Cemeteries of Campbell County

Cemeteries of Campbell County


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Alexandria Cemetery A-F

Alexandria Cemetery G-L

Alexandria Cemetery M-S

Alexandria Cemetery T-Z

Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery-Highland Heights

Aulick Family Cemetery-Campbell-Pendleton County Line

Ball Family Graveyard-California

Beall Family Cemetery-Flagg Spring

Beech Grove Cemetery-Beech Grove

Bowling Family Cemetery-Morning View

Benjamin Gosney Cemetery-Grants Lick (formerly called Bud Brown Graveyard)

Boyles-Maxwell Cemetery-Persimmon Grove

Caldwell Cemetery-Grants Lick

Carmack Family Cemetery-Carthage

Cherry/Kramer/Krift Family Graveyard-Persimmon Grove Updated 1 September 2016

Clary Grave Site-Claryville

Corpus Christi Cemetery-Wilder

Corbin Family Graveyard-California

Daniel Family Cemetery-Grants Lick

Daniel Family Cemetery Information by Jack Daniels-Grants Lick

Demoss Cemetery-Mentor

Evergreen Cemetery 1860-1975-Southgate

Find a Grave Website

First Baptist Church Cemetery-Cold Spring

First 12 Mile Baptist Church Island Creek Cemetery-Carthage

Fisher Cemetery-Peach Grove-Campbell-Pendleton County Line

Flagg Spring Baptist Church Cemetery-Flagg Spring

Foster Byrd Graves-Aspen Grove

Fulton Mechanics Cemetery-Fulton Ohio across from Jamestown

Grandview Cemetery-Mentor

Grant Family Cemetery-Erondale (originally in Campbell County but now part of Kenton County)

Green Cemetery-Melbourne

Harrisburg Hill Cemetery-Grants Lick

Headstone Abbreviations and Meaning of Symbols

Herndon & Bartlow Family Cemetery-Carthage

Hornbeck Family Graveyard-Grants Lick

Hoyt Baker Farm Grave Site-Grants Lick

James G Lindsey Graveyard-California

Jamestown Cemetery-Jamestown

John Armstrong Tarvin Cemetery-Grants Lick

John Baker Graveyard-Claryville

John Byrd Grave Site-Aspen Grove

John Gosney Family Cemetery-Grants Lick

Johns Hill Protestant Cemetery-Wilder

Kuhl Farm Graves-Claryville

Loomis-Casson-Pearson Cemetery-Grants Lick

Madison Street Burying Ground 1800-1838-Newport

Miller Cemetery-Oneonta

Mt Gilead Cemetery-Carthage

Mt Gilead Old Cemetery-Carthage

Mt Saint Martins Cemetery-Newport

Murnan Cemetery-Cold Spring

Nagel Road Cemetery-Grants Lick

Newport Cemetery-1820-1859-Newport

Newport Cemetery 1860-1884-Southgate

Notley Maddox Cemetery-Pond Creek

Oakland Cemetery A-M Grants Lick

Oakland Cemetery N-Z Grants Lick

Old Baptist/Spilman Family Cemetery-Alexandria

Old Mouth of the Licking Valley Baptist Church Cemetery-Cold Spring

Old St Johns Catholic Church Cemetery-Wilder

Peach Grove Cemetery-A-L-Peach Grove

Peach Grove Cemetery-M-Z-Peach Grove

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery-Grants Lick

Plum Creek Christian Church Cemetery-Plum Creek

Persimmon Grove Baptist Church Cemetery-Persimmon Grove

Persimmon Grove Potters Graves-Persimmon Grove

Potter's Field-Cold Spring

Rardin Family Graveyard-Carthage

Richard Tarvin Cemetery-Grants Lick

Robert Shaw Family Cemetery-Alexandria

Saddle Ridge Cemetery (renamed Dicken Cemetery)-Persimmon Grove   Updated 1 September 2016

Schoolfield Cemetery-Grants Lick

Stamper Cemetery-Grants Lick

St Anne Convent Cemetery-Melbourne

St Francis Assisi Roman Catholic Cemetery A-L-Dayton

St Francis Assisi Roman Catholic Cemetery M-Z-Dayton

St Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery-Camp Springs

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery A-L Camp Springs

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery M-Z Camp Springs

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery A-L Cold Spring

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery M-R Cold Spring

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery S-Z Cold Spring

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery A-G Wilder

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery H-M Wilder

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery N-S Wilder

St Josephs Catholic Church Cemetery T-Z Wilder

St Josephs Protestant Cemetery-Wilder

St Mary's Cemetery-Alexandria

St Mary's Cemetery Photos-Alexandria

St Paul Church Evangelical German Reform Church Cemetery-Alexandria

St Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church Cemetery-Gubsers Mill

St Stephen Catholic Church Cemetery-Ft. Thomas

Schertz Family Cemetery-Camp Springs

Spring Grove Cemetery-searchable index for your Kentucky families across the Ohio River

Stephens Farm Cemetery-Alexandria

Stepstone Immaculate Cemetery-Peach Grove

T P White Funeral Home Records

T P White Funeral Home Burials in Campbell County

Tarvin and Moore Family Cemetery-Carthage

Thatcher Cemetery-Alexandria

The Tombstone Project

Vandiver Cemetery-Demossville

Weinel Family Graveyard-Claryville

Wesley Chapel Cemetery-Gubsers Mill

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