History of Beech Grove Sunday School Union


Published in 1995 by the Beech Grove Historical Society; a copy of the book is at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.


Date of Organization-July 4, 1870
First Officers: President- J C DeMoss
Vice President-J A Jolly
 Treasurer-W H Kinney
Secretary-J M Daniel
Marshal-John Flora

The Union was incorporated on February 11, 1880 with the following charger members: J. C. DeMoss, Joseph White, W. H. Kinney, J. A. Jolly and David Pollock.

BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY: Section 1, that W. H. Kinney, D. (David) Pollock, J. A. Jolly, Joseph White, and J. C. DeMoss, their successors and associates, are hereby created a body corporate and under the name and style of the Beech Grove Sunday School Union of Campbell County, and by that name shall have the power to contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, and have a common seal, make all necessary by-laws, rules and regulations, for its government not inconsistent to the general laws of Kentucky, and do such other things as are needed to aid such a corporation and necessarily effect the object and purpose thereof, which is to provide for the holding of Sunday Schools, Sunday School Celebrations and power of etc. in the interest of the Sunday Schools comprising the Union.

Section (2) Said corporation of their successors may create a capital stock of not exceeding Five Hundred ($500.00) dollars in shares of not less than (10) cents nor greater than six ($6.00) dollars.

Section (3) This set shall become effective from and after its passage
Approved February 11, 1880.

Signer: Luke P. Blackburn , Governor
James E. Cantrill, Lieutenant Governor
J. M. Bigger, Speaker of the House
Sam B. Churchill, Secretary of State
P. Watt Hardin, Attorney General
James B. Berk & John S. Williams, U.S. Senators

By 1880, after 10 years of somewhat unorganized programs, generally directed by the Sunday School Superintendents noted earlier, the organization had its first officers and a state charter. At this point they did not own any property. Records indicated that during the first ten years, the picnic was held at different locations. The following is taken from an early report by the Historical Society:

Virginia McAnally conveys Beech Grove Lot 4 4-1/4 acres to Joseph M. Morgan who conveys 2-1/4 acres to David Pollock in 1880 and Joseph Morgan conveys 2 acres to Trustees of Beech Grove Sunday School Union. 1881 Page 18 of the minute book report of the Treasurer W. H. Kinney for year ending August 7, 1880, paid J. M. Morgan on land $15.00 and October 9, 1880, $37.15.

Documentation from Martha Boyer Moore; "As I was told it was started by a Boys Sunday Class from California.  They met the first time at the Beech Grove School Grounds.  They had such a good time they decided to have it again the next year.  The first building was a two story brick building used as a school house.  It was called the Academy.  Finally the Sunday Schools of rural Campbell County got interested in it, decided to meet each year and they called it The Celebration.  Some of the schools were Persimmon Grove, First and Second Mile, Flagg Springs, California, Grants Lick and Alexandria.  At the time there wasn't a Mentor Baptist Church."

There would appear to be no records prior to 1880 and the Union posted no property until 1881. It would therefore appear the Seminary may have been used for the first ten years on Isaac Smith Beech Grove Tract.

From the Minute Book of 1880 the following schools were members:

Flagg Springs Sunday School
California Christian Sunday School
Wesley Chapel Sunday School
California Methodist Sunday School
Oak Grove
Bethel School Carthage School
Beech Grove Persimmon Grove
California N E S S 
Second Twelve Mile M. E. Church
Persimmon Grove
Carntown Union
Mentor Sunday School
J. A. Jolly, Supt.
J. C. DeMoss, Supt.
W. B. Rouse
David Pollock, Supt.
Joseph A. Winkler
Sam. K. Tarvin
Jos. White
W. H. Kinney
J. J. Stevens
H. J. Hissem, Supt.
P. Daniel
Peter Glassbrener
J. B. Burris
T. O. Kennedy


Minute Book Page 23 Meeting August 4, 1882: present J. C. DeMoss, David Pollock, J. A. Jolly, W. H. Kinney and A. W. Tarvin. The Treasurer W. H. Kinney reported November 1, 1880, paid J. M. Morgan on land $7.75 and $1.75 for recording the deed, signed A. W. Tarvin, Secretary.

The report of the treasurer July 28, 1883, shows no further payment on the land. The officers were: W. H. Kinney, Pres., Jasper Rouse, Vice Pres., S. W. Tarvin, Sec., J. C. DeMoss, Treas. and J. W. Flora, Marshall.

In 1882 David Pollock conveys the 2-1/4 acres to W. H. Kinney and J. A. Jolly, Beech Grove, Ky. May 5, 1889; present R. W. Newkirk, J. R. Ellis, C. B. Kinney and E. D. Hicks. On motion C. B. Kinney and J. R. Ellis were appointed to investigate the purchasing of the property adjoining from W. H. Kinney and to pay a price not exceeding $100.00. The meeting adjourned to June 15, 1889.

The committee reported they purchased the 2-1/4 acres for $100.00 by giving two notes, the first payable August 10, 1889, the second August 10, 1890. J. B. Ellis, Pres., E. D. Hicks,-Secy.

