Alice Virginia Finnell Lockbaum

 Stories of Boone County Residents
My Mother and Santa Claus
by: Robert Finnell Lockbaum

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Mother Tanner's Christmas Tree
My Great-Grandpa Charles
My Mother and Santa Claus
Boone County Cemetery
The Little House on Russell Street
Transistor Nights

Main Character:
Ashbrook, Thomas L.
Griffith, Charles Logan
Lockbaum, Alice Virginia (Finnell)
Shears, Robert Lee "Pappy"
Tanner, Bill
Tanner, Grandpa and Mother


>My Mom was born in Walton in 1907. If I remember correctly, she attended the Christian Church there until she was about 12-13 years old. When asked many moons ago, if she remembered Santa Claus, she said, "Indeed I do remember Santa Claus. We had been to Church on Christmas Eve. It was a snowy, cold, blustery night. All of us kids were given an orange at Church. We walked home in the cold and wind and snow. When we got home, I huddled in the corner in back of the stove to get warm. I stood there shivering, trying to get warm, when suddenly a big gust of wind rattled the stove pipe. I thought that it was Santa trying to come down the pipe. I was so scared, that I fainted and fell over in back of the stove and skinned my nose. Yes indeed, I do remember Santa".



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