First Baptist Church of Alexandria

104 Washington Street-Alexandria

Information comes from the church files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria



Notes from the Clerk’s record of the First Baptist Church of Alexandria by permission of Rev Branham., by Elizabeth Morrow

"Be it recommended that in the seventeenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty that a number of persons in and about Alexandria, Campbell Co, having obtained permission from the church at Four Mile in said County, professing themselves to be followers of Christ, convened at Brother William D’Courcey’s for the purpose of uniting in a Religious Society, for sustaining the worship of God in decency and order. On April 20, 1820, the Church met at William De’Courcy’s in Alexandria. Elder Absalom Graves, moderator motioned and agreed that the following rules be observed at our next meeting of business, etc."

Mr. Graves was the first minister of this church in Alexandria.

List of members:

Mary Spilman d-6 Mar 1872

Elizabeth Spilman McVean
Frank Spilman
Anthean Spilman d-23 Mar 1897
Jackson Wright d-19 June 1898
Nancy Wright
Sarah Wright d-Dec 1875
Esther Wright d-8 Feb 1872
Elizabeth Reiley d-29 June 1886
Eliza Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher d-Dec 1866
William Reiley d-19 Jan 1882
Elizabeth Reiley d-6 Sep 1878
Mary Margaret Spilman Keiser
John Wheeler
Mrs. John Wheeler
Mariah Spilman
John Thatcher d-9 Nov 1896
John A Stroube
Elizabeth Margaret Stroube
Sarah Thatcher
George W Reiley d-Feb 1861
Louela E Reiley (now Ducker) d-2 Jan 1873
James Furnish
Nancy Furnish d-8 Feb 1887
William Thatcher
Jacob White
Sarah White

The Church met for many years to worship at private homes. Finally they resolved to build a house and did build one storey brick, which was used for many years, but was never entirely finished. This church building stood next to the Court House back from the main street. It was finally abandoned and the Church worshipped in the Court House. In 1864 arrangements were made with the trustees of the Southern Methodist for the use of their building on Jefferson street in Covington until a new church could be erected. The present church was built in 1870-71 and was dedicated by Rev N C Pettit.

The 54 Anniversary of the Campbell County Association of the Regular Baptists was held at the Alexandria Church, Aug 25, 26, & 27 1880, with Rev J M Jolly, moderator, J J Wright, Clerk, J B Otten, Asst. Clerk


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