Treasurer's report August 13, 1889, W. H. Kinney and J. A. Jolly for Ian $100.00 Deed Book 51. About 1891 W. H. Kinney conveys the 2-1/4 acres to Beech Grove Sunday School Union who now possess Lot 4 4 %4 acres of Isaac Smith, Beech Grove.

The summation of the above indicates that in 1880 we purchased an original 2-1/4 acres and then in 1889 were added 2 more acres to bring the land involved to the present 4-1/2 acres. As far as the record shows no additional land has been purchased, and none has been sold.

"During the early history of the Celebrations, as they were always known and referred to, and before the advent of the automobile, long lines of buggies, and even jolt wagons, could be seen along the dusty county roads leading to Beech Grove, and all eyes were turned toward Beech Grove by adherents of all religious denominations and faiths."

There was a program published 1879, but it was not until 1880 that officers began to keep track of previous meetings, so the 1880 program is called the eleventh Annual Meeting of the Beech Grove Sunday School Union. An Annual Meeting has been held even during the war years of 1917-1918, 1942-1945.From this point on a synopsis of minutes with dates and motions, an attempt to recognize people involved, and other items relating to programs, care of grounds and buildings, and the refreshment stand is given.

May 8, 1880 Motion to buy record book (important to us today)

June 12, 1880 Motion to hold the annual meeting the second Saturday in August and have each participating Sunday School elect two messengers to conduct the Annual Picnic; motion to spend $25 to buy lumber to make seats; also motion to let refreshment booths out to highest bidder.

August 8, 1880 Day of 11th annual program; Exercises opened with prayer by Rev J M Jolly. Notice that old organization be transferred into the new organization. Officers elected for next year: Pres., W. B. Rouse; Vice Pres., Ed Jolly; Treas., W. H. Kinney; Secy., J. M. Daniel, Marshall, John Flora.

October 22, 1880 Two motions: 1. Motion to give all money in treasury ($2.85) toward paying for ground. 2. Authorize W. H. Kinney to borrow enough to finish paying for ground.

May 7, 1881 Two motions of interest: 1. Motion to build a privy and to dig a cistern. 2. Motion to stretch one strand of wire around the grounds. Officers: Pres. Jas. Wheeler; Vice Pres., J. A. Jolly; Secy., J. B. Often; Treas. W. H. Kinney

June 24, 1882 D. Pollock elected president.

July 4, 1882 Part of the Treasurer's Report was interesting:
Pd J W Morgan on land-$7.75
Recording of deed-$1.75
E?d Band for music-$20.00
Printing programs-$2.80
Wire for fence-$5.07
Building privy-$8.00
Collection this Date-$9.64
Received from Book-$52.10

July 25, 1883 Officers Elected: Pres., W. H. Kinney; Vice Pres., Jas. Rouse; Secy., J. W. Tarvin

July 7, 1884 15th Annual Celebration-Officers: Pres., J. C. DeMoss; Vice Pres., J. White; Treas., W. Rouse; Secy., A. W. Tarvin

May 2, 1885 Motion to build ladies dressing room, cost not to exceed ^60.00. Officers: Pres M J Young; Vice Pres J C Minon; Secy A W Tarvin; Treas J J White

May 2, 1887 Motion to enclose the grounds with a good substantial fence. Officers: Pres J C Minor; Vice Pres J Botten; Secy W J Hissen; Treas W H Kinney

Oct 20, 1887 Instruction for building fence around grounds: To be of no 1 hemlock boards, four boards high, striped and cased, lower board 8" wide, top 3 boards 6" wide. Strips and caps 6" wide. Posts: peeled locust 7' long and 15" timber at small end and set 3' in ground and rammed.  Both awarded to A Jolly and Ed Hicks on their bid of $81.50.

July 11, 1888 Enjoyable day had by all; large crowd (estimated at 3000) Officers: Pres J W Ellis; Vice Pres Robt Newkirk; Treas; J C Minor; Secy Ed Hicks

June 15, 1889 Land purchased for $100. Two notes payable July 10, 1889 and July 10, 1890 for $50 each.

June, 1890 A beautifully written entry by Hon. Judge Hissem, Secy. of Assn. "Day opened up showery, but by 10AM had so dried off that people assembled in large numbers. About noon, however, a heavy rain deluged the ground which was accompanied by heavy electrical display driving the 1500 or more people to places of shelter. The school building afforded accommodations for a great many. But little of the program was carried out until afternoon when the exercises were proceeded with before an attentive audience. The evening being pleasant the people lingered long and there seemed to pervade all present a happy countenance despite the unfavorable day".

June 2, 1891 Motion to build a suitable shelter upon the grounds, not to exceed the cost of $300.

June 6, 1891 Motion giving Mr. Chris Weber privilege of removing fence and erecting a new fence on the new boundary line between his property and picnic grounds. Motion to pay a man $1.25 to be in charge of hitching.

