Dayton 1872

Dayton 1872-1873 Directory

Published by C S Williams at the Cincinnati Directory Office
194 Walnut St. corner of Fifth, Cincinnati, Ohio


The city of Dayton is made up of the former cities of Jamestown and Brooklyn, both of which were incorporated in the late 1840s. The two cities merged into the city of Dayton in 1867 and thus many of the citizens were long time area residents by the time this directory was issued in 1872.


Abbot, Thomas-h Madison St
Akins, Samuel-h Walnut St
Allen, Stephen-baker, h 2d St
Anderson, Ellen M-widow, h Dayton Av
Anderson, George A-carpenter, bds Dayton Av
Anderson, William E-bds Dayton Av
Anschutz, Lewis P-carpenter, h Adams St
Arpagaus, Casper-laborer, h 5th St
Arthur, Jesse-Superintendent Dayton & Newport Street Railroad, bds e s Berry b
Jackson & 4th St
Atkins, Benjamin-music teacher, h Berry St


Baitie, James-wks 4th St
Balser, Joseph-laborer, bds 2d St
Banks, Joshua W-carpenter, bds Monroe St
Banszhaf, Louis-teamster, h 4th St
Bard, Archibald-cabinet maker, h 3d St
Bard, Jennie S Miss-bds 3d St
Bardwell, Thomas J-painter, h Adams St
Barnes, Charles-machinist, h Fairfield Av
Barnes, Henry-printer, h Adams St
Barr, Charles H-planker, h 2d St
Barr, Emma-dress maker, bds 5th St
Barr, John D-laborer, h 5th St
Barr, Junietta-bds 5th St
Barrett, John-caol, h Walnut St
Barten, Frank-steamboat man, h 2d St
Basey, Mary-servant, h 4th St
Bateman, Mary A-widow, h 2d St
Bateman, Mary E Miss-bds 2d St
Batsche, Aloys-teacher, h 3d St
Bauman, Joseph-tailor shop, 3d St
Baumann, Barbara-widow, h 2d St
Baumann, Frank-baker, bds 2d St
Baumann, John-carpenter, bds 4th St
Baumann, Joseph-trunk maker, h 2d St
Bayliff, Edith S-teacher-bds Kenton St
Beaty, Eliza S-bds 3d St
Beaty, Ella A-bds Front St
Beaty, James-hemp hackler, h 3d St
Beaty, John W-teamster, bds Front St
Beaty, William R-carpenter, h Front St
Becker, John-bds Main St
Becker, Peter A-rag picker, h 3d St
Becker, Willaim-stone mason, h 4th St
Bedsch, Catherine-widow, bds 3d St
Beigang, Julius-rope maker, h 5th St
Beigang, Louis-wks 4th St
Bell, William G-engineer, h 3th St
Belville, Samuel S Rev-h Jefferson St
Benham, Harvey-plasterer, bds 5th St
Benig, Charles-tailor, h Front St
Berendsen, Henry-wooden shoemaker, h 3d St
Berendsen, Mary-tailoress, bds 3d St
Berendsen, Theodore-rope maker, bds 3d St
Bergmann, Lawrence-clerk, bds 6th St
Berkemeier, Catherine-widow, h Main St
Berry, Agnes E J Miss-bds Jefferson St
Berry, James T-bds Jefferson St
Berry, Thomas L-bds Jefferson St
Berry, Washington J-h Jefferson St
Betsch, Martin-Dry Goods, Notions & Toys, n e c 4th & Clay Streets
Betsch, Valentine-tailor, n w c 3rd & Main
Biermann, Louis Jr.-cabinet maker, bds 3d St
Biermann, Louis Sr.-rags, h 3d St
Birkli, George-laborer, h 3d St
Black, Adelia-widow, bds Dayton Av
Black, John W-carpenter, h Adams St
Bluett, Michael-laborer, h Dayton Av
Bobzien, John A Jr.-clerk, h 2d St
Bobzien, John A Sr.-tailor, 2d St
Bobzien, Julia M-tailoress, 2d St
Bode, Fred-wagon maker, 4th St, h 3d St
Bogby, Abner-laborer, h 7th St
Bonhote, William-laborer, h 7 th St
Bonte, A P C (John Bonte’s Sons) res Cincinnati
Bonte, C E (John Bonte’s Sons) res Cincinnati
Bonte’s John Son’s (Rhona, APC, CE Bonte & William Hasson) Rope & Cordage Factory,
sec 4th & Clay Sts
Bosworth, Alice-bds Madison St
Bower, George-carpenter, bds Front St
Bower, Timothy-carpenter, h Front St
Bracken, William H-steamboat man, h 2d St
Brasher, Charles B-pilot, h Dayton St
Braunstein, Michael-laborer, h 3d St
Braunstein, Rosa-tailoress, bds 3d St
Brazee, H P Jr.-city clerk, attorney at law & real estate agent, Office-n s 6th b Berry & Clay Sts, bds w s Berry b 3d & Main
Bricker, David M-caulker, h bds Adams St
Brown, John-wks 4th St
Brown, Peter-steamboat mate, h Madison St
Brunner, Frank S-barber shop, 3d St, bds 2d St
Brunner, John-rope maker, bds 2d St
Brunner, Joseph-tailor, h 2d St
Bryson, Alonzo-steamboat man, h Dayton Av
Buhrer, John-tailor, h 3d St
Buning, Herman-shoe maker, h 2d St
Buning, John B-shoe store, n w c 2d & Main, bds n s 2d b Main & Clay
Bunner, Lillie Miss-bds Winston St
Bunner, Lindsay-steward, h Winston St
Burkley, Charles-watchman, h 2d St
Burnes, John-iron melter, h Adams St


