Benjamin and Sarah Hulley


Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical Society in Alexandria.


Benjamin Hulley was born 12 Jan 1803 in Ashton Under Lyne in Lancashire, England and was christened 20 Feb 1803 at Saint Michaels Church.  He was the son of James and Sarah (Phillips) Hulley. He married Sarah Middleton about 1838 place unknown, who was also born in England 15 Apr 1815.  Sarah immigrated to the United States in 1826.  Benjamin is listed in the 1840 Maury Tennessee census. Benjamin filed his naturalization papers in Alexandria in January 1843.  Benjamin died 11 Nov 1854 and was buried in the Alexandria Cemetery.  Sarah died 26 Oct 1902 and was buried in the Alexandria Cemetery.

Children of Benjamin Hulley and Sarah Middleton

1. Mary Hulley; b 1839; m-George F Smith 25 Aug 1859
2. Squire Hulley b-17 Mar 1841 in Alexandria; m-Missouri Jane Maddox, daughter of Elijah G and Margaret Jane (Smith) Maddox, 17 Sep 1864; died 3 Sep 1933 and was buried in the Alexandria Cemetery.
3. John Hulley b-Mar 1845 in Alexandria; m-Sarah Jane Nelson, daughter of Thomas and Jane (Taylor) Nelson, 21 Nov 1871; Sarah died 2 Jan 1883; m-2nd Harriet Youtsey 4 Mar 1885; Harriet died 29 Oct 1899
4. Charlotte Hulley b-25 Aug 1848 in Alexandria; m-James H Alford 20 Oct 1866; d-12 June 1922 in Alexandria; br-Alexandria Cemetery
5. Jane Hulley b-1848 in Alexandria; m-George Phillips 9 Dec 1868
6. Sarah Hulley b-1849 in Alexandria
7. Benjamin Hulley b-19 Mar 1851 in Alexandria; d-8 Apr 1891; buried in Alexandria Cemetery
8. Hannah Hulley b-24 Oct 1852; d-20 Dec 1859; buried in Alexandria Cemetery
9. Robert E Hulley b-24 Oct 1852 in Alexandria; d-21 Sep 1883; buried in Alexandria Cemetery

Children of Mary Hulley and George F Smith

1. William B Smith b-1860 in Alexandria

Child of Squire Hulley and Missouri Jane Maddox

1. William Clarence Hulley b-30 Aug 1865 Christenburg Iowa; m-Sarah Jane Alford 10 Oct 1886; d-2 Jan 1929; br-Alexandria Cemetery

Children of John Hulley and Sarah Jane Nelson

1. James T Hulley b-1872 in Alexandria; d-3 Aug 1953; m-Lucy Grizzell 27 Nov 1895
2. Martha Anna Hulley b-19 Dec 1872 in Alexandria; m-Albert O Youtsey; d-31 Oct 1935
3. Benjamin A Hulley b-1876 in Alexandria
4, John R Hulley b-1877; d-Sep 1957; m-Alice M Wright 19 May 1901
4. Louisa Hulley b-June 1878 in Alexandria

Children of John Hulley and Harriet Youtsey

1. Thomas H Hulley b-30 Dec 1885; d-26 Oct 1900; br-Alexandria Cemetery
2. Ida Hulley b-Sep 1887
3. George Y Hulley b-22 Nov 1889; d-10 Dec 1899; br-Alexandria Cemetery
4. Eliza Hulley b-July 1891
5. Charles Hulley b-27 Feb 1895 in Alexandria; d-10 Oct 1952
6. Irene Hulley b-Dec 1896
7. Bradford Hulley b-Apr 1898

Children of Charlotte Hulley and James H Alford

1. John B Alford b-1868 in Alexandria
2. William H Alford b-1869 in Alexandria
3. Alvin Alford b-1871 in Alexandria
4. Sarah A Alford b-1873 in Alexandria
5. James W Alford b-Dec 1875 in Alexandria
6. Bertha Alford b-1880 in Alexandria


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