Bullitt County Births

Bullitt County Births (1852 - 1910)

Joyce Lindstrom, 2003
Compiled by Joni Harris
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Table 1 (A-C)

Able - Cundiff

Table 2 (D-F)

Dalton - Furguson

Table 3 (G-J)

Gabin - Joyce

Table 4 (K-M)

Kalfus - Myers

Table 5 (N-R)

Nally - Rumage

Table 6 (S-T)

Saddler - Tyler

Table 7 (U-Z)

Underwood - Wright
Slave Births A - Z

There are over 1500 entries in this complete document.  The Bullitt County Genealogical Society has a published version available for sale from Betty Darnell.  Due to the large amount of information, the web pages have been published separately to accommodate browser loading time.  If you have any difficulty accessing these pages, please notify me for assistance.

Tom Hembrey
Bullitt CC, KYGW Project

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