Christ Evangelical & Reform Church History


Now known as the Christ Church United Church of Christ
15 South Ft Thomas Avenue-Ft Thomas


Information comes from Ft Thomas Notes by Joseph L Donnelly 1963 found in Book #126 at the Campbell County Historical and Genealogical Society in Alexandria


Mrs. Louis Cook Sr. and Mr. George Stegner Sr. were the first to suggest a church to the Rev Carl Schaeffer of St Paul's Newport. The first services were held in the Central School in Ft Thomas by the Rev C Schaeffer and the Rev Fred Hohman of Pleasant Ridge and the Rev E Kockritz of St Luke's in Cincinnati.

Charter members were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cook sr. Mr. and Mrs. J C Weber, Mrs. Lena Kreuse, Mr. Phil Desch, George Stegner Sr. Mrs. Matilda Miller, Miss Lucile Uhl; later Mrs. F Bunnings, Mrs. K Uhl, Mrs. Wm Hauck and Miss Clara Cook.

Sunday School Supt. J C Weber
Secretary-Geo Stegner
Treasurer-Harry Girty
Teachers-Mamie Stegner, Katherine Uhll and May Cook
1st Resident Pastor-Henry Voss
1907-Rev Henry E Lambrecht
1907-1913-Rev Franz P Puhlmann
1914-1920-Rev C R Schmidt, A G Schnacke, Rev Karl B Kollath

The first church was on Forest Ave 1908-1910.  The new church on South Ft Thomas Ave and Audubon was built 1927-28.  The parish house in its rear was the Sam Shaw residence later occupied by the Bigstaff family.


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