Campbell County 1852 Officials

Campbell County 1852 Officials


From the New Kentucky State Register Edited by Thos B Monroe Jr. May 1852


Clerk of Circuit Court-Benjamin J Beall
Judge of County Court-F A Boyd
Clerk of County Court-James H Parker
County Attorney-W J Berry
Sheriff-James A Piner
Jailor-Frank Spillman
Coroner-James Spillman
Assessor-A F Miller
Surveyor-George Morin
Notary Public-William S Spear
Examiners-R J Thornton, Levi Tibbatts

Justices of the Peace

District I-Silas McIntosh, Samuel D Holmes
District II-Henry Youtsey, Thomas Miles
District III-A W Johnson, Joseph Vangrundy
District IV-Jessee Yelton, Daniel H Fisher
District V-John B Otten, James M Jolly
District VI-L M Eckbert, G B Fearrons
District VII-W B Ross, T A Miller


Alfred Noale
John Purey
James Pryor
J Bennett Baker
Isaac Ward
F Tippenhower

Attorneys At Law

Charles J Helm-Newport
Thomas L Jones-Newport
John W Tibbatts-Newport
W J Berry-Newport
F A Boyd-Newport
T W W Decourcey-Newport
James A Decourcey-Newport
Ira Root-Newport
F M Webster-Newport
Duvall Payne-Newport
R T Baker-Alexandria
James H Parker-Alexandria
E P Dameron-Flag Springs
J K Molyneaux-Flag Springs
J H L Decourcey-Cold Spring


N B Shaler-Newport
H L Ross-Newport
L L Durton-Newport
G W Stewart-Newport
Charles H Heller-Newport
John Orr-Alexandria
H K Rachford-Alexandria
E P Dameron-Flag Springs
J K Molyneaux-Flag Springs
J H L Decourcey-Cold Spring


Thornton, Potter & Co.-Newport
Charles Southgate & Co.-Newport
Glutter & Co.-Newport
Mr. Paradice-Newport
C Berryman-Newpwort
James N Doxon-Newport
J E McArthur-Jamestown
Fred Brown-Alexandria
Smith & Riley-Alexandria
J W Caruthers-Flag Springs

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