July 13, 1892 Officers: Pres., W. H. Kinney; Vice Pres., L. D. Rouse; Treas., J. R. Ellis; Secry., J. W. Daniel

July 12, 1893 Employed Mr. J. M. Jolly to dig well at cost of $36. (Somewhere it is recorded Mr. Jolly was 73 years. old at the time) Officers: Pres., "Jed" Rouse; Vice Pres., Ed Houston; Treas., J. R. Ellis; Secry., W. H. Kinney.

1894 Same officers elected again in 1894.

July 10, 1895 Officers: Pres., J. C. DeMoss; Vice Pres., Peter Daniels; Ellis and Kinney reelected.

July 1, 1896 Officers: Pres., Peter Daniel, Vice Pres., Ed Hicks; Ellis and Kinney reelected. Interesting motion on this date: 1. Booth not allowed to use water from the well. 2. No side shows allowed on the ground. 3. Motion to plant 30 locust and 30 maple trees. 4. Motion to purchase 500 pounds of ice and have two barrels of ice water to drink. 5. Booth rented for $40.

July 14, 1897 Officers: Pres., A. C. Pettit; Vice Pres. D. W. Decoursey; Treas., Jas. Wheeler, Secy., David White

July 7, 1900 Booth Receipts $95.85 Expenditures: E. D. Kinney 40 for bucket and rope. Chas. Bradley $1.25 for drawing water. E. E. Ball served as bondsman for Treasurer J. P. Ellis.

July 10, 1901 The grounds committee proposed the sale of grass (hay) for $4.15. Motion to pay Clermontville Band for music performed. (Other bands used: New Richmond, Augusta and Carthage. These were generally paid $20 to $30.)

June 8, 1902 Brother E M Jolly requested use of the ground for the Flagg Springs Church for the purpose of holding the Annual Association meeting.

June 2, 1903 Officers; Pres Jasper Rouse; Vice Pres E M Jolly; Treas J R Ellis; Secy W H Kinney

May 2, 1904 Officers; Pres W H Kinney, Vice Pres L Kinney; Treas J R Ellis

May 6, 1905 Officers; Pres John Drak; Vice Pres J L Ball; Kinney and Ellis. These officers held over for 1906.

July 10, 1906 Booth managed by Brother E R Daniel, turned over $125.59 to association. 

1907  Bandstand was erected.

July 2, 1908 Alexandria Band paid $33. Officers: Pres P. D. Jolly; Vice Pres J. L. Ball; Secy. G. S. Daniel, Treas. J. R. Ellis.

June 1, 1909 Mr. Weber request to store tobacco in storm shed denied. Officers: Pres. Jas. McGrove; Vice Pres. M. M. Miller, Kinney and Ellis reelected.

May 7, 1910 J. D. Bergle $185 for building booth. Officers: Pres., E. D. Fossett; Vice Pres., G. H. DeMoss; Kinney and Ellis reelected.

It was during their last years that a representative of the Kentucky Children's in Newport, KY. Home would bring children from the home to the picnic for the purpose of finding homes for them, most of whom were subsequently adopted and become prominent local citizens-some of whom are still living. Ruth Wolff, daughter of Judge Wolff, wrote a book about this area using fictitious names called I, Keturah.

The following are excerpts from Ruth Wolff's book Hawthorne which contains excerpts from I, Keturah:

"We marched in under the grove of beech trees where the picnic had already begun. Women in bright dresses flitted under the trees, men stood in groups talking, children ran in and out among them. We marched right up to the benches in front of a platform draped in red, white and blue bunting that had been reserved for us. As if they had been waiting for our arrival, the band on the platform began to play. People hurried to find seats. I had to hold Ethel on my lap and Billie rested his round bottom on the corner of the bench. No sooner were we settled than the band struck up the first notes of "My Country, Tis of Thee," and we all had to stand up again. Mr. Perkins stood up again and announced dinner. 'I know everyone's hungry.' He beamed down at us. 'Especially these boys and girls who had a long trip before they ever arrived here this morning.' He spread his smile over us. 'Now boys and girls, I want you to march up to those tables and eat all you want. You won't find any better food anywhere.'

Every dish you could think of was set out on those long tables over which the sunlight sprinkled like golden raindrops falling through the beech trees. I had never seen so much nor such a variety of food. Heaped-up platters of fried chicken, pineapple-laced hams, great bowls of potato salad toped with sliced eggs and bacon crisps, sliced tomatoes, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, cottage cheese, deviled eggs sprigged with parsley and a rainbow of jelled salads. The desserts were the most wonderful of all. Three and four layered cakes iced finger think with pink, chocolate, white and yellow icings, decorates with jelly beans, red cinnamon drops, fresh flowers and candy rosebuds. There were mince, apple, gooseberry, raisin, and coconut cream pies. At the very end of the tables fresh fruits were piled high, the finest each farm had to offer.

It was not until the middle of the afternoon, after a round of choir singing (in the evening the best competing choir would be chosen), that we were put up on the platform, the smaller children in front, the taller in the back rows.

