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The following men are thought to have lived in Bullitt Co. or in surrounding areas with kinship ties to Bullitt families.

In most cases further facts have come from pension applications or land bounty records but in cases where the facts after their name are proposed as a question that is exactly what they are and no assumptions should be made. 

Any further details about any of these men that could be shared would be much appreciated and may be submitted to
[email protected] 

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Applegate, Richard
b. abt. 1743

Ash, John
d. abt. 1781

Asturgus, James

Asturgus, Peter
b. abt. 1743

Ballard, Bland
b. abt. 1759 - Had served both in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Applied for pension saying he was a resident of Shelby Co. KY. He died 5 Sep 1853. In 1854 his wife Elizabeth applied for pension in Jefferson Co. KY age 65 saying wife she was born Elizabeth Weaver but was Elizabeth Garrett at time of her marriage 28 Oct 1841.   

Batman, Thomas
b. abt. 1739. Some sources say he was a Private in the Virginia Line but his pension Application filed in Jefferson Co. KY says he was a Private under the Command of Capt. Tannyhill of the regiment commanded by Col. Rawlings (also spelled Colonel Rawley) in the Maryland Line from 1778-1779.  He received pension of $8.00 per month.  He further stated he was marched to Fort Frederick in the State of MD and from that place to Fort Pitt at Pittsburgh in the State of Pennsylvania until the month of August 1779 when he was discharged at Pittsburgh.  He also declared he received a written furlough in the usual form which he had long since lost and that his name did not appear on any other oll of any state except Maryland.  He declared that he was a common Labourer when able to work "which is but seldom as I am very much afflicted with pains."  Children living were four daughters and two sons "the daughters are married and left him and all of his sons had left him ten years ago and are labouring for themselves.  Their names are as follows: Polly Jetter (?) aged 40 this year, Sally Shaw age 39, Hannah Gibbins age 37, John Batman age 35, Rachel Dunagin aged 33, Thomas Batman age 26, that he had a wife living about 67 years old and no property at the time - as he had been "compelled to sell" one Small Grey horse for the purpose of paying off Richard Chew, Physicians account aginst him for attention during a spell of sickness.

Bell, John
b. 1750. PA Line. Applied for pension 28 Aug 1832 in Nelson Co. KY being aged 82. He stated he was born in Ireland in 1750, had lived in Cumberland Co. PA at time of enlistment when he "set out from the Tuscarora valley and marched to Carlisle, the County seat"  (his description of service is very long but also very difficult to read)  He served in Capt. Thomas Tarbutt's company, in Colonel Watts Pennsylvania Regiment.  He marched to Philadelphia then went by water to Trenton and from there to New York arriving just before the Battle of Long Island.  He was promoted to ensign in Spring of 1777. He served various tours under Capts. Alexander, Robert Samuel, John McDonald, Major McHatton and Col. Buckhannan.  He was stationed part of the time at Fort Smith guarding the frontier against "Indians and tories" and was sent out on scouting expeditions.  In total his service as ensign was for 2 years, 3 months.

 "In the year 1788 I moved with my family to the State of Kentucky & settled in that part of Jefferson County, now Nelson County, about the year 1792.  I moved to Fayette County and Settled near Lexington where I lived untill the year 1809 or 1810. I then moved again to Nelson County on the waters of Ashes Creek where I am now living near the town of Bloomfield"

His widow, Margaret, applied for pension in 1843 from Nelson Co. KY saying she was 78 years old and had married John Bell "she thinks"  in Feb. 1786, that he had departed life 9 Nov 1840 in Nelson Co. KY.  The couple married in Washington Co. PA but Margaret never states here maiden name.  She signed her deposition Margaret (X) Bell before Haden Stone, Justice of the Peace. Their son Adam Bell signed an affidavit as witness saying" I certify that the above declarent is my Mother and is the Widow of my Father John Bell dec'd and she has never married Since his death which took place 9Nov 1840"  He gave his address as Bloomfield, Nelson Co. KY.  The widow's sister, Mrs. Jane Russle also signed (she was aged 76 years) saying she was residing in the house of Samuel Russle in Nelson Co.  The marriages of Nelson Co. show an Adam Bell married Rebecca Russell 22 May 1821 in Nelson Co. KY.

