Alice Virginia Finnell Lockbaum

Stories of Boone County Residents
The Little House on Russell Street
by: Kel


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Mother Tanner's Christmas Tree
My Great-Grandpa Charles
My Mother and Santa Claus
Boone County Cemetery
The Little House on Russell Street
Transistor Nights

Main Character:
Ashbrook, Thomas L.
Griffith, Charles Logan
Lockbaum, Alice Virginia (Finnell)
Shears, Robert Lee "Pappy"
Tanner, Bill
Tanner, Grandpa and Mother


I do not or have not ever lived in Boone City.  But as a child spent many days at my Great Grandfather Robert Lee "Pappy" Shears home on Russell St. In Florence.

The original house is no longer there because of the strong winds that came through in the 80's. 

I loved that little house where the steps in the house where made of split logs and they heated with potbelly stoves, and you could always smell homemade biscuits being made.  What I loved most was      drinking the ice cold water out of the pail with the dipper.

Oh how I miss that little house!





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