Mr. Perkins had shed his coat as the day warmed; his long, white sleeves were held up by striped bands above the elbows, his pants by matching striped suspenders. He helped arrange us, more at ease than Mr. Atwood who kept unnecessarily cautioning us to sit quietly. The people who had been milling around during he singing gathered onto the benches again, stretching their necks to see us, whispering to each other behind their hands. Mr. Perkins raised his arms for quiet, then began urging the farmers to take a child for the summer. `All you have to provide,' he told them, 'is a place to sleep and three meals a day.' He turned to Mr. Atwood who was sitting on the edge of his chair. 'And now Brother Atwood, will you pleasure us with showing the children?'

Mr. Atwood paraded us around that afternoon as if we were livestock at a fair. I never hear the good points of a show animal declared but what I think of that afternoon. I didn't think Mr. Atwood had it in him. He never gave a word of praise no matter how hard we worked. There was something almost evil in the display he made of us, as if we were nothing more than puppets and had no more souls or feelings than a placid cow.

Once a move had been made, others began coming up and asking for children. A few who had been out the summer before were quickly spoken for. All at once everyone seemed to have a place to go, even the younger ones that had been passed over at first. As his success mounted, Mr. Atwood become more garrulous. He even joked a bit, warning the people not to feed their boarders too well or they might become lazy. Finally only three of us were left, two twelve-year-old girls who were out for the first time, undernourished and small for their age, and myself."

Records are somewhat sketchy from 1911 for some time. Highlights were:

July 9, 1913 Hubbard Schwartz main speaker.

July 8, 1914 Geo. L. Schoon. St. Supt. Ky. Children's Home spoke.

July 11, 1917 Hon. Judge Otto Wolff spoke.

July 10, 1918 Mrs. Daisy T. Wendt spoke, (1st woman to address the picnic).

July 10, 1918 Motion to turn over all proceeds to Red Cross $260.88.

Union needed with a marshal in that day and time I did not know. The one time they really needed him was when a young man from California brought a Model T Ford. What a better day could he select to show it off to his friends than the Celebration! You recall nothing was as noisy as a Model T. During the afternoon program it could be heard coming down the Cemetery Hill. Every man made a B-line for his horse. The driver did not stop but drove right onto the grounds where horses were tied. You get the picture, anger, confusion, short tempers, so the need for a marshal.

July 4, 1919 Motion to reconstruct dressing rooms.

July 8, 1919 Grounds rented to Jas. McCrone for pasture horses only). No price set.

July 20, 1920 California Orchestra paid $50 to perform.

July 20, 1922 Paid Augusta band $35.00 Paid Wm. Curry $25.00 for cleaning ground and $27.70 for repairing and cleaning cistern.


July 4, 1924 Moved to rent celebration grounds to Wm. Southall for Camp Meeting for $1 per day ($3 if refreshments served). Must put out seats, clean grounds white wash trees, and allow no machines on the grounds.

January 15, 1926 Allowed Wm. Southall $167.80 for building storm shed.

July 20, 1927 Schools taking part were Mentor, Carthage, 2nd 12 mile, Wesley Chapel, California, Flagg Springs. Motion that nothing be removed from grounds without consent.

1928 Sunshine Band paid $35. Address Rev. H. Childs Program committee: Faye Jolly, Ruby Shaw, Mrs. Thad Corbin (1st record of ladies serving on committee)

1929 Program Committee: Tom Clift, Ella Short, and Faye Jolly.

1930 Readings by Lois Ogden, Elaine Jolly and Cathria Lamb; Scripture: Letitia Ball; Speakers Rev. Paul Clark, Hon. Chas. Truesdale.

1931 With the coming of lights it was decided to have morning, afternoon and evening sessions

1933 Music committee rented amplifier for $25.00.

1934 Contacted power and light company about lights for celebration grounds. Change title of marshal to master of ceremonies. Light bill-first time $1.50

1935 Officers: Pres., Harry Lancaster; Vice Pres., Omer Kiser; Ellis and Kinney still secretary and treasurer. Walter Thornton M C. Speakers stand repaired;  Lumber $8.00,

1936 Labor $6.00. Moved that main speaker be selected three months in advance. New faces-Cleo Hill on grounds committee. Wiring, gravel, and electrical supplies $5.57.

1937 Bill to Wm. Adamson $3.00 for wiring grounds and $61.95 for ice cream.

1938 A. M. Ellis to build fifty new benches at 25 each.

1939 Motion to let out booth for $125. $25.00 to be paid in advance.

1940 Motion to hire band with the understanding they furnish their own food. Officers: Pres., Harry Johnston; Vice Pres., Ron Ellis, Secy., Ed E. Ball; Treas., Flo Ellis

1941 Booth committee: O. Kiser, J. J. Routt, E. E. Ball Grounds: Pres., E. Lippert, Walter Pribble Program: E. E. Ball, C. R. Rouse, W J Kennedy Loud Speaker: W C Dicken; MC- C R Rouse

1942 Motion to hold celebration this year (WWII problem) passed. Motion to move speaker's stand back 12 ft. and put it on concrete blocks Band asked to donate their services.

