Kentucky Post Deaths

September18, 1899

The Kentucky Post, September 18, 1899, page 5


The following are the week's deaths in Newport:

Emma Sattler, meningitis

Dorothy Stone-5 months, entero-colitis

Anna May Getter-26, tuberculosis

Mary Nagie-49, cancer of lungs

Charles F Stricker-44, organic disease of the heart

Arthur Jacobs-7 months, meningitis

Sarah E Isaininger-56, chronic cerebral softening

Mary Fleming-11 months, cholera infantum

Will Fitzer-6 months, marasmus

Hannah Ryan-103, old age

Adelaide Hagedorn-75, chronic interstitial nephritis

Caroline Stephens-61, paralysis

Fannie J Allen-38, typhoid fever

Richard Lee Dison-35, pneumnia

F C Wolfram-3 months, acute

Cornelius Philipso-75, heart disease

Michael Nagel-59, old age


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