Northern Kentucky Cabinet Makers


This is a list of Campbell, Kenton and Boone Counties from the book "A Checklist of Kentucky Cabinet Makers" by Mrs. Wade Hampton Whitley, published Paris Ky 1969


The people listed here are considered to be cabinet makers unless specifically named to another trade.  House joiners, a degree above carpenters, and building contractors are included in the early period for they often made the furnishings for the structures they erected.

Because there were no orphanages in early days young children were apprenticed to kind neighbors who fed, clothed and educated them while teaching them a trade which would later afford them a livelihood.  Before free schools were established parents in moderate circumstances often apprenticed their children to get them educated.



Alcan, L (Campbell Co) 1859; manufacturer parlor furniture, chairs and sofas in Newport (Hawes p 272)
, Thos (Campbell Co) 1839; cabinet maker; b-Pa; Madison St Newport (City Directory)

Beech, Mark (Kenton Co) 1850; age 28; b-Germany; (Census 1024-1045)
Boyd, Davis (Campbell Co) 1834; on Jefferson St Newport (City Directory)
Britcher, Wm (Campbell Co) 1850; age 18; wood turner; b-Germany; (Census)

Carl, Henry (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker at Covington (Hawes p 56)
Carr, Joshua (Campbell Co) 1850; age 24; b-Ohio; cabinet maker; (Census 1100-1100)
Carter, Herman (Kenton Co) 1850; age 34; b-Germany; 1 year in Kentucky (Census)
Chittenden, John (Boone Co) 1850; age 31; b-NY; cabinet maker (Census 140)
Clendenin, Robt (Kenton Co) 1850; age 54; b-MD (Census 892-913)
Cook, John (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker; S Main between 7th & 8th Covington (Hawes, p 57)
Cooper, Enoch (Campbell Co) 1839; b-Kentucky; 4th St between Greenup and Garrard (Covington Directory)
Crowell, John (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet manufacturer at Independence (Hawes p 132)

Darbeler, F (Kenton Co) 1850; age 25; b-Germany; boards at hotel (Census 834-843)
Dunn, Lawrence (Kenton Co) 1850; age 17; cabinet maker; b-Iowa (Census 1474-1476)
Dunnaway, Ellis (Campbell Co) 1834; on 3rd St between Garrard and Greenup (Covington Directory)

Eikoff, Wm (Kenton Co) 1850; age 48; b-Germany (Census 478-559)
Estep, Wm H (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker & furniture dealer; died at Covington (Hawes p 386)

Frazer, Jas (Boone Co) 1850; wood worker; b-Kentucky; age 51 (Census 519)

Glendenning, Harvey (Campbell Co) west end 4th St Covington (Directory)

Handrick, John (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker; W Main St between 4th & 5th in Covington (Hawes p 60)
Hannaford, James (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker & furniture dealer; d-Johnson & 4th St in Covington (Hawes p 387)
Hannaford, Wm M (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker; 5th between Main and Bakewell in Covington (Hawes p 60)
Harmeier, J (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker 8th between Main & Bakewell in Covington (Hawes p 60)
Havens, Henry (Campbell Co) 1857; prize set 6 chairs (Agr Fair p 336)
Hay, John (Campbell Co) 1850; cabinet maker in Newport; age 20; b-Scotland (Census 997-1029)
Hunter, James (Campbell Co) 1834; on Madison St between 2nd & 3rd in Covington (City Directory)

Johnson, J D (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker north side 10th between Russell and Washington Sts in Covington (Hawes p 62)
Johnson, John (Kenton Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age 28y; b-Ohio (Census 570-598)
Jones, Store (Kenton Co) 1836-1851; Seneca Advertising Mahogany chairs at $4 a dozen, high post beds at $4 mahogany front bureaus at $8. A chair store in Market St in Covington. Adv large and small rockers, Grecian chairs, common Windsors, fancy ottomans and stools of the latest fashion. (Old News p 39, May 1921 Kentucky Historical Register, Mrs. Rouse)

