Eastern Kentucky References*
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Every effort has been made to keep errors out of this entire book. Even so, human effort being what it is, there are bound to be slip-ups now and then. We have endeavored to index every name of every person in this work. Please keep in mind that names were not always spelled the same way they are today, and check various spellings of a name. In cases where the researcher had doubts about a name and included the space, we have included that also. For the sake of space, Mrs. John Williams will probably appear in this index as "Williams, John." Titles such as General or Doctor are not used unless only a surname was given. Negro slaves who appeared with only a given name are in a separate index immediately following this one. A partial index of businesses and place names (especially waterways) follow the slave index.
.........................................Bobbie H. O'Brien
* Comment from Transcriber: This file contains only Boyd County references - pages 1 - 35 and Catlettsburg pages 391-430(1876). The entire book contains information for Eastern Kentucky and is approximately 430 pages.