Corinthian Baptist Church

Corinthian Baptist Church

Seventh and Saratoga Streets in Newport


This abbreviated church history was researched, compiled and submitted
by Leslie Henderson for the Centennial Anniversary of Corinthian
Baptist Church July 1888


Corinthian Baptist Church was founded October 24, 1882, although many of its worshipers had already been meeting for prayer among themselves for some time, under the spiritual guidance of Dennis Lightfoot.  Its seven  trustees, Thornton Davis, George Logan, Calvin Spencer, James Murray, Robert Howard, Thomas Johnson and Hader McComico, acting on behalf of the church  bought the First German Baptist Church at the southwest corner of 6th and Columbia for the sum of $2900, for their services which began in the building on October 24, 1882.  They were unable to engage a full time clergyman until Rev J W Clark assumed the pulpit on January 11, 1893.

George Wiedemann sought to expand his brewery business and the church consented to sell for a fee of $2000 in 1892.  Three trustees, William Gee, William Moore and William Thompson acquired the First Presbyterian Church at 520 Columbia as their next house of worship for $3000, of which $1500 was paid as a down payment. This location is referred to as "Old Corinthian".

The 1937 Flood destroyed the records of this church, but a minutes book was
found dated October 12, 1892 thru April 16, 1908. Some items of interest in the minutes include the following:

January 11, 1893-first pastor Rev J W Clark
May 16, 1893-Jim Rodes appointed the first usher.
June 4, 1893-Rev J W Clark led his congregation into the newly purchased building
April 18, 1895-Lettie Austin was elected sexton
August 13, 1896-Rev J H Taylor of Hillsboro Ohio, called as pastor
April 15, 1897-Rev C P M Bigbee of Mayslick Ky called as pastor
May 15, 1898-Rev C P M Bigbee retained as pastor
May 18, 1905-Rev J H Hardin called as pastor
October 12, 1905-Rev Grader called as pastor
1906-1907-Rev J T Steward called as pastor

In 1956, the Newport Board of Education sought to purchase the property at 520 Columbia Street to build a new school.  Even though the church fought, on December 18, 1956, the defendants Thomas L Crawford, Robert Hinton, and Samuel Gillard, trustees were ordered to sell the church property for $23,000. The trustees bought the Bailey's Grocery Store property at 7th and Saratoga.  A contractor was employed, the store torn down and a new church was built.  The members met at the Newport Court House under the Rev E O Givens and called Rev J W McKenzie when the new building was ready.

On April 2, 1958 the dedicatory service was held and services were May 15 thru June 1, 1958.  On May 25 the cornerstone was laid by the Newport Masonic Lodge #120 and Rev R D Wess delivered the sermon.  Newport city officials were among the dignitaries present.

Rev T L Porter was called as pastor May 24 1972 and Rev W L Taylor was called as pastor in May 1976. The church has had at least 25 pastors. The name of those known are:

J W Clark, J H Taylor, C P M Bigbee, J H Steward, Rev Grader, Rev Halloway, J H Hardin, Rev Phelps, Harvey Miler, Rev Coleman, R D Wess, Rev Jackson, M A Dykes, William Britton, Rev Morgan, E O Givens, J W McKenzie, T L Porter

The church has given birth to nine sons;
Albert J Lowe, Harvey Berry, Charles Watkins, Edward Crawford, C Brown,
Harry Jones, William Britton, Tyrone Hall, Calvin Lane

Church secretaries include:
Lavina Littleton
Lucy Pettus
Marilyn Bradshaw
Helen Hinton
Dorothy Harper

"In the name of those gone on before
Let's not grow weary on the way,
But carry on til Jesus comes
To claim His own on that great day!"


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