Boone County Guardian Book



5 Feb 1821
Seth and  James — infant orphans of Thomas Stephens. 
Thomas Porter and  James Porter — Guardians.  
4 June 1821
Polina, Ann,  William and  Esther — infant orphans of Nathaniel White. 
Benjamin McFarland and  E. Hance — Guardians.  
3 Sept 1821
Grace Reed — infant orphan of Zach Reed.
Benjamin Fowler and Chasteen Scott — Guardians.
3 Sept 1821
William Reed — infant orphan of Zach Reed.
John Reed and James Reed — Guardians.
3 Sept 1821
Polly Feather — infant orphan of William Feather.
David Crisler and Lewis Riddell — Guardians.
3 Dec 1821
William,  Nancy,  Rosanna,  Esther, Polly,  Alfred, and  Julian —
infant orphans of Thomas Shaw.
Nancy Shaw and Samuel McGinnis — Guardians.
3 Dec 1821
America Jack — infant orphan of John Jack.
John Gibson and  John Bradford and  John Anderson — Guardians.
3 Dec 1821
Matilda Fleet Delaney and  Catherine Delaney — 
infant orphans of Elijah Delaney. 
Lucy Delaney and  William Goodridge —Guardians.
3 Dec 1821
Nancy and  Lucy Watts — infant orphans of Nathan Watts.
Elizabeth Watts and  Edward Graves — Guardians.
3 Dec 1821
Tandy Mehanes — infant orphan — no name given.
Willis Graves and  Joseph Graves — Guardians.
7 Jan 1822
Thomas Ledger - infant orphan of John Ledger.
Willis Graves and  Jacob Latiner — Guardians.
7 Jan 1822
Ann Goodridge — infant orphan of Susan Goodridge.
Walter Goodridge and  William Goodridge — Guardians.
4 Feb  1822
Julia Kelly — infant orphan of Robert Kelly.
Chasteen Scott and  Abraham Stancifer — Guardians.
1 Apr 1822
Lydia Coleman — infant orphan of Francis Coleman.
Washington Watts and  John Gaines — Guardians.
22 July 1822
Hariett,  Matilda,  Marina,  Manlus,  John,  Polly, and  Sally —
infant orphans of John Cave.
Polly Cave and  Cave Johnson — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Peggy Crisiler — infant orphan of Caty Crisler.
Lewis Crisler,  John Crisler and  Beverly Ward — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Richard Henry Botts (over 14 years) — infant orphan of Joshua Botts.\ Estate which shall be owing as coming from his grandfather Samuel Hutcherson, deceased; belonging to him when he shall attain lawful age.
Joshua Botts,  Mills Wilk and  George Terrill — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Samuel Ervin Botts,  Martha Jane Botts and  Manlius Hutcherson
Botts,  Francis M. Botts,  Sanford Gaines Botts and  Lucy
Pendleton Botts — infant orphans of Joshua Botts,  from
their grandfather Samuel Hutcherson.
Joshua Botts, Mills Wilk and  George Terrill — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Mary Sanders — infant orphan of William Sanders.
George Porter and  Ezekial Rice — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Hannah and  George and  William — infant orphans of William Sanders. 
George Porter and  Ezekial Rice — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Thomas,  Joseph and  Constant Bennington — infant orphans of William Bennington.
William Bennington, Patrick Wallace and  Jno. Graves — Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Rebecca and  Sarah Bennington — infant orphans of William Bennington.
William Bennington and  Patrick Wallace and  Jim. Graves - Guardians.
2 Sept  1822
Edw. W. Turner and  Mary Turner — infant orphans of Bartlett Turner.
David Black and  Henry Holman — Guardians.
7 Oct 1822
Polly Huffman — infant orphan of Joel Huffman.
Benjamin Northcutt and  Roger Wiggenton — Guardians.
7 Oct 1822
Rosanna Huffman — infant orphan of Joel Huffman.
Abraham Powell and  Lewis Crisler — Guardians.
2 Dec 1822
Moses Scott,  William Scott and  Lucinda Scott — 
infant orphans of William Scott.