Camm, John-caulker, h 3d St
Camm, Joseph-laborer, bds 3d St
Cannon, William M-laborer, bds 3d St
Canon, Robert-rope maker, h 6 St
Carnes, Captain Robert-h Dayton Ave
Carpenter, Mollie-h Winston St
Carr, George-h 2d St
Carr, Samuel T-carpenter, h 4 St
Carroll, Charles C-stone mason, h Jefferson St
Chadwick, James B-Mayor Office & residence sec 4 & Main
Charter, George Jr.-steamboat agent, bds Berry St
Charter, George Sr.-steamboat agent, h Berry St
Charter, James-h Dayton Ave
Charter, Mary E Miss-bds Berry St
Charter, William H-steamboat man, bds Berry St
Clablay?, Lewis-bds 3d St
Clark, Charles-bricklayer, h Jefferson St
Clark, Charles-fisherman, h Front St
Clark, Charles-lawyer, h Madison St
Clark, Charles E-steward, h Front St
Clark, Columbus L-bricklayer, bds Jefferson St
Clark, Prudence A-widow, h Adams St
Clarke, Lizzie M-music teacher, bds Dayton Ave
Clayton, John E-carpenter, h Adams St
Collins, Frances-widow h Adams St
Collons, ? Albert E-stonemason, h Front St
Colp, Emma-servant, Fairfield Ave
Corey, Marshall B-laborer, h Front St
Constans, Annie-servant, Berry St
Crail, Albert-driver, h 3d St
Crist?, Maria-servant, Monroe St
Crofford,? Charles E-stonemason, bds Front St
Cummings, Chris-tailor, h Front St
Curwood, John H-painter, h Monroe St
Cushard? Lee-carpenter, bds Fulton St


Daily, John A-surveyor, h Adams St
Dameron, Augustus S-physician, Jefferson St
Darnall, George-bds Dayton Ave
Darnall, James J-student, bds Dayton Ave
Darnall, Reuben S-painter, bds Dayton Ave
Darnall, William H-salesman, h Dayton Ave
Davidson, William A-jeweler, h Todd St.
Davies, Benjamin H-civil engineer, h 6 St
Davis, Abraham-tinner, h Brooklyn St
Davis, Elizabeth-tailoress, h Brooklyn St
Davis, Jacob-riverman, h Dayton Ave
Davis, James H-clerk, h Washington Ave
Davis, Nancy-tailoress, h Brooklyn St
Dayton Brick Yard-4 St
Dayton Building Association-Main St
Dayton M E Church-Jefferson St
Dayton & Newport Street RR-Office ns 6 b Clay & Berry, J M McArthur, President
Dayton Public School-Madison St
Degenhart, Lawrence-laborer, h 2 St
Degenhart, Lawrence-hostle, h 2 St
Delksen? Mary-bds 4 St
Derkson, Henry-bds 4 St
Dirksen, Hannah-bds 4 St
Dirksen, Henry-carpenter, bds 4 St
Dirksen, John-engineer, h 4 St
Dirksen, Mary-bds 4 St
Dixon, John-engineer, h 4 St
Doakes, William-carpenter, h Adams St
Doakes, William H-cigars, 6 St, bds Adams St
Doherty, Maria-servant 5 St
Doisy, Adelbert E-dry goods, h Benham St
Dornhof, Henry-tailor 3d St
Dorr, Valentine-h Fulton St
Dorr, Valentine-blacksmith shop, 4 St h Clay St
Drake, William-farmer, h Benham St
Driskeal, Hattie-widow, h Dayton St
Drwon, Caroline H-confectionary 6 St
Drwon, Jerome F-painter, h 6 St
Drummond, Victoria-servant, Walnut


Edwards-Caroline H-widow, bd Front St
Edwards, J K-attorney at law office n s 6 b Clay & Berry, r swc Clay & Front
Ehmer, Joseph-saloon, 4 St
Eigner, E A-physician 2d St
Ellett, Stephen H-{Lloyd & E} h Jefferson St
Elliott, Alex C-clerk h Adams
Elzenhefer, Adam-blacksmith, 4 St
Emerson, John-painter, h 7 St
Emerson, Samuel W-painter, h 7 St
Evans, John S-laborer, h 2d St