1943 Motion to buy $100 war bond. Program Com.: Dr. W C Jolly, E R Daniel, W J Kennedy

1944 President A M Ellis, Vice Pres. D B Jolly; Secy. W J Kennedy; Treas. F N Ellis

1945 New trees set out not to exceed $50. (Actual Cost $38.00) Committee appointed to remove stumps.

1946 Booth sold to Houston Johnson and Jack Daniel for $100.00. MC-Harry Lancaster; Asst. MC-Dr. Jolly. Dr. B. R. Lakin of Cadle Tabernacle as main speaker given the privilege of taking an offering off grounds. Later he reported $600.)

1947 Booth handled by White Bros. for $125.

1948 Booth to Reed Shaw for $110.

1949 Main speaker Rev. H. C. Childs; Large crowd - although small children were not so plentiful because of polio that was in the surrounding community.

1950 Hon. Jake Jones - Principal speaker representing Governor Earle Clements. Booth awarded on 40%-60% basis to Russell Plummer. Pres., H. Bockerstette; Vice Pres, Vance Hopkins

1951 Rev. Morris Coers Principal Speaker (Weather Bad)

1952 Speaker Rev. D. P. DeHart, Rev. Eldon Jones and Russell Hayne

1953 Pres., W. C. Dicken; Vice Pres., H. Lancaster, Secy., W. J. Kennedy; Treas., Thad Corbin, M. C. Hubert L. Moore.

I thought it would be of interest to make a list of all local ministers who spoke during the 1st 84 years by scanning the programs. The list follows: C. H. Williams, Rev. Perrquan, D. E. Bedinger, N. C. Pettit, R. H. Dobson, Rev. Vickers, E. G. B. Mann, G. P. Taubman, J. W. Gardner, C. G. Jones, A. J. Jones, Rev. Peoples, Rev. Johnson, Amos Stout, Rev. Bannister, J. C. Holmes, O. J. Chandler, G. Bunton, E. T. Hyes, C. J. Bagby, I. A. Saugae, J. W. Beagle, J. R. Wendall, R. H. Tolle, H. W. Hanshare, J. R. Nelson, B. S. Akers, Wm. Jackson, W. T. Ellis, Wm. Nevins, J. B. Harris, T. H. Plemmons, H. C. Runyan, Chas. Brown, H. E. Harding, E. F. Sporing, Virgil Moon, R. D. Mantist and Rev. Wilson.

There are two observations about the records of the first 84 years operation of Beech Grove Sunday School Union.

First: From the very beginning with the suggestion that each Sunday School give 10 each member, the Union has operated on freewill offerings, seldom having more than enough to meet their needs. Almost without exception all work done, particularly by the Board of directors, was volunteered. Second: For the first many years the laymen of the local churches were the ones who spoke and local churches the ones who sang. It was not until later that we felt outside help was needed, mostly to draw a crowd. I feel we lost something unique when this took place.

Let it be noted that from 1886 to 1894 the name was changed to "The Central Sunday School Union" held at Beech Grove, Kentucky. (No reason appears in the record for this change.) The second part of this Historical Summary is taken from the minute book currently (1995) held by the Secretary Beverly Daniels Wilson.

September 22, 1953 W. C. Dicken elected president, Hubert Moore, Master of Ceremonies and J. R. Painter, Secy. (A new secretary's book was purchased.)

September 2, 1954 Immediately President Dicken appointed committees to be responsible for the work, and work has continued in this manner until this date. Program Committee: Hubert Moore, Chmn.; Clarence Brown, W. P. McCrone, H. Lancaster, Aubrey Clift, Rev. Cummins, E. R. Daniel, C. McCormick and Rev. Carl Steely. Booth: E. Gosney, Jr., A. N. Ellis, Thad Corbin, J. V. Goebel, J. R. Painter, Nick Lemos. Grounds: Russell Daniels, Chmn; Frank Smith, Houston Johnston, Chester White, Harry McMann and John Laycock. Parking: George Hawkins, Chairman.; Forest Hitch, and Chester White Publicity: Lois Sutherland and Chas. Truesdale

September 17, 1954 President Dicken appointed the following as Directors of the Association: Lansing Fossitt, John Fries, Frank Smith, Aubrey Clift, Clyde Young, Clyde Viter, Nick Lemos, Wilbur Wagner, Jake Laycock, Harry McMann, Houston Johnston, Wm. Vogt, David Ister, Dr. W. C. Jolly, E. R. Daniel, and George Hawkins.An estimate of $219.88 was given to repair the speakers stand. John D. Tarvin to supervise the work.

May 6, 1955 Mention made of a Kingsbury teller?

June 3, 1955 Mitchell Hiles, the auctioneer, would have his PA system on the ground at no charge - but would accept a small donation if offered.

July 1, 1955 Motion for Mr. McCormick to secure Dr. Adrian Doran -as main speaker. Mentor Brotherhood to operate stand on 50-50 basis. Motion by Clarence Brown to limit all local speakers to ten minutes.

