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ALLOWAY, Joel and Elizabeth Ann GRIGSBY Marianne Rouse
BALL, William Lyons and Cynthia ROGERS Joseph Ball, IV
BALL, Sr, Joseph Robert and Florence Lillian LENTSCH Joseph Ball, IV
BALL, Jr, Joseph Robert and Margaret Benvenetta LANHAM Joseph Ball, IV
BARNES, William and Christine COX Cindy WALKER
BAUGHN, Richard and Juriah (unknown) Brent F. Baughn
BOLIN, James and Ester VOYLES Elsie Bolin
BOWEN, Thomas Carolyn Bowen Hopper
BRIDWELL, Fielding and Martha H. "Patsy" BRISCOE Carol Palmer
BROWNING, Samuel and Mary FIELDS Bob Druin
BURCH Sr., Samuel Lewis and Dorothea Catherine BROWN Sarah Cannon
CALVERT, Benjamin Oscar and Carrie Belle WEICK Janet Hayes
CASWELL, David and Margaret WILSON David Lee
CASWELL, Werter A. and Susan E. CLARK
.........(1860 Census extract)
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Linda Martinson
CLARK, John and Celia C. HARRIS Jude
CLARK, Martin and Purlina MCDANIEL Don Murphy
CLARK, Richard K. and Lucinda HORINE Don Murphy
CUNDIFF, Richard and Mary Ann BROWN David Lee
DAVIDSON Jr., John Jonathan and Eliza HOLMES JACOBS Sandy Bressler
DAVIS, Clayton and Gertrude NEILL Sherrie Childers
DAVIS, Tandy J and Susan FROMAN David Lee
DEACON, Embra and Prudence WELLER Barbara Blankenship
DUNN, John J. and Mary MILLER Leon Barton
EASTON II, John T and Julia Ann HUTCHERSON (2nd marriage) Kathy Easton Caminiti
EASTON II, John T and Lucinda SANDERS Kathy Easton Caminiti
FOX, Jacob and Eliza BIGGS Pat Settle
FOX, J. William and Sarah E. SPENCER Pat Settle
FOX, Philip and (unknown) Pat Settle
FROMAN, Isaac and Elizabeth Newton BERRYMAN David Lee
GRANT, Harrison and Emily Eason Janice Sillick Mandile
GRANT, Harrison and Aureena Frances Wheeler Janice Sillick Mandile
GRANT, Harrison and Rebecca Isles Janice Sillick Mandile
GREENWELL, Raphael (Ralph) and Ann JOHNSON Mary Yoder
HAMILTON,  Richard and Elizabeth C. CHESHIRE Tami
HAMILTON, Rueben, and Sarah FERGUSON Tami
HAMILTON, Charles Levy, and Mary Mavis SETTLES  Tami
HARNED, George and Amy GARDNER Rhonda Wathen
HARNED, Leonard Lee and Ruth SHAWLER Rhonda Wathen
HIBBS, Isaac and Mary Masey HIBBS Kenneth Montgomery
HIBBS, Martin and Nancy PUGH Kenneth Montgomery
HEARRIN, [variant] James Jefferson and Lucinda Isabell McALISTER Stephen McCallister
JOBE, Abraham and Martha FOX  Pat Settle
JONES, Cyrus C. and Carletta McAHRON Anette Rardin
JONES, Jesse and Mildred "Milly" Douglas S. Moore
LANDERS, Nathanial and Lucinda CARPENTER Paulina Thorne
LEE, Henry Lightfoot and Ann NORRIS David Lee
LEE, John and Elizabeth THOMPSON David Lee
LENTSCH, Ferdinand G and Catherine MICHELS Joseph Ball, IV
McAHRON, Paul Thaddeus and Elizabeth FERGUSON Anette Rardin
McAHRON, William and Jane LEWIS Anette Rardin
McAHRON, William and Jane TINGLE Anette Rardin
McCALLISTER, James and Jane DELLINGER Stephen McCallister
McNEIL, James D. and Mary D. Magruder Betty R. Darnell
MAGRUDER, Ezekiel and Nancy Miller Betty R. Darnell
MONTGOMERY, James and Jane HIBBS Kenneth Montgomery
NEWKIRK, Asa Henry and America RIDGEWAY Janet Newkirk Sparks
NEWKIRK, Peter and Rebecca VAN BUNTSCHOOTEN Janet Newkirk Sparks
NICHOLS, Joseph and Priscilla LOWE (2nd marriage) Anette Rardin
NICHOLS, Shadrack A. and Jane McAHRON Anette Rardin
PATTERSON, Jonathan and Rebecca LAFON or LaFawn or Laforce Robert Patterson
POPE II, Benjamin and Margaret 'Peggy' YEWELL Rhea Arculeer
PUGH, William and Lucy Jane ASH Bob Druin
RILEY, Seth William and Mahala T. GRIFFIN Debby Short-Carden (alt)
ROUSE, Michael and Catherine ROUSE Marianne Rouse
ROUSE, Moses and Sarah Elizabeth SIMMONS Rhea Arculeer
ROUSE, Moses and Sarah "Bessie" SIMMONS Marianne Rouse
ROUSE, William Anderson and Nancy Ellen DEACON Marianne Rouse
SAMUELS, Charles and Mary "Polly" Dorsey Betty R. Darnell
SCOTT, John and Elizabeth CALDWELL Matthew Scott
SHOPTAW , Henry and Mary Jane WHITE Linda Branham
SIMMONS, Benjamin P. and Mary (Mollie) H. WHITE Rhea Arculeer
SIMMONS, Humphrey and Emily Ann POPE Rhea Arculeer
SIMMONS, Jonathan and Mary Polly TROUTMAN Rhea Arculeer
THOMPSON, John R. and Sophie HOAGLAND Delores Kennedy
THOMPSON, William, and Elizabeth SHAW Delores Kennedy
TRAVIS, James and (unknown) ST CLAIR Joan
TRAVIS, James St Clair and Lucinda JONES Joan
TRAVIS, John S. and Mary "Polly" TILFORD Joan
TROUTMAN, William Franklin and Malissa Jain RATLIFFE FGS Manager
WELLS, John and Amelia E. FOX Pat Settle
WELLS, Thomas and Mary "Polly" MILES Deborah C.
WELLS, William and Margaret QUERTERMOUS Deborah C.
WHEELER, Benjamin and Elinor or Eleanor (unknown) Diane Hicks
WILMOUTH, James and Elizabeth HILTON Patricia O'Connor

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