St Anne Covent History


1000 St Anne Drive-Melbourne

Information comes from the church files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria


Three women of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence arrived in the United State Aug 22, 1889. They traveled to Newport where on 7 Sep 1889 they purchased the Jones Mansion moved in on Oct 20, and renamed this Mt St Martin.

From there they built the Academy of Our Lade of Providence at Sixth & Linden and opened their first school Nov 4, 1889 and within ten years the Sisters taught in 12 parishes. On Apr 29, 1902 a contract was signed with Louis Goldman, Contractor C Hannaford, Architect for Academy Notre Dame of Providence, Newport to build a new facility at a new location.

May 1, 1917 grading began on the property for the new St Anne Convent in Melbourne. This property was given to them by Peter O’Shaughnessy in 1909. The cornerstone was laid May 31, 1918 and the sisters moved in Nov 10, 1919 with the formal blessing the next day.

Ground was cleared in Oct 1929 for a five storey building and chapel. The chapel was dedicated Nov 11, 1930.


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