May 11, 1956 Meeting centered around getting the main speaker. Chas. P. Taft recommended - Red Turner asked to come and sing.

June 1, 1956 Gene Moore to contact President of Georgetown College, Dr. Leo Eddkaum to be main speaker. He later accepted the invitation.

May 11, 1957 New President, Bro. Chas. McCormick reported that he had obtained the Rev. Keyes and singers for speaker and special music.

June 7, 1957 Motion to build concrete block toilets.

July 2, 1957 Motion to award contract on toilet to "Doc" White for $400.

December 6, 1957 Election of officers; Pres., C. McCormick; Vice Pres., S. Grey; Secy., Wm. Vogt; Treas., Thad Corbin; M. C., E. Gosney Jr. and Harold Moore

June, 1958 Rev. Jesse Murrell had accepted invitation to be main speaker. W. C. Dicken brought copy of original deed to this meeting. It created much interest and was returned to Jolly family for safekeeping. Also this year the following local pastors spoke (probably most of any year) C. N. Helphinstine; Tom Lee, Chase Jennings, Jr., Hafiz Yousof; John Hamby, Frank Harris, Mervyn Borders, Walter Piper and Bill Barnard.

July 17, 1959 Speakers: Afternoon: Rev. Chase Jennings; Evening: Rev. Hafiz Yousof, Pastor Mentor Baptist Church

August, 1959 Estimate of material needed to rewire grounds given by E. Gosney, Jr. (No cost estimate)

July 1, 1960 Discussion of main speaker - Dr. Dale Moody; Southern Seminary recommended

July 29, 1960 Motion to pay Pat Dicken $145 for clearing grounds. Motion to close refreshment booth during main speaker's address.

June 22, 1961 Committee' appointed for year. Road Dept. will put stone and upgrade driveway. Lansing Fossitt reported all buildings painted. Some other work done on drainage ditch. Total cost $183.78

September, 1961 Motion that Bro. Frank Harris obtain and plant 35 Beech trees.

June, 1962 Dr. W. C. Jolly trying to get Marian Spellman to come sing for us. Harris reported trees planted - so far only 2 dead.

May 13, 1963 Rev. E. P. Mitchell invited to be main speaker.

June 6, 1963 Rev. Sam Muzula and Chas. P. Taft would be main speakers.

October 7, 1963 All officers reelected for another year.

June 19, 1964 Lansing Fossitt elected MC upon resignation of Harold Moore, who had become Pastor of Licking Valley Baptist Church. Motion for replacing two loudspeakers at cost of $25 each.

June 22, 1964 Eddie Ball in charge of picnic dinner replacing Mrs. Ruth Brock. Ford Philpot suggested as main speaker. Mrs. Zella Koch, of Holly Hill, to be afternoon speaker.

July 24, 1964 Kash Amburgy chosen as main speaker. Do you remember those slogans "Save cash, with Kash" "Only one life, will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last.

October 3, 1964 All present officers reelected: Motion to send flowers upon death of any board member. President Sam Gray is in charge of this. (E. R. Daniel deceased)

July 2, 1965 Motion to purchase P.A. System as recommended by Clift and Gosney at cost of $200. President Gray to borrow money from bank. Program to include Midwest Gospel band, Dorothy Fuller, R. W. Livingood, the Southernaires.

July 23, 1965 Program committee reported Ed Freshday would be main speaker. Dr. W. C. Jolly in charge of publicity. Fiscal court will present flag to BGSSU. Motion to purchase name plates for all committee members.

December 14, 1965  All officers reelected.

May 29, 1966 Motion to concrete the floor of the speakers stand.

June 24 1966  Report Ashley Ward will bring CCHS band. Dr. Robert Mills, President Georgetown College will be principle speaker.
Plans to (1) recognize oldest person present, (2) recognize the person who has attended the most celebrations and (3) invite Bro. Byiand to address our older people. Motion also to give plaques to past presidents.

July 29, 1966 Motion to change plaques to certificates due to cost.

October 6, 1966  All officers reelected. Gosney and Clift switched offices.

May 27, 1967 Treasurer presented bill for flowers for deceased past president, W. C. Dicken.

June 30, 1967 Motion to pay water district tap fee, but have water on only one month per year.

July 28, 1967 Brigadier General Harvey along with the Queen City Cadets and the Salvation Army Ensemble to be main speaker at Celebration.

September 29, 1967 Flowers sent for W. J. Kennedy funeral. E. Gosney, Jr. donated laundry tubs to association. Officers elected: Pres., S. Gray; Vice Pres., E. Gosney Jr. Secy., Wm. Vogt; Treas., Aubrey Clift; MC-Lansing Fossitt

May 31, 1968 Begin making plans for centennial celebration in 1970. Edna Corbin to be contacted for help in writing history.

July 17, 1968 E. Gosney rented digger for $30 to dig 368' ditch. He will furnish water pipe.

September 27, 1968 All officer's reelected.

