Pioneers at Fort Boonesborough  Madison Kentucky  1775

Pioneers at Fort Boonesborough

Madison County, Kentucky

Sketch of Fort Boonesborough
J. T. Dorris
Glimpses of Historic Madison County, Kentucky

This list of verified pioneers at Fort Boonesborough was compiled by H Thomas Tudor, Registrar of the Society of Boonesborough and furnished compliments of the Society of Boonesborough by James J Shannon Jr. All of the names listed below are taken from authentic records and the list may not be complete. Listed with the name is the approximate date of arrival of the person in Boonesborough when known. The number refers to the following sources.

1. List of names from court depositions in Madison County Court House 1801-1806, 1807, 1808, 1811, 1814, made by the pioneers at Boonesborough
2. "French Tipton Papers" Townsend Room, Eastern Kentucky University Library
3. Petition from Fort Boonesborough in regard to land titles, October 14, 1779
4. Petition from Boone’s Fort October 16, 1779
5. "Fort Boonesborough" by Judge William Chenault, written for Courier-Journal April 11, 1907
6. History of Kentucky by Collins-a list of Captain John Holder’s Company at Boonesborough Jun 10, 1779
7. Colonel Richard Henderson’s Journal Fort Boonesborough 1775
8. Draper Papers-Kentucky Series "CC" Vol. 29 page 59 "Association of the Settlers of Boonesborough in 1779 for making a crop of corn"
9. "Convention of 1775 at Boonesborough" minutes published Jun 6, 1840 in Louisville News Letter
10. Claims approved by Land Court Meeting at Boonesborough December 18, 1779 to January 3, 1780 "Certified Book of Virginia Land Commissions" Register of the Kentucky Historical Society XVI September 1923
11. "Personnel of Transylvania Company by Julia Alves Clore Kentucky Progress Summer 1935
12. Monument erected by Boonesborough Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution which names some of the original settlers
13. Notebook prepared by Anna Turley Noland, a direct descendant of Captain David Gass on Black family and related families pp 37-38
14. Family records on Goff family in possession of Mrs. William D. Clark, Route 5, Winchester, Kentucky 40391, a direct descendant of Thomas Goff
15. Family records on Vassar and Brandenburg family in possession of Mrs. Frank Congleton Sr. Richmond, Ky, whose husbands and sons are direct descendants of Joel Vassar
16. Family records on Hooten family in possession of Alene Lipscomb Tudor {Mrs. H Thomas} a direct descendant of William Hooten and Catherine George

*Those names with an asterisk were present during the construction of the Fort.