Bell, Thomas
b. abt. 1755 b. Frederick Co. MD  Lived in Nelson & Bullitt Cos.  His pension was rejected because his length of service did not meet requirements but his application filed 7 Jun 1832 says he entered service in 1777 in Frederick Co. state of Virginia "his being drafted for a Tour of six months" and placed in the Company commanded by Capt. Wilson but at the same time ordered to serve in the company of Capt. William Helm.  He marched to Little York and then to Reddstone...to the neighborhood of Philadelphia, the British being then in possession of that place.  He knew of no person now living that could testify to his Service and "there is no clergyman in his neighborhood to testify as to his character" his having moved so far from where he served.  He left Frederick Co. VA after his service for South Carolina and leved there ten (?) two(?) years before coming to Nelson County Kentucky.  He makes his declaration to the court of Bullitt County because he has difficulty attending court in Nelson county with witnesses to prove his character.  Those wits were Henry Crist, Henry Ash, John Raymond and Joshua Shirley.  He gives no family details.  Nelson Summers was the recording clerk of Bullitt Co. when he files application.

Biggs, Robert
b. abt. 1753. Wife Jane. Lived in Shelby Co. KY but moved to Clark Co. IN.  Daughter Elizabeth m. Henry Crist. Daughter Nancy m. Nicholas Crist.  He files for pension 17 Nov 1823 in Clark Co. IN saying he netered service Aug 1776 in Pennsylvania serving under Capt. Eli Myers in the 8th Regiment Commanded by Col. McCoy.  Capt. Myers resigned at Philadelphia and he was then in a Company commanded by Capt. Huffnagle where he served as Corp. for 18 months and with consent of the officers, hired a substitute for the balance of time whose name is William Price, but he was at the Battle of Brandywine (and names others battles).

He further swears "my occupation was that of a farmer but from age and debility am unable to labour, my wife aged sixty seven years is the only person being with me. We have had ten sons and six daughters"  Payment stub notes Andrew Biggs, Robert Biggs, Joseph Biggs, Edmund Biggs, Thomson Biggs, Abner Biggs, Elizabeth Carr and Mary Wellman (?) as the only surviving children.  Andrew Biggs gives deposition from Sullivan Co.  & Harrison Co. IN - much detailed family info including the submitted page from the family Bible.  Soldier died 9 or 13th Nov 1831 in Clark Co. IN and had married wife Jane in 1778 in Westmoreland Co. PA where they were both residents.  She died 1 Apr 1839 in Clark Co. IN aged about 83 years.

Bird, Joshua
b. abt. 1728, served in the VA Line. On pension list 1818 in Nelson Co. KY. On 4 Oct 1819 he gave his residence as Nelson Co. KY and his age as 75 years; that he had enlisted 1776 in King George County VA under Capt. Richard Barret who was commanded by Col. Josias Parker in the VA Line. He also served in Fauntleroy's Company. He was discharged at Williamsburg and was at the Battles of Brandywine, Trenton, Princeton and Monmouth and the seige of CharlesTown & Yorktown.  No family data given.

Bishop, Lawrence
b. abt. 1762, served in the PA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY.  His pension applications may be found here and here.  

Blackford, Zepheniah 
d. 1784. In 1770 when Great Bethel Baptist Church was constituted along with the VanMeters and others is the name Zepheniah Blackford

Bozarth, Jonathan
1754 Jonathan born 13 Dec 1754 (according to Bible record).    Applied for pension 23 Sep 1823 in Grayson Co. KY give age as 69 years saying he had enlisted in Pennsylvania Sept. 1776 and that at that time his family consisted of his wife age 62 years and a granddaughter age 9 years.  He died 14 Sep 1830 leaving widow Mary (formerly Mary Hargis) whom he had married in Virginia.  Bible record shows she was born 13 Dec 1754.  Affidavits also filed by Joseph Beatty and Edward Dehaven both of Grayson Co. saying they had served with him.  Also affidavit by William Logsdon filed 18 Jun 1821 at the age of 78 years saying he had known the soldier in what was  later Larue Co. KY meeting him between 1780-1790.  Eli Bozarth made affidavit saying he was the son of Jonathan and Mary (Hargis) Bozarth and that they had two children prior to Nov 1783: Elizabeth and Sally Bozarth and that when his mother died she left 5 children surviving her: Sally Shaw, John Bozarth, Jeremiah Bozarth, Polly Brown and Ell/Eli Bozarth.  Statements also made by William Anderson and Elizabeth McClure on behalf of Eli bozarth's claim.  William Anderson saying he was intimately acquainted with the Bozarths prior to 1791.  Elizabeth McClure age 89 years 17 Jun 1851 stated that at the time of the surrender of the British under Cornwallis she was living at the Fort in what is now Larue Co. KY and that James and Mary Bozarth settled the next spring after the surrender of Cornwallis near the Fort.  Emilia (?) Litsey age 43 years swore 17 Jun 1852 to the death of Mrs. Bozarth and that her dau. Geraldine Litsey was born 26 May 1838  and that Mrs. Bozarth had died the following January.

