Moore and Cayton Family Stories

A History of the Moore and Cayton Families

Submitted By: Betsy

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1. Alice Moore Wade 2. George Wade 3. Helen Moore 4. Harold “Bose” Moore 5. Eva Etta Moore Cayton 6. Lewis Edgar Cayton 7. Ida Moore Wade 8. Alfred Wade (cousin to George) 9. Lev Moore 10. Flossie Moore Gregory 11. Ken “Jake” Moore 12. Andrew Zechariah Moore 13. Christine Norma Cayton (child of 5 & 6) 14. Mary Hutchison (er-e-en) Cayton 15. Nancy Jane (Kate) Cayton Moore 16. Earl Wade (child of 7 & 8).

Andrew Zechariah & Kate Moore sold their third share of deceased James Zechariah Moore’s property in Kentucky to Samuel Truman Moore & James Mitchell Moore in September, 1874 because Kate hated how windy it was on top of the hill on Big Bone Creek and the Ohio River. They bought a flat boat and sold dishes, coffee, beans, flour and sugar up and down the Ohio River. Grami gave me dishes that they had sold off the boat.

Cornelius Jackson Cayton married Mary Hutchison in Boone County, Ky. on December 29, 1835. Lewis Edgar is their grandson from Richard Jackson Cayton Sr. and Emmaline Eaglin Cayton.

William Cayton married Mary Mock October 29, 1842. They are Kate’s parents. Phillip Cayton married Margaret “Peg” McGlaughlin in 1810. Phillip’s father was William Cayton who was killed in the War of 1812. Ghent, KY, Gallatin County Library & Census. In the 1810 census there was Margaret Cayton in the 45 & up age catergory. I looked through the wills and found 1808 that Jacob Cayton had died. He left a will that listed all 8 of his children, including his daughters’ married names. Jacob Cayton was born in 1740? in Virginia and was an Indian agent in Kentucky area.

Mary Hutchison is Kate’s aunt and Lewis’ grandmother. Grandpa Jackson Cayton was angry when Lewis married his cousin. Making her a great-great-aunt and a Great Grandmother to Grami Christine, in the same person.

Before Patriot, IN on #56, turn into East View Cemetery. Veer to the right on the circle road. Find Pratt’s stone on the right and Adam’s on the left. By the Pratt stone is Andrew Zechariah Moore. There is a whole row there with no stones. In the middle, part way up the east facing hill is a Lyon stone in front of the Wade stone. Alice Wade and George Wade are there. Twins Wayne (only 19 days old) and Willard (Peck) are there. Dorothea Wade McPherson did the other history and is Alice and George’s daughter. She has three girls. Bonnie lives in Alaska and is friends with Carol Ross.

On the left road is a large stone in the last row more east that the Wade stone. It is the Cayton family connection for Grandpa Lewis. His parents and sisters are listed on it with a blank space left for him? Richard Jackson Cayton, DOB Jan. 12, 1841 died Feb. 23, 1899. One daughter died the same day, maybe from an accident. Joe Cayton, Jackson’s brother, lived on the same farm and drank the poison from the tin milk bottle in the tobacco field and died right there. On the outskirts of Rising Sun, the farm is across #156 from the store and has new homes on it. The big old trees are still there where they framed the old house. Joe had a son named John Cayton who had no kids. Joe had 2 small children who are buried on the Moore Plot in Gallatin, KY. in the same month, probably from illness. Grandpa Jackson Cayton was married to Emmaline Eaglin DOB 1840. They had Richard Jr. who ran a newspaper in Louisville and had two daughters, died with no heirs. Gracie DOB 1869 and died the same day as her father. Jeannette DOB 1875, (Aunt Jennie) to Mom) married a Lommel who was a druggist, had Chester Lommel who never married. Lewis DOB 1874 married Eva Etta Moore DOB 1873, had Christine Norma Cayton DOB 1897, and Burl Edgar Cayton 5 years later.

John Cayton mixed the sour mash for Rossville Distillery in Lawrenceburg that burnt in 1910? Flossie Gregory and Kate Cayton bought 6 plots in the East View Cemetery per present records the caretaker has. The people who are actually buried there were lost in the 1937 flood. There is only one marker. Jackson’s home is one mile below Patriot, second house on the right after the bridge. He was paralyzed from the Spanish American War in the 1850’s in Texas. No apparent injury, could not move from the waist down. PS: his wife and children ran their sizable farm with him directing from his bedside including an island in the middle of the river.

Jackson’s father was Cornelius Joseph Cayton DOB 4/5/1811, married Mary Hutchison DOB 5/13/1818 on 12/28/1835 in Boone County. KY. He died in the Mexican War in Texas and Mary died on 5/2/1904. Mary’s mother was Sarah Toothman and her Grandfather, John Toothman signed the permission for Sarah to marry. Sarah’s husband was William Hutcherson (spelled like that on marriage certificate while Mary’s was spelled the other way). His father, Robert Hutcherson, signed his permission. The reason I followed this line is that Grami told me the lady in the picture’s last name was Hutchison.

