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Bullitt County Migrations: 
            from Louden Co. VA

The following couples are known to have been in Loudoun County, VA before migrating to Bullitt County and surrounding areas.  

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Adams, Dorothy - see Glasscock, Jesse & Dorothy (Adams)
Awbrey, Samuel & Rachel (Willet)
  ca 1758 Samuel born in Loudoun Co. VA died 1843 in Hardin Co. KY - is supposed to have married Rachel in Loudoun Co. and early children born there.
Birkhead, Jesse & Mary Eunice (Crume)
  ca 1745 Jesse is born in Loudoun dies 1817 Nelson Co. KY.  His parents were form Maryland.  Mary Eunice b. 1756 Frederick Co. VA - couple lived in what became Shenandoah Co. VA before coming to KY
Blincoe, Benjamin & Elizabeth (Stark)
  Benjamin b. ca 1761/2 in Loudoun Co. VA.  Elizabeth b. ca 1766 in Loudoun Co. VA They lived in Nelson Co. but eventually move over to Breckinridge Co. KY.  Son Joseph is seen in Bullitt Co. and son James is seen in Hardin Co. KY
Bodine, Isaac & Elizabeth (Pullin)
  ca 1751 Isaac born in Hunterdon Co. NJ but moved to Loudoun Co. VA where he marries Elizabeth 15 Jun 1777 later coming to Nelson Co. KY
Boyles, Milly - see Duncan, Henry & Milly (Boyles)
Brent, Ann - see Connelly, John & Ann (Brent)
Burton, Sarah Esther - see Cooper, Benjamin & Sarah Esther (Burton)
Connelly, John & Frances "Ann" (Brent)
  John & Ann b. VA - some children b. Loudoun Co.  John dies Nelson Co. KY
Combs, John Edward & Alice (Jolley)
  John Edward Combs b. Loudoun Co. VA area -  moves over to Bedford Co. PA area where he probably marries Alice?
Combs, Samuel & 1. Mary (Wilkes) 2. Elizabeth
  Samuel born Cumberland Co. PA (Tonoloway area) ca 1730 lived in Loudoun Co. VA where most children were born and dies ca 1815 in Nelson Co. KY
Combs, Samuel & Mary "Polly" (Briscoe)
  Samuel b. 1760 in Loudoun Co. VA s/o Samuel & Mary (Wilks) Combs - marries Polly 1809 in Hardin Co. KY
Conn, Edmund
  Edmund b. ca 1765 a brother to Samuel of Jefferson Co. - Edmund dies 1825 in Meade co. KY
Conn, Samuel & Elizabeth (Reese)
  ca 1760 Samuel born Loudoun Co. VA - his parents Hugh & Mary (Trammel) Conn had been in Prince Georges & Frederick Co. MD.  They were in Jefferson Co. KY by the 1780s
Cooper, Benjamin & Sarah Esther (Burton)
  ca 1755 Benjamin b. 1755 in NC died 1814 in Shelby Co. KY - nothing known of Sarah Esther but could she be connected to the Walthall Burton family?  Does anyone know?
Cooper, John & Mary (Duncan)
  ca 1780 John Cooper born Loudoun Co. KY s/o Benjamin & Sarah Esther (Burton) Cooper - dies Nelson Co. KY ca 1841 marries Mary Duncan b ca 1784 in Loudoun Co. VA - they married 25 Sep 1803 in Nelson Co. KY 
Cotton, John & 1. Susannah  2. Elizabeth (Temple)
  ca 1720 John born Loudoun/Prince Wm./Stafford Co. area dies 1809 in Nelson Co. KY.  
Duncan, Coleman & Mary
  Coleman b. ca 1740 in Loudoun Co. VA dies Nelson Co. KY - supposed to be s/o Henry and Rebecca (Read) Duncan
Duncan, George Washington 
  George b. 1784 Loudoun Co. VA - marries Nancy Connelly also born in Loudoun Co. d/o John  & Ann (Brent) Connelly - was he a son of Coleman Duncan?
