Anna Taylor Taliaferro

Anna Hubbard Taylor Taliaferro


Anna Hubbard Taylor was born in Midway, Virginia, the daughter of James Taylor Senior and Anna Hubbard. She married Robert Taliaferro, son of Richard Taliaferro and Jane Bankhead, and lived in Caroline County, Virginia with their five children, Anna Hubbard, James Bankhead, John Norman, William Richard Taylor Taliaferro, and Robert Taliaferro Junior. On May 3, 1808 her husband died leaving her to raise the children alone.

In 1812 Anna decided to move to Northern Kentucky to be close to her sister, Alice Taylor, who had married Washington Berry and her brother, James Taylor Junior.

She took her family to Brownsville, Pennsylvania, where she bought 2 flatboats for the trip down the Ohio River. In addition to her own family, she brought along the Taft family, who were relatives, 60 slaves and all of their possessions.

She had previously contacted her sister how to locate her home. Alice told her that she would fly a red petticoat from a tree, close to the river, to mark the spot where they should land. They missed the signal and they landed near James Taylorís home in Newport. After visiting with him and his family for a time, Anna took her family to live with Alice and Washington Berry on their 1000 acre farm at Dayton.

Annaís son William Richard married his cousin, Alice Berry in 1824 and they had a home built 1830, with slaves clearing the land and building the home at the north end of Fort Thomas that still stands today at 1810 North Fort Thomas Avenue.

Ann Hubbard Taliaferro married John Todd December 25, 1823.

Children of John Norman Taliaferro and Frances Mary Parker

Henry Lush Taliaferro b-1831 in Newport; d-20 Aug 1877 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery
William Southgate Taliaferro b-30 Nov 1843 in Newport; d-15 Aug 1881 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery; m-Caroline M

Children of Robert Taliaferro and Eliza Todd

1. Mary Louise Taliaferro b-18 Aug 1833 in Louisville Ky. m-Jonathan Gibson; d-10 Sep 1931 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen
2. Jennie Taliaferro b-1841; d-26 Dec 1908 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen

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