Daniel and Katharine Deprez

Daniel Deprez was born 26 June 1805 in Billingheim Bayern Germany, the son of Johann Adam Deprez and Katharine Schraffenberger. Daniel married Katharine Voelker 23 Mar 1830 in the Evangelical Church in Billigheim. He and his family immigrated to the United States arriving in New York 10 July 1852 on the ship Lancashire.

Daniel Deprez died 28 Nov 1875 in Newport and was buried in the Newport Cemetery (now Evergreen) in Southgate.

Children of Daniel Deprez and Katharine Voelker

1. Adam Deprez b-3 Feb 1831 in Billigheim Bayern Germany
2. Katharine Deprez b-20 Mar 1833 in Billingheim Germany; d-21 Jan 1884 in Newport; br-Evergreen; m-John Koehler
3. Eva Maria Deprez cr-20 Apr 1835 in Billigheim Germany
4. Daniel Deprez b-3 Jan 1838 in Billingheim Germany; d-12 July 1909 in Covington; br-Evergreen; m-Catharine Bechtold in 1861; Catharine was born 24 Aug 1939 in Roth Amberg Darmstadt German and died 25 Dec 1906 and was buried in Evergreen
5. Katharine Margaretha Deprez ch-19 Mar 1842 in Billigheim Germany
6. John Deprez ch-19 May 1843 in Billigheim Germany

Children of Katharine Deprez and John Koehler

1. Katharine Koehler b-6 May 1854 in Newport; d-24 Feb 1913 in Newport; br-St Stephens; m-Jacob Boltz
2. Mary Eva Koehler b-6 May 1854 in Newport
3. Philip Koehler b-2 Jan 1856 in Newport
4. Louise Koehler b-5 Sep 1857 in Newport; d-15 Nov 1929 in Bellevue; br-Evergreen; m-Chas Miller
5. John Koehler b-1859 in Newport; m-Sophia Walker 13 Sep 1880 in Newport
6. Carolina Koehler b-28 Sep 1861; d-7 Sep 1864 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery
7. Philippina Koehler b-24 May 1863
8. Daniel Koehler b-28 Sep 1865

Children of Daniel Deprez and Catharine Bechtold

1. Catharina Deprez b-9 July 1861 in Newport; d-28 July 1935 in Dayton Ky. br-Evergreen; m-John Hauger
2. Anna Barbara Deprez b-30 June 1862 in Newport; d-14 Jan 1924 in Chicago; br-Mt Greenwood Cemetery; m-Charles G F Mabus
3. Eva Elizabeth Deprez b-18 Mar 1864 in Newport; d-17 Feb 1944; br-Evergreen; m-John F Maschmeyer
4. Daniel Deprez b-19 Oct 1866 in Covington; d-7 Aug 1930 in Hazel Crest, Cook Co Ill; br-Hazelwood Cemetery
5. John Deprez b-19 Oct 1868 in Newport; d-27 Mar 1930 in Chicago; m-Rosine Ohe
6. Maria Catharine Deprez b-14 Dec 1870 in Newport; d-1 Mar 1961; br-Evergreen
7. Jacob Deprez b-6 Sep 1873 in Newport
8. Infant Deprez b&d 18 Sep 1877 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery
9. William Deprez b-Apr 1888 in Covington; d-8 July 1888 in Covington; br-Evergreen

Children of Catharine Deprez and John Hauger

1. Leonara Hauger  b-1890 in Newport; m-Merret
2. Charles Hauger b-3 July 1891 in Newport; d-4 Dec 1952
3. Irene Hauger  b-1893 in Newport; m-Ray Woods
John Hauger b-1896 in Newport; d-3 Aug 1965; br-Evergreen
Herbert Hauger b-23 Feb 1899 in Newport; d-4 Dec 1959 in Dayton Ky. br-St Stephens
Katherine Hauger m-George Goodfriend

Children of John Deprez and Rosina Ohe

Daniel F Deprez b-29 May 1902 in Covington; d-Aug 1965 in Twin Oaks Oklahoma


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