Campbell County 1867 Officials

Campbell County 1867 Officials

From the Newport City Guide in the Newport City Directory published by C S Williams at the Cincinnati Directory Office
194 Walnut St. corner of Fifth, Cincinnati, Ohio

County Officers

Judge Circuit Court-Joseph Doniphan, Residence-Augusta Bracken County Term expires August 1868
Judge County Court-W J Berry.  Office on Court House Square. Term expires August 1870
Clerk of Circuit Court-Benjamin Beall. Office on Court House Square.  Term Expires September 1868.  H C Hallam, Deputy, Newport; Edwin Beall, Dupty, Alexandria
Master Commissioner-J R Morin
Clerk County Court-Edward Air. Office on Court House Square. Term expires August 1870
County Assessor-Moses Cook. Term expires August 1870
Sheriff-John Schwartz. Office Jones' Building, west side York between Bellevue and Madison streets.  Term expires August 1868.  H D Helm, J S Digby, J J Stephens-Deputies.
County Attorney-T W W Decourcy.  Term expires August 1868.
Commonwealth Attorney-R R Carpenter.  Residence, Covington.  Term expires August 1868.
Judge Criminal Court-Wm E Arthur.  Residence Covington.  Term expires August 1872.
County Surveyor-R W Murnan. P.O. address, Cold Spring. Term expires August 1868
County Coroner-W G Parish. Term Expires August 1868

Newport City Government

Mayor-C P Buchanan. Office in City Buildings. Term expires September 1870.
Marshal-Thomas Fowler-Office at Mayor's Office. Term expires January 1870.
Treasurer-Peter Constans. Office in Odd Fellows Hall. Term expires March 1868.
Solicitor-Oliver W Root. Office at 40 York. Term expires March 1868.
Clerk-X Sine. Office in City Building. Term expires March 1868.
Engineer-James Lindsey. Office in City Building. Term expires March 1868.
City Council-President, John A Williamson. term expires March 1868,
Clerk-X Sine. term expires March 1868
1st Ward-Samuel Moore-term expires March 1868
James W McClure-   "      "      "   1869
2nd Ward-E Connelly-  "     "    "  1868
J P Cummings-   "    "    " 1869
3rd Ward-William Holt-   "    "    " 1868
Adam Schneider-   "    "    "  1869
4th Ward-Henry Knarr- "   "   "   1868
H A Schriver-   "    "    "    1869
5th Ward-Frank Betz-    "   "    " 1868
T W Gideon-   "    "    "1869
City Weigher and Measurer-John B Locke. Term expires March 1868.
Sealer of Weights and Measurer-Thos M Riggs. term expires March 1868.
City Jailer-Jonathan Horsfall.  Term expires March 1868.

School Department-City Board of Education

President-William H Lape-term expires March 1869.
Secretary-James Mitchell-term expires March 1868.
Treasurer-J E Lock-term expires March 1868.
1st Ward-A M Bodley-term expires 1868
2nd Ward-James Ewan-term expires 1868
3rd Ward-James N Gould-term expires 1869
4th Ward-A Tuttle-term expires 1869
5th Ward-Rev C E Clausen-term expires 1868

School Commissioner-Rev N C Pettit
Superintendent-L T Hubbard
Board of Examiners-Jonathan Berry, J R Morin, Rev Geo D E Mortimer, L T Hubbard

Seminary Building

Principal-James Mitchell
Prof. Schuler-teacher of music
Madame Klingner-teacher of German
Miss L Turner-teacher of Penmanship

Teachers in the Intermediate and Primary Departments

Miss C McConnell
Miss S Ginn
Miss Mary Sine
Miss L A Scott
Miss M Todd
Miss J Blackwood
Miss L Hainsworth
Miss Martha Surran
Miss M Ginn
Miss L Goodrich
Miss Kate Nolan
Miss Janette Agnew
Miss Hannah Purser
Miss E Gerhard
Miss Kate White


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