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  Declarations of Marriage, 
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Negroes and Mulattoes,1866-1908
Many former slave couples had lived together as man and wife for a number of years.  After passage of the 13th Amendment ending slavery, these couples were allowed to register their living arrangements as a marriage.  Boyle County has one book (Vol. 1-C) of these "Declarations of Marriage", recorded from 1866 to 1908.

Marriage Bonds, Negroes and Mulattoes,
1866 - 1920, Volumes 1-C through 14-C, including marriages in "White" book 19-W, with Index

Boyle Deaths

Deaths, pre-1900

Deaths, 1911-1999

Death Certificate Abstracts, 1909-1916
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African-American Death Certificate Abstracts
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Early Burials in Junction City Cemetery

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Area Probate Records

As these are HUGE files, I am not posting them here.  However, send me an email (mdenis46@gmailcom) and I'll send them to you.

Boyle Estate Settlements Index 1843-1978

Boyle Inventory and Appraisals index, 1842-1976

Boyle Will Index 1842-1921

Boyle Will Index 1842-1990

Mercer Will Index 1786-1946



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