Kelley, Thos (Campbell Co) 1834; cabinet maker boards at J Morris in Covington (Directory)
Knop, Peter (Campbell Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age 28; b-Germany (Census 234-246)

Linfoot, Thos (Kenton Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age 35; b-England (Census 502-523)
Little, John W (Campbell Co) 1850; age 32; wood turner; b-Ohio (Census 367-399)
Lukeman, A Rudolph (Kenton Co) 1850; age 35; b-Germany; cabinet maker; 8 yrs in NY, 3 yrs in Ky (Census 1026-1047)

Maxwell, Joseph ( Kenton Co) 1850; 18y; b-Michigan; cabinet maker in 2nd Ward (Census 485-505)
McEwan, A (Boone Co) 1857; exhibited prize set of split seat chairs near Florence (Fairs & Fairmakers)
Mills, Philip (Kenton Co) 1850; age 17; cabinet maker (Census 932-953)
Moran, Henry A (Campbell Co) 1834; 3rd between Garrard and Greenup; cabinet maker (1834 Directory)
Morrow, Henry (Campbell Co) 1850; age 28; cabinet maker in Newport (Census 694-721)

Newport, Joseph (Campbell Co) 1839; b-Penn; residence Scott & 5th cabinet maker in Covington (City Directory)
Noe, Jordan (Campbell Co) 1850; age 43; b-Kentucky; cabinet maker (Census 1060-1064)

Osborne, Benjamin (Campbell Co) 1834; cabinet maker at Madison St between 2nd & 3rd in Covington (City Directory)

Papenbrock, H (Kenton Co) 1859; bedstead turner north side 9th between Greenup & Scott (Covington Hawes p 66)
Polley, Henry (Kenton Co) 1850; age 26; b-Germany; cabinet maker (Census 1198-1220)
Porter, J C (Kenton Co) 1850; age 31; b-Kentucky; cabinet maker (Census 205-222)
Pugh, Wm (Boone Co) 1850; age-43; wood worker; b-NC (Census 213)

Remyer, J F (Campbell Co) 1850; age 28; b-Germany; cabinet maker (Census 120-124)
Ricketson, John (Campbell Co) 1834; cabinet maker on Madison St in Newport (Directory)
Robinson, Wm E (Kenton Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age 39; b-Ohio (Census 996-1077)
Rose, A P (Kenton Co) 1850; age 30; b-MD; cabinet maker and furniture dealer at Covington (Census 7303-723, Hawes p 387)
Rose, Abraham (Campbell Co) 1839; cabinet maker in Market Space; residence on 4th between Madison and Scott in Covington; b-MD (Covington Directory)

Scott, Wm H (Campbell Co) 1839; b-Va; cabinet maker on N Market Space; residence below Madison St in Covington (Directory)
Seaton, Reid (Campbell Co) cabinet maker in Covington around 1823; b-Boston Mass; 1802-1821; d-Medina Oh; age 72 (Perrin's Ky 8th Ed. p 972)
Shell, Josias (Campbell Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age-57; b-Penn (Census 698-723)
Shinoff, John (Kenton Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age 29; b-Germany (Census 815-836)
Shinoff, Michael (Kenton Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age-58; b-Germany (Census 815-1836)
Smith, Wm (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker & undertaker; Independence (Hawes p 132)

Terbackler, Franz (Campbell Co) 1839; b-Bavaria; cabinet maker at Martin's in Covington (Directory)
Thompson, Archibald (Boone Co) 1850; cabinet maker; a-19; b-Kentucky (Census 532)

Utz, T (Campbell Co) 1859; cabinet maker on Saratoga near Jefferson in Newport (Hawes p 274)

Wagoner, Adolph (Kenton Co) 1859; wood turner; west side Scott between 4th & 5th in Covington (Hawes p 69)
Wilson, Harmon (Kenton Co) 1850; cabinet maker; age-29; b-Indiana (Census 1043-1069)
Winter, John (Kenton Co) 1859; cabinet maker in Covington (Hawes p 70)
Wright, Wm (Campbell Co) 1816 bound Dec 1816 to Jas Bunch; carpenter (Orphan Book p 414)


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