Negro Marriages 1866-1901

"NEGRO MARRIAGES"  1866 - 1909

Transcribed "As Recorded" By: Laurie Wilcox

Before the Civil War, most African American couples "jumped the broom" when they were wed. It was not until after the Civil War that most Counties/States started to record "Negro" Marriages. In 1866, the year after the Civil War ended, all "Negro" and "Mulatto" couples were requested to go to the Courthouse and have their declaration of Marriage recorded.

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14 Sep 1901
Berry, John Dixon, Mary Walton Mrs. L. H. Holmes, Miss Annie Hutcheson E. E. Holmes
25 Jul 1900
Berry, John Coleman, Sallie Erlanger Millie Campbell, Harrieson Johnson Rev. R. Campbell
29 Dec 1868
Bohanan, Buford Duncan, Sidney Reuben Gaines house Jim Rouse, Reuben Gaines Wm Madison
19 Dec 1906
Bradford, James Gibbs, Fannie C. Petersburg Mrs. Annie Snyder, Mrs. Lizzie Kein, Mrs. Mae Whiting & Mrs. Kate Cox C. P. Pilow
30 Mar 1867
Bradford, Legrone Riddell, Mary Fowntin Coves Richard Botts, James Rogers John Rogers
30 Dec 1868
Brooks, Henry Tanner, July G. Anderson res. G. Brown, G. Anderson P. Vawter
25 Dec 1866
Brown, Lewis Price, Annie R. W. Cooper res. R. W. Cooper, S. A. Cooper Wm. Gaines
14 Dec 1900
Brown, Richard Scales, Lizzie at Walton Mrs. L. H. Holmes, Bettie Conrad E. E. Holmes
3 Jan 1867
Butler, Alfred Benton, Lucy Gabriel Gaines res. Oscar Lewis, Thomas Gaines Billy Gaines
21 Mar 1901
Castleman, Clarence Rosenberry, Ethel Grant Co. Genie?, Mary Huey Elmer Atwood
25 Feb 1871
Cave, Ben Weaver, Mary E. Henry Huges Allen Utz, Henry Hughes Wm Madison
18 Oct 1873
Cave, Harvey Cave, Jennie C. Carter's house   C. Carter
7 Nov 1908
Cleveland, Walace Strader, Maggie R. Campbell house in Erlanger Stuart Kirlley, Isac Campbell Rev. R. Campbell
15 Dec 1866
Coleman, Philip Duncan, Lucy Catherine Jerman res. Mrs. Catherine Jerman, Miss Cate Smith Billy Gaines
18 Feb 1895
Coleman, Ward Minon, Hattie   John H. Ryle, J. R. Cluterbuck Ben Stephens, Co. Judge
26 Jun 1869
Cooper, Charles Utz, Eliza Jane   Geroge Foster, Hetty Utz Jacob Price
3 Jan 1867
Douglas, Charles Benton, Eliza Gabriel Gaines res. Oscar Lewis, Thomas Gaines Billy Gaines
25 Feb 1871
Dudley, Sim Cave, Jane Mr. Hughes house Allen Utz, Henry Hughes Wm Madison
7 Nov 1869
Ebbinson, John Simpson, Phoebe   E. D. Grant, Ja'c Dinsmore Merit Simpson
14 Mar 1895
Finnell, Alec Riley, Mrs. Perry Big Bone Church Williams Hart, Mrs. Mary ? G. R. Wheeler
21 Sep 1872
Foster, John Berkshire, Candice   William Brown, ?? Lous [sic] Jackson
25 Dec 1872
Gaines, Columbus Weaver, Maria John Gaines res. Bill Guy Gaines, Chas. Osborn William Madison
2 Jan 1870
Gibbs, James Shepherd, Frances   Richard Walton, Richard Shepherd Wm Madison
24 Dec 1870
Graves, James Simpson, Ellen Ohio County Mrs. Isac Sanders Richard Bassett
18 Oct 1893
Graves, Reuben Jameson, Nancy Mrs. Jameson's house Frank Speaker, Walis Cleveland Rev. R. Campbell
28 Aug 1869
Graves, Samuel Berkshire, Mary Catherine John Gaines Woodford Huey, Sam Gaines Wm Madison Gaines
27 Dec 1866
Hagish, Luther Cave, Alice John Rogers house Richard Botts, Fountain Rogers John Rogers
20 Oct 1906
Hardy, Gilbert Thornton, Miss Gus Davis Petersburg A. B. Parker, Jack Piatt, Col. C. P. Pilow
5 Dec 1868
Hedges, Benjamin Watts, Emily Wm Watts res. Wm Watts, Menter Graves Wm Matson
21 Mar 1895
Jackson, Tony Lee, Mandy near Belleview George Roseberry, Samuel James Jacob Marshall
23 Feb 1901
Jackson, Tony Early, Etta at Grant (Bellview) Boone Co. Fred Archie, Jake Strader & 21 persons John Green
30 Mar 1873
Jefferson, Osiae Gaines, Jennie   George Foster, W. H. Bush Elder R. W. Scott
2 Jan 1909
Johnson, Samuel Wallard Webb, Myrtle   Clarence Webb, Ward Coleman P. C. Carson
6 Aug 1871