Fach, George-laborer, h 3d St
Farmer, John-planker, h Front St
Farmer, Richard J-carpenter, h Berry St
Farmer, Robert Jr.-planker, bds Adams St
Farmer, Robert Sr.-teamster, h Adams St
Farmer, William T-caulker, bds Adams St
Farrall, William H-painter, bds Clay St
Fauler, Lizzie-widow, h 7 St
Fawcelt? Snelling P-pilot, h 4 St
Feldhaus? Lizzie-servant 3 St
Finagin, Patrick-laborer, h 3d St
Finker, Henry-rope maker, bds 3d St
Finker, Mary-widow, h 3d St
Finker, Mary A-bds 3d St
First, Abner-molder, h Jefferson St
First Baptist Church-Main St
First Presbyterian Chruch-3d St
Firth, Edward-wks 4 St
Firth, George A-steam fitter, bds Monroe St
Firth, Joseph E Jr.-finisher, bds Monroe St
Firth, Joseph E Sr.-finisher, h Monroe St
Flag, Raymond-rope maker, h Winston St
Flieg, Robert-wks 4 St
Folk, Louis-striker, bds 6 St
Folk, Michael-laborer, h 6 St
Foster, Alice L-bds Jefferson St
Foster, Francis S-book binder, h Jefferson St
Foster, Hattie A-teacher, bds Adams St
Foster, Mary E-bds Jefferson St
Foster, Talcott M-h Adams St
Foster, William F-printer, bds Jefferson St
Fout? George-wks 4 St
Fowler, George-wks 4 St
Fowler, Thomas, wks 4 St
Fox, Thomas-laborer, h 6 St
Frese? John H-tailor, 4 St
Frost, Thomas-carpenter, h Fairfield Ave
Funk, Isaac B-carpenter, h Fairfield Ave


Garnier, Louis-gardener, bds 4 St
Garwoods, Robert J-plasterer, h 5 St
Gaston, Katie-music teacher, bds Fulton St
Gaston, Sarah-widow h Fulton St
Geis, John-tailor shop 4 St
George, Jackson-driver h 3d St
Gerrein? Fred-stone mason h 4 St
Gibson, Charles S-messenger, h 4 St
Gibson, Jonathan C-farmer, h Fairfield Ave
Gilbert, Sophia-bds Benham Ave
Gillard? John L-painter, h 4 St
Goodwin, Sallie-bds Fairfield Ave
Grabow, Mary-tailoress, bds 2d St
Graf, Q-tailor, h Clay St
Gramer, Charles-laborer, bds 3d St
Gramer, John-bakery n s 2d b Main & Clay
Gramer, Sebastian-teamster, h 3d St
Grason, Charles M-rope maker, h Fulton St
Green, Matilda-servant 4 St
Greyham, Robert-carpenter, h 3d St
Griffin, Josephine-bds 4 St
Grimes, Robert P-laborer, h 3d St
Grimme, Theresa-widow h 2d St
Grome, Andrew-printer, bds 2d St
Grome Brothers (Francis P & Casper) Planing Mill & Lumber Yard-s w c 4 & Clay
Grome, Casper (Grome Brothers) h 2d St
Grome, Ferdinand-carpenter, bds 2d St
Grome, Francis P Rev-h n s 3d b Benham & Clarke
Grossmann, Caroline-widow, h 7 St
Gubser, Fredolin-dairy 7 St


Habel, August-tailor, h 2d St
Haberkern, Anton-h 3d St
Hahn, Conrad-coal Clay St
Hall, Caroline-servant, Fulton Ave
Hannes, Herman-stone mason, h Front St
Hannum, George-laborer, bds 2d St
Harpold, Evaline-teacher, bds Walnut St
Harris, James-caulker, h Fulton Ave
Harris, Sarah-widow, bds Front St
Harrison, Harry A-planker, h Front St
Harrison, Isaac F Rev-h Dayton Ave
Harrison, Josephine-tailoress, bds Front St
Hart, John S-teacher, h 5 St
Hasson, Alice M-bds Fairfield Ave
Hasson, William-{John Bonte’s Sons} h Fairfield Ave
Hatfield, Margaret-widow, bds Front St
Hausner, Joseph-tailor, h 2d St
Havlin, Henry-teamster, h Adams St
Havlin, William H-clerk, bds Adams St
Haywickhorst, Francess-tailoress, bds 3d St
Hayes, John W-laborer, h Madison St
Hayford, Charlotte P-teacher, bds Adams St
Hayford, Samuel Jr.-printer, bds Adams St
Hayford, Samuel Sr.-mathematical instrument maker, h Adams St
Heeg, Bernard-tailor, h 2d St
Heeg, Casper-tailor shop, 3d St
Heeg, George A-tailor shop, 2d St
Heeg, John-tailor shop, 2d St
Heidrich, Charles-Grocery & Provision Store, s w c 6 & Clay
Heidrich, Edward-foreman, h 6 St
Heiderich, Emma-tailoress, bds 7 St
Heidrich, John-cigar maker, bds 7 St
Heidrich, Mary-widow, h 7 St
Heimler, Joseph-tailor, h 4 St
Heimler, Walburga-tailoress, bds 4 St
Hemenn, Henry-tailor, h 3d St
Henes, John-laborer, h 7 St
Henson, George-laborer, h 2d St
Henson, Joseph M-h Front St
Henzel, Casper H-tin shop, 6 St
Hidden R-coppersmith, h 4 St
Hienkler, Bernhart-rope maker, h 2d St
Higgins, Charles-painter, bds 5 St
Highland, Lucy-bds Adams St
Hill, Lizzie A-bds McKinney St
Hill, Oliver P-carpenter, h McKinney St
Hill, Samuel B-sewing machine agent, h McKinney St
Hoenemann, Henry-tailor h 2d St
Hoh, Christian-stone mason, h Madison St
Holmes, Benjamin-engineer, h Madison St
Holmes, Mary-widow, h Clay St
Holmes, Thomas M-molder, bds 3d St
Holtsmann, Francis H-laborer, h Main
Holtsmann, Frederick-teamster, bds Main St
Holtsmann, George-bds Main St
Howard, Margaret-widow, h Fulton St
Hunter, Milton-saddle maker, h Madison St


