Pilot Emanuel Arthur


Cincinnati Enquirer, 1 January 1904, page 4


Emanuel Arthur, for 49 years a resident of Newport Ky. died at the Euston Home, Charleston, SC Monday, December 21, at the advanced age of 81 years and 2 months.

He was born on the Schuylkill in the then suburbs of Philadelphia Penn. While still a boy he drove a team, hauling freight across the Alleghany Mountains in Pittsburg, and later worked in "Bill Browns" coal mines at the latter city, then just beginning and later made several trips with "broadhorns" carrying coal to New Orleans. After one trip he and his companions had to walk back.

From piloting a "broadhorn" he graduated into one of the best steamboat pilots between Pittsburg and New Orleans, following that profession until the breaking out of the Civil War.  Like his father, he never could or would ask for a "billet" and as a consequence was crowded out by the younger more enterprising pilots, and quit the river.

Always active in local politics, he knew and was more or less intimate with most of the leading politicians in Campbell County especially the Democrats. In 1887 he removed to Spearfish SD with his sister, remaining there 11 years.  From there they moved to the Euston Home, Charleston SC, where his sister Mrs. H A Hewey, died last June. Always dearly attached to her, her death doubtless hastened his end.


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