Johnson, Willis Wills, Allice at Florence George Foster, William Stuart Elder R. W. Scott
10 Jun 1874
Jones, Thomas Carneal, Judy   John W. Conner, John Hoggins Francis R. Ch??
6 Mar 1867
Jones, William Taylor, Judy      
5 Apr 1902
Kirtley, Luther Archie, Lucy   Asa S. Cason, Luther Kirtley P. E. Cason
3 Dec 1869
Lewis, James Pillis?, Melvinco? Peter Cooper Lewis Cleveland, Hy Cleveland Wm Madison
28 Dec 1870
McDaniel, Richard Gaines, Clarissa Wm Grant William Huey, Jane Chambers Wm Madison
26 Mar 1870
Minor, Harrison Clarkson, Fannie Res. Of S. Hamilton Alfred Webb, Peter Webb Wm Madison
3 Oct 1903
Moppin, John *Johnson, Annie *Thompson on certificate Ola Carpenter, Mary Henney Rev. R. Campbell
10 Aug 1867
Nelson, John Ressap, Lucy   Wm Ressap, Jesse Childers Simon Sleet
5 Apr 1902
Parker, Wash Paine, Lillie Biullitsville Ben Utz, Hyram Cleveland Rev. W. H. Bush
11 Dec 1904
Poston, John Berry, Bettie Mt Zion Baptist Church Thos Hoard, Layton Steele Rev. R. Campbell
14 Oct 1903
Riddell, Lucien Zellers, Cora   Clara B. Smith, William Utz, John Zellers, Thomas Riddell Rev. J. F. Drane (of Covington)
5 Jan 1907
Riddle, Edward Boston, Queen V.   N. H. Martin, Charly Hedges P. C. Carson
22 Nov 1904
Riley, Albert Smith, Artie M. Florence John Fisher, Nathan Lewis Rev. W. H. Bush
3 Jan 1869
Ross, Charles White, Jane Reuben Gaines house Woodford Huey, Reuben Gaines William Madison
26 Nov 1903
Ross, Julius Rout, Lorena 5:00 in Crittenden, Grant Co. Mr. James Wethers, Mrs. Sis Hughes Rev. G. R. Wheeler
14 Aug 1869
Rouse, Thomas Baley, Harriett Squire Gaines Woodford Huey, Thos Webster Wm Madison
25 Mar 1871
Scott, George Osborn, Amanda Taylor Osborn Tom Blyth, ?Seff Webb Wm Madison
25 Jan 1874
Scott, George Banister, Aggie Burlington Charles Williams, Lewis Scott George Rice
20 Mar 1909
Thomas, Allen Utz, Bessie   Mik' Utz, James White P. C. Carson
28 Apr 1870
Thomas, Joseph Dyans, Anna   Warren Rogers, Lee Rogers Wm Gaines
17 Apr 1869
Thomas, Sandford Zellers, Elizabeth John Gaines Joe White, Saw Zellers Wm Madison
10 Sep 1871
Thomas, Urais Adams, Sharlock at Florence George Foster, William Stuart Elder R. W. Scott
28 Apr 1870
Trail, George Clarkson, Amanda   A. Duncan, W. Willis Wm Gaines
4 Jun 1871
Transon, John Jones, Maggie at Florence William Stuart, Ephraim Hilm Elder R. W. Scott
23 Mar 1905
Utz, Chester Hedges, Isabel   Wallace Cleveland, Chas Hedges P. E. Cason
20 Mar 1909
Utz, Clarence Weaver, Ethel   Mik'r Utz, Hermoin Brown P. C. Carson
14 Oct 1905
Utz, Edward Vance, Cora Mrs. Rites' house Burlington David Sanders, Sam Utz ?
25 Sep 1869
Utz, Richard Gaines, Martha   Sandford Zellers, John Hite Wm Madison
24 Dec 1870
Walton, Richard Garnnett, Martha John Walton Joseph Thomas, Sandford Thomas Wm Madison
10 Sep 1871
Washington, George Thomas, Lucy at Florence William Scott, George Foster Elder R. W. Scott
23 Jan 1869
Webster, Thomas Collins, Belle John Gaines res. Reuben Gaines (col), Joseoh White (col) William Madison
16 Jan 1869
White, Joseph Zellers, Laura   John Scott (col), Slauter Zellers (col) Wm Madison
29 Dec 1866
Williams, James Kirtley, Almeda Mark Whitaker res Mark Whitaker, Thos. S. Whitaker Billy Gaines
25 May 1873
Wilson, John W. Scott, Catherine   Ephraim Helm, George Foster Elder R. W. Scott
30 Aug 1869
Wright, D. Wilson, Sarah Crittenden, Grant Co. Isaac Tone, Reuben Tone Lewis Jackson
10 Nov 1867
Zellers, Aaron S. Kirtley, Ellen Shiloh Baptist Church , Ohio County ?. F. Wright, Moses Morgan Chapman Harris
8 May 1869
Zellers, Samuel Thomas, Muira? Owen Rogers Ely Crooks, Marion Gaines Wm Madison
29 Dec 1868
Zillin, Abe Lallison White, America James Willis res. Charles Ross, Reuben Rucker William Madison

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