Election Results of 1860


Submitted by Paul L Whalen




By Paul L. Whalen

(Researched in the Kentucky Archives in Frankfort, KY)

With the two-year celebration of the Bicentennial of the Birth of President Abraham Lincoln in 1809 in Larue County, Kentucky it is interesting to review the election results of 1860 in Campbell County. 1860 was the year in which Lincoln was elected President of the United States. In 1860, there were four Presidential candidates on the ballot. Two of the candidates were native Kentuckians, John Breckinridge and Abraham Lincoln.

The Presidential Election of 1860 was held on Tuesday, November 6, 1860. The Campbell County results were certified on Friday, November 9, 1860 by Campbell County Clerk, John J. Thomas and Sheriff H. D. Helm.

The Campbell County turnout was 2,648 voters in the Presidential Election of 1860. Had women been allowed to vote, it is possible that the turnout could have exceeded 5,000.

The results were as follows.

Stephen Douglas and Herschel V. Johnson Electors (Democratic) 960 Votes

John Bell and Edward Everett Electors (Constitutional Union) 854 Votes

John C. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane Electors (Southern Democrats) 520 Votes

Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin Electors (Republican) 314 Votes

The tallies did not contain the party of the candidates. It did list all 12 of the electors or candidates for the Electoral College. At that time Kentucky had 10 Congressional Districts. There was one elector for each Congressional District plus two.

One of the most famous candidates for elector was John M. Harlan who was an elector for Constitutional Union Party Candidate John Bell who carried Kentucky over his three opponents. John M. Harlan later became Kentucky Attorney General and was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for Kentucky Governor. He is best known as an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

An election for local offices and issues was held on Monday, August 6, 1860. An election for Campbell County Sheriff was held, with James Rarder (sp?) receiving 1,331 votes and Charles Stricker receiving 854 votes. B. T. Berrett was elected Justice of the Peace for the First District in Newport. On the certification sheet, there were no votes or opponents listed.

A referendum on an additional School Tax was also on the ballot. It received 1,205 votes for and 266 votes against.

Theodore Kniven was elected mayor of the Campbell County city of Jamestown on the same day. He was sworn in on January 21, 1861 by Jamestown Police Judge G. S. Millbeck.

The four candidates for Clerk of the Court of Appeals received the following;

Clinton McClarty 536 votes, Leslie Combs 1,332 votes, R.R. Boling 63 votes and F. C. Kelly 6 votes. Leslie Combs the incumbent Clerk of the Court of Appeals won re-election.


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