May 23, 1969 Plans for celebration of 1969; Beulah Daniels to be in charge of food. Program 3PM-5:30PM, dinner 5:30-7:30, Program 7:30 Close

September 26, 1969 Matt Franck reported he had promise of $1000 to build new shelter and a few other smaller checks. Ken Myers was sketching plans. Suggested speaker for 1970 Gov. Nunn, Kash Amburgy, Don Lukens, Bob Fiarrinton. Possibility of extending program into Sunday AM and afternoon.
May 1, 1970 President Gray reported buying old pews from Licking Valley for $30.

July 24, 1970 Program Committee reported they had speaker (no name) According to the program both Kash Amburgy and Gov.Nunn spoke. Centennial year - should be some details here.

September 25, 1970 Motion to roof shelter 36' x 48' - galvanized roof, locust posts, oak sheeting, estimated cost $700. All officers reelected.

June 4, 1971 Lansing Fossit to supervise construction of shelter with hopes of having it done by Celebration in August.

July, 1971 Building almost complete - Rev. Carl Sears to be main speaker.

June 24, 1971 A work meeting held on ground today. Secy. Vogt noted "Much was accomplished when darkness fell the day"

September 25, 1971 Bill for shed $624.37. Lansing Fossitt reported he would make no charge for labor or for material which he furnished. A unanimous expression of thanks was made to Lansing by the Board of Directors. Note: We will need eave troughs before next year.

May 26, 1972 Main speaker to be Rev. Estes Deanton.

June 30, 1972 Received $12 for 2 Cox family reunions. Some trees need removing from ground.

July 21, 1972 General discussion of program.

September 29, 1972 A special donation of $193.16 by Mr. George Gedge the treasurer allowed to pay all bills involving a $381 note and have a balance of $67.54. At this meeting Bro. Sam Gray tendered his resignation as president having served 13 years. He cited poor health as his reason. The board quickly elected Lansing Fossitt Pres. Wm Vogt Vice Pres.; Garland Nelson, Secy. and Ken Clift, Treas. Ernest Gosney, Jr. also resigned after many year of faithful service. Both of these men will be sorely missed.

May 25, 1973 Discussion of main speaker. Dr. Jolly suggested Wilbur Swallen (of Swallen store in Cincinnati) Dr. D. M. Aldridge, Pres. of Clear Creek will be main speaker. Bro. Swallen also spoke. Jim Williams of St. John's Chapel will sing. Time to paint stand again - need 2 gallons of paint.

September 27, 1973 All officers reelected.

June 29, 1973 Concept of work day discussed. Date of July 28 set to work on grounds, paint etc.

September 27, 1973 All officers reelected.

May 31, 1974 Since some people didn't appreciate the kind of music the band played last year, the band wasn't invited again. Bro. Elden Neihof will be principal speaker this year.

June 27, 1974 Motion to purchase insurance on our buildings. Motion to put drain in our refreshment booth. Hubert Moore resigned MC duties and suggested E Gosney Jr. as MC.

July 22, 1975 Motion to buy 40 ton of stone for driveway and grounds.

September 28, 1975 Motion to change supper hour 5:00 - 6:30PM Program starts at 6:30PM Election of Officers Pres. Bud Pearson; Vice Pres. E. Gosney Jr.; Secy. Garland Nelson; Treas. Aubrey Clift, MC-Kenny Clift

May 28, 1976 Motion to have sign erected acknowledging B.G.S.S.U. (19 years it is a reality)

July 15, 1976 Rev. Don Mays to be main speaker.

June 24, 1977 This year print 1000 programs. 500 to churches in advance, 500 to be passed out at picnic. Speaker to be "Doc" Rusk.

September 25, 1977 Sam Gray wanted to buy the three stone jars in refreshment booth. Board agreed to let him have them.

April 27, 1978 Emergency - one of our buildings fell down.

May 19, 1978 Discussion of fallen building.

June 22, 1978 All agreed lumber from fallen building should be used to make doors for shelter building.

July 9, 1978 E. Gosney, Jr. given lumber from fallen building for hauling it away.

September 24, 1978 All officers reelected.

May 4, 1979 Suggested we contact C. R. Daly to be speaker and ask Rob Reider to come speak to the young people.

July 6, 1979 Treasury balance $744.21 (highest in history of association)

July 20, 1979 Kash Amburgy will be back again as main speaker - I'm beginning to understand his slogan "Save cash with Kash".

June 10, 1980 Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Shaw to operate the stand. Will attempt to get Gov. Brown to be main speaker.

August 1, 1980 Storm blew down big beech tree on the stand and caved it in. Men will work all day Saturday cleaning up the tree and all next week repairing the stand to be ready for picnic August 9.

August 21, 1980 Same officer reelected.

April 2, 1981 Rev. Chas. Harrison selected to be main speaker. Holly Hill donated $25.00 in memory of Board Member, Bro. Wm. Vogt.

July 9, 1981 More painting to be done. Again Lansing Fossitt to the rescue. Tom Dean elected master of ceremonies.