Blandford, Richard
b. abt. 1754, served MD Line. He applied for pension 2 Oct 1832 in Bullitt Co. saying he had enlisted in Charles Co. MD in 1776 and that his brother Walter, aged 66 in 1832, was also living in Bullitt Co.

Brentlinger, Conrad

Bridgewater, Levi
b. 1761 prob. PA. Lived in Nelson & Shelby Co. Married Patience Stillwell. Moved to Washington Co. Indiana

Bridwell, Simon
b. abt. 1754, served VA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Spencer Co. KY.  His pension may be found here.

Bridges, Benjamin
d. Mar 17 1836 Buried in Long Run Cemetery, Jefferson, Kentucky.

Briscoe, Henry
b. 3 Feb 1763 Served in MD Line. Applied for pension 3 Dec 1832 in Jefferson Co. KY being aged 70 years. He said he had enlisted at Leonard Town in St. Mary's Co., MD and that he was born 3 Feb 1763 in Maryland and had moved to Jefferson Co. KY in 1802. In 1835 he bought a farm in IL and moved there where he died 26 Sep 1839 leaving a child (not named). A Joseph Briscoe made affidavit in Clark Co. IL but he gave no details on his relationship to Henry.

Brooks, James
b. abt. 1727. Served VA Line. On pension list in Nelson Co. KY in 1818.

Buckner, Philip
Served in the VA Militia. Came from Caroline Co. VA. Married Tabitha Ann Daniel 9 Sep 1772 in Caroline Co. VA. Philip is seen in early Jefferson & Bullitt records but later moved his family to Bracken Co. KY

Buzan, John
b. abt. 1740. Served in VA Line. On pension list of 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY.  Probably lived on or near the Monongalia River and  PA/VA border area at time of enlistment as his family is spotted in that area.  Pension information may be found here and here.

Cardwell, William 
b. abt. 1758. Served in VA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY. Enlisted Spotsylvania Co. VA. Wife was 61 years old in 1820. 11 May 1839 the widow Famariah applied saying she had had 11 children. Pension information may be found here

Case, William 
b. 1755 probably PA, enlisted Winchester VA in 1776 under Capt. Abraham Shepherd's Company. Came to Nelson & Shelby Co. KY. Married Rebecca Glover. Family moved to Washington Co. IN

Chappell, William 
b. abt. 1758. Served in VA Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY.  Pension information may be found here and here

Cleaver, Benjamin
b. 29 Jan 1751. Pension application says he was living in Grayson County KY when he applied 24 Sep 1832 aged 81 years.  He was born in Maryland and enlisted in Tiger's Valley, on the Monongahela River in VA in the Spring of 1776.  In 1779 he moved to the Falls of the Ohio and to an area that is now in McLean Co. KY.  In 1832 he had lived in Grayson Co. for 16 years.   Affidavit sworn by William Cleaver (no relationship stated) was made in Grayson Co. 27 May 1833 at the age of 72.  He said he had known Benjamin Cleaver ever since he was a boy and moved to Kentucky with him in 1779.

Cleaver, William
b.1761.  Applied for pension from Grayson Co. KY 24 Sep 1832 aged 71 years stating he had been born in Pennsylvania in 1761 and enlisted in Tigers Valley, on the Monongahela River in 1776 (at about age 15).  Benjamin Cleaver gave no relationship but swore on 27 May 1833 at the age of 82 years that he had known William Cleaver in Tiger's Valley on the Monongahela River and ever since his birth.

Coleman, Robert 

Collings, Thomas 

Conn, Samuel 
b. 1760 d. 1836. Buried Long Run Cemetery, Jefferson Co. KY 

Cornwall, William
b. abt. 1746. Served in NY Line. On pension list of 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY.  Pension information may be found here

Cundiff, John 
b. 14 Jan 1757. Served in VA Militia. Applied for pension 19 Sep 1832 in Hardin Co. KY saying he was born 14 Jan 1757, he had lived in Bedford Co. VA at time of enlistment. He married wife Sally 15 May 1778 in Bedford Co. and died 18 Sep 1827. His widow, Sally, applied for pension 28 Dec 1839 in Hardin Co. saying she was 80 years old and naming the following children: "Gimmy" b. 9 May 1779, Dicks b. 29 Nov 1789, Pleasant A. b. 18 Sep 1794 and living in 1839 in Hardin Co. KY. She also named the children of son Richard in the pension application. Elisha Cundiff was also named as living with the family in Hardin Co. KY but no relationship was shown. (Cundiff marriage bonds in Bedford Co. that help explain some family connections may be found here)

Dawson, George W. 
b. 1752 in Virginia.   According to Perrin's History of Kentucky he served in both the American Revolution and War of 1812 out of Kentucky, living in to the age of 86 years.  His wife was Catherine Ballard.  Their son William Dawson b. 18 Feb 1818 in Nelson Co. KY was a resident of Pitts Point, Bullitt Co. KY and married Miss Margaret Ann Lee 16 Aug 1838.