Ingles, John-laborer, h McKinney St
Ingles, William-driver, bds McKinney St


Jackson, John W-grocery, Washington
Jaquess, John H-{Jaquess & Son}-bds Jefferson St
Jaquess, Joseph E-{Jaquess & Son}-bds Jefferson St
Jaquess & Son-{John H & Joseph E}-daily marker 6 St
Jeffries, Francis J-carpenter, h Walnut St
Jeaks, Hiram H-traveling agent, h Walnut St
Jenuewin, Joseph-h 3d St
Jenuewin, Peter-cigars, 3d St
Joering, Dora-bds 2d St
Joering, Herman P-tailor, 3d St
Johnson, Charles R-belt maker, bds Front St
Johnson, Mollie L-bds Front St
Johnson, Nancy J-widow, h Front St
Johnson, Walter S-steamboat man, bds Front St
Jones, Griffy-shoemaker, h Berry St
Jonte, Katie B-bds Front St
Jonte, Peter N-cooper, h Front st
Joring, Elizabeth-widow, h 2d St
Junk, Joseph-boots & shoe, 4 St


Kennedy, John-plasterer h 6th St
Kennedy, Mary H-widow h Fulton St
Kennedy, Michael-caulker h Berry St
Kennedy, R Mrs.-Dealer in Millinery and Fancy Goods, s s 6th b Clay and Main
Kerry, Patrick-shoemaker h Adams St
Keslar, Frank M-carpenter h Jefferson St
Keslar, James-carpenter h 6th St
Keslar, Mary E Miss-dress maker bds 6th St
Keslar, Laura-seamstress bds 6th St
Kesler, Christopher-laborer h 3d St
Ketterer, John B-tailor shop Clark St
Kieber, Adam-carpenter h 4th St
Kieber, Frances-tailoress bds 4th St
Kieber, Louis-carpenter bds 4th St
King, Walter D-carpenter bds 4th St
Kishner, Andrew-rope maker h 2d St
Kishner, Jacob-rope maker h 2d St
Kitchel, Cyrus-caulker h 2d St
Kitchel, John H-laborer bds 2d St
Kitchel, William W-laborer bds 2d St
Kithel, Carrie E-bds 2d St
Klable, Fred-rope maker h 4th St
Klatt, George-tailor h 4th St
Klein, Peter-blacksmith shop 4th St h 2d St
Kloeblen, Louis-rope maker h 3d St
Knott, Thomas-stone cutter h Dayton Ave
Koehler, Henry-meats 4th St
Kolb, Charles-wks 4th St
Krantz, Alice B-bds 5th St
Kranzt, George H-engineer h 5th St
Kranzt, Jacob-h 5th St
Kreidler, Christ.-carpenter h 6th St
Krift, Madaline-widow h 3d St
Krutchten?, Mary-widow h 2d St
Kuhl, Charles-laborer h 6th St
Kuhl, Joseph-cigar maker bds 6th St
Kuhl, Mary Miss-bds 6th St
Kuhlenberg, Anthony-carpenter h 2d St
Kuhlmann, Catherine-grocery Front St
Kuhlmann, Charles-superintendent lumber yard h Front St
Kuhlmann, Mary-widow h 2d St
Kulb, Charles-laborer h 2d St
Kueven, John-carpenter bds 2d St
Kueven, Lewis-plasterer h 2d St
Kueven, Margaret-dry goods 2d St
Kueven, Sinie?-bds 2d St
Kueven, Theodore Jr.-bds 2d St
Kueven, Theodore Sr.-plasterer h 2d St


