Soldiers in Evergreen Cemetery

Soldiers in Evergreen Cemetery


Southgate, Campbell County, Kentucky

This is a transcribed list of the Soldiers and Sailors in the Soldiers Lot, Section 7 from the Kenton County Library film Ceme-E Reel 1 of the original records.
Unless otherwise indicated date given is burial date
#-Fort Thomas soldier buried in Section 25


Adkisnon, John R-20 Oct 1915
Aldrige, John-15 June 1889
Andriott, Marrice-19 May 1916
Andun? Hiram R-28 May 1900
Ashaby, John-22 Sep 1898#

B____meyer, Franz-8 Jan 1923
Bailey, Ashley-19 Oct 1898#
Bailey, Chas-3 May 1939# (alias Smith, H&B slab)
Bailey, Christopher H-21 Oct 1918#
Baker, Martin-11 Nov 1898# (colored)
Bandett, Albert A-12 July 1898#
Barbour, Louis-2 Sep 1903
Bates, Patrick M-14 June 1900#
Beagle, Harry-17 Dec 1962# (Peerless Air Seal)
Bender, Frederick-9 July 1929#
Benson, John-10 Mar 1901#
Berg, Cip-29 July 1920
Bery, Julius R W-16 June 1891#
Blanke, Henry-20 May 1887
Boedeker, Albert-9 Aug 1898#
Bole, Sgt. Ralph E-8 Feb 1960# (Peerless slab)
Bowling, Herman-15 Aug 1959# (Scheiner concrete box)
Bragg, George Earlton-5 May 1953# (Van Meter slab)
Bran, Chas E-11 Sep 1941# (our slab)
Brinkman, Frank J-24 June 1916
Brizel, Adelbert
a-30y; d-20 Apr 1908 at Ft Thomas Post; br-21 Apr in section 25
Brown, John-29 Aug 1911#
Buhenhofer, Bernard-15 Sep 1959# (Peerless Air Seal)
Burns, John-18 Dec 1903# (3rd Infantry)
Butler, George P-7 Aug 1898# (removed)
Butler, John-4 Aug 1895

Campbell, Paul H-5 Nov 1952# (Peerless slab)
Caster, Johannus-13 Nov 1901
Christy, John-26 Mar 1918
Ciranak, Joseph-29 Oct 1920# (25 Feb 1919 written above date)
Clark, John R-10 May 1910#
Clarke, George-18 Jan 1955# (our slab)
Clifford, Danial-30 Dec 1895#
Cloud, Marton-9 Mar 1963 (our slab)
Combs, Lucien-1 June 1939# (our slab)
Coons, Carl-24 June 1930#
Cox, Glenn Maxwell-2 Mar 1944# (our slab)
Cranklin, John A b-Massachusetts; a-75y; d-2 Mar 1908 in the National Military Home in Montgomery Co Ohio of asthma; br-5 Mar in a single grave
Crowley, Daniel-23 July 1898# (removed 15 Oct 1900)
Curtis, Francis-13 Feb 1891#

Daunt, Robert D-22 Dec 1915
Davis, Abel A-4 Feb 1903
Davis, Benjamin-16 June 1953# (Peerless slab)
Davis, G W-(no date given but between 1887-1895)
Davis, James W-7 Jan 1900#
Dean, Thomas-15 Jan 1893#
Devereux, Charles H-15 Apr 1911#
Devereux, Mrs. Charles H-15 Apr 1911
Diedenhofer, Jacob-20 Feb 1960# (Peerless Air Seal)
Dieffenback, Andrew-26 Nov 1899
Doherty, Thomas M  b-Cork Ireland; a-37y; d-21 Sep 1906 in Ft Thomas; suicide by pistol shot 38 caliber revolver right temple; br-22 Sep in section 25
Dosirt? A L-24 Feb 1910#
Dowles, George W-12 Apr 1962# (Wilbert Vault)
Doyle, William-6 Sep 1910
Driver, William-6 Feb 1922# (colored)
Dunclsley?, Harry-25 Feb 1963# (Peerless Air Seal)
Durand, Chas David-8 Aug 1943 (Infant)

Edgar, James d-16 Nov 1884 in Newport of a gunshot wound; br-18 Nov
Eckel, Raymond Chas-19 Feb 1955# (Peerless slab)