Deats, Michael 
b. abt. 1747 Hagerstown MD - served under George Rogers Clark. Was in KY at Mud Garrison by 1780.  In early records the name is also given as Teats.

Edens, John 
b. abt. 1742. Served in SC Line. On pension list of 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY .  Pension information may be found here

Field, Abraham 

Field, Henry 
b. abt. 1745. Served as a private in the VA Line for one year. On pension list of 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY, which is where he applied for pension.  He married 2ndly Sukey Withers 4 Mar 1789 (their Bible record is enclosed in the pension papers - have listed their children's birth dates on the QuickNotes pages). He enlisted in the fall of 1775 under Capt. John Green's Company under Col. Patrick Henry's VA Regiment - served one year.  Later served as a private in John Green's VA Regiment for 3 years. He says he married his first wife in Stafford Co. VA but does not give her name.

Funk, Jacob 

Funk, John 

Gentry, John 
b. abt. 1758 - probably Louisa Co. VA. wife Milly Edwards

Gentry, Nicholas 
b. abt. 1756 - probably Louisa Co. VA. Served VA State Troops 

Goldsmith, John 
b. abt. 1750. Served in VA Line. On pension list of 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY.  Pension information may be found here

Goodin, Isaac 
b. abt. 1753. Served in PA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Hardin Co. KY. Pension papers ay he lived about 10 miles from Brownsville, PA, then called Fort Redstone, at time of enlistment and served 4 months in Capt. James Brinton's Company in Col. Evans Pennsylvania Regiment in Gen. McIntosh's campaign and later enlisted under Capt. Brinton and Col. McFarland and was in charge of Fort Atkinson.  After this service he was promoted to Lieut. and served under Capt. Brinton or David Owen and Col. McFarland.  He was engaged in ranging along the Ohio River near Fishing and Wheeling Creeks.

Griffin, William 
served under George Rogers Clark in the expedition of 1780. He died in Shelby Co. KY around 1804. His wife was Mary (called Molly) Henry. 

Harshfield, Henry 
b. abt. 1757. Served PA Militia. Living in Breckinridge Co. in 1832 

Hays, William 

Hoke, Adam
b. 1760 York Co. PA d. 7 Aug 1832, Jeffersontown KY. m. 1786 Catherine Hoffheins in York Co. PA. Was a Private in Capt. Reinhart Botts Co., York Co. PA Militia. Daughter Sarah b. 1804 m. Jacob Brentlinger.  

Hopewell, John
b. abt. 1751.  Wife reportedly Sarah Edwards (can anyone confirm?) Served as a Private, Capt. Charles Porterfield's and Gabriel Long's Companies, Morgan's Virginia Regiment

Horine, Jacob 

b. abt. 1754 Served as Private in the 8th Company, New 11th Pennsylvania Second Line, also under Capt. Andrew Boggs 7th Battalion, Lancaster Co. Militia in 1780. Wife Barbara Swartz. Family moved first to Mercer Co. KY then settled on Knob Creek, Bullitt Co. KY

Highbaugh, George
b. 22 Sep 1755 in Germany.  The History of Elizabethtown gives a detailed account of his service  - the highlights include the story of his signing up to be a Hessian soldier/mercenary then deserting and jumping ship off the coast of Georgia where he joined the Continental Army serving under Major Lane.   He spent the war years in the Carolinas then headed up to the Pittsburg area of Pennsylvania around 1782 where he met the Close family including Elizabeth Close, his future wife. He came first to the Louisville area then claimed land on Nolin Creek.

Hornbeck, Samuel 
b. abt. 1759. Served in VA Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY. Wife Susan. Pension application is here 

Hubbard, Eppa 
b. abt. 1746. Served in VA Line. Applied for pension 29 Mar 1819 in Nelson Co. KY saying he  was 60 years old, had no family and had lived with his son for the last three years.  He enlisted for the Term of two years in Feb 1776 in the Company Commanded by Capt. Geo. Slaughter of the 8th VA REgt. Commanded by Col. Muhlenburg as a Sergt. until about 25 Dec 1777 when he Reinlisted (sic) for the Term of three years in Capt. Nicholas Moore's Company of the 4th Regt. of Light Dragoons Commanded by Col. Stephen Moylin (?) which he entered as Sgt. in the month of Dec 1780 until he was discharged at Lancaster in the state of Pensylvania.  He was in the Battle of Monmouth but was now in reduced circumstances and because of his age could no longer "Labour for his support."

