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Bullitt County Migrations: 
            from "Old Bedford Co. PA" and
                     "Old Yohogania Co. VA"


The following couples are known to have been in the vicinity of SW PA and NW VA prior to coming to Bullitt Co. KY & surrounding counties.  

Soon to come are abstracts of records showing many of them interacting prior to their move.  

  If you have any help for this project please email Anne.


Initially I tried making indexes to the various counties that most families had been in prior to coming to "old Jefferson Co." KY and the counties that were cut from that original county.  I quickly saw the problems with that as most families were in SW PA /NW VA prior to the Revolution or just after.  Boundaries were changing at a rapid rate and people were moving around a great deal and it would mean duplicating them on several indexes.  For this reason they will be combined on one index - as documents are added to show them in these places they will be placed on a page for the county where they are found - but the index will be for the much larger area. 


1750 Cumberland Co. PA was cut from Lancaster Co. PA  
   - it was the PA frontier
1771 Bedford County PA was cut from Cumberland 
   - it became the western PA frontier
1773 Westmoreland Co. was cut from of Bedford 
1781 Washington Co. PA was cut from Westmoreland Co. PA
1783 Fayette Co. PA was cut from Westmoreland Co. PA
1786 Allegheny County was created from Westmoreland & Washington 
1796 Greene Co. PA was cut from Washington Co. PA in 

But remember that early Westmoreland Co. (and those counties cut from it) were under the jurisdiction of BOTH Pennsylvania & Virginia until 1780/81 when the boundary dispute between Pennsylvania & Virginia was settled.

An excellent overview of this problem may be found in this article on Washington Co. PA before 1800

This part of Virginia was first called the District of West Augusta - a 1776 map may be viewed here.  The court was held at Fort Duquesne / Fort Pitt (present day Pittsburgh, PA) 

In 1776 the counties of Yohogania, Monongalia and Ohio were cut from West Augusta.    The northern parts of these counties would later create Westmoreland Co. PA and the counties it gave birth to.   Families were often on both sides of the eventual boundaries and the lines are very blurred.

Which means your Revolutionary War period family living in this area might easily be found in Bedford or Westmoreland Co. PA records OR be found in Yohogania, Ohio, or Monongalia Co. VA records.    


