History of Boone County


Boone County History


When Boone County was formed in 1799 from Campbell County, (having been created by the Kentucky Legislature in 1798), less than two hundred men owned all of the land in the County and the population of the County was approximately 1500. On June 17, 1799 the first county court, held at the William Cave home in North Bend Bottoms, decided to locate the county seat on a seventy-four acre site donated by Robert Johnson and John Hawkins Craig in the north-central part of the county. The town, originally known as Craig's Camp, was initially named Wilmington and, at the request of the Post Office, renamed Burlington in 1816.

Other areas of interest include:

Big Bone Lick

Split Rock

Greater Cincinnati International Airport

Boone County Fairgrounds

Boone County Parks

Rabbit Hash General Store

Turfway Park

Florence Speedway

Dinsmore Homestead

Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast 

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The Boone County Heritage Organization



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