Hubbs, Jacob 
b. abt. 1760. Served in VA Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY  Pension application is here

Hynes, Andrew 
b. near Hagerstown, MD

Hynes, Thomas 
b. near Hagerstown, MD

Isbell, Henry 
b. abt. 1744. Served in VA Line. Applied for pension June 1818 in Bullitt County saying he had enlisted in Charlotte Co. VA in Spring of 1776 and served as private in Capt. Robert Ballard's Company, Col. Francis Eppes (?) VA Regiment for one year then re-enlisted as a private in Capt. John Brent's Company, Col. Robert Lawson's VA Regiment.  He was at the battle of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth.   By 1821 he was 61 years old and living in Jessamine Co. KY.

James, Jesse 
Served out of Montgomery Co. VA in 1781 

Johnson, Isaac 
b. abt. 1733. Served in PA & VA Line. Applied for pension 1 Jun 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY. In 1820 he was 72 years old with a wife who was 66 years. He makes mention of a married daughter and a son who was born 12 Oct 1799 but names not given. He died 21 Oct 1833.

Joyce, George 
b. 25 Oct 1759 in VA. Enlisted Charlotte Co. VA Lived in Surry Co. N. Carolina. Died 15 Sep 1835 in Bullitt Co. KY

Kincheloe, Thomas 
b. abt. 1761. Served VA Militia. Living in Breckinridge Co. in 1833

Kincheloe, William 

Langsdon, Charles 
b. abt. 1745. Served in VA Line. On pension list of 1818 in Bullitt Co. KY. In his pension he says that he married Edith, daughter of Richard Burks 19 Dec 1788 in Prince Edward County, VA and that Robert Hawkins gave surety, however when the widow applied 2 Aug 1837 in Jefferson Co. KY she said they were married 15 Dec 1781. She also told that they had moved from Prince Edward Co. VA to Mercer Co. KY for some years and then came on to Bullitt County where her husband had died 11 Oct 1831 leaving 5 children. The first was unreadable but living in Bullitt Co. KY, then Elizabeth who married Royal Langsdon, Mary Langsdon, William Langsdon of Jefferson Co. KY and Charles Langsdon of Ohio or Michigan.

LeMaster, Hugh 
b. abt. 1749 in Charles Co. MD. Served in MD Line. Applied for pension 16 Jun 1834 in Shelby Co. KY saying he was 83 years old, had lived in Washington Co. MD at time of enlistment and moved to Shelby Co. KY in 1796. He had married Mary Jupin who applied for pension 3 July 1845 in Shelby Co. KY age 78 after his death 9 May 1837. 

Lloyd, Joseph L. 
b. abt. 1746. Served in VA Line.   He served 18 months enlisting 1 Apr 1781 in VA in the Company commanded by Capt. Samuel Finley in the 4th VA Regiment Commanded by Col. Thomas Gaskins in the VA Line or Continental Establishment.  He continued to live in said company until he went home sick from York Twon in VA and that he continued sick until his Term expired after which he obtained the certificate of discharge of Brigadier Gen. Daniel Morgan. Applied for pension 4 July 1825 in Bullitt County saying he had moved from VA to KY in 1815 and that he was age 64 with a wife about 55 years old and children Patsy age 21, Alsay age 19, John age 17, George age 15 and Lydia age 12. He gave his occupation as schoolmaster. Joseph died 11 May 1848.  Joseph also stated he was a schoo master.  Pension says he died 11 May 1848 but place not shown.

Maddox, Wilson 
b. abt. 1753. Served in VA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Shelby Co. KY 

Magruder, Archibald
b. 11 Apr 1751 in Maryland.  Served as Private, 4th Militia of Maryland.  Married Cassandra Offutt.  Archibald died in Bullitt Co. KY 1 July 1842.  Will left in Bullitt Co. names his children: Eleanor, Ezekiel, Ursula, Levin, Cassandra, Caroline and Archibald Jr.

McMannis, Charles
b. abt. 1749. Served in VA Line. Applied for pension 9 July 1819 in Bullitt County saying he had lived in Albemarle Co. VA at time of enlistment. In 1820 he was age 61 with a wife about 45 years old and 8 children at home: Nancy 16, Thomas 14, Polly 13, William 10, Felix 8 or 9, Margaret 5, Sally 3 and Fielding 18 months.    