Landwehr, Mary E-widow bds 2d St
Lange, Fred-tailor shop 4th St
Laudeman, Magdalena-widow h 3d St
Laws, Kate-bds Jefferson St
Laws, William F-salesman h Jefferson St
Legge, Elizabeth-teacher bds Adams St
Legge, George W-Principal Dayton Public School; bds n s Fairfield Ave b Todd and Vine Sts
Leonard, Lewis A-editor h Monroe St
Lerwarre, Mary-widow bds 2d St
Libnan?, Lizzette-tailoress bds 2d St
Lightfoot, George W-stone mason bds Front St
Lightfoot, Henry-carpenter h 2d St
Link, Catherine-grocer Clay St
Link, John O-foreman bds Front St
Link, Joseph Sr.-rope walk Jackson St h Front St
Link, Joseph A. Jr.-rope maker bds Clay St
Link, Lizzie-bds Clay St
Link, Sarah C-bds Clay St
Little, David-steamboat man h Madison St
Lloyd & Ellett (W C Lloyd & S H Ellet) Carpenters and Builders ss Jefferson b Berry & Dayton
Lloyd, William C (L & Ellet) h Adams St
Lohmeir, Fred-tailor h 2d St
Love, Eugine E-salesman bds Fairfield Av
Love, Thomas E-salesman h Fairfield Av
Love, William-bds Fairfield Av
Lowe, John-stone mason h Winston St
Lucken, Henry-cigar maker h 2d St
Ludwig, Catherine-widow h 3d St
Luken, John B-carpenter h 4th St
Lukens, Caroline F-widow h Dayton St
Lukens, Joseph F-driver bds Dayton St
Lummis, Thomas Rev-h 3d St
Lusk, James W-carpenter bds Fulton St
Lusk, Robert-carpenter h Fulton St
Lusk, William-carpenter h Jefferson St


Mader, F B-carpenter h Dayton Av
Mader, Fritz-laborer h 7th St
Mahffey? James P-planker h Dayton Av
Malott? Alice A-h Jefferson St
Malott? Annie Celia M-bds Jefferson St
Manser, Eva-widow h Front St
Marquart, Jennie Mrs-servant Fairfield Av
Martin, James H-caulker h Dayton Av
Marx, Godfried-rope maker h 2nd St
Maschinot, Masthias-tailor shop 3d St
Masters, Elizabeth-widow h 3d St
Mathews, Frank-clerk bds 3d St
Mathews, Sarah M-widow bds 3d St
Maxey, George W-caulker h 5th St
Mayer, Leo-tailor h 4th St
McArthur, Arthur-driver bds 5th St
McArthur, Charles-clerk bds Berry St
McArthur, James M-President Dayton & Newport Street Railroad; res Berry b Jackson & 4th
McClure, George D-driver bds 4th St
McClure, John T-laborer bds 4th St
McClure, Julia bds 4th St
McClure, Julia-widow bds 4th St
McDowell, James S-tinner h Monroe St
McLean, John W-traveling salesman h Fairfield Av
McLean, Mildred Mrs.-widow bds Fairfield
McNally, John-laborer h Adams St
McNally, John F-stone cutter h Winston St
Meier, Jonas B-h 6th St
Melcher, Valentine-tailor h 4th St
Messiuk? Fred-laborer h 3d St
Miles, Charity-bds ss Turnpike b Dayton and Bellevue
Miles, Lucinda-bds ss Turnpike b Dayton and Bellevue
Miller, August-wks 4th St
Miller, Daniel W-carpenter  h Front St
Miller, John T-ferryman  bds 3d St
Miller, Luther G-painter h 3d St
Miller, Mary C-bds Front St
Millich, Louis-tailor h 5th St
Mitchell, Patrick-pipe molder  h 2d St
Moeller, John H-clerk 3d St
Moeller, Lewis-grocer 2d St
Moore, George A-caulker bds Adams St
Moore, Henry H-caulker bds Adams St
Moore, John S-carpenter b Clay St
Moore, Maggie-servant Adams St
Moore, Parmella? J-tailoress bds Adams St
Moore, Sarah S-widow h Adams St
Motz, Joseph-h 2d St
Motz, Mary-tailoress bds 2d St
Mueller? William-cigar maker h 3d St
Myers, Jonas-pilot h 5th St


Napier, Lora B-servant Winston St
Neltner, Elizabeth-tailoress bds 3d St
Neville, Ira E-steamboatman h Clay St
Neville, Miss Wealthy A-bds Clay St
Niemeier, Joseph-porter h 2d St
Niles, James-laborer bds 2d St
Niles, James C-laborer h 2d St
Niles, Joseph-grape grower h 5th St
Nilling, Miss Mary-tailoress bds 5th St
Nolan, Malachl?-saloon bds 5th St
Nolte, George C-clerk bds 2d St
Nolte, George L-grocer 2d St
Norris, Gashon-carpenter h Front
Nuspickel, Fred-carpenter h 4th St


