The Kentucky Post Deaths

July 10,1899

The Kentucky Post, Monday, July 3, 1899, page 3

Mortality Report

The Newport mortality report for the past week by Health Officer Locke is as follows:

George McDonald, 26, St Mary's Hospital; inquest pending

Infant Christian-Hamilton Ky. stillborn

Margaret Neidel-76-1121 Saratoga Street; old age

John Hohmeister-67-Grand Avenue; typhoid fever

James M Sarsfield-infant-627 Powell Street; spasms

Michael Carney-8 months-406 West Sixth Street; gastric enteritis

Carrie Dietz-32-St Elizabeth Hospital; tuberculosis

Eberhard Beck-70-Cincinnati; senility

Nora Gosney-2-Twelfth and Brighton Streets; cholera infantum

Lilly E Cook-9 months-Ludlow; meningitis

James Cummins-16 Lowell Street; gunshot wound


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