Albin, George Henry & Margaret (Bruce) 
  George H. born ca 1771 in Westmoreland Co. PA s/o William & Malinda Albin. marries Margaret Bruce 21 Dec 1799 in Nelson Co. KY.  She was probably born in Fayette Co. PA
Albin, John & Sally Crist
  John  born ca 1774 in Westmoreland Co. PA s/o William & Malinda Albin.  He is supposed to have been married to a Margaret first but if so it could not have been for long as he marries Sally Crist 26 Oct 1801 in Shelby Co. KY
Albin, William  & Malinda
  William born ca 1748 in Frederick Co. VA, were in Westmoreland Co. in the 1770s died ca 1796 in Nelson Co. KY - children lived Nelson & Bullitt Co. KY
Albin, William & Jane Enlow / Inlow
  William born ca 1768 in VA or PA s/o William & Malinda Albin.  He marries Jane Enlow 25 Dec 1792 in Nelson Co. KY and is found on tax lists for both Nelson and Bullitt Co. KY
Applegate Richard & Amy (Fenton)
   ca 1742 Richard is born in NJ or Frederick Co. VA.  They move their family out to SW PA then early into Kentucky where Richard dies 2 Feb 1791 in Jefferson Co.
1779  A Richard Applegate gets 400 acres on Mill Run in Yohogania Co. - is this him?
Ashby, Mary Ann - see Rude, Jesse & Mary Ann (Ashby)
Ashby, Tinson
  to Shelby Co. KY
1781  Tynson Ashby gets land on Snowy Glade Creek, a branch of the Yohogania River
Beeler, Christopher & Elizabeth
  Christopher b. abt. 1752.  His father, Joseph Beeler, took his family from Lancaster Co. PA to old Frederick Co. VA then out to SW PA.  Christopher is on military rosters in old Fayette Co. PA in 1782 and in Nelson Co. KY by the 1780s.  He married wife Elizabeth before he got to Kentucky
1779 Joseph Beeler gets warrant on Shirtees Creek in Yohogania Co. - is this the father?
Bell, Daniel
  Daniel Bell born ca 1775 in Westmoreland Co. PA married Sarah Decker   in Nelson Co. KY, lived on Coxs Creek.  She was probably the d/o Jacob Decker and most likely born in PA but uncertain where.  This couple moves on to Missouri
  the Bennetts of Nelson & Spencer Co. were supposed to have been in this area but little is know of Jehu Bennett and the others pre-Kentucky.  Here are notes of possible candidates for kinfolk in PA
1780 William Bennett got land on Shirtee Creek
Biggs, John & Mary Jane Collings
  John born ca 1779 somewhere in the vicinity of Westmoreland Co. PA? marries Mary Jane Collings in Shelby Co. KY.  Here family had been in the Westmoreland area before migrating to Kentucky very early.  Their children lived in Bullitt Co. KY and later Clark Co. IN
  in Monongalia Co. VA area
Bozart, Jonathan & Mary (Hargis)
  1754 Jonathan Bozart/Bozorth is born s/o John & Innocent (Borden)
  Bozorth/Bozart of Burlington Co. NJ & Frederick Co. VA
ca 1779 Jonathan marries Mary Hargis - probably in the area that became
  Greene Co. PA.  The Hargis family and Bozart family head to old Jefferson
  Co. in Kentucky very early and move down first to the Nolin Creek area
  of Hardin ending up in the Rough Creek area of (now) Grayson Co. KY
  Jonathan was a veteran of the American Revolution.
1780 Jonathan Bozart gets land on the West Fork about a mile from Buffaloe Creek
Brady, Morris
  >Hardin Co. KY
1780 Morris Brady gets land on the south side of Mingoe Creek
  So many Brashears / so easy to mix them up so the following will need to be studied before any guesses are made.  The family is out of Prince Georges Co. MD and stops over in SW PA/NW VA before the jump to Kentucky.
1779 Otho Brahsears gets land on Dunlap Creek on Yohogania Co.
1780 Wiliam Braziers gets land on Shirtees Creek
Brewer, Peter & Margaret (Hoback)
  Peter born ca 1760 probably in (Sussex Co.?) New Jersey.  Lived on Jacobs Creek in Westmoreland Co. PA near older brother Samuel Brewer who went to Mercer Co. KY.  He married Margaret abt. 1783.  This couple lived on Nolin Creek, Hardin Co. KY
Bridgewater, Levi
  Levi Bridgewater b. ca 1782 Westmoreland Co. PA s/o Samuel Bridgewater. Levi marries Elizabeth Bennett 1805 in Nelson Co. KY
Bridgewater, Samuel
  Samuel & family in Westmoreland Co. PA in the 1780s.  He and his children will live in Nelson, Shelby and Spencer Co. KY area.  Samuel moves later to Scott Co. IN
Brewer, Peter & Margaret (Highbaugh/Hoback)
  Westmoreland Co. PA to Nelson & Hardin Co. KY
Briscoe, John & Elizabeth Harrison (McMillian)
  ca 1717 John Briscoe is born.  He marries Elizabeth in the late 1740s and was living in old Frederick Co. VA before old Yohogania area then on to KY by the 1780s
1781 John Brisco Sr. gets land on the the Little Kanawa - is this the correct John?
Briscoe, Parmenas & Nancy Anna (Briscoe)
  ca 1749 Parmenas Brisco is born in MD or VA  s/o John & Elizabeth H. (McMillan) Briscoe.  He  was in Frederick Co. VA then SW PA/NW VA, then in the Shelby & Bullitt Co. area by the 1780s.  His wife Nancy was supposed to have been born in Frederick Co. MD
1781 Parmenas Brisco Sr. gets land on the Ohio River
Briscoe, Robert
  ca 1748 Robert b. MD  s/o Philip & Nancy (Foster) Brisco.  He ends up in Bullitt Co. KY
