16/1904
Glasbrener, Minnie d-8/6/1967; br-8/9/1967; age 97; widowed; nee Link; born Germany; LO-Edward Glasbrener; NR-Vernon Glasbrener-nephew
Glaser, Laura L. d-4 Dec 1969; br-8 Dec 1969; married; parents Jacob Knarr & Elizabeth Heineman; LO-Edward Blaut; NR-Arthur Glaser
Glass, Anna d-7/13/1965; br-7/16/1965; age 82; widowed; LO-Anna Glass relation-self
Glass, Beckman  d-3/29/1968; br-4/2/1968; age 4/11/1904; single; parents Davis Glass & Mary Thompson; born Scott County Ky. NR-Mrs. Mae Raishart-sister
Glass, Chas (child) br-8/3/1886
Glass, Clide G br-8/11/1928
Glass, Emma d-6/3/1936; br-6/6/1936; age 3/27/1850; widowed; Born Switzerland
Glass, Fred R br-1/8/1934; LO-Anna Glass
Glass, George A  d-12/16/1957; br-12/19/1957; age 29; married; parents Walter Glass & Emily Zimmer; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Edward Wegener-grandfather; NR-Mrs. Rite Ann Glass
Glass, Gertrude d-6/27/1973; br-6/30/1973; age 63; single; parents Davis Glass & Mary Thompson; born Owen Cty Ky. LO-Gertrude Glass; NR-Rose Walker-sister
Glass, Mary d-4/19/1948; br-4/22/1948; age 10/13/1877; married; born Owen Co. Ky. parents Barton Glass & Susan Thompson; LO- Cole Glass; removed Cole Glass
Glass, Roscoe br-3/4/1932
Glasser, Eugene Joseph d-10/20/1963; br-10/23/1963; age 5/25/1879; married; parents ? & Katherine ?; born Germany; LO-Edw J Schneider-father in law; NR-Ada Glasser-wife
Glauner, Opal Marie d-7/30/1974; br-8/1/1974; age 5/3/1918; parents Clarence Hull & Jessie Ginn; born Wellsburg Ky. NR-Mrs. Barbara Bush-daughter
Glaze, Infant b&d 6/2/1938; br-6/3/1938; born Dayton Ky. parents Frank & Ruby Glaze; removed Frank Glaze father
Glaze, Leroy br-8/27/1929
Glazier, Anthony br-6/27/1904
Glazier, Anthony br-6/26/1929
Glazier, Elizabeth d-2/17/1959; br-2/20/1959; age 9/6/1872; widowed; parents George Strickrode & Frances Timberly; born Covington Ky. NR-Edith Seridan-daughter
Gleason, Beatrice br-7/16/1923
Gleason, Earl Clifford d-8/23/1964; br-8/26/1964; age 12/27/1885; married; parents Michael Gleason & Anna Nash; born Portsmouth Ohio; LO-Earl Gleason-self; NR-Anna Gleason-wife
Gleason, Henrietta Carmack d-4/30/1937; br-5/4/1937; age 6/3/1870; widowed; born Ky. parents Henry Tarvin & Catherine Smith; LO-Raymond Carmackl death Lobar pneumonia; removed Marie Van Alastin
Gleason, Mary A. d-2/21/1957; br-2/18/1957; age 3/18/1887; married; parents James Molen & Emily Green; born Maysville Ky. LO & NR-Earl C. Gleason-husband
Gleir, Christine (child) br-10/18/1888
Gleis, William d-11/14/1940; br-11/16/1940; age 2/29/1872; born Connersville Ind. married; parents Louis & ? (Rarshner) removed Wm. Gleis
Glendon, George d-6/4/1960; br-7/7/1960; age 81; married; parents Thomas Glendon & Nancy Long; born Covington Ky. LO-Ada Glendon-wife; NR-Mrs. David Whitfield-daughter
Glendon, ? br-?/16/1978; widowed; had 2 xx's; parents John ? & Lucy Cr??; LO-Ada Gleason; NR-? Whitfield-daughter
Glenkler, Conrad br-4/5/1904
Glenkler, Regina br-6/12/1899
Glenn, Bernard James d-5/24/1964; br-5/28/1964; age 61; married; parents Bill Glenn & Myrtle; born Ky. LO & NR-Marcella Glenn-wife
Glenn, Donald d-11/14/1955; reburied 6/4/1964; age 22; parents Bernard J. & Marcella Glenn; LO & NR-Marcella Glenn-mother; removed from Persimmon Grove Cemetery
Glenn, Elizabeth d-4/14/1951; br-4/17/1951; age 1/10/1881; widowed; born Ky. NR-Gertrude Nelson