Now for Cornelius’ family. Phillip Cayton, DOB 1794, married Margaret (Peggy) McGlaughlin on 6/14/1810. Her Father signed (John) Henry McGlaughlin to the permission slip. In the 1810 census for Gallatin County, KY. a John McGlaughlin had a wife and 7 other children all less than 16 years of age. Peggy and Phillip were listed in the 16/25 age bracket in that census. Phillip’s father, William Cayton, signed permission for him to marry. The 1810 census listed William with a wife and 7 other children less than 16 years of age. I have no names on this group, just ages. William killed in the War of 1812 in the fight for parts of Indiana and Kentucky with the French-British-Shawnee-Miami-Delaware. Grami always said that she knew a Grandpa William, and in the same breath would say that he was killed in the War of 1812. Since she was born in 1897, something did not fit. I think this clears it. Phillip’s father was William and so was his son.

I have the information to track this with the War Department to find which side he fought on and where he was killed. I got the information from a book “ The Cornstalk Militia of Kentucky”. But the name that is listed is William Clayton. I think it is a mistake made by literate harried hurried clerk who was signing up men for the Militia. With no one to proof read. I searched further and found where Jacob Cayton also owned lot #2 in Gallatin Co.

Now the confusing part. Phillip Cayton was either Cornelius’ older brother and he raised him after his father was killed or he was Cornelius’ father. The records are not available because they didn’t list the names of the children in the 1810 census. Need to check school records or church registers if they even exist. Phillip had a son named William who married Mary Mock. Her father signed Joseph Mock to the permission. Apparently the clerk did not know them because he included the info that they lived in the East End Bottoms, KY next to Pratt. She was also in a court record where Mary Mock was arguing with a William Henry Jackson Cayton over property, perhaps that was William‘s full name. Haven’t figured out where he fits in.

Eva Etta Moore is previous photo

Lewis or Louis Edgar Cayton, DOB 1874, married Eva Etta Moore DOB 1872, in April 1896. They gave issue to Christine Norma DOB Oct. 15, 1897, and Burrell Edgar DOB April 24, 1902. Lewis was a hand on several farms around Patriot and Vevay, IN. On #56 past a farm with Hutcherson on the mail box, there is a little church in the middle of a corn field. Grami said they used to walk to services. Whenever she came for the summer, we had to drive down so she could tell me the stories again. It is just across the Ohio River from Big Bone Creek in Kentucky. This is a picture of Lewis from 1905, age 33.

Eva Etta Moore married Lewis Edgar Cayton. This photo was taken in 1918, she was 44 years old. Mom (Marcella) can remember when she came to visit and always brought something for Edgie (Evalyn) and her.

Eva’s grandfathers name was James Zechariah Moore. I have not found where he married yet. In Boone County KY, it is probably J.Z.’s father, a James Moore who married twice in 10 months. Fanny Cooper in 1823 (died in birthing maybe) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Black in 1824. NOTE: Betsy was Grandpa James’ wife’s name per a paper Mom found. But if he married her in Kentucky, they did not come straight from Ireland. So the Irish connection is at least another generation back. Need to check in Virginia.

Henry Herrler, was a gun maker and boat maker in Bavaria, Germany. More can be found in Dearborn County as he came straight here and married Anna Marie Ammersdorfer. John Henry Herrler DOB 1856? was raised in Lawrenceburg, IN. Married Sally Ann (Sadie) Tompkins from Harrison, OH. Their son was Henry Robert (Robert Henry) “Curly” Herrler DOB 1893 married Christine Norma Cayton (Grami) DOB Oct. 16, 1897. Curly had 2 sisters, Lillie May who married Gene Levi and Frances who married a Clark. Supposedly related to the explorer.

There is a story of a great aunt. Their parents owned the Mill in Metamora, IN. When Morgan’s Raiders came through their town, the little girl was sent to tell her father at the mill to come home immediately. When she got back to the house, the soldiers were blocking her way across the street to her home. Captain Morgan got off his horse and carried her across to her Mother’s arms. Then Grandmother fixed the soldiers a meal. After eating, they brought back all the dishes after washing them and gave her a fine white horse. Later, when the U.S. Army came into town on the trail of Morgan’s Raiders, they took the horse away from her. It was better to feed them willingly than to have them come in and take the food by force.

Christine Norma and Henry Robert Herrler gave issue to Evalyn Norma DOB Nov. 21. 1916 who married William Edward Harbin DOB Mar. 21, 1910 on Jan. 31, 1935. No children. And Marcella Lois Herrler DOB May 14, 1922. Married Lisle Eugene Ross DOB Aug. 22, 1921. Died 12./24/95. They gave issue to Sharon Sue, 12/10/1941, Mary Gene, 11/28/1942, Nancy Lynn, 8/18/1945 Lisle Michael, 5/14/1947, Sally Ann, 12/12/1948, Carol Jane, 4/12/1950, Betsy Lou, 4/24/1952, Kathleen 6/12/1954, and Brian Dudley. Brian DOB 3/27/54, died May 30, 2002.

