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Generation 9

John B., son of Joseph, was born in Big Bone Lick, Boone County, Kentucky. He was a farmer. His first wife, Mary ("Polly") Underhill, also born in Boone County, died fairly young, and John remarried to Dereisa ("Dove") Rex Craig, a widow. John and his first wife were first cousins. Her father and his mother were brother and sister. John and his family were Baptists.

According to the 1870 U.S. census, John and his wife could not read or write.

1875 tax records showed that John had 2 horses, one hundred blood horses and mares at a total value of $375.00, one male over the age of 21, a qualified voter, one male enrolled in the militia, 300 pounds of tobacco, and 250 bushels of corn, with the value of his real estate at $1300.00.

John is buried in the North Side, Row Number 11 Lot, and grave number 3 of Big Bone Lick Baptist Church cemetery in Boone County, Kentucky.

Following is the family of John Horton:

John B. Horton (1814/4-18-1876) m. Mary ("Polly") Underhill (~1818/2-7-1857) on 5-19-1839 and Dove Rex Craig on 9-23-1857

  • Jane (1842/?)
  • Isaac William (1-19-1842/4-18-1873)
  • Aristidas E. (1844/9-9-1868), not married?
  • Horace (1846/1860s)
  • Inez Marcelene (1-1847/2-17-1926) m. Jacob Craig on 11-7-1871
  • Thomas ("Tom") M. (1-22-1850/9-8-1929) m. Georgia Grimsley on 11-24-1872
  • Marcus D. "Lafayette" (2-9-1859/5-28-1939) m. Fanny Gomsley on 11-27-1884
  • Frances Elizabeth (1863/1942) m. Joe Cunningham on 11-30-1877
  • Sally Ann (7-30-1867/11-29-1949) m. William Riggs on 7-30-1887
  • John M. (12-1-1868/3-19-1870)
  • Missouri Belle ("Dovira") (11-14-1871/9-5-1949) m. Charles Stephens on 8-17-1896

Inez Horton Craig

John's daughter, Inez, and Dereisa's son, Jacob, who lived together as stepbrother and stepsister as children, were married.

Lafayette Horton

John’s son, Lafayette, died in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky.

Sally Horton Riggs

John’s daughter, Sally, died in Hart County, Kentucky. She had:

  • Cody (3-1889/1900+)
  • John (1-1891/1900+)
  • Charles (12-1894/1900+)
  • William J. (11-1895/1900+)
  • Harry (1-1898/1900+)
  • Jessie (3-1900/1900+)
  • Edward
  • James Otto
  • Cecil B. (3-21-1900/4-1966, m. Mary ? in 1920), Mace (1911/1930+)
  • Benjamin (1913/1930+) Riggs.

Cecil Riggs had:

  • William
  • Gertrude
  • Lesser
  • Robert.

Horace Horton

John’s son, Horace, may have died in the Civil War.

Thomas Horton

Following is a picture of John’s son, Tom.

Figure 91: Tom Horton

Frances Horton Cunningham

John’s daughter, Frances, had Sallie Cunningham.

Missouri Horton Stephens

John’s daughter, Missouri, had:

  • Gracie (6-16-1897/1904)
  • Viola (b. 6-23-1899/1923+, m. Joseph Brady)
  • James (3-30-1901/6-13-1933, m. Rosalea Klopp in 1923)
  • Artie Mae (8-11-1903/3-3-1989, m. Cecil Stephens on 10-21-1923)
  • Bernard (6-6-1905/8-7-1919)
  • Russell B. ("Cunie") (4-5-1907/3-6-1964, m. Laverne Browne)
  • Robert ("Brit") (b. 5-2-1909)
  • William (b. 8-18-1911, m. Frances M. Craig)
  • Mosby ("Cliff") (b. 6-9-1914, m. Pearl Craig in 1936).

Viola Stephens Brady had:

  • Isabelle (b. 1923, m. Emerson Williams and had children).

James Stephens had:

  • Charles J. (b. 4-25-1924, m. Marjorie Burcham and Wanda Luck)
  • Agnes M. (b. 1929, m. Sebren Scott and had 6 children).

Artie Mae Stephens had:

  • Cecil Jr. (m. Junita Elliston)
  • Gladys M. (m. Leslie Moore).

Mosby Stephens had:

  • Patsey (b. 1937, m. Russell McGuire)
  • Ronald F. ("Bugs") (b. 1938, m. Carol Hibbins).


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