Fanchild/Farrchild, Edward-12 Mar 1915#
Faulconer, Kenneth M-18 Apr 1945# (Peerless Slab)
Fausz, Wm-30 Jan 1962# (Peerless Air Seal)
Ferlon, Lawrence-14 Oct 1913#
Findley, Albert G-22 July 1958# (Peerless slab)
Fisher, Joseph D-11 Feb 1913
Fisher, Reuben-13 Apr 1962# (Baxter slab)
Fleming, James-21 Apr 1915#
Fluly, Frank-5 Feb 1895#
Ford, Charles M-5 Apr 1902# (shot by Gard)
Ford, Walter-6 Dec 1898#
Frenberz, Julius-3 Nov 1925#
Fry, Louis B-29 July 1961# (our slab)

Gale, Ralph-17 Aug 1898#
Galoway, Carl-25 Mar 1900#
Gerber, Ralph-22 Nov 1955# (our slab)
Gladstone, George-13 Apr 1932#
Grau, Michael-14 Feb 1923
Griggs, Leonard W-27 Apr 1897
Grimms, Elisha-29 Apr 1900

Harned, Lewis N b-Boyd Co Ill; a-51y; d-18 Apr 1906 in Ft Thomas of cerebral abscess following an accident; br-20 Apr in section 25 (brother James Harned of Texas listed)
Harrison, Henry-21 July 1894
Harvey, Edward-8 Feb 1955# (our slab)
Hallman, Harold M-11 Dec 1912#
Hauck, Adam-19 June 1918
Hay, Julius D (Jas. D written above name)
b-Kentucky; a-29y 8m 25d; s/o Robert & Mary; d-5 Dec 1908 in Coal Haven Kentucky; br-7 Dec
Henderson, John F W-12 Jan 1899#
Hendrickson, John L-13 Jan 1899#
Herms, John C-17 Oct 1904
Heron, Thos-26 Dec 1940# (our slab)
Herron, W E-27 June 1894#
Heulswitt, Herman-29 Jan 1918#
Hoadley, John E-20 Sep 1909
Hoer, Harry-27 Aug 1959# (Wilbert Vault)
Hopper, Joseph-2 Mar 1910#
Hoppick, Edson H-5 Aug 1898# (removed by W C Betz-undertaker)
Horn, Chas-6 June 1955# (Van Meter slab)
Horsfall, William H-24 Oct 1922
Hubert, Valentine J-28 Aug 1902
Huff, George W-19 May 1960# (Peerless Reg size slab)
Hussey, Peter-22 Nov 1898#
Hutchinson, Patrick T-22 Jan 1909#

Jakurz, Joseph-20 July 1898# (removed)
Jennings, Joseph S b-Kentucky; a-71y; d-1 Apr 1906 in the Dayton Soldiers Home; br-3 Apr in Jennings lot 73 section 4
Jewell, John J-1 Aug 1962# (Peerless slab)
Jones, Thomas-25 Nov 1900#
Johnson, George W-14 Feb 1925
Johnson, Wm W-18 Dec 1902#
Johnston, Roland A-14 July 1898# (removed)

Kastler, Frank-16 Dec 1893#
Keller, Harry-1 July 1897
Kelly, Michael-6 Mar 1899#
Kenney, John-19 Dec 1888
Khale, Wm-29 Dec 1922#
Kimberly, Robert L-18 June 1913#
King, Christopher
b-Ireland; a-70y; s/o Jas & Mary; d-25 Jan 1908 in Newport of cancer of the stomach; br-28 Jan
King, Paul Dewey-23 Apr 1953# (Peerless slab)
Klaiss, George-23 June 1959# (Peerless slab)
Krum, Lewis-30 June 1890
Kyle, Thos J-8 Oct 1917#

Lang, Jacob-9 Sep 1912#
Laughlin, Francis F-5 Sep 1899#
Lawson, Pleas-25 Nov 1903# (3rd Infantry)
Lee, Walter-25 July 1898#
Legget, Thos-29 Mar 1890
Lehner, Gustave-5 Oct 1912#
Lewis, Leonard-18 July 1897#
Lieberman, Andrew-25 Apr 1895#
Limmerick, Charles-28 Mar 1896
Loftus, Michael-10 Mar 1923#
Lorr, Charles J-28 Feb 1918#
Lutz, Chas O-11 Oct 1926#
Lynch, Thos-2 Apr 1893#

