Alexandria Elementary




Back Row-Cooper Hart (holding the sign) The following names of students are given, but are not identified as to position.

 Ben Boyers, Tillie Racke, Hannah Lou Petty Smith, Edith Perry Hodge, Lida Robinson, Eva Wright, Goldier Thatcher, Clifford Gosney, Blanche Thatcher (teacher) Fan Thatcher, Edith Sylvia Field Schlake (19 June 1891-2 Dec 1978) Augusta Funk, Ruth Thatcher, Mary Gilbert Hopper, Jack Thatcher, Atwood White, Burnard Boyers, Claude Guy Field (26 Mar 1893-25 Aug 1970)  Charles Listerman, Florence Reiley Peterson, Florence Brill Dunn, Lola Hart, Willis Shaw, Ralph White, August Nordwick, Clyde Gosney, George Racke, John Odis Field (4 July 1894-5 Feb 1944), Ennis Shaw, Cora Snyder, Marie White, Cornelia Matz Racke, Bessie Houston, Norma Rost, Anna Gosney Teschner, Bessie Charles Gosney, Margaret Spilman, Albert Teschner, Edwin Yelton, Alois Schwalbach


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