Charles and Margaret Dicken


Information was researched by Margaret Hartman and is in book #7000-2006-0089 at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria


Charles Dicken was born about 1770 in Culpepper County, Virginia, and came to Kentucky early.  He married Margaret Sutton, daughter of Robert Sutton and Ann Lindsey, 24 Dec 1793 in Mercer County, Kentucky.  They came to Campbell County in 1799 where he first shows up on the tax list of 1800.  They settled at Peach Grove.  His brother Joseph Dicken and family came with them. Charles died in December 1802 in Peach Grove and his will was recorded at the courthouse in 1803.  After Charles death, his brother Joseph was appointed guardian of the children.  Although there is no known headstone, it is likely he was buried at Peach Grove Cemetery. Margaret remarried to William Gosney on 4 July 1803.

Charles Dicken 1802 Will

Children of Charles Dicken and Margaret Sutton (1776-1856)

1. Robert Sutton Dicken b-1794 in Kentucky
2. James Blagrave Dicken b-24 Jan 1799 in Campbell Co; m-Martha "Patsy" Washington McPike 26 June 1827 in Newport; d-12 Aug 1882 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery (now Evergreen)
3. Ann Gentry Dicken b-1798 in Kentucky; m-Richard Drake 18 Dec 1849
4. Sarah Pullum Dicken b-1800 in Campbell Co; m-Joseph W Dicken

Children of James Blagrave Dicken and Martha "Patsy" Washington McPike

1. James C Dicken b-1828 in Newport
2. Benjamin O Dicken b-1831 in Newport
3. Augusta V Dicken b-1837 in New Richmond Oh; d-25 Dec 1876 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery (now Evergreen)
4. Edwin E Dicken b-1841 in Newport

Joseph Dicken was born 23 Mar 1764 in Culpepper County, Virginia and enlisted in the Company of Captain Fisher Rice in 1779.  He married Mary J Sutton, daughter of Robert Sutton and Ann Lindsey, 23 Jan 1788 in Mercer County, Kentucky. Joseph died 4 Jan 1848 at Peach Grove in Campbell County.

Joseph Dicken Military Record and Pension 

Children of Joseph Dicken and Mary J Sutton (1768-21 Sep 1821)

1. Charles W Dicken b-17 Apr 1800 in Campbell Co; d-28 Apr 1863 in Peach Grove; br-Peach Grove Cemetery; m-Mary Cherry 1 Apr 1824, d/o Nicholas Cherry & Frances Furnace
2. Ann Dicken m-James Kercheval 22 June 1812
3. Joseph W Dicken b-1804 in Campbell Co; m (1) Sarah Pullum Dicken; m (2) Rebecca Fleak in 1853; d-20 Aug 1877 in Boyd Co KY
4. Levi Dicken b-1806 in Campbell Co; m-Martha Acklin 10 Sep 1832
5. Simeon Dicken b-1811 in Campbell Co; d-before 1870 in California Ky. m-Elizabeth Herndon 12 Sep 1833
6. Mary Jane Dicken b-1818 in Campbell Co; m-James m Stevens 23 Feb 1836
7. Margaret Dicken m-James S White 7 Apr 1828

Children of Charles W Dicken and Mary Cherry (26 Feb 1805-22 Mar 1873)

1. Margaret Missouri Mary Dicken b-5 Feb 1825 in Campbell Co; d-20 Aug 1900 in Peach Grove; m-Luther Homer Ellis 9 Aug 1847 in Campbell Co 
2. Frances F Dicken b-1 Apr 1831; m-A J Hobbs 22 Nov 1848 in Campbell Co; d-7 May 1858; br-Peach Grove Cemetery
3. Joseph H Dicken b-1 Jan 1829 in Campbell Co; m-Elizabeth J Bagus 26 Dec 1864 in Campbell Co; d-1 Feb 1874 in Peach Grove; br-Peach Grove Cemetery in Pendleton Co KY
4. Ann G "Nancy" Dicken b-26 Oct 1826 in Campbell Co; d-20 May 1883; m-Richard Drake 18 Dec 1849; br-Peach Grove Cemetery
5. Mary Dicken b-1833 in Campbell Co; m-John Montgomery 19 Dec 1853 in Campbell Co
6. Edward Nicholas Dicken b-26 Sep 1835 in Campbell Co; d-17 May 1913 in Franklin KY; br-Green Lower Cemetery in Franklin KY; became a reverend; m-Louisiana M
7. Elizabeth Dicken b-13 July 1837 in Campbell Co; m-Jessie Beagle 3 Apr 1862 in Campbell Co; d-22 Mar 1915 in Sandusky Pendleton Co KY; br-Peach Grove Cemetery
8. James Dicken b-1839 in Campbell Co
9. Charles William Dicken b-24 Nov 1842 in Campbell Co; m-Mary Williams 26 Mar 1871; in 1910 census in Roswell New Mexico
10. Sarah Jane Dicken b-28 July 1845 in Campbell Co; d-21 Nov 1912; m-John Franklin Bradford
11. John T Dicken b-23 Mar 1849 in Campbell Co; d-23 Jan 1853; br-Peach Grove Cemetery

Children of Joseph Dicken and Sarah Pullen Dicken

1. Frances Dicken b-1825 in Campbell Co; m-Wm Condon
2. James M Dicken b-1832 in Campbell Co

Children of Joseph Dicken and Rebecca Fleak

1. Thomas Dicken b-1857 in Campbell Co
2. Simon Dicken b-1855 in Campbell Co
3. Charles W Dicken b-1858 in Campbell Co

Children of Levi Dicken and Martha Acklin

1. Salina Dicken b-1835 in Campbell Co; m-Jonathan B Rent 27 Nov 1856
2. Mary Dicken b-1835 in Campbell Co; d-20 Mar 1859
3. Margaret Dicken b-1838 in Campbell Co; d-11 Aug 1854 in Campbell Co
4. Catharine Dicken b-1841 in Campbell Co
5. Martha W Dicken b-1843 in Campbell Co; m-John White 3 Jan 1862
6. Edward M Dicken b-7 Mar 1845 in Campbell Co; d-4 Nov 1921 in Alexandria; br-Persimmon Grove; m-Sarah F White 9 Sep 1864
7. Eliza Jane Dicken b-1848 in Campbell Co


Children of Simeon Dicken and Elizabeth Herndon

Absolum Columbus Dicken b-3 Jan 1835 in Campbell Co; d-20 Mar 1918; br-Flagg Spring Baptist Church
Mary Evelyn "Mollie: Dicken b-9 Aug 1837 in California, Campbell Co; d-10 Apr 1932 in Covington; br-Wesley Chapel; m-Henry Nicholas Rouse


Children of Elizabeth Dicken and Jesse Beagle

1. Charles Ford Beagle b-11 June 1863 in Grants Lick; d-30 Sep 1940 in Pendleton Co KY; m-Mary Etta Dunaway 29 Nov 1893 in Pendleton Co
2. Jesse Warren Beagle b-9 July 1867 in Grants Lick; d-15 Nov 1945 in Cynthiana KY; m-Nannie Elizabeth Hannah
3. Pearl Beagle m-Fred W Hobbs 1908
4. May Beagle m-A M Ellis 1906


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