1781 Robert Brisco "assignee of John Wilson" gets land on the Ohio River  
Briscoe, Walter
  ca 1742 Walter Briscoe is born (in MD?) s/o Philip & Nancy (Foster) Briscoe and brother to Robert who gets land at the same time.  Walter never makes it to Kentucky dying in 1785 on the way.
1781 Robert Brisco "assignee of John Wilson" gets land on the Ohio River  
Broughton - see Hart, Henry & Mary (Broughton)
Brownfield, Richard & Charity (Ashcroft)
  Richard arrives in the 1780s in the part of Nelson Co. KY that will eventually become Hardin and later Larue.  He was the s/o Charles & Elizabeth (Bird) Brownfield.  His mother had come from New Castle Delaware and it is unclear where they were before SW PA
1778 Thomas Brownfield gets patent in Westmoreland Co. PA. - Richard is supposed to have had a brother named Thomas - is this him?
Bruce, Margaret - see Albin, George Henry & Margaret (Bruce) 
Bruce, William & Sarah/Sally (Polk)
  William born 6 Aug 1776 in Westmoreland Co. PA marries Sally in 1798 in Shelby Co. KY - later moves to Knox Co. IN
Buzan, Philip
  1783 - Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA - family later in Hardin, Bullitt  & Shelby Co. KY
Carnahan, Adam & Mary (Thompson)
  ca 1760 Adam Carnahan is born - brother to John.  Was in Westmoreland Co. and appears in the early tax lists of Hardin Co. but moved on to Ohio. Another brother William Carnahan was supposed to have been in Green Co. KY before moving on to Ohio (unconfirmed)
Carnahan, John & 1. Ann Mason  2. Phebe Johnson
  ca 1757 John Carnahan is born.  Probably married Ann ca 170 in Westmoreland Co. PA and married 2nd wife Phebe Johnson 13 Dec 1793in Hardin Co. KY - took his family to Christian Co. KY. 
  in Monongalia Co. VA area
Case - see Paddock, Ebenezer & Keziah (Case) 
Case, Nathaniel & Mary
  Nathaniel & family in Westmoreland Co. PA in the 1770s.  They will come to Nelson Co. KY with children settling in Shelby, Bullitt, Spencer & Nelson Co.
Case, Phebe - see Frakes, Philip & Phebe (Case)
Collings, Benjamin
  1780 Benjamin Collings gets land on Peters Creek in (then) Yohogania Co. 
Collings, William Elston &  Phoebe Hoagland
  Wm. b. NJ ?  - some of his children supposed to be born in Westmoreland Co. PA.  They move to Nelson Co. and offspring lived Nelson, Bullitt, Shelby & Spencer Co. KY.  Wm. dies 1787 in Nelson Co. KY
1781 Elisha Collings & Thomas Collings mentioned in land certificate for John Pierce Duval - are these more sons of Wm. E?
Combs, John Edward & Alice (Jolley)
  John Edward Combs b. Loudoun Co. VA area -  moves over to Bedford Co. PA area where he probably marries Alice?
Cooper, Levin
  Somerset Co. MD> Huntington Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA by 1784.  Went briefly to Rowan Co. NC but returned to PA and was in Shelby Co. KY by the early 1790s.  Offspring were in Jefferson, Shelby & Gallatin Co. KY before migrating to Illinois, Missouri and Oregon
Cooper - see Hensley, Samuel & Alsafair (Cooper)
Cooper, Samuel
  Somerset Co. MD> Huntington Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA by 1784.  Came with son Levin to Shelby Co. KY by the early 1790s
Cox, Gabriel & Sarah Enoch / Enochson
  Gabriel born ca 1747 s/o Isaac & Susannah Tomlinson.  The Cox family begins in the New Castle Delaware area and comes out to Prince Georges & Frederick Co. MD & old Frederick Co/Hampshire Co.. VA before coming to SW PA.  They had long lasting kinship ties with the Friend family.  The Friends had kinship ties to the Enoch/Enochson family (who also migrated from New Castle) and one might suspect that Sarah came from the same family.  Gabriel dies in Nelson Co. in 1806.  Sarah died before 1 Sep 1795 when Gabriel married 2ndly Elizabeth Robertson in Nelson Co. KY
1780 Gabriel Cox gets 400 acres on Mingo Creek and another 400 acres on the Monongalia River
Cox, John
  1780 John Cox gets land on Peters Creek
Cox, John
  1780 Joseph Cox gets land on Pidgeon Creek
  Bedford Co. PA
Crist, Nicholas & Sarah Jane (Cartmell)  2. Sarah (Speers)
  1740 Nicholas Crist is born - probably in Frederick Co. VA.  He dies 1822 in Nelson Co. KY.  His mother is supposed to have been a Nowlin/Nolin. (Does anyone know if she had any connections to the early Nowlin family out of Cecil Co. MD that comes to Nelson/Hardin Co.?)
1780 Nicholas gets land on Harmons Creek and the Monongalia River
Crist - see Albin, John & Sally Crist
Crume - see Klinglesmith, Michael & Eunice (Crume)
  the Dawson family around old Nelson Co. that comes from Prince Georges/Frederick Co. MD may or may not have stopped over in SW PA but some parts of that family seems to have done so and in the interest of sorting out mysteries will make note of them
1780 Henry Dawson gets land on the waters of Redstone
1780 Eleanor Dawson, widow of George Dawson, gets land on Redstone - this should be George Dawson b. ca 1716 in Prince Georges Co. who had died in old Fayette area of PA and wife Eleanor Lowe - their children were much married with the Swearingens
1780 a John Dawson gets land on the waters of Raccoon Creek

