Central School

Central School

District of Highlands

By Albert Vinton Stegeman Jr. Highland High School Class of 1920

Professor James McGinness was first Central School Principal: 1885-1891.
Professor Carey Judson Hall Principal: 1891-1901 died in November 1901
Professor J M Hutchinson Principal: 1901-1906
Professor Frank Cosgrove Principal: 1906-1915
Professor C R Rounds-first superintendent of new Highlands High School with
Miss Anna B Regenstein as Principal: 1915-1920

1896 Graduates

Henry Fahlbush
Herman Fahbush
Alphia Gaddis
Katie Guy
Clifford Heckinger
Anna Kavanaugh
Judith Kavanaugh
John Murray
Clara Pagan
Lorraine Pagan
Willie Palmer
Julia Ross
Kiddie Ross
Leon Ross
Winston Ross
Mary Lou Shaw
Nellie Southgate
Howard Voige

Pupils represent well known families, widely spread over the Highlands.  Heckinger's Ft. Thomas Hotel on the Midway (now #1051) was built in 1890, as were all buildings on the Strip, timed for the Army Post.

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