O'Dowd, John-huckster  h 3d St
O'Dowd, Mary-grocer 3d St
Olive Branch Sons of Temperane-Front St
Oliver, Robert E-steward h Dayton Av
Orlieb, Conrad-laborer h 4th St
Otters, Henry-laborer bds 4th St
Otters, William Jr.-laborer bds 4th St
Otters, William Sr.-laborer h 4th


Patterson, George B-painter bds Jefferson St
Patterson, Sarah C-widow bds Jefferson St
Peak, Jasper-driver h Madison St
Peart? Edward H-brick layer h 3d St
Peters, Charles W-brick layer bds 3d St
Peters, James H-brick maker 4th St h 3d St
Peters, Levi S-painter h 3d St
Peters, Peter S-brick layer bds 3d St
Pfisterer, Henry-shoe maker h 3d St
Pierson, Annie M-bds Monroe St
Pille, John F-shoe store ns 2d b Boone and Mains St
Pollard, Charlotte Mrs-grocer Washington St
Pollard, James I-laborer h Brooklyn St
Pollard, William M-peddler h Brooklyn St
Poos, Mathias-wagon shop 4th St, h 7th St
Posshett? Hester A-notion store Madison St
Posshett? William-carpet weaver Madison St
Pudder, Annie E-bds 3d St
Pudder, Henry-pilot h 3d St


Quinby, Elizabeth A-bds 5th St
Quinby, Joseph B-editor h 5th St
Quinby, William C-printer bds 5th St
Quinke, Frank-tailor h 4th St
Quinke, Lawrence-tailor 4th St


Rackers, Henry (Wern & R) h 3d St
Ramsey, Harriet R-widow h Berry St
Ramsey, John C-carpenter bds Berry St
Rawlings, Thomas C-carpenter h 4th St
Raymond, Daniel F-express agent h Fairfield Av
Raymond, Fannie E-bds Fairfield Av
Rebel, Ernest-tailor h 2d St
Reekers, Bernard-tailor shop 2d St
Reekers, Henry-rope maker h 2d St
Reekers, Henry-tailor h 2d St
Reekers, Lucy-tailoress bds 2d St
Reid, John {Woodbury & R} h Dayton Av
Reid, John-laborer h Monroe St
Rewald, Henry-laborer h 3d St
Rheam, Francis-type case maker h Adams
Richards, John-carpenter h 7th St
Richmond, Henry-laborer h Fulton St
Robinson, Liston C-salesman h Fulton St
Roche, Patrick J-laborer h Walnut St
Rockenfuss, Mary-widow h Monroe St
Rockenfuss, Rose-tailoress bds Monroe St
Rockenfuz, Christian-tailor h 3d St
Rodocker, George W-laborer bds 5th St
Rodocker, Robert-caulker h 5th St
Rollins, John-carpenter h Monroe St
Rorer, C L & Sons (Charles L & John W) Carpenters and Builders; Shop ns Madison b Berry and Dayton Av
Rorer, Charles L (C L Rorer & Son) h Berry St
Rorer, John W (C L Rorer & Son) h Berry St
Roseboom, Johannah-widow bds Jefferson St
Ross, George-molder h Terrance Av
Ross, George W-pipe molder, bds Terrance Av
Ross, Henry H-molder h 2d st
Ross, Mary-tailoress bds 3d st
Ross, Walter-pipe molder, bds Terrance Av
Russell, Alice O-bds McKinney St
Russell, George-collector h McKinney St