Dillon, Michael 
  Does anyone know if the Michael Dillon in old Yohogania could be the same who come early to Shelby Co. KY?
1780 Michael Dillon  gets land on Bacon Creek
Dewitt, Ezekiel
  Bedford Co. PA
Dragoo, John & Mahala (Thompson)
  John b. ca 1779 in SW PA s/o Belteshazzar & Martha Hannah (Butler) Dragoo.  His father was born Staten Island NY - usure of what route he might have taken but they are in SW PA in the late 1700s before coming to Nelson Co.
1781 John Dragoo gets land on the east side of Little Kanawah (probably the uncle to John who comes to KY?)
Drake, John & Rebekah (Heady)
  John b. ca 1747  - he and Rebeckah had been in Fayette or Westmoreland Co. PA before coming to Nelson Co. KY.  Children found in Shelby, Nelson, Bullitt and Spencer Co. KY
Duvall, Dennis
  to Bullitt co. KY
1781 John Hardin gets warrant for land on Sandy Creek - which John is this?  James Holsclaw & Denis Duvall 
Duvall, John Pierce
  >Nelson Co. KY
1781 John Pierce Duvall "assignee of Elisha Collings" gets a number of land grants in Yohogania Co.
Enlow, Jane - see  Albin, William & Jane Enlow / Inlow
Faust - see Rhodes, Daniel & Eva (Faust)
  Some of the Fergusons in Nelson Co. had been in Washington Co. PA - do they connect to any of the following?
1780 James Ferguson got land on the Monongalia River
Frakes, Philip & Phebe (Case)
  Philip born ca 1760 in SW PA marries Phoebe/Phebe Case 3 Apr 1788 in Nelson Co. KY.  She born in Westmoreland Co. PA in 1771.  The two families probably knew each other prior to Kentucky
  in Monongalia Co. VA area
Friend, Joseph
  Bedford Co. to Hardin Co. KY and back to PA
Froman, Paul & Mary (McCarty)
  Paul from old Frederick Co. MD - his family lived in Nelson, Washington, Shelby, Bullitt & Spencer Co. KY
1780 Paul Froman gets land on Harmons Creek and Shirtees Creek
1780 Abram Fry gets land on the Monongalia River
1780 Samuel Fry gets land on the Maple Run
1780 William Fry gets land on the Peters Creek
Gilkey, David & Elizabeth (Pottenger)
  David Gilkey b. in the 1740s lived in VA - came with brother William early to Nelson Co.  Wm. married to Jemima Pottenger.  Is this him below?
1785 Joseph L. Boultinghouse "assignee of David Giley" gets land in Monongalia Co. VA
Gilleland, Thomas & Mary (Polk) 2. Priscilla (Huff)
  Thomas b. ca 1750 probably Frederick Co. MD died 1814 Hardin Co. KY
1781 Thomas gets 400 acres on Hughes River adj. lands of John McGlend (the same Thomas?)
1781 at same time Hugh Gilleland gets 400 acres on Hughes River adj. lands of Thomas Gilleland and Michael Hults gets land on Huges River adj. Hugh Gilleland
Graham - see McGrew, Finley & Dollie (Graham)
Goff, Frances - see Wells, Abraham & Frances (Goff)
Greathouse, Harmon
  30 Jun 1762 Harmon Greathouse is born in Frederick Co. MD s/o Harmon Greathouse Sr. and Mary Madgelena Stull.  He will come to Nelson Co. KY by the 1780s.  His father Harmon Sr. took up a number of warrants in SW PA/NW VA but seems to have returned to Frederick Co. where he died.  Prior to MD the family had been in Lancaster Co. PA
1780 Harmon Sr. Greathouse gets land on the Harmons Creek in Yohogania Co.
1780 John Greathouse gets land on the Crosses Creek & Harmons Run in Yohogania Co.
1780 William Greathouse gets land on the Ohio River in Yohogania Co.
Hardin, Benjamin & Sarah
  Benjamin born ca 1739 in Prince Wm. Co. VA, had also been in Fauquier  & Frederick Co. VA areas then moved to SW PA primarily in what would become Westmoreland Co. PA before coming to the part of Nelson Co. KY that became Washington Co. KY
Hardin, John (Capt.) & Isabella (Strawbridge)
  ca 1733 Capt. John Hardin is born (probably Prince Wm. Co. VA).  People list his parents as Major John & Catherine (Marr) Hardin - does anyone know if there is proof of this?  His children will come to north central Kentucky
1781 John Hardin gets land on Big Elk Creek - is this Col. John or Capt. John?
1781 John Hardin gets warrant for land on Sandy Creek - which John is this?  James Holsclaw & Denis Duvall 
Hardin, John (Col. ) & Jane Davis
  ca 1753 Col. John Hardin is born Fauquier Co. VA s/o Martin & Lydia (Waters) Hardin.  He will come to Nelson Co. KY
