Cincinnati Enquirer, 4 August 1894, page 6


The Colored Voter Indignates

The colored Republicans met last night in the lecture room of the colored church on Columbia street.  Several speeches were made by the leading colored citizens of the city and each and every one of them condemned in the strongest terms the action of the Bellevue Convention in ignoring their representatives and refusing to allow them a voice in the proceedings.

Nick Neblett, the janitor of the German National Bank and the acknowledged leader of the colored Republicans in Campbell County, and who was a delegate to the Bellevue convention, denounced the ticket nominated at that convention and offered a resolution providing that each and every colored person of the city refrain from voting on the day of election and stay away from the polls.

Nearly every colored voter in the city was present and the large room proved inadequate to hold them.  It is their intention to hold meetings every week.


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