St. Frances Church, 3d st
St. Frances School, Benham st
St. John Albert, manuf. truck paper, h 5th st
St. John Hiram, wagon maker, h McKinney st
St. Paul Church, 3d st.
Sarvers George, plasterer, h Adams st
Schaapfield George, rope walk, Kenton st. h 4th st
Schaffeld Albert, rope walk, Clark st. bds 3d st
Schaffeld Anna, widow, h 3d st
Schiff John, carpenter, h 7th st
Schlieter Henry, rope walk, Clark st. h 5th st
Schliter Benjamin, rope maker, bds 3d st
Schmidt Bertha, bds 3d st
Schmidt Frank M. shoe maker, h 3d st
Schmidt Frank R. carpenter, h Front st
Schmidt Helena, bds 3d st
Schmidt Josephine, bds 3d st
Schmidt Julius, cigar maker, bds 3d st
Schmidt Lena, tailoress, bds 3d st
Schmidt Maggie, tailoress, bds 3d st
Schmidt Stephen, laborer, h 3d st
Schmitt Benjamin, paper carrier, bds Front st
Schmitt John, laborer, h 7th st
Schmitt John H. paper carrier, h Front st
Schneider Lena, bds 3d st
Schneider Magdaline, tailoress,, bds 3d st
Schneider Philip, plasterer, h 3d st
Schneider Theresa, servant 4th st
Schoefer George, jr. farmer h W Boundary Line b Adams st and Ohio River
Schoefer John, laborer, bds W Boundary Line b Adams st and Ohio River
Schoefer Magdalena, widow, h W Boundary Line b Adams st and Ohio River
Schribrie David E. sewing machine agent, h 2d st
Schuh Frank, rope maker, bds Benham st
Schuh Joseph, rope walk, 5dt st h Benham st
Schuh Phillip, rope maker, bds Benham st
Schwab Frank, hemp hackler, h 7th st
Schwab Robert, rope maker, h 4th st
Seifert Annie M. bds 7th st
Seifert Christian, laborer, h 7th st
Seifert Mary, bds 7th st
Seifert Matilda, tailoress, bds 7th st
Sengle Helen, servant, Benham st
Sengle Wendel, h 2d st
Sesher Isaac, carpenter, h Front st
Seymour Charles H. clerk, h Adams st
Seymour Emily, bds Adams st
Shackelton John, h Front st
Shearer Andrew, carpenter, h Fulton st
Shearer Maxwell P. mate, bds Fulton st
Sheppard John R. hemp hackler, h Berry st
Sheppard Thomas M. painter bds Dayton Av
Sherer Fannie, servant, Adams st
Shey Charles E. steamboat man h Monroe st
Shey Henry, riverman, h Madison st
Shey Mayr B. bds Madison st
Shifferd Daniel R. blacksmith, h Dayton Av
Shifferd Reuben, blacksmith shop, 3d st
Siford John, carpenter, h 6th st
Skillbeck Jacob, blacksmith, bds Fulton st
Smith Charles, porter, bds Washington st
Smith Charles J. molder, h Adams st
Smith Charlotte, widow, bds 5th st
Smith George, laborer, h Washington st
Smith George W. carpenter, bds Washington st
Smith John, laborer, h Monroe st
Smith Laura, bds Washington st
Smith Missouri, bds 24 st
Smith Richard, riverman, h 2d st
Smith Robert E. carpenter, h Adams st
Smith Serena A. servant, Adams st
Smith Thomas D. carpenter, h Washington st
Sobotka Louis, tailor, h 2d st
Somhorst Christian, tailor, h 3d st
Somhorst John, tailor shop, 3d st
Southall Alex J. riverman, bds Dayton Av
Southall John C. teamster, bds Dayton Av
Southall Martha D. widow, h Dayton Av
Southall Mary A. bds Dayton Av
Southall Thomas H. laborer, bds Dayton Av
Southall Wm J. riverman, bds Dayton Av
Southard Benjamin J. carpenter, h 2d st
Spade S. wks 4th st
Sparcke Adam, rope maker, h 2d st
Speth Caroline, tailoress, bds 2d st
Speth Frank, mechanic, h Front st
Speth Mary, bds Front st
Speth Mary, bds 2d st
Speth Sebastian, rope maker, h 2d st
Spilman Rev Harry E. pastor 1st Baptist Church, res country
Spronk John jr. rope maker, bds 4th st
Spronk John sr. laborer, h 4th st
Sprunk Wm. rope maker, bds basement 1st Baptist Church
Stamper Jasper G. laborer, bd Front st
Stamper Kate, bds Front st
Stamper Mary, widow, bds 3d st
Stamper Pleasant, street commissioner, h Front st
Stamper Samuel N. caulker, bds Front st
Starbird Edward, book-keeper, bds Jefferson st
Stencil Frank, carpenter h 2d st
Stencil Mary A. tailoress, bds 2d st
Stewardt Frank R. clerk, h McKinney st
Stone Charles F. carpenter, h Monroe st
STONE L. R. Post Office Drug Store, Dry Goods &c. s w c 2d and Clay
Stone Richard L. dirver bds Monroe st
Stone Richard L. steamboat agent, h Dayton av
Stroop John J. printer, h 4th st
Susan Kate M. h Jefferson st
Susan Sanders, carpenter, h Jefferson st
Susan Thomas, carpenter, h Jefferson st
Swager George W. superintendent Street Railroad Stables, h Jackson st
Swanger Avery, laborer, bds 3d st
Swift John, caulker, h Adams st
Swope Frank, wks 4th st


Taft, Mrs. Verlinda, widow, h 2d st
Tannehill Wm. caulker, h Front st
Taylor Jos. Terrace Garden Nursery, h nr S Boundary Line
Tekopple Geo W. tailor, h Front st
Templars Hall, Berry st
Terrace Garden Nursery, Terrance Av
Thacker Isaac, h Dayton Av
Thacker Lewis, carpenter, h Dayton Av
Thiel Michael, blacksmith, h 2d st
Thieneman Frank, rope walk, Benham st, h 5th st
Thomas Elizabeth C. widow, bds 6th st
Thomas John T. carpenter, h Madison st
Thomas Malinda F. books, s w c Dayton Av and Madison
Tibbitts Henry C. b k h Adams st
Tibbitts Wm. T. editor, h Dayton st
TIEMANN A. F. WM. Grocery and Provision Store, w s Dayton Av b Madison and Jefferson sts
Tiemann Miss Amelia, bds Dayton Av
Tiemann Christian, tailor, h Front st
Tiemann Henry, Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries, s e c 6th and Clay streets
Tiemann Wm. wks 4th st
Tiemann Wm. clerk, Dayton Av h Adams st
Tietke John, tailor h Front st
Tresise Fannie A. teacher bds Main st
Trunk Leonard, tailor shop, h Dayton Av
Turner John L. painter, h Dayton Av
Turner Robt. W. painter, h Adams st
Turner Tine T. carpenter, h Berry st