1781 John Hardin gets land on Big Elk Creek - is this Col. John or Capt. John?
1781 Mark Hardin gets land on Little Kanawah - is this the Mark who is borther to Col. John Hardin (another son of Martin & Lydia Hardin?)
Hardin, John
   he is seen in  Monogalia Co. VA
Harding, John & Sarah Mary (Moss)
  John is thought to have married Sarah near Elizabethtown NJ - from there they went to Fort Redstone and the Westmoreland area of PA before coming to Washington Co. KY and later Green Co. KY
1781 Robert Harding gets 400 acres on Goose Creek - is this Robert s/o John & Sarah?
Hart, Henry & Mary (Broughton)
  Henry begins in Virginia is in Bedford Co., Springhill Twp in the 1770s, in Fayette & Westmoreland Co. PA in the 1780s when he moves to Nelson Co. KY.  By the 1790s he is on Bullitt Co. KY tax lists.  The Broughton/Brintons are thought to be out of Somerset Co. MD and Henry marries Mary in PA
Hazel, Caleb 
  Caleb Hazel settled early in Hardin Co. KY.  He had been in Frederick Co. VA but most of those people do stop over in SW PA/NW VA on the way to KY.  Did he?
1781 a Jeremiah Prather is described as "assignee of David Hazel" for land in Tygert's Valley.  Is he connected in any way?
Heady - see Drake, John & Rebekah (Heady)
Hensley, Samuel & Alsafair (Cooper)
  Samuel in Westmoreland Co. PA - Alsafair the d/o Samuel Cooper.  In Shelby Co.KY by 1790
Hill, John N.
  John b. 1768 Westmoreland Co. PA area died 1887 in Hardin Co. KY - Married Frances Nall 7 Sep 1813 in Hardin Co. KY d/o James & Elizabeth (Kelly) Nall
Hoback/Highbaugh, John
  Westmoreland Co. PA  to Hardin Co. KY.  - there is a "Volentine Hobowgh" listed on early Huntington Twp. Westmoreland Tax list along with Peter Brewer (who married Margaret Hoback).
Holsclaw, James
  is this the same James Holsclaw that comes to the old Nelson Co. area?
1781 John Hardin gets warrant for land on Sandy Creek - which John is this?  James Holsclaw & Denis Duvall 
  1780 John House gets land on Racoon Creek
Huckleberry, Jacob & Winfred Alley
  Jacob b. ca 1766 in Westmoreland Co. s/o George & Rosanna (Wise) Huckleberry who had been in Frederick Co. MD.  He marries Winifred 20 Jan 1795 in Shelby Co. and they move over to Clark Co. IN
Hupp, George
  to Washington Co. KY
Ice, Jesse & Elizabeth (Thompson)
  Jesse Ice b. ca 1750 died 10 Mar 1818 in Nelson Co. KY - wife Elizabeth one of the St. Mary's Co. Thompsons.  The Ice family had been in SW PA/NW VA area
1781 Frederick Ice gets land in Tygarts Valley near Hardins Cove
Jolly - see Combs, John Edward & Alice (Jolly)
Jolly, Nelson & Mary (Graham)
  Nelson b. ca 1740 in Bucks Co. PA Westmoreland Co. PA.  Probably married in Lancaster Co. PA then moved to Frederick Co. VA and on to Bedford & Westmoreland Co. PA in the 1770s.  Dau. Elizabeth was supposed to be born in Westmoreland (Springhill Twp) in 1781 but Nelson seems to be in what will become Hardin Co. KY by mid 1780s.  He will die in 1818 in Breckinridge Co. KY.  Wife Mary Graham was born in Maryland and also dies in Breckinridge Co. KY
  in Monongalia Co. VA area - Asa Kellum goes to Hardin Co. KY
1781 Phinehas Killam gets warrants on Duncan Creek - son Asa Kellum was one of the chain carriers
   1780 James Kirkindall gets land on Peters Creek
Kirkpatrick, Joseph
   >Hardin Co. KY
1780 Joseph Kirkpatrick gets land on Peters Creek
Klinglesmith, Michael & Eunice (Crume)
  Michael b. 1778 Westmoreland Co. PA marries Eunice (she born VA) 4 Dec 1802 in Nelson Co. KY
Leatherman, John & Hannah Teegarden
  both born in the Westmoreland Co. PA area.  John dies in Shelby Co. KY in 1796
  This family is still being sorted out but they are early into Hardin Co. KY and had been first in Baltimore MD then to Frederick Co. MD & Frederick Co. VA, then to SW PA and finally to Kentucky where some seem to go over to Madison Co. KY and others the Hardin Co. area.  Am still trying to figure out who is who...
1779 Edward Logsdon gets land on Harmon's Run in Yohogania Co.
  The McGees of Nelson Co. go back to SW PA and seem to have long connections with the Fromans so the following are noted here (though may or may not be the correct McGee family)