Duncan, Henry & Milly (Boyles)
  ca 1755 Henry Duncan born in VA dies 1829 Nelson Co. KY - most likely marries Mildred/Milly in Loudoun Co. VA as their early childred are born in Cameron Parish. before coming to Nelson Co. 
Duncan, Mary - see Cooper, John & Mary (Duncan)
Duncan, Thomas & 1. Nancy Green 2.  Nancy (Grundy)
  ca 1769 Thomas is born in Loudoun Co. VA - dies 1856 in Nelson Co. KY - marries Nancy Green 29 Aug 1796 in Nelson Co. KY and then later marries Nancy Grundy 12 Aug 1808 in Nelson Co. KY - was he a son of Coleman Duncan?
Gore, Jonathan & Margaret (Rector)  2. Rebecca (Leach)
  Jonathan born ca 1766 in Loudoun Co. s/o Joshua Gore of Loudoun Co.  He dies 1849 in Nelson Co. KY
Glasscock, Jesse & Dorothy (Adams)
  Jesse b. ca 1748 s/o Peter & Jane (Fishback) Glasscock.  married Dorothy ca 1781 in Loudoun Co.  Lived Loudoun & Prince Wm. Co. VA. He dies ca 1810 in Hardin Co. KY.  His father died in Rowan Co. NC in 1784 so it seems likely that Jesse was in NC before Hardin Co.?
Gordon, Susanna - see Shanks, Thomas & Susanna (Gordon)
Gregg, Joseph & Sarah (Tobin)
  Joseph Gregg born ca 1791 in Loudoun Co. VA - Sara b. ca 1790 in Loudoun Co. VA but they married in Nelson Co. KY
Grigsby, Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Butler)
  Nathaniel b. ca 1716 in Stafford Co. VA marries ELizabeth Butler who was of Prince Wm. Co. VA.  Children b. Loudoun Co. VA before coming to Nelson Co. where he dies
Hagerman, Gilbert & Sarah (Walker)
Hibbs, Isaac & Elizabeth Roberts
  Isaac b. ca 1740 in Bucks Co. PA dies 1813 in Nelson Co. KY.  He marries Elizabeth in Bucks Co. and they move to Loudoun Co. VA later to Bedford Co. VA and finally to Nelson Co. KY
Howell, Mary Hannah - see Stark, James  & Mary Hannah (Howell)
Jenkins, Sibby - see Triplett, Frederick & Sibby (Jenkins)
Lane, Presley Carr & Sarah (Stevenson)
  Presley b. ca 1764 Loudoun Co. VA died 1819 Shelby Co. KY.  Sarah also from Loudoun Co. VA
Lewis, Abraham & Christina (Wilcoxon)
  ca 1752 Abraham born Loudoun Co. VA died Shelby Co. KY - marries Christna 8 Feb 1805 in Shelby Co. KY
Lewis, Jesse & Rhody (Bell) 2. Betsy (Bondurant)
  ca 1768 Jesse Lewis born Loudoun Co. VA dies 1829 in Shelby Co. KY .  Marries Rhody Bell 28 Sep 1790 in Franklin Co. VA.  May have also been in Bedford Co. VA before KY - Marries Betsy Bondurant  1820 in Shelby Co. KY
Osburn, Nicholas
  b. ca 1760 in Loudoun Co.  went to Bedford Co. VA before coming to KY - Nicholas dies 1847 in Nelson Co. KY
Melton, Charles & Sibba (Windsor)
   Charles born ca 1757 probably in Fairfax Co. VA - lived in Loudoun Co. VA (according to his Rev. Pension papers) died ca 1820 in Hardin Co. KY.  He married Sibba in VA but where?