September 20, 1981 Motion to paint roofs "red" the next time they're painted.

May 5, 1982 Routine discussions about main speaker.

May 7, 1982,

July 15, 1982

September 19, 1982 This year offering $220.30.

May 3, 1983 $500 transferred from checking to Daylight Federal S&L. Motion to put speaker in refreshment stand so they could hear. Dr. Jolly contacted Ed Bowman as possible speaker.

June 30, 1983 Two speakers: Rev. G. Altman, afternoon and Rev. Frank T. Florence, Jr. main speaker evening. E. Gosney give welcome address this year.

September 8, 1983 Same officers elected.

May 10, 1984 Suggested 1984 Celebration be held in honor of Norman Faye Nelson, and Dr. W. C. Jolly.

June 21, 1984 Rev. Keith Blair invited to be main speaker.

July 2, 1984 Flowers given in memory of Clare Nickerson by daughter Nickie.

September 16, 1984 All officers reelected.

May 30, 1985 First typed minutes in 115 yrs. Wow! Speaker to be Dr. Harold Gardner. Night Lights to be installed on grounds around buildings. G. Nelson and E. Gosney Jr. to be in charge. Keith Daniels to dig post holes.

September 5, 1985 Election: E. Gosney, Jr., Pres.; G. Nelson, Vice Pres.; R. Fries, Secy.; A. Clift, Treas; Tom Dean, M.C.

June 10, 1986 Main speaker to be Rev. George E. Hart.

April 21, 1987 Special meeting about buying theater seats. They will be installed later.

May 5, 1987 One change in officers - Beverly Daniels Wilson to be secretary.

June 2, 1987 Lansing Fossitt to be in charge of concrete work. Work to be done next Saturday.

September 13, 1987 Checking Account before bills $1,564.04 Reports: Men's bathroom repaired Pavilion half concreted Speakers stand painted; Some discussion of setting memorial trees; Election of officers: Pres. Rusty Fries; Vice Pres. Sandy Clift; Secy. Bev. Daniels Wilson; Treas., A. Clift; Record of those who gave to concrete pavilion: Mike Vogt $45 (1 yd. concrete) memory of Wm. Vogt Dan Dean $45; California Methodist Church $150; Delbert Cox $100. $25 in memory of Clyde Young Edna and Doc Fossitt $25; Tom Dean $45; Lance Fossitt $50; Mr. Smallwood $50; Others with no amounts; Jeff and Marilou McCarthy; Garland Nelson; Ken and Sandy Clift; Aubrey Clift; Gale Schnitzler; John Dunn Jr.; Matt Franck and Rusty Fries.

May 17, 1988 Russell Daniels to contact Reis Concrete about balance of Pavilion work.

June 23, 1988

July 16th set as date for balance of concrete work.

July 26, 1988 Main speaker to be: Rev. James Uhlein, Pastor Carthage Nazarene Church.

September 11, 1988 Election of Officers Pres., G. Nelson; Vice Pres., Rusty Fries; Secy. Bev Daniels Wilson; Treas., Carol Dunn; MC Tom Dean.

May 14, 1989 Ron Young removed some dead trees and pruned some others. Bev Daniels Wilson reserved the grounds Sept. 9, 1989 for her brother Keith's wedding. Kash Amburgy to be back as main speaker. (He must be getting old)

September 17, 1989 Same officers reelected. Rev. James Conrad to be main speaker 1990

May 10, 1990 Special program to honor Aubrey Clift for his years of service. This honor is long overdue.
September 16, 1990 Same officers reelected. Rev. Stan Schilffarth to be main speaker 1991. Suggestions about permanent sign and getting Alexandria Vocational School to do the work.
May 21, 1991  Bro. Schilffarth could not be the speaker 1991, so speaker will be Rev. Chas. A. Mallory. Jim Reis contacted and ask to write an article about BGSSU.
September 24, 1991 Mr. Joe Brashear asked to design appropriate sign for BGSSU. Bro. Schitffarth will be main speaker in 1992.
June 1, 1992 Joe Brashear designed sign. Design approved by board.
July 21, 1992 Publicity signs (12 @ $10 each) purchased to publicize annual association meeting. Beginning plans for 125th anniversary in 1995.

September 27, 1992 Motion to pay speaker $45; Suggested we have a stage manager to help groups get set up and get off stage more efficiently.

May 19, 1993 Discussion of making a brochure for 125th Annual Picnic. Bro Greeg Anderson to speak 1993

July 20, 1993 UDF donated 12 gallons of ice cream for social at close of evening program.  Wayne Fries to furnish 5 gal of homemade vanilla ice cream. Nick Clooney suggested as 1995 speaker. Suggest we have a community choir in 1995.

September 9, 1993 New sign will be erected by Campbell County Alexandria Vocational School.  Some design change needed so they can do it.  Suggestion to have flea market in AM of picnic day.

May 19, 1994 Rev Elliott Holbrook to remain speaker in 1994.  Motion tabled to have flea market. 


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