Weden S. FINNELL Obit

Boone County, KY - OBITUARY of Weden FINNELL, Death date: February 14, 1901

Source: Boone County Recorder, February 27, 1901

Submitted by: Robert Finnell Lockbaum


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Weden Finnell, son of the late Elder, James Finnell, and a native of this county, died at the home of his son Orrin, with whom he had lived in Kansas since 1892. The remains were brought to this county arriving last week on Monday, the interment beng in the old Finnell (Senour) burying ground on the farm now owned by W. H. Senour near Walton. The deceased was about 75 years old and a brother of the late Vardimen Finnell of Verona. When the war began between the States, Mr. Finnell was in Missouri, and sympathized with the South, while his nearest neighbor was a Union man. Mr. Finnell never suspected that he entertained other than the kindest feelings for him, until the day a squad of Federal soldiers called and arrested him at the insistence of his neighbor, who had represented to the Federals that he was a rebel that should be put out of the way. Being under arrest, Finnell was taken some distance from his home and ordered to advance and take his position on a stump from which he was to be shot. Reaching the stump from which he was to be shot, he leaped over it and ran under fire to a creek which was skirted on either side by a dense undergrowth which in many places obscured the pools of water. In one of these pools, allowing only his nostrils to protude, he survived. The soldiers made a diligent search up and down the creek firing their muskets into the larger holes for some time but without effect. The search finally was abandoned and he joined the noted Quantrill band and remained there till the war's end.

Notes: Buried in the Senour-Finnell cemetery are: 1) Little Fannie/Sarah F./daughter of W. S. and M. J. Finnell/died Oct. 11, 1873/aged 9 years, 2 months, 3 days. 2) Della/daughter of W. S. and M. J. Finnell/born Dec. 31, 1877/died May 29, 1896. 3) Mary J./wife of W. S. Finnell/born Sept. 8, 1837/died Sept. 17, 1892. 4) W. S. Finnell/born Nov 2, 1833/died Feb. 14, 1901.


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