1780 Robert McGee gets land on Peters Creek
McGrew, Finley & Dollie (Graham)
  Finley b. ca 1749 married Dollie (in PA?) children born in Westmoreland Co. PA before coming to Nelson /Shelby/Spencer Co. KY.  They come to Nelson & Shelby Co. KY
Merryfield, John
  John b. 1759 Frederick Co. VA s/o Samuel & Mary Elizabeth Merrified.  He is in Monongalia Co. VA before coming to central KY and later Ohio
1781 John Merefield gets land on Otter Creek in Tygart's Valley
Merryfield, Richard & Phoebe (Tucker)
  Richard b. ca 1747 in Frederick Co. VA  s/o Samuel & Mary Elizabeth Merrified died 1799 in Monongalia Co. VA - he never arrives in KY but most of his siblings come to the Shelby, Nelson, Hardin area.
1781 Richard gets land on Booths Creek
Merryfield, Samuel Jr.
1781 Samuel Merifield "heir of Samuel Merrifield" gets land on in Monongalia Co. VA
  everyone is looking for the various Miller strains - the best clues might be with ones that were with others who come to this part of Kentucky so the following are noted though there is no real reason other than who they were around to suspect any of them are the same as those in Kentucky
1780 Christopher Miller gets land on Saw Mill Run
1780 Phillip Miller gets land on Maple Run
  The Morrison family of Hardin Co. was supposed to have been in NC before Kentucky so I do not know if there is a connection to the following Morrisons but have placed them here simply because they settle around the same people they had so many interactions with in Hardin Co. KY and perhaps there is some sort of connection
1780 Francis Morrison gets land on Shirtees Creek in Yohogania Co.
1780 James Morrison gets land on Mingoe Creek in Yohogania Co.
Newkirk, Cornelius
  ca 1722 Elias is born s/o Barent & Rebecca (Van Buntschooten) Newkirk - grew up in Frederick Co. VA moved to Bedford/Westmoreland/Fayette Co. PA before coming to Jefferson/Bullitt Co. KY and moving on to Switzerland Co. IN
Newkirk, Elias
  ca 1722 Elias is born s/o Barent & Rebecca (Van Buntschooten) Newkirk - grew up in Frederick Co. VA moved to Bedford/Westmoreland/Fayette Co. PA before coming to Jefferson Co. KY
Newkirk, Peter & Cornelia (Sousley)
  ca 1727 Peter is born s/o Barent & Rebecca (Van Buntschooten) Newkirk - grew up in Frederick Co. VA moved to Bedford/Westmoreland/Fayette Co. PA by 1773 before coming to Jeffers/Bullitt Co. KY before 1781 where he died ca 1804
Paddock, Ebenezer & Keziah (Case) 
  Ebezer Paddock born ca 1740 - probably in NJ married Keziah in ca 1774.  First children born in Westmoreland/Washington Co. PA area
Pentecost, Dorsey & Catherine Beeler
  Dorsey Pentecost seems to start out in Lancaster Co. PA,  had been in Frederick Co. VA as well as SW PA and I think he is seen in some western MD records as well.  He is shown in deeds around Elizabethtown in Hardin Co. in the late 1700s/early 1800s Son Dorsey Jr. was b. ca 1775 and married a Swearingen
1779 Dorsey Pentecost "Assignee of Paul Froman" gets land on Chartiers Creek in (then) Yohogania Co.
Phillips, Phillip 
Polke, Edmund
  Frederick Co. MD>old Yohogania>Nelson Co. KY
1780 Edmund gets warrants on Cross Creek
Quartermous, James
  Westmoreland Co. PA
Randolph, Elizabeth  - see Sills, Abraham & Elizabeth (Randolph)
Reasoner, Peter Froman & Mary (Spears)
  Peter born ca 1742 in Bucks Co. PA and then moved to Frederick Co. VA.  He was in the Washington & Westmoreland Co. PA during the Revolutionary War.  He   married Mary Speers in either VA or PA but the children are supposed to have been born in  Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA.  His son, Nicholas married Polly Stout. Peter was only in Kentucky for a short time before going on to Ohio but children were in Shelby, Spencer & Bullitt Co. KY
1782 Son Nicholas serves on a jury in Westmoreland Co.
Rhodes, Daniel & Eva (Faust)
Rhodes, Henry
  there is some suspicion that the Richeys / Ritchies of Spencer Co. had first been in Frederick Co. VA then to SW PA then to Shelby/Spencer (with connections to branches in Nicholas Co).  In an effort to prove or disprove this theory Richey sighting in old Yohogania will be parked here

