If you have family ties to this cemetery

I am pleased to say that this endeavor has been successful and the Brown Cemetery has been saved! To read the newsletter, click on the link below.

"I am happy to report that the cemetery has been preserved!  I have visited the cemetery since the newsletter was published (Winter, 2003, issue of Preservation Priorities, the newsletter of the Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board.) and the fence is up.  Indeed, Corporex did such a great job with the cemetery, that the Review Board will honor the company with a preservation award this coming May."

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Matthew E. Becher, AICP
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Boone County Planning Commission
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We are loosing our heritage to progress.

The Corporex Management and Construction Company is building the Metropolitan Education and Training Services (METS) center on a 5 acres in the CirclePort complex off Mineola Pike.  In what would be the center of the parking lot is a 155 year old cemetery.  According to a broken obelisk found on the cemetery, Joseph and Ann Brown are buried there as are 5 others who are in unmarked graves.  The cemetery is on land donated to the Point Pleasant Christian Church in 1841 and an 1883 map shows the Brown family land was adjacent to the Church.  

A public notice has been placed in The Boone County Recorder by Corporex asking for Brown family relatives to contact Corporex.  The company wants to relocate the graves and is expected to file an application with the Fiscal Court.  A spokesman for the company says Corporex would like to also restore the obelisk.  It would also erect another marker at the METS site noting that as the former site of the cemetery.
Opponents of moving the cemetery include the Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board and the Boone County Commissioner, Cathy Flaig.  

Corporex has a back-up plan.  "But executives said it would make building the center much simpler for them if they could relocate the cemetery."   

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