Edward Porteus and Jannetta H Ball

Information comes from the Ball family files, Ball family bible, cemetery, probate and census records at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria, Kentucky

Edward Porteus Ball was born 28 Jan 1774, in Amelia Co. Virginia, the son of Thomas Ball and Mildred Downman.  He married Jannetta H Davis, his cousin, on 2 Oct 1809 in Northumberland, Virginia, the home of his father.  Jannetta was born there 24 Aug 1774, daughter of William Davis and Jeannette Ball. Edward's ancestor, William Ball was the brother of Joseph Ball, who was the father of Mary Ball, who was the mother of President George Washington.

Children of Thomas Ball and Mildred Downman

1. Elizabeth Porteus Ball b-11 Feb 1767 in Amelia Co Virginia; m-Thomas Dameron in 1790; d-1796
2. Thomas Porteus Ball b-1769 in Virginia
3. Nancy Ann Ball b-1769 in Amelia Co Va; m-Thomas Dameron 10 Apr 1797; d-8 Oct 1827 in Carthage Ky.
4. George Ball b-1770 in Virginia
5. Mary F Ball b-1773 in Virginia
6. Edward Porteus Ball b-28 Jan 1774 in Amelia Co Virginia; m-Jannetta Ball 2 Oct 1809 in Northumberland VA
7. Ann Ball b-1775 in Amelia Co VA
8. Mildred Downman Ball b-1776 in VA
9. Martha T Ball b-1779 in VA
10. Thomas Porteus Ball b-1780 in VA

By 1810 Edward and Nancy Ann were listed in Washington, Mason Co Kentucky.  He did not have any slaves at that time.  In the 1820 census Edward is with his family listed in Covington, Campbell County with 20 slaves.  In 1830 he is listed with his wife and 6 children in Campbell County and 13 slaves.  In the 1840 census he is listed with two children and 24 slaves.  Edward died 14 May 1840 in California, Kentucky.  His will was probated 8 June 1840.  Edward was buried in the Ball Family Cemetery in California.

Edward Porteus Ball 1840 Will

In the 1850 census, Jannetta Ball was a widow living next door to her son, Edward P and his wife. She had 2 slaves along with a free black man named Anthony Lee and a free black woman named Anna Trimble.  Edward Ball Jr. had 8 slaves.


Children of Edward Porteus Ball and Jannetta H Davis (2 Jan 1819-24 Aug 1870)

1. George Ball b-26 July 1810; d-1810
2. Mildred H Ball b-17 May 1813 Washington, Mason Co Ky. m-Samuel Kennedy 3 Jan 1839
3. Edward Porteus Ball b-12 Mar 1815 in Washington, Mason Co Ky. m-Jannetta H Lindsey 7 Jan 1841 in California; d-6 Sep 1874 in Carthage; br-Ball Family Cemetery
4. Jannetta V Ball b-4 June 1818* in Covington, Campbell Co, Ky. d-26 May 1846 in Carthage; m-Charles T Martin 24 Sep 1838
5. Olivia Ball b-8 July 1819 in Covington, Ky. d-3 Aug 1829 in California; br-Ball Family Cemetery
6. William Davis Ball b-8 May 1822 in Covington, Campbell Co, Ky. d-28 Oct 1836; br-Ball Family Cemetery
7. Ann Nancy A Ball b-13 Aug 1824 in California Ky. m-C W A McLaughlin 20 Oct 1842
8. Elizabeth N Ball b-2 June 1827; d-1829
9. Cordelia "Adelia" Hamilton Ball b-13 July 1830 in California Ky. d-11 Nov 1901 at home; br-Grandview Cemetery; m-Thomas S Young 28 Dec 1848 in California; m-2 Oliver Miles Decourcy 23 Nov 1865
* Bible records give 1817 as year

Children of Edward Porteus Ball and Jeanetta Lindsey (2 Jan 1819-24 Aug 1870)

1. Edward Porteus Ball b-11 Nov 1841 in California; d-21 Dec 1903; br-Ball Family Cemetery; m-Sarah Letitia Heidelberg 14 Oct 1867, daughter of George F & Sarah E Heidelberg
2. James Lindsey "Polk" Ball b-28 Sep 1844 in California; d-20 May 1936; br-Ball Family Cemetery; m-Sarah "Sallie" Ellen Lawson
 3. Mariah Belle Ball b-5 Feb 1847 in California; m-Lewis Armacost 27 Sep 1875 in Carthage; d-16 May 1876; br-Ball Family Cemetery
4. William Davis Ball b-16 Feb 1850 in California; d-2 May 1875; br-Ball Family Cemetery
5. Annetta Virginia Ball b-1853 in California; m-Eugene M Young 30 Apr 1879; d-1914
6. George Mooter Ball b-8 Jan 1854 in California; d-12 Jan 1920 in California; br-Grandview Cemetery; m-Lucy Ida Lawson

Children of Edward Porteus Ball and Sarah Letitia Heidelberg (18 Feb 1844-13 Nov 1916)

1. Florence May Ball b-30 Aug 1868 in Carthage; d-14 Mar 1893; br-Ball Family Cemetery
2. Howard L Ball b-10 Dec 1870 in Carthage; d-6 Feb 1894 in Ball Family Cemetery
3. Frederick Ball b-28 Mar 1873 in Carthage; d-25 May 1930 in Napa California
4. Letitia Ball b-
31 Dec 1875 in Carthage; d-11 June 1896; br-Ball Family Cemetery
5. Bessie D Ball b-21 June 1878 in Carthage; d-20 Aug 1900; br-Ball Family Cemetery
6. Edward Porteus Ball b-1 Dec 1880 in Carthage; d-27 Feb 1976 in Napa California
7. Robert W Ball b-25 Mar 1886 in Carthage; d-18 Jan 1919; br-Ball Family Cemetery

Children of Janetta V Ball and Charles T Martin

1. Mary Washington Martin b-1 Sep 1839
2. Olivia E Martin b-9 May 1842
3. Letitia A Martin b-4 Oct 1844


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