Farrar, John-1,2,5,7,10-1775 *

Morris, William-2,6

Allen, Richard-2

Fear/Fair, Edmund-2,3,4,5, 6

Morrison, Richard-10

Allen, Thomas-1775-1-Surveyor

Fields, Col. Ezekiel H-12

Morton, John-4-killed

Anderson, Alethe-2

Finley, David-2

Mosely, Thomas-1

Anderson, James-1775-1,2

Finley, James-1,2

Mounce/Mourner, John-2, 13-1780

Anderson, Jemina-2

Finnell, John-2

Myers, Jacob {Miss}-1

Anderson, John-1780-2,13

Fleming, Robert-1,2,10

Neeley, Alexander-4-killed

Anderson, Mary-5-m.Captain John Kennedy

Flent, John-2

Nelson, Edward-2,3,4

Anderson, Nicholas-5,8

Fluty, John-2,13-1778

Nelson, Mrs Edward-2

Anthony, John-8

Floyd, Col. John-2,5,7 *

Nelson, John-2

Anthony, Joseph-2

Foot, Thomas-4-killed

Nelson, Moses-3

Ark, Uriel-2,6

Fowler, Joseph-1

Newby, John-4

Ashby, Daniel-4 {killed}

Fox, John-2

Newland, Abraham-12

Baily, Thomas-2,6

French, James-2,5

Noel, Thomas-3,4

Baker, Isaac-2

Gatliff, James-2

Oldham, Jesse-2,5,7,8,12, 13-1775 *

Ballard, Bland-2,6

Gatliff, Letitia-2

Oldham, Tyree-1-s/o Jesse

Banta, Abraham-2

Gatliff, Neal-2

Overstreet, Michael-1

Banta, Henry Jr.-2

Gass, James-1775-s/o Capt David Gass

Orear, William-2

Banta, Henry Sr-1780-2,13

Gass, Jennie-1775-d/o Capt David Gass-killed by Indians

Owens, Thomas M-2-1775

Banta, John-2

Gass, John-1775-s/o Capt David Gass

Owings, John Carkey-2

Barborn, James-2

Gass, Mary-1775-d/o David Gass-marr Wm Black at fort-13

Overton, Claugh-2

Barker, Samuel-1775-2,13

Gass, Sarah-1775-d/o David-marr John Black-13

Patterson, Richard-13-1775

Barker, William-2

Gass, Sarah-w/o David-1775-13

Patterson, William-3,4,10

Barnett, Alex-5

Gass, David-1775-1,2,5,6, 12, 13

Patton, Lt. James-2

Barnett, Ambrose-2

Gates, James-1776-1,10

Peake, James-2,5 *

Barnett, James-1781-2,13

Gatliff, Capt Charles-2

Peake, Jesse-8

Barnett, John-1780-2,13

Gentry, Martin-1

Peake, John-1 1781

Barnett, Joseph-1778-1

Gentry, Richard-2

Penix, Joshua-3,4

Barnett, Robert-2

George, Catherine-2

Pennebacker, Peter-2

Barton, David-2

George, John-2

Perry, James-2,6

Barton, Joab-4{killed}

George, Nicholas-2

Peterson, Richard-2

*Barton, Joshua-1775-2,4,5{killed}

George, Mrs Nicholas-2

Peyton, Anne Duffey-12

Barton, Samuel-2,10

Barton, Thomas-2

George, Whitson-2,8

Peyton,Yelverton-1,2,10,12 13-1780

Baront, William-2

Gibbs, Julius-2

Phelps, Anthony-2

Baughman, Catherine-3

Gilbert, Samuel-1,2

Phelps, George-2,12,13-1778

Baughman, Jacob-1775-2,4 {killed}

Girey, Samuel-4-killed

Phelps, Guy-2

Baughman, John-2,4,6 {killed}

Goodman, Ancil-4-killed

Phelps, John-12

Baxter, Col. Edward-1775-1

Goodman, Daniel-2,4,7-killed

Phelps, Joshua-2,12-1776

Bedinger, G Michael-2,3,4,6

Grant, Israel-2

Phelps, Josiah-1,2,10,12-1776-s/o Thomas

Bedinger, George-1779-1,5,13

Grant, Rebecca Boone-w/o William Grant-2

Phelps, Lucy-2,5,12-1775 sister of George & Josiah-marr Capt Brashears

Bell, Flowner-2

Grant, Squire-2

Phelps, Thomas-1,2,10,12

Bell, Samuel-10

Grant, William-2-also slaves, Jim, Danberry, & Jennie

Phillips, William-2

Bellentine, John-2

Grubbs, Capt Higgason-1, 2,5,13-1778

Pittman, John-1

Bellew, Charles-1780-2,13

Grubbs, Mrs Higgason-5

Pleakenstalver, John-2

Bennett, John-1780-13

Guerrant, Peter-1

Pleck, John-1

Benning, Joseph-10

Goff, Thomas-14-1783

Pogue, John-2