1780 Matthew Richey gets warrants for land on Shirtees Creek, Harmon's Run,
  Brush Run and Tumbleson's Run
Ruble, Jonathan & Hannah (Teegarden)
  Jonathan supposed to be born ca 1771 in Westmoreland Co. PA area as was wife Hannah.  They marry 10 Jun 1797 in Shelby Co. KY
Rude, Jesse & Mary Ann (Ashby)
  Jesse born ca 1750 married Mary Ann ca 1772 in Springhill Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA.  Their first children were born there before coming to the part of Nelson Co. Ky that became Hardin Co. in or before 1783.  Mary Ann born in Stafford Co. VA d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Ashby
  Frederick Co. MD & Frederick Co. VA > SW PA > Jefferson & Spencer Co. KY
1780 Jacob Shivally gets land on Charties Creek
Shraeder, Jacob & Mary Anna
  Jacob b. ca 1763 - lived Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA to Jefferson Co. KY
Shoptaugh, Henry & Rebecca (Reasoner)\
  Henry b. ca 1774 (in Westmoreland Co. PA?) married Rebecca (born in Westmoreland Co. PA) 2 Jan 1797 in Nelson Co. KY.  They will eventually move to Spencer Co. IN
  ... working to confirm
Sousley, Cornelia - see Newkirk, Peter & Cornelia (Sousley)
Spears, Henry 
  Henry never made it to Kentucky - he lived out his life in Washington/Westmoreland are of Pennsylvania but his connections helped glue other KY families together.  He was  b. ca 1756 the s/o Peter Henry Spears and Regina Froman and he married Rebecca Frye
1780 Henry Spears gets land on the Monongalia River and Cross Creek
Spears - see Reasoner, Peter Froman & Mary (Spears)
  in Monongalia Co. VA & Bedford Co. PA area to Jefferson & Washington Co. KY
1780 Dennis Springer witnesses deed in Bedford Co. later recorded in Westmoreland Co. PA
  so many Springers - they need sorting but they come to old Nelson Co. very early and arrive already connected to many families.  Below are sightings that need closer looks.
1782 Daniel Springer serves on a jury in Westmoreland Co.
Springstone, Peter
  Peter comes to Hardin Co. / Ohio Co. KY by 1780s
1781 Peter gets land on Mill Creek in Monongalia Co. VA
Stark, James & Hannah
  James Stark b. ca 1741 is supposed to have been in Loudoun Co. VA and then in Westmoreland Co. late 1770s/early 1780s before coming to Nelson Co. KY.  Children may be found in Nelson, Shelby, Spencer and Bullitt Co. KY
  the Steel family that produced James and Jonah/Jonas in Spencer Co. remain elusive but they quickly attached themselves to the Applegate family which had been in SW PA so Steeles in this area are of interest and will be noted here though it is unclear if there is any connection

