Descendants of Lewis Hume

Descendants of Lewis Hume

Submitted By: Ruth Flack McKnight

Lewis Hume Biography


Husband  Lewis Hume
    Born  8 Aug 1793, Bryant's Station, Fayette, Kentucky
    Marr  (1) 1 Oct 1816, Boone County, Kentucky
                                           To Sarah "Sally" Sleete
              (2) 21 Jan 1818, Boone County, Kentucky
                                             To Mary "Polly" Roberts
    Died  23 Dec 1875, Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County, Indiana
    Bur          Dec 1875, Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County, Indiana
                                         Indian Prairie Baptist Church
    Occupation  Scout, Surveyor, Farmer
    Military  War of 1812, 16th Kentucky Regiment, Captain Ellis Co.
    Father   Rev. George Hume
    Mother  Elizabeth Proctor,  1st wife of Rev. George Hume

    Wife # 1 Sarah "Sally" Sleete
    Born  1796, Boone County, Kentucky
    Died  3 Aug 1817, Boone County, Kentucky
    Bur       Aug 1817, Boone County, Kentucky
                                      Sleet Family Cemetery, Howard Moore
                                      U. S. 42, near Duckhead Inn
    Father  Weeden Sleete
    Mother  Elizabeth "Betsey" Green

    Wife # 2  Mary "Polly" Roberts
    Born  1796, Verona, Boone County, Kentucky or
                            Verona County, Kentucky
    Died  15 Dec 1873, Jefferson Twp., Sullivan, Indiana
    Bur          Dec 1873, Jefferson Twp., Sullivan, Indiana
                                        Indian Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery
    Father  Unknown
    Mother Unknown

    Children by Wife # 1 Satah "Sally" Sleete

    1.  Elzephan Weeden Sleet Hume
    Born  15 Jul 1817, Boone County, Kentucky
    Mar  (1)  27 Sep 1845, Gallatin County, Kentucky To
                                               Rachel Connelly
            (2)                 1875, Jasper County, Illinois to Mattie D.
                                               Hume, Widow of Weeden Sleet
Hume of
                                               Greensburg, Indiana
    Died  1 Dec 1881, Edgar County, Illinois, prob Hume
    Bur       Dec  1881, Paris, Paris Twp., Edgar, Illinois
                                     Edgar Cemetery

    Children by Wife # 2 Mary "Polly" Roberts
    1.  Philip R. Hume
    Born  1818, Boone County, Indiana
    Mar  21 Jul 1839, Rush County, Indiana To Rebecca Terril/Terel

    2. William Hume
    Born  1819, Boone County, Indiana
    Mar               To Mary Williams
    Died             Missouri )Have been unable to locate records on
                           this son of Lewis Hume.

    3.  Louisa Jane Hume
    Born  15 Jul 1820, Campbell County, Kentucky
    Mar   14 Jul  1840, Rush County, Indiana To Benjamin Machlin
    Died       bef  1876, Rush County, Indiana

    4.  Lucretia Hume
    Born   8 Apr 1822, Campbell County, Kentucky
    Marr  19 Dec 1841, Rush County, Indiana To James Carpenter
    Died    7 Dec 1893, Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin
    Bur         Dec  1893, Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin
                                         Hillside Cemetery

    5.  Margaret Hume
    Born  1823, Campbell County, Kentucky
    Mar   1 Nov 1863, Sullivan County, Indiana To Robert C. Bishop
                                      as his 2nd wife
    Died                        Ripley County, Missouri
    Bur                           Ripley County, Missouri, Stone Cemetery

    6.  John Hume ** (my 2nd great grandfather)
    Born   8 Dec 1825, Ripley County, Indiana
    Mar   16 May 1850, Decatur County, Indiana To Frances Byland
    Died  23 Jul 1890, Pleasantville, Sullivan, Indiana
    Bur          Jul 1890, Jefferson Twp., Sullivan, Indiana
                                       Indian Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery

    7. Penelope Hume
    Born  22 Jan 1829, Ripley County, Indiana
    Mar                 1854, Jasper County, Illinois To Ezekiel Jones

    8.  Susan Elizabeth Hume
    Born  31 Mar 1831, Ripley County, Indiana
    Mar  (1) 17 Feb 1852, Rush County, Indiana To
                                             Anthony Boes/Bowles
             (2)  ca 1876 To Benjamin Machlin, widow of her sister Louisa
                                     Jane Hume Machlin

    9.  Sarah Hume
    Born  31 Mar 1831, Ripley County, Indiana
    Mar                            To George Trowbridge

    10. Joseph C. Hume
    Born  25 Aug 1835, Ripley County, Indiana
    Marr    7 Jun 1854, Jasper County, Illinois to Rebecca Benefiel


        John Hume and Frances Byland, applied for their marriage license  on
the 11th day of May, 1850 in Shelby County, Indiana. The marriage was
performed by John Arnold, a Baptist Minister of The Gospel on 16th day of
May, 1850 in Decatur County, Indiana. Their marriage was filed in Shelby
County, Indiana on the 6th day of July 1850. Recorded in Shelby County,
Indiana Marriage Book 6, Page 22

    There was a  lot of family  lore and  tales of Lewis Hume. A very
estensive biography was written about him in The Hume Family History by John
Robert, Hume, M. D. who was the son of # 10 Joseph C. Hume and Rebecca
Benefiel Hume. 

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