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Photo contributions should be submitted to the:
Bullitt County Photo Manager
NOTICE: All submitted photos will be published on this web site under copyright protection of the original owner by permission only.


Please send your file in JPEG format and smaller than 1Mb if possible.  Any format or size is welcome but large graphic files will be resized to fit the web page.  Please include a brief  description or comment to accompany your photo submission.  


Message from Tom Hembrey, CC, KYGW Bullitt County:
This index is new and will frequently be revised and updated. I hope the inconvenience is minimal and we look forward to this index becoming one of our best resources in the near future.


Bullitt County Photo Index - gif

CEMETERIES - Headstones, memorials and grave plots in the county.

PLACES - Pictures of places, buildings, churches, schools and scenic views throughout the county.

PEOPLE - Pictures of people with family roots or history in the county.

MAPS - Convenient local county maps and directions for visitors researching in the county.

MILITARY - Pictures associated with military history and veterans of the county.

MISCELLANEOUS - Pictures we could not identify or have no specific category for sorting.

REUNIONS - Pictures of families and members at reunion gatherings in the county.

[NOTE: Categories will be added as they are needed.]

All previous Bullitt County Photo submissions remain at this web site. We are in the process of indexing the photos for your convenience and expect to have this special project completed late 2006 as part of our efforts to improve the web site this year.


For additional information or questions, please contact Tom Hembrey or Anne Livingston

Your Bullitt County Photo Manager is Garey Barrall.

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