Bently, William-12

Hackett, Peter-2,3,13-1779

Pogue, William-2

Benton, Jesse-1775-2,5,10

Hall, Edward-2,8

Pogue, Mrs William-2

Berry, James-1779-1,2,3,4, 5,6,7,13

Hall, Thomas-8

Porter, Samuel-2,5,6

Best, Humphrey-2,10

Hall, William-8

Portwood, Page-2, 5, 7 *

Best, Moses-2

Hamilton, Andrew-2

Portwood, Sam-2

Best, Stephen-1781-13

Hamilton, John-2

Powell, Levin-2

Black, Mary Gass-1775-d/o David-marr. William Black 1778


Proctor, James-1

Black, William-1778-13

Hancock, George-11

Proctor, John-2

Blacksford, Joseph-2

Hancock, Stephen-1,2,5,6, 10,13-1776

Proctor, Joseph-1 ,2, 4, 5, 12, 13-1778

Bledsoe, Anthony-1779-1,10

Hancock, William-1,2,4,5,6 10-1776-killed

Proctor, Capt. Nicholas-1,2 3,4,6,13-1778

Bledsoe, Moses-1781-13

Hand, Edward-3

Proctor, Nicholas Jr-3

Bledsoe, Joseph-1783-2

Hanna, Andrew-2

Proctor, Rachel-1

Boggs, Robert-1775-2,5,13

Harmon, John-5,7 *

Proctor, Reuben-1,2,3,6

Bondurant, John Peter-10

Hargrove, Thomas-2-1776

Quisenberry, James-2

Boone, Ann-2

Harper, John-8

Quinn, Benjamin-2,13-1780

Boone, Betsy-2

Harper, Peter-4,8

Quinn, James-2

Boone Daniel-1775-1,2,4,5 7,9,11,12

Harris, William-2,13-1780

Quinn, Thomas-2

Boone, Daniel Morgan-2

Harrison, Ben-2

Rank, John-2

Boone, Edward Allen-2

Harrison, John-5 *

Ray, Nicholas-2

Boone, George-1775-1,2, 10, 13

Harrison, Richard

Reed, Alexander-2

Boone, Hannah-d/o Josiah, born in Fort

Harrison, Sam

Reed, James-1,2

Boone, Israel-2

Harrod, Edward-4,10

Rice, John-2

Boone, Jemima-1775-2

Harrod, James

Rice, Joseph-1

Boone, Jesse-2

Hart, Chenoa-5-mar Col. John Smith

Rice, Samuel-1,2,13-1780

Boone, Josiah-cousin to Daniel Boone

Hart, China-2

Ripperdan, Sarah-d/o Frederick

Boone, Lavinia-2

Hart, Cumberland-2

Roberts, Benjamin-2

Boone, Nathan-2

Hart, David-2,10,11

Robinson, David-2,13-1775

Boone, Rebecca-1775-2,12

Hart, Mrs. David-2

Robinson, George-1

Boone, Samuel-2

Hart, John-2,5,10 *

Robinson, Samuel-4-killed

Boone, Squire-1775-1,2,5,7 9,12, 13

Hart, Kiziah-2,5-marr Lawrence Thompson

Robinson, William-2,13-1775

Boone, Mrs. Squire-1775-2

Hart, Mary-2

Rodes, Col. Robert-1,2,12

Boone, Squire-2 son of Samuel Boone

Hart, Nathaniel Jr-2

Rollins, Pemberton-2,3,5,6, 12,13-1775

Boone, Squire H-2

Hart, Col. Nathaniel-1,2,5, 7,8,10,11,12,13-1775-killed by Indians Aug 1782

Ross, Ambrose-2

Boone, Susan-2

Hart, Mrs. Nathaniel-2,5

Rife, Gen. Christopher-2

Boone, Ulissy-4-killed

Hart, Simpson-2

Ripperdam, Fred-2

Borus, Albert-2

Hart, Susanna-2,5-marr Isaac Shelby

Ripperdam, Mrs. Fred-2

Bowles, John-10

Hart, Thomas-2,11

Russell, James-1,7-1778

Boyle, John-10

Hart, Thomas Richard Green-2

Sanders, Samuel-4-killed

Bradley, Edward-2

Harvester, John-3

Sappington, John-2,12-1780

Bridges, James-1778-1, 2, 5, 10

Hawiston, John-2,6

Searcy, Anderson-2

Brooks, Samuel-4-killed

Hayes, James-2.13-1775

Searcy, Asa-1

Brooks, Thomas-1780-2,5 13

Hayes, William-2,5,6,10, 13-1780 died 1790

Searcy, Bartlett-2,4,6,12, 13-1775-killed

Brooks, William-4-killed

Henderson, John-2,10

Searcy, Charles-2

Bryant, David-1775-2

Henderson, Nathaniel-7,11

Searcy, Reuben-2,3,6

Bryant, George-2

Henderson, Nicholas-13-1779

Searcy, Richard Sr.-1,2,13-1780

Bryant, Henry-1775-2

Henderson, Pleasant-11

Searcy, Richard Jr.-2

Bryant, James-1778-1,2,4,6