Merritt, Archelaus 
b. abt. 1754. Served in VA Line. By 1803 he is on the Bullitt Co. KY tax list. He applied for pension 13 July 1821 in Jefferson Co. KY age 61 years saying he enlisted in Chesterfield Co. VA. In 1821 he stated the woman with whom he lived for 28 years was about 48 and that they had 4 sons and 3 daughters but had never married.

Miles, Jesse 
b. 1 July 1763 in Prince Georges Co. MD. He applied for pension 19 Aug 1833 in Bullitt Co. KY saying he was the son of Richard Miles, that he had been living in Berkeley County VA at time of enlistment where he served in the VA Line. He had moved to Bullitt County about 1793 and died 11 Apr. 1838.   Pension application is here

Miller, John 
b. abt. 1747 Served in VA Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY

Montgomery, Thomas 
b. abt. 1748 Served in both the VA & PA Line. Applied for pension 5 Sep 1832 in Nelson County KY age 82 years saying his wife was Frances "Fanny" Pollard who he married 26 July 1787 in Amherst County, VA. He died 24 Sep 1833 in Washington Co. KY and his widow applied for pension 14 Apr 1851 at age 86. She died 18 Feb 1859. Son Thomas Jr. made affidavit in April 1834 that his father was living and reported his death as 30 Aug 1834 (so two different death dates were given in the pension papers). The final pension payment was made to son John Montgomery.

Moore, James Francis 

Moxley, George 
b. abt. 1752 Applied for pension 3 Aug 1818 in Nelson Co. KY aged 59 years saying he had enlisted in Philadelphia, PA. He died 4 April 1820 and his wife Elizabeth McKay, age 64, applied for pension 8 March 1839 in Nelson County. She had been born Elizabeth McKay and married George 2 Jan 1793 in Nelson Co. KY. Their 2nd child, John was aged 42 years 28 Jan 1839 when he swore an affidavit at Bloomfield. On 8 July 1844 surviving children of this couple were John, James, Lucinda, Polly and Elizabeth Ann who signed joint power of attorney.

Murphy, Gabriel 
b. Jan 1760 Served in both the Continental Army & VA Line. Applied for pension 3 Sep 1819 in Nelson Co. KY saying he had been a resident of Hampshire Co. VA at time of enlistment which took place Dec 1778.  He served as a private in Capt. John Stribling's, Oldhouse's, Wallace's Richard Easton's and Thomas Edmunds' Companies and Col. Richard Parker's First VA Regiment in the 7th VA Regiment in Col. William Washington's Regiment and in Lieut. Robert Jouett's Co. first VA Detachment.  He was in the battles of Rugley's Mills, Cowpens, Guilford, Camden, Ninety Six and Eutaw Springs where he was severely wounded in the right side and the left arm.  Discharged 31 Dec 1781. When he applied in 1819 he had lived in Nelson Co. KY over 27 years. He was still living there in 1840. In 1820 his wife was 57 years old and 2 daughters and a granddaughter aged 4 were still living with him but were not referred to by name.  

Murphy, Leander 
b. abt. 1760 Served in VA Line. Lived in Prince William Co. VA at time of enlistment. Applied for pension 12 Oct 1832 in Spencer Co. KY at age 72. A Leander Murphy m. Rose Duncan 11 Feb 1789 in Fauquier County. Further investigation might prove if this is the right couple.

Northern, Reuben 
b. abt. 1757 Served in VA Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY - pension application gives wife as Lydia and said he was born 25 Jun 1759 in Richmond Co. VA and was still living there when he enlisted. After the war he lived in Frederick and Washington Co. VA until he moved to Kentucky about 1805.

Overstreet, Thomas
pension application is here

Paddock, Ebenezer 
b. 1740 in MD Came to Nelson and Shelby Co. KY. Wife Keziah Case. Moved to Vigo Co. IN

Paris, Robert 
b. abt. 1748 Pension application says he served in the NC Line. Applied for pension 8 Apr 1833 in Shelby Co. KY being age 82 years in Oct of 1832

Patton, Samuel 
b. abt. 1753 Served in the (Maryland) Continental Line. He was born 22 June 1755 and enlisted at Sharpsburg, MD. His application for pension was made 27 Feb 1830 from Hardin County, KY. In it he says his only son is supporting him and that his wife had died, but the son's name is not given.

