A Threat to Mob the Negroes

A Threat to Mob the Negroes

Newspaper article from The Cincinnati Daily Enquire, May 28, 1866

The following correspondence will explain itself; Post Office, Newport
Honorable R B McCracken, Mayor of the City of Newport, Kentucky

Sir: Learning this morning that there was the talk of mobbing the Negroes at
the York street School-house, on Sabbath next, I deem it prudent at least
to notify you of the rumor, that such steps may be taken as your judgement
suggest as the public good demands.  In the mean time, I will take the
precaution and ask them to stop their next meeting at that point.  I am
yours, very respectfully, William Andrews, President City School Board.

Mayor's Office, Newport, Kentucky, May 25, 1866
Reverend Mr. Andrews
President of School Board
Newport, Kentucky
Sir, Your note of this date has been received.  It has been to me a
surprise; I had not heard of any design to mob the colored people who
have been holding religious meets, as I have been informed by the permission
of the School Board at the York Street School house.  So long as they
deport themselves in an orderly manner at their meetings, they are
entitled to the protection of the civil authorities, and they shall have the
same extent of my power to give it to them. 
Yours respectfully, R B McCracken, Mayor of Newport, Kentucky

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