Henderson, Col Richard-2,5,10,11,12

Searcy, Sam-2

Bryant, Jonathan-1775-2

Henderson, Samuel-1,2,7, 9,11

Searcy, William-2

Bryant, Joseph-2

Hendricks, Frances Holley-2

Scott, James-2,13-1780

Bryant, Rebecca-2

Hendricks, George-4-killed

Sefer, Hugh-2,13-1775

Bryant, Thomas-3

Hicks, William-2,5,10 *

Shields, Hugh-2-1780

Bryant, William-1775-2

Hines, Joseph-1

Shelby, David-2

Buchanan, William Captain-2, 5-killed

Hines, Dr-12

Shelby, Isaac-2,5,11

Bulger, Edward-2

Hines, Col Richard-2,4-killed

Shelton, David-2

Bulger, John-2

Hite, Isaac-2

Shirley, Charles-2

Bullock, John-1775-2,3,4,13

Hodges, Jesse-1,2,3,4,5,6 surveyor 1777-1786

Shirley, Katie-2

Bullock, Leonard Hendley-1775-2, 11

Hogan, James-2

Shirley, Michael-1,2

Bullock, Nathaniel-4,5

Hogan, Richard-2,12

Shores, Thomas-2

Bundan, David-4-killed

Hoge, William-10

Slaughter, Co. Thomas-2,7,9

Bunoran, John-2

Hogg, James-2,7,11

Smith, Enoch-2,12


Holder, Capt John-1,2,3,5, 6,12,13-1775

Smith, George-2,5 *

Burton, Robert-11

Holley, Frances-2

Smith, John-2

Bush, Ambrose

Holley, Mrs Frances-2

Smith, Major William Bailey-2

Bush, John

Holley, John-4

Snoddy, John-1,2,5,13-1775

Bush, William Captain-1,2, 5,7,12, 13-killed

Holley, Mrs John-5

South, John Jr-2,3,4,6

Bushby, William Major-4-killed

Hooten, William-16

South, John Sr-1,2,3,4,5, 6, 13-1779

Butler, John-2, 6 Horn, Aaron-died 1 Oct 1778  


Horn, Elizabeth-3

South, Mrs. John-5

Caldwell, Robert-1

Horn, Jeremiah-2,6

South, Samuel-2,3,5,13-1778

Calk, William-1,2,5,13-killed

Horn, Matthew-2,13-1778

South, Thomas-2,4,5,6,13-1778-killed

Calk, Mrs. William-5

Hoy, Elizabeth-5-marr John South

Stagg, William-4-killed


Hoy, Parthena-5-marr John DeJarnett

Stagner, Barney-2,5,6-killed

Calloway, Edgar-4-killed

Hoy, William-2

Stapleton, John-5

Calloway, Elizabeth-2,4,5-1775

Hughes, Joseph-2,10,13, 1775

Starnes, Jacob-4,6

Calloway, Flanders-2,3,4,5 10-marr Jemima Boone

Hunter, Jake-2

Starnes, Joseph-4,6

Callaway, Frances-2,5,12 1775-marr Capt. John Holder

Hunter, John-2

Starnes, Valentine

Calloway, George-1775-2

Hunter, Samuel-2

Stephens/Stevens, William-ran ferry 1775-76

Calloway, John-1,2,3,5,6

Howard, Benjamin-2

Stephenson, John-2,6

Calloway, Hezekiah-1775-2

Howard, John-2

Stone, Dudley-1

Calloway, Keziah-2,5 marr Judge James French

Howard, Margaret-2

Stoner, Micahel-1,2,3,5,7, 12,13-1775-surveryor *

Calloway, Lydia-1775-2,5 marr Capt. Christopher Irvine Jul 1781

Innes, Harry-5

Storms, Jacob-12-1778

Calloway, Richard-1775-2, 5,7,9,10,11,12-killed

Irvine, Christopher Jr-2,10

Strode, Samuel-2

Calloway, Mrs Richard-2,5

Irvine, Christopher Sr-1,2 13-1776-killed 1786

Swearingen, Berue-2

Campbell, Samuel-2

Irvine, Col William-1,2,12, 13-1781

Swearingen, Beroni-2

Caperton, Adam-12

Jackson, John-2

Swearingen, Thomas-1,2

Carter, Braxton-3

Jackson, Joseph-4 killed

Tablott, Hale-1,13-1781

Cartwright, John-8

Jennings, Jonathan-2,5,7

Tanner, John-2

Cartwright, Robert-8

Jockars, Charles-3

Tate, John-2,10,12-1780

Chaplain, Abraham-2

Johnson, Andrew-4 killed

Tate, Robert-2,10

Chatten, John-2

Johnson, Betsy-2

Tate, Samuel-2,5,13-1775*

Chenault, Elizabeth Mullins-12

Johnson, Rev Cove-2

Taylor, Edmund-2,7

Chenault, William-12

Johnson, Isaac-2

Taylor, John-1,5,13-1779 (Baptist Preacher)