Pierson, Moses 

 Served in the NJ Line in the Revolution and also in the "Indian Wars". He was born 9 Jun 1765 in Somerset Co. NJ, grew up there and that is where he enlisted. At the end of the war he moved to (Nelson Co.) Kentucky which is where he fought in the Indian Wars. In 1820 he moved to Vigo Co. IN which is where he applied for pension 10 Feb 1834 saying he was aged 69 years and that he Inlisted under the command of Capt. Henry Southard who Belonged ot the quartermaster department in the county of Somerset, State of New Jersey but could not remember the month or year - he thought the Summer of 1778 - that he drove a Waggon under the command of the said Henry Southard for the benefit of the army untill Gen. Green was called to take the command of Southern army which he thinks was a little over two years.  He further stated that Joseph Loves/Loves/Louis was the quartermaster under whose immediate commande he acted during his service and there was 16 waggons Belonged to their company.  He was in the Rear of the ARmy storming of Stony Point with his waggon and when it was taken by the British he was also there and came very near being taken prisoner.  He states the cause of his entering the army so young (about twelve) was that his mother had died and his father borke up housekeeping and went from New Jersey to the Redstone country in the state of Pensylvania and left him in New Jersey in the time of the war.  He states he was very Expert in the managing of Horses and that he was pursuaded by Capt. Southard to Inlist and he would be put to Drive Waggons.  At the close of the war he went to Kentucky and Inlisted one year under Capt. Platt (?) to go against the Wabash Indians and help build a large Fort at a place on the Wabash and after that service returned to Kentucky and married.

Pittinger, Abraham 
b. 1762 in Somerset Co. NJ. He moved to Culpeper Co. VA which is where he was when he enlisted in the VA Line. In 1798 he moved to what would later become Spencer Co. KY.

Pohon, William 
b.abt. 1757 Served in the VA Line.. When in VA he lived on the Holstein River. Pension says he was "near about 81" when he applied for pension in Bullitt CO. 19 Nov 1832 and that he had been born in London, England.  Pension information is here and here

Polly, Peter (Sr.) 
Served Virginia Militia and also served under James Rogers Clark along with brothers Drury and James. Probably born in Pittsylvania Co. VA deeds show his wife to be Rebecca. Died in Shelby Co. KY

Pope, Benjamin

Pope, William 

Pound, Hezekiah 
b. 3 July 1761 in Capt. William Annan's Co., Somerset Co. NJ Militia.   On pension list of 1832 in Jefferson Co. KY Died 23 Apr 1839 Bullitt Co. KY. Wife Esther (Morris?) Buried Kings Cemetery, Bullitt Co. KY=

Porter, Nicholas Brent 
b. 10 May 1763 Stafford Co. VA. Moved to Bullitt Co. KY where he married Nancy Hall, then later to Washington Co. IN

Prather, Basil 
b. 1742 Rockville,   Lived in Nelson Co. & Jefferson Co. KY
  if someone has more info could you submit?  Records seem to conflict
  with some information I have been given.

Price, Meredith 
b. abt. 1736 d. abt. 1783/4

Reasor, Michael 
b. 3 Feb 1760. Served VA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Spencer Co. KY. Pension says he was living at Winchester, VA at time of enlistment

Rose, Matthias 
Lived in Bullitt Co. KY - his brother Capt. Lewis Rose of Mercer Co. KY also served. Matthias fought at the Battle of Blue Licks. He was married twice 1) Nancy "Ann" Hickman 2 Louisa Elizabeth Newkirk (dau. of Peter & Cornelia (Sousley) Newkirk) 

Rowland, Samuel 
b. 31 Mar 1759 in Middlesex Co. NJ. Served NJ State. According to his pension application, he moved around 1791 to Fayette Co. KY (near Lexington). He lived there for 10-12 years, then moved to Bullitt Co. KY. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. but by 2 Sep 1835 he had moved to Lawrence Co. IL because most of his children (names not given) lived in IL.  Pension application is here

Saunders, Joseph 
b. abt. 1754. Served VA Line. Pension says he was living in Culpeper Co. at time of enlistment. When he a pplied for pension on 20 Aug 1832 in Bullitt Co. he gave his age as 76 years old. He died 13 Aug 1838 but his son Nat. P. Saunders was living there in 1854.  Pension information found here and here

Scott, John 
b. abt. 1742. Served VA State. On pension list of 1832 in Hardin Co. KY

Skinner, Isaac 
Came from Loudoun Co. VA (which is where he enlisted). Lived near Mt. Eden. Applied for pension in Bullitt Co. 1 July 1833, giving his age as 73. Died 1841 and is buried at Mt. Eden Cemetery.  Pension information found here

Smith, Samuel 
(also spelled Smythe) Served as a surgeon in the VA Line. According to pension he was born in Ireland and that the only relative who came to America with him was his brother Adam Smith who had died some years before (this was said in 1844) leaving two children: William & Samuel Smith who applied 21 Oct 1844 in Bullitt Co. KY. Samuel (the soldier) died in 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY.  Pension information found here