Glenn, Thomas br-5/7/1931
Glick, Albert  br-3/25/1890
Glick, Anna  br-11/22/1923
Glick, C Mrs. br-12/9/1890
Glick, Chas Fred d-2/22/1952; br-2/26/1952; age 45; divorced; parents Henry & Louis Glick; NR-Henry Glick
Glick, Christian br-12/16/1926
Glick, Edward  br-3/29/1919
Glick, Henry d-11/13/1953; br-11/17/1953; age 11/21/1869; widowed; born Newport Ky. LO-self; NR-Dorothy Bradford
Glick, Infant br-1/1/1889
Glick, Infant br-3/17/1902
Glick, Infant Wm br-2/5/1888
Glick, Jacob  br-10/11/1886
Glick, Jacob br-4/25/1928; age 75; parents Jacob & Caroline Glick; LO-Jacob Glick
Glick, Louise Marie br-10/3/1933
Glick, Walter E  d-8/11/1975; br-8/14/1975; age 9/7/1889; parents Jacob Glick & Anna ? born Newport Ky. NR-Ella Ortlieb Glick wife
Glick, Wm. F. br-3/19/1930
Gliddern, Glifford (child) br-10/28/1896
Glier, Elsie d-10/27/1946; br-10/30/1946; age 55; single; parents Robt. & Wilhelmina Glier; LO-Herman Glier
Glier, Herman J. d-10/21/1953; br-10/24/1953; age 76; married; parents Robert & Katherine Glier; born Newport Ky. LO-Self; NR- Katherine Glier-wife
Glier, Howard Robert d-5/23/1963; br-5/28/1963; age 61; married; parents Herman Glier & Katherine Becker; born Newport Ky. LO-Herman & Katherine Glier-father; NR-Mabelle Glier wife
Glier, Katherine d-10/26/1956; br-10/28/1958; age 83; widowed; parents Henry & Mary Backer; born Newport Ky. LO-Katherine Glier-self; NR-Nat Mutnick daughter
Glier, Mabel D. d-6/4/1952; br-6/7/1952; age 63; widowed; parents James & Augusta Dolman; born Newport; LO-Augusta Dolman-daughter; NR-Dr. James Glier son
Glier, ----- this card only reads Glier sec 57 lot 79; widowed; Undertaker A. dobbling
Glier, Robt C. br-10/20/1927
Glier, Robert Louis d-3/3/1943; br-3/6/1943; age 10/6/1879; married; born Newport Ky. Parents Robert & Wilhelmin Glier; LO-Emma Glier
Glier, Robert William d-7/10/1972; br-7/12/1972; age 29; single; parents William Y Glier & Virginia ?bert; LO-Peter Yung; NR- William Y Glier-father
Glier, Virginia d-5/2/1965; br-5/5/1965; age 5/13/1909; married; parents Andrew Ebert & Louise Hieber; born Newport Ky. LO-Emma Clier & Louise Hieber; NR-William Glier husband
Glier, Wilhelmina br-6/13/1923
Glier, William C d-12/20/1937; br-12/17/1937; age 53; married; born KY. LO-Gussie Dobman
Glispy, E. B. br-1/2/1897
Glisson, Cordelia d-1/31/1945; br-2/3/1945; age 8/6/1859; widowed; born Kokomo Ind. parents Enid Diez; removed Mrs. Kate Diez
Glore, Lula d-7/22/1943; br-7/26/1943; age 11/22/1863; married; born Belleview in Boone Co Ky. parents Isaac & Susana McMullen; LO-C J Blecksmith; removed Ruth Shirley Glore
Glover, Claudia d-2/25/1939; br-2/28/1939; age 8/24/1880; born Campbell Co Ky. parents Earl B. Lipscomb
Glover, Fannie br-7/5/1932
Glover, Edward  d-12/1/1943; br-12/4/1943; age 7/15/1887; married; born Clark Co Ky. parents John & Matty Glover
Glover, James br-11/16/1910
Glover, Pattie d-8/17/1966; br-8/20/1966; age 77; widowed; parents Matt McDonald & Nancy Montague; born Winchester Ky. LO-self; NR-Walter Glover (son)
Glover, Sherman d-2/15/1945; br-2/17/1945; age 2/15/1870; widowed; born Maysville Ky. parents George & Mary Glover
Gloystein, Lorene Ann d-6/26/1975; br-6/30/1975; age 8/22/1905; parents Joseph Burkart & Rose Smith; born Cincinnati Ohio; Ralph Martz Administrator


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