Clark, Gen. George Rogers-2, 5

Johnson, Jacob-4-killed

Taylor, Nancy-2-w/o Peter

Clay, Gen. Greene-1,12, 13-1780

Johnson, Robert-2

Taylor, Peter W-1,2,12-1780

Coburn, Judge John-2

Johnson, Thomas-2,5

Taylor, Richard-2,10

Coburn, Samuel-2, 5

Johnson, William-2,7,8,11

Thomas, James-2

Cocke, Capt. William-2,5, 7,9-1775 *

Jones, Catlett-2,5

Terrell, John-2

Coffee, Ambrose-2,3,4,5-1777

Jouett, Matthew-7

Terrell, Robert-2

Coffe, Jesse-2

Kavanaugh, Charles-1-s/o William

Thompson, James-1

Coker, Jesse-2,4,5-killed

Kavanaugh, William-1

Thompson, Lawrence-1,2, 13-1780

Colefort, John-1

Kelley, Beal-8

Todd, Col. John-5

Collins, Alex-2-1780

Kelley, Benjamin-4-killed

Tomlinson, William-2

Collins, Eligah-2,6

Kelley, John-3,4,8

Townsend, Gerrett-5

Collins, Josiah-2,6

Kelley, Joseph-4

Townsend, Joshua-1

Collins, Thomas-1

Kennedy, Jesse-2

Townsend, Oswald-1,2,5, 13-1775-surveyor

Collins, William-2,6

Kennedy, John Jr-2,10

Tribble, Thomas-12

Collier, Betts-2

Kennedy, John Sr-1,2,5,10 13-1775-killed fall 1780

Turner, David-2

Colmes, George-2,7

Kennedy, Joseph-1,2,13-1780

Turner, John-1

Combs, Joseph-2-1775

Kenton, Simon-2,5

Turpin, Solomon-1

Constant, John-1,2,6

Ketcham, Jonathan-4

Turpin, William-1

Cook, David-1,2,6

Kincaid, John-2,10

Twiddy, Capt. Thomas-1

Coombs, Cutberth-5 *

Kincaid, Thomas-2

Twiddy, William-4-killed

Coombs, Enos-5 *

Kirkham, Robert-2,6

Umphrey, William-4-killed

Coombs, William-2,6

Kirkham, Samuel-2,6

Vallandigham, Benoni-2,6

Coons, Jacob-1

Kintley, William-2

Vassar, Joel-15

Cooper, Ben-2

Knox, John-5

Wade, Richard-2,4,5,13-1775

Cooper, William-1,2,5,10, 13-1775 *

Lackey, Sam-2

Wane, Isaac-2

Craig, John-2

Ladd, Col John-2

Walker, Joel-1,2,5,10,13-1775 *

Craig, Lewis-1,2

Lanham, Thomas-1

Walker, David V-1

Crews, David-1,2,5,10,12, 13

Lee, Charles-2

Walker, Felix-2,11

Crews, Mrs David-5

Lee, John-2,6

Walton, Robert-2

Crews, Eligah-1

Lewis, Abraham-1

Warren, Thomas-1,2,5,13-1779

Crooke, John-1,13-1778 surveyor

Lincoln, George-4-killed

Wartib, James-2,10

Cross, John-4-killed

Lipscomb, Nathan-2,13-1780

Watkins, Capt. Charles G-2

Curd, Charles-3

Lipscomb, William-2-1780

Watkins, James-2

Daniel, John-13-1781

Little, Thomas-2,13 1780

Webber, John-2

Davis, John-2,3

Lockhart, Charles-2,6

Welch, Walter-3,4

Davis, Joseph-2-1780

Logan, Col John-2,5

Wells, Ricahrd-1

Davis, Samuel-1

Logan, Samuel-1

White, Ambrose-4-killed

Deal, William-10

Long, Frances-2