Manning, George C-23 May 1962# (Peerless slab)
Marks, Hary/Henry
b-Pennsylvania; a-73y; d-29 Oct 1908 in Ft Thomas;br-31 Oct
Marshall, William-25 July 1925# (removed to Section 61)
Marxmiller, Wm-12 Mar 1959# (Van Meter slab)
Massey, John-2 Dec 1957# (Wilbert Vault)
Matties/Mattice, Scott-8 Apr 1894#
McAbee, William C-18 Nov 1912#
McAree, Arthur-30 July 1898 (removed)
McCarth-24 Jan 1890
McCollum, Lester-10 Dec 1909#
McCormick, Edward-12 Feb 1918#
McCreedy, Wm-7 Feb 1930#
McDyer, James-19 Jan 1960# (Van Meter Air Seal)
McGeehan, Daniel-14 Oct 1894#
McLaughling, Wm-14 Sep 1892
McLean, Charles
(Sergeant Major Battalion) b-Belfast Ireland; a-39y; d-15 Feb 1908 in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-28 Feb
McVeigh, Victor F-9 Aug 1898 (removed)
Meyer, William J-18 Feb 1958# (our slab)
Miller, Edmund J-15 Feb 1918#
Miller, Paris-2 Dec 1958# (our slab)
Mitchell, Aquila-10 Nov 1916#
Mitchell, John-10 Jan 1910#
Mitchell, Robert-20 Sep 1896
Mitchell, Robert-16 July 1898# (colored)
Mrinshausen, Ernest-2 Sep 1901#
Monroe, Harlan E-2 Nov 1956# (Baxter slab)
Moore, Henry B-8 Dec 1901
Moore, J L-29 Sep 1904
Mosier, Leslie J-17 Feb 1937# (no box)
Muller, Jos-10 Jan 19__(year not readable)
Murrell, W R-29 Nov 1903
Murphy, Christopher C-29 May 1900
Murphy, Wm-28 Mar 1894
Murphy, Wm-24 Sep 1952# (our slab)

Nelson, Ernest C-11 Oct 1909#
Nettler, Louis-3 Mar 1897
Nicklin, Raymond J-8 Nov 1927#
Niles, John W b-16 Oct 1879 in Covington; d-2 Dec 1906 in Soldiers Home in Dayton of paralysis; br-4 Dec in J W Niles lot 92 West 1/2 section 24
Nixon, James
S b-2 Sep 1838 in Baltimore MD; s/o Thomas & Sarah; d-3 July 1884 in Newport of intemperance; br-5 July#
Nolan, James-27 Mar 1929#
Novak, Frank-20 Apr 1917#
Nuckols, Arthur L-19 Dec 1896#
Nunnery, John-13 Mar 1962# (our slab)

Owens, Patrick-10 Jan 1916

Page, Joseph-3 Dec 1897
Parker, Ely Roy-4 Apr 1902#
Parker, William-13 Dec 1960# (our slab)
Pearson, Walter K-27 July 1938# (our slab)
Peaslack, Albert-16 Feb 1917#
Peblo, Nicholas
b-Batanes? PI?; a-25y; d-27 Feb 1905 in Ft Thomas of tuberculosis; br-28 Feb in section 25
Perry, William
 b-4 May 1835 in Maysville Kentucky; d-27 Dec 1907 in Bellevue of urualgia? of the heart; br-30 Dec
Peters, D-24 Apr 1890
Philbin, James-21 Dec 1942# (H&B slab)
Phillips, George O-2 Aug 1898
Ploss, Christopher-29 Mar 1926
Polak, Phillip-8 Jan 1960# (Peerless slab)
Posey, Thomas-11 Nov 1898# (colored)
Potts, Alma-11 Apr 1960 (phone conversation 1 Aug 1938)
Potts, Geo W-28 June 1938# (Van Meter slab)
Powers, William-no date but between May 1962 and Mar 1963 dates (resident)
Puff, Frank-8 Dec 1895
Pulver, Harry-4 Apr 1903# (shot by guard)

