Charles Logan Griffith

 Stories of Boone County Residents
My Great-Grandpa Charles
by: Carol Osborne




>My great grandfather on my father's side was Charles Logan Griffith. He was the son of John W. Griffith from Pennsylvania. Charles was the youngest child of 9 and grew up in the Richwood area of Walton. Married to Martha Ann Finnell, they lived in this area all of their lives.

>Charles did many things to provide for his family. He was a farmer who raised hogs and mules, he was a merchant with a store at the corner of Lexington Pike and US 25 in Richwood, he was a real estate agent and he was a banker.

>My uncle was selling insurance many years ago in the Walton area and happened to a man's door who remembered Charles. Charles had been the president of the Equitable Bank and Trust during the Great Depresion when state money changed to Federal money. Many companies were going out of business during that time, but Mr Otis Readnour and his feed company was employing about 18 people and thriving. Mr. Readnour said that Charles tore up the bank note on his business so that the feed company would continue to prosper and support those 18 people.

>The man who told my uncle this story was Mr. Otis Readnour himself.




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