Stout, Elijah
b. abt. 1743 in Hunterdon Co. NJ and moved to Culpeper Co. VA where he enlisted. He moved to Kentucky in 1798 and went first to Scott Co. but in 1802 he moved to what would become Spencer Co. KY. On pension list of 1832 in Spencer Co. KY

Shoptaw, John 
b. 11 Mar 1764 in what would become Berkeley Co. VA. Served in "the Indian Wars" (according to his pension) in PA. He lived in Washington Co. PA at time of enlistment. He moved to Nelson Co. KY in fall of 1791 and then to. Bullitt Co. KY. William Shoptaw made affidavit in 1832 but did not explain his relationship to John.  Pension information found here

Spencer, William
Pension application found here

Stringer, John 
b. May 1755 in Louisa Co. VA. Served VA Line. He applied for his pension 15 Oct 1832 in Bullitt Co. and gave his age as 77 in May 1832. He was living in Albemarle Co. at time of enlistment. In 1788 he moved to Fayette Co. KY (near Lexington) staying there for about 2 years, then moved to Jefferson Co. and finally Bullitt Co. KY.  Pension information found here and here

Tennell, George 
b. abt. 1740. Served VA Line. He applied for pension 29 July 1818 in Nelson Co. KY giving his age as 62. Pension implies he had been in Fayette Co. PA before coming to Kentucky and in 1820 he was living in Madison Co. KY. His wife at that time was about 67 years and he still had one daughter at home who was 17. He mentioned a son and another daughter (but not by name)

Thompson, William 
b. abt. 1746 in St. Mary's Co. MD. Pension says he lived about 16 miles from Fort Frederick MD when he enlisted. Served MD Line. He applied for pension in Nelson Co. KY 16 Oct 1833 saying he had lived in KY about 35 years.

Tinsley, William 
b. 1763 in Caroline Co. VA Served VA Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Shelby Co. KY. Wife Sarah Samuel who he m. 4 July 1793 in Caroline Co. VA. William died 28 Feb 1835 in Shelby Co. and Sarah applied for pension naming children Anthony b. 1794, Thomas b. 1796, Archibald b. 1799, Ann b. 1803, Kitty b. 1805, William b. 1807, Mary b. 1809, Spencer b. 1811, Harrison b. 1813, Abner b. 1815, John b. 1817. A John Samuel made affidavit in 1844 in Scott Co. KY about the marriage of William & Sarah Samuel.

Tuel, John 

Vittitoe, Samuel 
Served VA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Nelson Co. KY

Webb, Augustin 
Served VA State. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY. Lived in Orange and Hanover Co. VA prior to KY. He married Francis "Franky"Clarke 24 Sep 1807. Died in Bullitt Co. KY

Weeks, James 
b. 1749 Westmoreland Co. VA. His pension says that he moved with his father when he was about 4 or 5 to King George Co. VA - a part that later became part of Stafford Co. VA. He was still living there at time of enlistment and after the war he moved to Fauquier Co. VA. He moved to KY in 1816 to Bullitt Co. KY and continued living there and Spencer Co. (which is where he was when he applied for pension 8 Oct 1832)

Wells, Samuel 

Welsh, James 
b. abt. 1750 Served PA Militia. He was living in Cumberland Co. PA at time of enlistment. On pension list of 1832 in Jefferson Co. KY. 

Wilhoit, Tobias 
b. 15 Oct 1750 in Orange Co. VA (later Culpeper) the son of Mathias Wilhoit. Enlisted in Culpeper Co. VA. He m. Mary Shirley in Virginia, came to Bullitt Co. in the mid 1790's. He applied for pension 5 Sep 1832 in Owen Co. "where he lives most of the time" . He was 87 at that time and died 7 Feb 1839 in Mercer Co. at age 88. He was buried in the Shaker Graveyard.

Williams, Jarrett
Pension information found here

Wilson, David 
b. abt. 1733 Served VA Line. On pension list of 1818 in Nelson Co. KY

Wood, Jonathan  
Served MD Militia. On pension list of 1832 in Nelson Co. KY

Wright, Elijah 
b. abt. 1754 Served PA State. On pension list of 1832 in Bullitt Co. KY.  Pension information found here.

Yenowine, Leonard
Lived in York Co. PA d. abt. 1807 in Jefferson Co. KY. Had brother Peter b. abt. 1765 in York Co. PA d. 15 Oct 1835 in Jefferson Co. whose son Jacob lived in Bullitt Co. where he died 4 Aug 1859.

Young, Joseph 
b. abt. 1760 Served PA Line. On pension list of 1832 in Spencer Co. KY


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