Osborn, John & Rachel (Mead)
   born ca 1741 in Loudoun Co. VA and marries Rachel 24 Nov 1764 in Loudoun Co. VA - they move to Bedford Co. VA before coming to Nelson & Bullitt Co. KY
Osborn, Samuel
   born ca 1760 Loudoun Co. VA then goes to Bedford Co. VA then to KY - he dies 1824 in Nelson Co. KY
Pullin, Elizabeth - see Bodine, Isaac & Elizabeth (Pullin)
Pullin, Margaret - see Skinner, Isaac & Margaret "Peggy" Pullen
Purcell, Daniel & Margaret
  Daniel b. ca 1754 in Loudoun Co. VA died 1814 Shelby Co. KY
Rhodes, Basil
  ca 1740 Basil Rhodes born St. Marys Co. MD  d. 1828 in Nelson Co. KY.  His mother a Swearingen.  He married Sarah Thomas ca 1779 in Loudoun Co. VA and kids are born in Loudoun Co. VA, Montgomery Co. MD and finally in Nelson Co. KY
Shanks, Thomas & Susanna (Gordon)
   ca 1747 Thomas born in St. Mary's Co. MD - marries Susanna Gordon b. in Loudoun Co.  Son Robert b. in Loudoun Co. VA - Thos. dies 1822 in Shelby Co. KY
Skinner, Isaac & Margaret "Peggy" Pullen
  Isaac b. ca 1760 in Loudoun Co. VA to Richard A. & Adaline (Van Deventer) who had been in Middlesex Co. NJ before coming to Loudoun Co. VA. He marries Peggy Pullen who was also of Loudoun Co. VA
Stark, James  & Mary Hannah (Howell)
   ca 1741 James Stark b. NJ marries  Mary Hannah Howell ca 1770 in Loudoun Co. KY. James dies ca 1821 in Shelby Co. KY
Stark , Elizabeth- see Blincoe, Benjamin & Elizabeth (Stark) 
Stark, Christopher and Martha (Vineyard)
  Christopher b. ca 1747 probably in NJ marries Martha ca 1772 in Loudoun Co. VA - is in Nelson Co. KY very early
Stephens, Henson  
  Henson b. 1763 Loudoun Co. VA died 1855 Jefferson Co. KY
Stevenson, Sarah - see Lane, Presley Carr & Sarah (Stevenson)
Sullivan, Sarah - see Williams, John  & Sarah (Sullivan)
Tobin, Sarah - see Gregg, Joseph & Sarah (Tobin)
Taylor, George
  George b. ca 1745 Loudoun Co. VA dies 1807 Jefferson Co. KY
Triplett, Frederick & Sibby (Jenkins)
  ca 1765 Frederick born Loudoun Co. VA s/o Thomas & Elizabeth (Grimes) Triplett.  Frederick dies 1853 in Hardin Co. KY.  Wife Sibby b. ca 1774 in Loudoun Co. VA d/o Ezekiel & Sabina (Lewis) Jenkins of Loudoun Co.
Triplett, Greenberry & Nancy "Ann" (Jenkins)
  ca 1757 Greenberry born Loudoun Co. VA s/o Thomas & Elizabeth (Grimes) Triplett.  Greenberry dies ca 1835 in Hardin Co. KY.  Wife Ann b. ca 1770 in Loudoun Co. VA d/o Ezekiel & Sabina (Lewis) Jenkins of Loudoun Co.  Ann is supposed to move over to Jessamine Co. after the death of Greenberry.
Van Buskirk, Thomas   
  b. ca 1764 Loudoun Co. VA  - dies ca 1830 in Spencer Co. KY
Vineyard, Martha - see Stark, Christopher and Martha (Vineyard)
Walker - see Hagerman, Gilbert & Sarah (Walker) 
Williams, John  & Sarah (Sullivan)
  John b. ca 1740 in what will become Loudoun Co. VA dies 1782 in KY - kids born Loudoun Co. VA
Windsor - see Melton, Charles & Sibba (Windsor)
Woodsmall, James  & Nancy (Guy)
  ca 1751 James born Shelburne Parish area of what becomes Loudoun Co. VA - married Nancy Guy b. ca 1755 in same area first children born in Loudoun Co. before coming to Nelson Co. KY - he married 2ndly Charlotte Stigler in 1806 in Nelson Co. KY
Yates, Benjamin 
  Benjamin b. ca 1767 Loudoun Co. VA died 1858 Shelby Co. KY s/o Joshua Yates


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