Dry Creek Baptist Church


Alexandria Deed Book E, page 227, 23 September 1819, Recorded 2 December 1819

Indenture made 23 September 1819 between Adam Glore and Bartlett Graves of the county of Campbell of the one part and the Baptist Society now constituted and built their meeting house known by the name of Dry creek meeting house of the other part. For and in consideration of the sum of $4. they sell all that tract of land in the County of Campbell containing one acre.

Witnesses: John Arnold, James Robinson

Alexandria Deed Book G, page 344, 27 February 1828, Recorded 24 Mar 1828

Deed made 27 February 1828 from Thomas Buckner of the one part and Nelson Grinsley, John Vickers, Jeremy Griffing and William Stephens Trustees of the Baptist Church of Dry Creek of the other part all of Campbell County and State of Kentucky.

Thomas for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar sells unto the said Trustees and their successor for the use and benefit of the said Church one certain lot of land containing one quarter of an acre and 13 poles lying on the waters of dry creek in the aforesaid County and adjoining the lot on which their meeting house now stands.

Beginning at a stone south west of the old meeting house lot...near the South East corner of the brick meeting house...corner to T Buckner and A Glore...To have and to hold the said lot of land with its appurtenances unto the said trustees for the special use and purpose of a meeting house yard and for no other purpose.

Attest: William Elliot



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