James Ryle and  Moses Scott — Guardians.
3 Feb 1823
Rebecca,  Artemous and  Vactor Pratt — infant orphans of Artemous Pratt
Nancy Pratt and Harvey Parker — Guardians.
3 Feb 1823
Pulaski Smith — infant orphan of Nathan Smith.
Thomas B. Foulke and  Abe Souther — Guardians.
2 Mar 1823
Sally Rogers — infant orphan of John Rogers.
William Botts,  Joseph Botts and  Mills Wilks — Guardians
3 Mar 1823
John,  James,  William,  Phebe,  Lucinda and  Catherine — 
infant orphans of John Tanner.
Reuben Graves and  Benjamin Willis — Guardians.
3 Mar 1823
Alfred Rucker — infant orphan of John Rucker.
Paschal Rucker and  John L. Rucker — Guardians.
3 Mar 1823
Mary Ann Seals and  Thomas Seals — infant orphans of Barnet Seals.
Jeremiah Craven and  Cave Montague — Guardians.
3 Feb 1824
Stephen Hensley — infant orphan of Stephen Hensley.
Clifton Hensley and  William Gaines — Guardians.
7 June 1824
Maria and  Harriett Wilson — infant orphans of James Wilson.
Landon Robinson and  Cave Montague — Guardians.
6 Sept 1824
Jane Ann Williams - infant orphan of Elijah Williams.
James L. Gilmore and  Absalom Graves — Guardian.
4 Oct 1824
Benjamin Graves and  Joseph Graves and  Jr. — infant orphans of John Graves.
Edward Graves and  Joseph Graves — Guardians.
6 Dec 1824
Julia Caroline Stanley — infant orphan of Timothy Stanley.
Gustavus Fisher,  James Finnell,  Hayden Simpson and  John Case — Guardians.
3 Jan 1825
John H. Torrence — infant orphan of John Torrence.
John Wingate and  Benjamin Johnson — Guardian.
5 July 1825
David Smalley — infant orphan of William Smalley.
George Porter and  William C. Anderson — Guardians.
3 Apr 1826
Elijah,  Harrison, and  Gilbert — infant orphans of John Boothe.
Abner Gaines and  Alexander McPherson — Guardians.
4 Dec 1826
Felecia,  Eliza,  Polly,  Louisa, Permelia and  Nancy — 
infant orphans of Jeremiah Cave.
Polly Cave — Guardian.
4 June 1827
Willis and  Fanny and  John — infant orphans of William Cave.
Margaret Cave,  Daniel Cave, and  Robert Cornelius — Guardians.
2 July 1827
Lewis,  James, Mary,  Charlotte,  Henry,  Arthur and  George Thomas —
infant orphans of John Wilson.
Fanny Wilson,  Phillip Graves and  John Ross — Guardians.
3 Sept 1827
Janet (over 14 years),  Dempsey,  Levi and  Williamson — 
infant orphans of Moses Simpson.
John Case, John Click,  William Finnell and  James Sleet — Guardians.
Larkin Barkshire,  Nancy Barkshire, and  Louise Barkshire —
infant orphans of Joel Barkshire.
 John Cave — Guardian.
6 Oct 1828
Elizabeth Wilhoit and  Wm. Wilhoit — infant orphans of Thos. Wilhoit. 
Jonathan Carpenter — Guardian.
6 Oct 1828
Jno. W. Allen — infant orphan of Asa Allen.
Wm. Barkshire — Guardian.
7 Dec 1828
Thos. Montague,  Maria Montague,  William Montague and  Polly
Montague — infant orphans of Polly Montague.
William Montague — Guardian.
5 Jan 1829
Elias Weaver and  Ephraim Weaver and  Jeremiah & Moses Weaver —
infant orphans of Sampson Weaver.
Jno. Crisler — Guardian.
6 July 1829
Alexander, Absalom,  William and Nancy Records — 
infant orphans of Alexd. Records. 
James Finnell — Guardian.
5 Oct 1829
Melvina Mitchell — infant orphan of Garnet Mitchell
Lucinda Mitchell - Guardian.

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