This photo was taken in 1914 of Christine and Curly when they were married, she was 17 and he was 21.

Ross family ties in here: Emery Preston Ross DOB June 13, 1866 married Mary Claspill DOB Mar. 17, 1867, on Aug. 27. 1890. Gave issue to seven children, Dolph Newman, Margaret, Lisle Milliken DOB 9/22/1896, Ralph Preston, Charles Emery, Mary Elizabeth, Robert Lee.

Emery’s parents were Jasper Donald Ross and Elizabeth Milliken Ross (Cotton’s Keepsakes by A.J. Cotton has lots on the Milliken family of Manchester, IN). Jasper’s father was Phillip Conner Ross DOB May 2, 1820 in Cincinnati, OH, married Susan D. Hedge. Phillip’s father was Samuel Ross married Elizabeth Taylor from Roxbury, MA. The Ross book by Harvey Ross had no info on Mary Claspill’s family. Need to check. Second Ross book has been written and there is more about Mary Claspill in it.

This photo of Iva and Lisle was taken for their 25th wedding anniversary. Lisle married Iva Pearl Shott DOB 2/21/1897 on 4/21/1917. They gave issue to Donald Lewis, Lisle Eugene, Betty Lucille, and Charles Dudley. Iva’s parents were Emma Glissman and Franklin Pierce Shott. They all lived in Manchester, IN. Grandpa Ross went to school with Grandpa Herrler.

Grandpa Shott jumped off the orphan train from Cincinnati, Ohio out by Manchester. Marge Schott’s grandfather (or Grandfather-in-law) was his dad. Grandpa Shott was an embarrassment because parents were not married so he was put on the train and sent west to be adopted. His mother died when he was still a young child of 12 or 13. He was put on the train to hide him from the wife.

Lisle Eugene and Marcella Herrler Ross’ children:

Sharon Sue married John H. Allen gave issue to Jennifer Gail

Mary Gene

Nancy Lynn married Robert Bennett gave issue to James Eugene/Rodney Lynn

Lisle Michael mar/div Peggy Ross gave issue to Amy Lucinda

Sally Ann married Steven Poehner gave issue to Christine Elizabeth

Carol Jane mar/div Donald Stanley gave issue to Suzanne Kay/ Donald Ray

mar/div Lonnie McIntosh who had 5 kids from previous marriages

Betsy Lou mar/div Johnny Wright gave issue to Melanie Marie

married Roger Rimstidt who had Matthew William/Amanda Nicole

Kathleen mar/div Dennis Sigmon gave issue to Lonnie Wayne/Jesse Eugene

mar/div Marc Firestone gave issue to Rachel R.M./Marcella M.P.

Brian Dudley and Sharon Huffner gave issue to Kelly Jo Ross Huffner.

All lived at 711 West Conwell St. Aurora, IN from October, 1952 until they came of age. Mother is in Rising Sun nursing home. Marriage and birth records are in Hamilton County Ohio and Dearborn County Indiana. Their children went on to give issue to:

Jennifer married David Swalls Teresa and Ron Miller were foster children

gave issue to Lydia Joy 1995.

James married Becky Eder gave issue to Torri Lynn/Dacia Marie/Abigail

Suzanne Stanley had Fayleen Ann Marie/Jeffrey Ross Stanley

married Carl Ascherman gave issue to Layla Marie.

Amy mar/div Mike Taylor gave issue to Jerremy 1995

Rodney married Amy who has a son named Payton and is expecting with Rod’s child

Melanie married Russell Ossege gave issue to Jessica Lynn 7/23/2003

Lonnie Sigmon Patrick Joseph

Jesse Sigmon girl

Rachel R.M. married Andrew

Grami told me stories of her grandparents. She told me of a Native American connection, knew native words but not what they meant. She said to keep it a secret because some people didn’t like it when you were of mixed blood. I made contact with The Shawnee Remnant Band of Urbana, Ohio and became a member of them in 1994 with the Cayton connection. Jacob Cayton was an Indian agent and had a Shawnee wife and children. I am River Pearl to them.

Betsy Lou Ross, DOB 4/24/1952 in Hamilton County, Ohio at Bethesda Hospital. Number seven of the nine children of Marcella and Eugene Ross. Parents moved to 711 West Conwell Street, Aurora, IN in October, 1952. Betsy graduated in May, 1970. Worked at Tandy’s Clothing Store at that time. Married Johnny Lynn Wright on her 19th birthday. Melanie Marie Wright was born on August 2, 1972. The marriage ended in divorce on September 30th, 1978. Betsy went on to IUPUI in Indianapolis, for 4 1/2 years, part time for Geology and Forestry. Worked at a furniture store, sold oil leases to farmers, was a live-in house keeper, a janitor, an accounts receivable clerk at three different places in Cincinnati, OH. Got on at Indiana Michigan Power Plant in Lawrenceburg, IN. from August 1988 until August 1994. Was injured on the job so went back to accounting, driving a bus, and clerking for a living. I like to garden in a limited fashion now, outdoor activities, spending time with my husband Roger. Married 7/27/1994 in Morgan County, IN.


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