William Henry Griffith Obit

Boone County, KY - Obituary, GRIFFITH, William Henry, 1909
29 December 1909

Submitted by: Carol Osborne


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Obituary of William Henry GRIFFITH

Boone County Recorder, December 29, 1909
Page 1, Column 4



Boone County lost one of its best and most highly esteemed citizens last Sunday morning in the death
of William H. Griffith, who passed peacefully to his heavenly reward at his home near Beaver Lick, at
about 4 o'clock. His death was sudden and a great shock to his large circle of friends and relatives. On
Christmas day quite a number of relatives and friends gathered at his home and enjoyed a fine dinner
prepared for the occasion, and no one present was happier and jollier than the genial host who declared
he never felt better or enjoyed a day more. Alas, how uncertain is life; truly in the midst of life we are in
death. Mr. Griffith retired at about nine o'clock, and about 4 o'clock next morning arose and called his
wife, requesting her to get him something to relieve the pain with which he was then suffering. His wife
gave him such simple remedies as were at command and called her nearest neighbors to her assistance,
but Mr. Griffith soon lapsed into unconsciousness, and died before a physician could reach his bedside.
His devoted wife was horror stricken at the suddenness of her husband's death, thinking over the happy,
joyful day they had just spent together with their friends. Apoplexy is supposed to have caused his death.
Though he had been ill some time before, yet he had not been complaining for some time, and spoke of
how well he felt the day before. Mr. Griffith was born in Kenton County, near Covington, May 4th 1838
and was the eldest son of John W. Griffith, a native of Pennsylvania and Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter-Griffith,
a daughter of Rev. Wm. Carpenter, a pioneer minister who came here from Virginia. Mr. Griffith's grand-
father, Wm. Griffith, resided on the Brandywine River and his home was Gen. Washington's headquarters
during the revolutionary war, and four of his brothers lost their lives on the battlefield for the independence
of their country while another brother was so maimed in that sanguinary conflict that he never regained his
manly vigor. William H. Griffith, our departed friend, was one of the best citizens that Boone County ever
possessed. His feelings were always awakened by the cry of distress, while every moral religious sentiment
received his earnest support. In all these matters he had the helpful co-operation of his devoted wife to
whom he was married August 27th, 1888 (NOTE: date was 1878), her maiden name being Miss Hattie
Johnson, a daughter of Thos. A. Johnson, deceased. His widow and one daughter, Mrs. R. E. Ryle, and
a grandson (William Ryle) three years old, survive him, as do three brothers, T. J. Griffith, of Verona, J. O.
Griffith, of Beaver Lick, and Chas. L. Griffith, of Walton; and two sisters, Mrs. Attilla Finnell, of Union,
and Mrs. L. D. Jackson, of Richwood. He united with the Beaver Lick Baptist Church in 1883 and was
ordained deacon the same year, and was one of its constituted members. He was always devoted to his
church and his home was always open to the pastor as his home, setting apart a nicely furnished room
that he called the "Preacher's room." He donated a part of his farm to the church for a cemetery, and in
this sanctified ground his remains were laid to rest Tuesday morning, the funeral taking place at 11 o'clock,
Rev. Wm. McMillan and the pastor Rev. Lucas conducting the services in the presence of a large concourse
of sorrowing friends. Mr. Griffith resided on the farm on which he died for over fifty-three years, and was
in his 72nd year when his useful and praiseworthy life ended on this earth. To the bereaved relatives the
heart-felt sympathy of a large circle of sorrowing friends is sincerely tendered. This was the first death in
the Griffith family though all have traveled a good journey along life's highway, Chas. Griffith being the
youngest and he has passed the fifty second milestone.


Carol Osborne
Boone County, Kentucky
[email protected]

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