1780 David Steel gets land on Peters Creek
Stillwell, Jeremiah
  So many Stouts and no matter where they are they seem to eventually go back to the same root.  It would be easy to misidentify without being an expert.  The Stouts begin in NJ.  Some of those in Shelby Co. had been in northern VA.  Were any of them out here in old Yohogania?
1781 Daniel Stout gets land on Simpsons Creek in Monongalia Co. 
1781 Jonathan Stout gets land on Simpsons Creek in Monongalia Co.
  - still  working to figure out which of the Straders came on to Kentucky and where.  Some were in Jefferson Co.  Francis was in Nelson & Hardin Co.
do the men below connect to those in central Kentucky?
1780 John Strader gets land on the west fork of Chartier Creek
1781 Christopher Strader gets 400 acres on Buckhannon Fork
  the Strawbridge family intermarried with the Hardins in Pennsylvania and are probably important in sorting out the elusive Hardin family (not all of them are elusive but some)
1780 David Strawbridge gets land on Saw Mill Run
  in Monongalia Co. VA area
Tabor, Phillip & Eleanor
  Philip b. ca 1730 - lived Westmoreland Co. area of PA prior to coming to Hardin and later Breckinridge Co. KY
Teegarden/Teagarden, Basil & Annie (Todd)
  Basil born ca 1775 in Westmoreland Co. PA marries Annie 21 Oct 1797 in Shelby Co. KY.  this couple moves eventually to Orange Co. IN
Teegarden - see Ruble, Jonathan & Hannah (Teegarden)
Teegarden, Hannah - see Leatherman, John & Hannah Teegarden
  Bedford Co.
Todd, Annie - see Teegarden/Teagarden, Basil & Annie (Todd)
Tomlinson, Benjamin & Rachel (Greathouse)
  various members of this family end up in Bullitt Co. KY.   Benjamin Tomlinson was b. 1752 in Frederick Co. MD the s/o Joseph & Rebecca (Swearingen) Tomlinson
1780 Benjamin Tomlinson gets warrant for land on the Ohio River
1781 Joseph Tomlinson gets lan on Ohio River
Tucker, George & Merry Lee (Merryfield)
  George is on the 1785 tax list of Nelson Co. with his Merryfield kinfolk - he also lived in Henry Co. KY.  His son Alexander got married in Shelby Co. KY.  There was also an early Archibald Tucker in Shelby Co. - were they connected?
1781 George Tucker gets land in Tygert's Valley
1781 John Tucker Sr. gets land on Stone Coal and West Fork - he is described in one of the warrants as "assignee of Samuel Merrefield"
1781 William Tucker Jr. gets land between Tygert's Valley and Booths Creek
Waters, Philemon
  Mt. Pleasant Twp. Westmoreland Co. PA
1779 a Thomas Waters gets land on Millers Run in Yohogania - is he connected?
Welch / Welsh
  so many Welsh / Welch families in this part of Kentucky and nobody seems to know where they were from.  Could any of them come from this area?
1780 Henry Welch gets land on Mingoe Creek
Wells, Abraham & Frances (Goff)
  Abraham b. ca 1748 in PA   married Frances Goff 10 Apr 1769 Lancaster Co. PA (she thought to be born Chester Co. PA) they may have been in VA before coming to Westmoreland Co. PA by the 1770s.  In Nelson Co. KY by the 1780s.
  Jacob Westfall b. ca 1738 (in VA?) s/o Jacob & Judith (Hornbeck) Westfall . He and his family are in the Bullitt / Hardin area of Kentucky early
1781 William Westfall (brother of Jacob) gets land on Teters Creek.  One warrant shows chain carriers George and Jobe Westfall.
Whitaker, Jesse & Lydia (Lindsey)
  Jesse born ca 1752 married Lydia probably in Westmoreland Co. PA.  Jesse died 6 Sep 1800 in Shelby Co. KY.  Lydia supposed to be born in Maryland.
Yocum, Michael
  to old Mercer &  Nelson Co. KY
1781 when William Gibson gets warrant for land on Sugar Creek it is described as adjacent to Michael Yoachum - is this the same Michael?

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