Eva Plese

The Kentucky Post, Thursday, July 13, 1899, page 1


Criminal Operation Suspected in Case

Eva Plese (sic) 25, was found dead in bed at her home, 315 West Fifth Street, Wednesday afternoon.  She was single and came from Germany to act as housekeeper for Paul Wise, whose wife died about one year ago.  Anna, the little daughter of Wise, made the discovery and notified neighbors.

Evidence was found by Coroner Higgins and Dr. Jenkins that her death was not due to natural causes.  A post mortem will be made Thursday and the verdict will be held for a few days.  A criminal operation is suspected.

The Kentucky Post, Monday, July 17, 1899, page 5

Suspects Crime

Coroner Higgins on Monday rendered his verdict in the case of Eva Pease (sic), who was found dead in her room at 312 West Fifth Street, Newport, July 12. It was death from unknown causes.

Coroner Higgins is satisfied the woman's death  was the result of a criminal operation, but could secure no proof, so was complied to render the above verdict.


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