Reder, John H-24 June 1900
Rein, Max-1 Dec 1909#
Revel, Edward W-31 Dec 1917
Revel, Samuel G-7 Mar 1928
Reynolds, Wm E-6 Aug 1898#
Rich, John W-24 Sep 1952# (our slab)
Richardson, Elijah-1 July 1935#
Roberts, Charles-5 Aug 1898#
Ross, Thomas-20 July 1917
Rough, William H-15 Oct 1915
Russell, J D-2 Mar 1926#
Ryan, Patrick-5 Feb 1897
Ryba, Karel-25 Sep 1898# (Chas written above name)

Savage, Andrew-14 Nov 1898#
Schaefer, Hugo-22 Aug 1918
Schlager, Rudolph A-25 Aug 1898
Schliffarth, Paul-19 Nov 1896#
Schloss, Jacob-3 Apr 1909
Schrader, Louis-19 May 1911
Scollon, Charles A
b-Philadelphia Pa; a-35y; d-4 Sep 1906 in Ft Thomas of morphine poisoning; br-6 Sep in section 25
Scott, Abrey W-14 July 1899#
Scott, Sylva C-7 Mar 1887
Seder, Louis-27 Jan 1914# (ashes of Margaret Seder spread over this grave 12 Aug 1940)
Seiter, August-30 Jan 1937
Sentif, Clarence C-18 Sep 1958# (our slab)
Shea, Corporal Wm F-17 Oct 1901#
Shrely, Patrick (soldier) b-Ireland County Kerry; a-31y; d-8 Aug 1881 at the U. S. Garrison Barracks in Newport of inflammation of the prostrate gland; br-8 Aug in PG
Simpson, Robert-7 Aug 1963#
Simpson, Henry J-20 Feb 1909#
Slade, Henry T-30 July 1898#
Smith, Fred A-31 July 1898#
Smith, James-14 Dec 1921#
Smith, John-12 Sep 1895#
Smith, Roy-18 Nov 1957# (Peerless slab)
Smith, Valentine-4 Jan 1916
Smith, Captain Wm Jarvis-8 Nov 1945# (our slab)
Synder, Charles E-10 May 1918
Snyder, Daniel-21 Oct 1912
Sparka, Adam-26 Dec 1925
Spayd, John W-
Private 6th US Infantry; b-Ohio; a-49y; d-11 Apr 1906 at Post Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-13 Apr in section 25
Sprotts, Johnson C-2 Mar 1953# (Peerless slab)
Stemler, Jacob-24 Dec 1915
Stockum, James E-5 Sep 1921#
Strauss, Fred L-29 June 1957# (our slab)
Stokes, Eugene A-26 July 1898#
Straub, John H-18 Oct 1955# (our slab)
Strohm, Caspar-25 Dec 1895#

Tackett, Morya/Morgan?-20 Aug 1921#
Taylor, Loren-28 Dec 1908
Thomas, Chas-2 July 1920
Thompson, James-14 Aug 1904#

Urbonowick, Joseph-18 Nov 1918#

Vanpelt, Addison-10 Nov 1897

Wailey, Kerrey-21 Apr 1896#
Walker, Charles J-8 Jan 1957# (over Slab 30)
Walton, Rollie-7 Dec 1960# (our slab)
Warner, Charles R-24 Feb 1913 (1915 written above 1913)
Watson, Clint-(no date listed but between 1885-1887)
Weber, August-16 Apr 1903
Weber, Chas-30 Dec 1888
Weber, William-7 Mar 1918
Welch, Chas W-11 Nov 1954# (Van Meter slab)
Wells, Fred-16 May 1959# (Peerless Air Seal)
West, Otto W-15 Aug 1895#
Westphalinger, George-19 May 1901
Westphalinger, Gus A-8 May 1913# (March written above date)
Willard, James-27 May 1943# (Ordnance Our slab)
Williams, Daniel-24 Sep 1893
Williams, John-17 Feb 1915#
Williams, Thos-21 Sep 1928#
Willis, James-11 Mar 1900
Wilson, Bristo-15 Aug 1959# (Wilbert Vault)
Winters, Francis
b-Ireland; a-80y; d-27 Aug 1905 in Newport of senility; br-29 Aug
Wioman, Wm H-19 June 1900#
Wood, Private Eugene-3 Mar 1955# (our slab)
Woods, James-19 Feb 1938# (Van Meter slab)
Wray, William A-26 July 1898# (removed 15 Oct 1900)
Wright, Allen F-21 Oct 1913

Zrentak, Walter-26 Oct 1918#

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