Ulrey David, carpenter, h 4th st


Vansant Geo W.
Vansant Higby, caulker, h 3d st
Vansant Joel, carpenter, h Dayton st
Vansant Samuel M. ship carpenter, bds Jefferson st
VanSicklen Chas T. auction, h 3d st
Vasbinder Mary A. tailoress, h Monroe st
Vasbinder Susan, tailoress, h Monroe st
Vasche Elizabeth, widow, bds 4th st
Vasche Frank, clerk, bds 4th st
VASCHE HENRY, Hardware, Grocery, Provisions and Feed Store, n e c 4th and Main sts
Vasche Miss Minnie, clerk, bds 4th st
Vert David, blacksmith, h Adams st
Visse John H. salesman, h 3d st
Vogel Theo. tailor, bds Front st
Vogelback Barbara A. bds Brooklyn st
Vogelback Frank X. blacksmith, h Brooklyn st
Vohrmohr Anton, engineer, h 4th st
Volk Martin, tailor, 2nd st
Von Zuben Jos. tailor, 2d st
Vormohr Henry, saloon, 4th st


Wabkenberg Augustus, tailor, bds 2d st
Wabkenberg Fred. tailor, h 2d st
Wabkenberg Julia, tailoress, bds2d st
Wagner John, h 7th st
Wagner John, rope maker, h Front st
Wagner John, jr. tinner, bds Front st
Wagner Jos. baker, h 2d st
Wagner Peter, engineer, h Madison st
Wagner Lena, bds Front st
Waiber Mary, widow, bds Fairfield Av
Wainwright Eliza, widow, h Adams st
Wainwright Julia, saleslady, bds Adams st
Wald Rev Paul, h Fulton st
Walden Julia A. widow, bds Madison st
Walkenhorst Herman, laborer, h 2d st
Walker Jas S. clerk, h Fulton st
Walter Anton, teamster, h 2d st
Weaver John T. teamster, h 6th st
Weber Philip, laborer, h Front st
Webkenberg August, tailor shop, 2d st
Welcher Kilian, tailor shop, Madison st
Wells Anthony, umbrella maker, h 2d st
Wells Dennis B. salesman, h Fairfield Av
Wells Martha J. bds Fairfield Av
Wendt Marcus, salesman, h Fairfield Av
Wenz Frank, collar maker, h Fairfield Av
Wern Peter (W & Rackers) h 2d st
Wern & Rackers (Peter W & Henry R) rope walk, E Boundary Line b 3d and 4th
Wheeler Henry, laborer, h basement 1st Baptist Church
White Mary J. servant, Adams st
Wiefer Elizabeth, house-keeper, 3d st
Willer August, rope maker, bds 2d st
Willer Catherine, widow, h 2d st
Wilson John, clerk, h 6th st
Wilson Mary A. widow, bds 6th st
Wilson Mary E. teachr, bds 3d st
Wilstorf August H. A. harness maker, h 4th st
Wilzback Adam, tailor shop, 7th st
Wilzback Chas. tailor, bds 7th st
WINTON MRS. ELIZABETH C. Dry Goods and Notion Store, w s Berry b Front and Fulton sts
Winton John R. plasterer, h Berry st
Wirth Sylvester, laborer, h 3d st
Wirtz Elizabeth, widow, h 2d st
Woehner Mrs. Catherine, widow, h 6th st
Woehner Dora, tailoress, bds 6th st
Woehner Mary, tailoress, bds 6th st
Wolf Samuel T. carpenter, h Fulton st
WOLFF CHARLES, Bakery, Grocery and Feed Store, n w c Clay and 2d sts
Wolff Chas jr. baker, bds 2d st
Woodbury Baron (W & Reid) bd 3d st
Woodbury Chas B. clerk, bds 3d st
Woodbury Mary E. bds 2d st
Woodbury & Reid (Baron W & John R) coal, Clay st
Worcester Leonard, agt h 3d st
Worst Bernard, bd 4th st
Worst Bernard, bd 4th st
Wright Albert, carpenter, h Fulton st
Wright Wm J. T. carpenter, h Dayton Av


Young Mrs. Rachel, bds 3d st


Zengler Wendel, rope maker, h 2d st
Ziegler Jos. finisher, h 3d st
Ziegler Lena, tailoress, bds 3d st
Ziegler Maggie, tailoress, bds 3d st
Ziegler Mary A. bds 3d st
Ziegler Minnie, bds 3d st
Zimmermann Frederika, midwife, 2d st
Zimmerman Wm. h 2d st

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