White, Aquilla-1,2,5,13-1779

Dean, Abram-2

Long, Joseph-2

White, Benjamin-4,5,8-killed

Dean, Susan-2

Long, Lawrence-1

White, Mrs. Benjamin-5

Deban/Deson, Joseph-13-1780

Luttrell, Col John P-2,5,7, 10,11

Whitledge, Robert-2

Dial, Thomas-5

Luttrell, Thomas-5 *

Whittaker, Capt.John-1

Doniphan, John-1

Lynch, David-1,2,5,13 1779

Wilcox, Billy-2

Doniphan, Joseph-2,3,4

Lynn, William-5 *

Wilcox, Sally Boone-2

Doster, James-3,4

Madden, George-8

Wilcoxon, Daviel-2,3,6

Douglas, James-2

Mankins, James-4-killed

Wilkerson, Aletha Anderson-2

Drake, Joseph-4,5-killed

Mannen, John-2,10

Wilkerson, John-5

Drake, Margaret-3,10

Martin, John-2,3,13-1775

Wilkerson, Mrs.John-5

Dryden, William-1

Martin, William-1

Wilkerson, Joses-2

Dumpard, John-2,4,6-killed

Maupin, Jesse-2

Wilkerson, Wyate-1

Dunn, John-4-killed

Mays, William-1

Williams, Daniel-Ranck’s History of Kentucky

Dunnaway, Benjamin-3,4

McAfee, George-2

Williams, Edward-2,8

Durbin, John-1

McAfee, Robert—2,7

Williams, Jarret-5

Duree, Daniel-13-1780

McAfee, William-2

Williams, John-2,5

Duree, Henry-2,13-1780

McClure, Moses-4-killed

Williams, William-1,2,7,13-1775

Duree, Peter Jr-2

McCollum, John-2,6

Witledge, Richard-5 *

Duree, Mrs Peter Jr-2

McGee, David-2,3,13 1775

Wilson, Moses-2,6

Duree, Peter Sr-2,13-1780

McGee, William-2,6

Woods, Adam-1

Duree, Mrs Peter Sr-2

McMillan, James Sr-2,12, 13 1776

Woods, Capt. Archibald-1,13-1781

Duree, Samuel-1,2,10

McMillan, Margaret White-5,12

Woods, John-2

Elkin, Robert-2

McQueen, Thomas-1

Woods, Samuel-2,13-1775

Elkin, Mrs Robert-5

McWhinney, William-4

Woodson, Samuel-2,13-1775

Ellis, James-2

Meriwether, George-2

Worthington, Capt. E-2

Ellis, Mary-2

Meriwether, Nicholas-1

Wright, John-2

Ellison, Joseph-2,5,13-1780 *

Miller, David-2

Westerville, James-2

Embry, Talton-1,2,13-1780

Miller, Thomas-1

Withers, John-2

Epperson, Richard-1,5-1776

Miller, William-1,2,10,13 1775

Yates, James-2,5,13-1775

Espee, Robert-2-1778

Miras, Michael-4-killed

Yocum, Jesse-2

Estill, Ben-1,2

Montgomery, Alex-5


Estill, Boudee-1

Mongomery, John-2


Estill, Capt. James-1,2,3,5, 6,10,12,13-1775-killed *

Moore, Charels-2


Estill, Sally-born at fort 19 Oct 1782-1

Moore, William-2,7,9


Estill, Samuel-1,2,3,4,5,12, 13-1779

Morgan, John-2


Estill, Wallace-2,13-1778

Morgan, Ralph-1,2,5,6,13 1779


Ewing, Baker-2

Morgan, William-1,2


Fall, William-1-surveyor

Morris, Jesse-1


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