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Bullitt County Migrations: 
            from old Rowan / Guilford Co. North Carolina

The following couples are known to have been in the old Guilford & old Rowan Co. NC area of North Carolina before migrating to Bullitt County and surrounding areas.  In cases where only a surname appears it has been placed there because it is *probable or possible* that that surname in question was in this area before coming to North Central Kentucky but is has not been confirmed/no specifics can be offered.  Brides are indexed if they came from NC as well.

Most of the NC families seem to have gone first to Shelby Co. KY.  Some had strong roots in Quakerism (even if they were now practicing Methodists or a new denomination) Many branches went northern to places like Orange, Washington, Lawrence Co. IN to be with other family members.  Many of them ended up in Spencer Co. KY after it was created a county.

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Blevins - see Isaacs, Jesse & Patience (Blevins)
Boone, George W. & Nancy "Ann" (Linville)
  George b. ca 1738/39  (brother to Daniel Boone) in PA married Nancy Ann 11 Nov 1764 in Rowan Co. NC.  George dies 1820 in Shelby Co. KY
Burge, Woodden & Elizabeth Jane (Tilley)
  Woodden born ca 1774 in Stoeks Co. NC s/o Alexander Burge.  Betsy also from Stokes Co.
Busey, Mary - see Howell, John Stephen & Mary (Busey)
Busey, Matthew & Edith (Philpot)
  Matthew b. 1742 in Frederick or Prince Georges Co. MD - marries Edith 1767 in NC- come early to KY.  Edith had first been married to Isaac Wilcoxin. 
Graves, Edmund & Nancy
   Edmund b. 1762 Surry Co. NC dies 1834 Shelby Co. KY - s/o David & Agnes (Holloway) Graves
Howell, John Stephen & Mary (Busey)
John b. ca 1770 in Rowan Co. NC, dies 1835 in Shelby Co. KY - married Mary Busey 22 Aug 1792 in Rowan Co. NC - she said to be the d/o  Mathew & Edith (Philpot) Busey
Hunter, Joseph & Margaret (Barnes?)
  Joseph b. ca 1740 in Rowan Co. NC dies 1794 in Shelby Co. KY
Isaacs, Jesse & Patience (Blevins)
  Jesse b. ca 1784 in Surry Co. NC marries Patience 20 Jun 1810 in Shelby Co. KY and moves later to Jackson Co. IN.  Patience also from NC
Linville, Nancy Ann - see Boone, George W. & Nancy Ann (Linville)
Reynolds, Richard and Nancy "Ann"
  In Stokes, Surry, Rowan Co. area - arrive in Shelby Co. by 1816 but his family had their strongest ties in Spencer & Nelson Co.  Ann is by traditoin a Holmes
Tilley, Lazarus
  Lazurus born in Stokes Co. NC - father said to be Henry Tilley
Tilley, Betsy - see Burge, Woodden & Elizabeth Jane (Tilley)
Wilcoxson, Daniel & Sarah (Faulkner)
  Daniel b. 13 Mar 1755 dies 1837 in Shelby Co. KY - his mother was a Boone


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